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Hairstyles tutorials for girls | TOP 28 Amazing Hairstyles Tutorials Compilation 2018 | Part 21

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Hairstyles tutorials for girls | TOP 28 Amazing Hairstyles Tutorials Compilation 2018 🌟Access all the Hairstyles: - Hairstyles for wedding guests - Beautiful hairstyles for school - Easy Hair Style for Long Hair - Party Hairstyles - Hairstyles tutorials for girls - Hairstyles tutorials compilation - Hairstyles for short hair - Beautiful Kids Hairstyles - Cute Little Girl's Hairstyle Tutorial In today's video you will find #Hairstylesforgirls #Vnnails ******************************************************************* ➼ BE MY FRIEND ON SOCIAL NETWORKS 🌟🌟🌟 Subscribe to our channel here: https://goo.gl/J0zYJX ******************************************************************* 🌟 I hope you enjoyed the video. Don't forget to leave a comment below, I want to hear your opinion! 🌟Did you know that Subscribe the video helps me a lot? It's how I know how much you enjoyed the video and how it helps me bring similar ideas. 🌟See you around here or on Social Networks, follow me there! 🌟Love you all! 💕 🌟Kiss-kiss, bye-bye 💋
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Text Comments (1116)
Meriem Hamza (17 hours ago)
يخرب بيت الشعر.شعر الدمية يجننننن
Өте керемет шаш үлгілері!!! Маған ұнады!!!👍👍👍💖💖💖
12Sisters 1bride (18 hours ago)
Smart demo😉
Yaelra R. (20 hours ago)
Her hair is perfectly straight, no wispies or short flyaway hairs,and very conditioned. I don't know anyone with perfect hair like that.
👍👍👍اتمنى تشرفونى باشتراكم ب قناة لمسة ايديكى للاكلات واكون شاكرة ليكم
Mofida Almosa (1 day ago)
اكيد الشعر 💇طويل 👱
khan mukta (1 day ago)
Very beautiful hair styles 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Tetiana Shtirbu (1 day ago)
Azra Mehmood (1 day ago)
Gale (1 day ago)
Can you please stop cutting the actual way you do it It's pretty pointless
Adela Romero (2 days ago)
Eso ni queda, ni siquiera se entinende😒😒
Amazing 😊
Om Muneeb (2 days ago)
hadeel Queen (2 days ago)
التسريحات كلش حلوة بس الاحلى من هذا كله هو اللون شعر يا ناس أنني انصهر كلش عجبني اللون
مصطفى مصطفى (2 days ago)
تسريحات الشعر الطويل
Gaby Monteros (2 days ago)
Repite los mismos videos
Mrs.뱅탄 (2 days ago)
Omg easy and beautiful😍😍
Nadezhda V (2 days ago)
Это попросту супер!!!!
bunga nusaindah (2 days ago)
So much hair easier to manage,my hair not even half of this dolls hair so difficult to manage
Neneth An (2 days ago)
It's a plastic hair. We want real demonstration by having a human
Music maniac (2 days ago)
Me :*tries it* Hair:i am a broom
Karina Flores (3 days ago)
4:50 , 5:58
Mmeroo Mmeroo (3 days ago)
عايزين تسريحات للشعر الهايش المقصف المجعد🙏
Noelma Senna (3 days ago)
권준 (3 days ago)
한국인으로 태어난 것은 영광입니다. 정법강의(우리국민 인성교육)들을수 있는것도 영광입니다
Amit Varma Varma (3 days ago)
Hdvsbn Hzhsb (3 days ago)
Fu 😱😝
Gabriela Tio (4 days ago)
1:20 song?
Sakina Ogna (4 days ago)
which shampoo you are using
Anju Jain (4 days ago)
One 4 short hair also plzzz
nazneen begum (4 days ago)
Those hair are manageable becoz they r fake mine r like frizzy
Devkinandan Fauzdar (4 days ago)
Hope mere bhi hair ese ho jaye
Marisol Lopez (5 days ago)
Muy lindo los peinados
Alicia Medina (5 days ago)
Amazing beautiful
مله سلام (5 days ago)
مله سلام (5 days ago)
شسمه هاذا لون مال شعر
Al king 1 (5 days ago)
2:06 is so much beautiful
احلى شئ لما تدخل فيديو اجنبي وتشوف التعليقات كلها انجليزيه وتشوف واحد ولا اثنين تعليق عربي احس ان اخواني وخواتي موجودين 😊😊حيا بهم العرب ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Najma Samae (5 days ago)
ابو علي اليافعي 1 مرحبا بأخي العربي انا عربية مثلك تحية اليك 😊
Rina Febrimariana (5 days ago)
Aku mau😿
ボーイちりちり (6 days ago)
4:15 メモ☺️
maylani ioanis (6 days ago)
wow that's amazing
Si hablan spanish me pueden decir como se llaman esas canciones no importa el orden porfis y gracias
Thairy Soto (7 days ago)
Me da rabia que corten el video.. Así no entiendo un carrizo
Shanie Like (10 days ago)
laya shibila (10 days ago)
thanks for your present
ASHA P MANI (11 days ago)
1:07 Nice chocker Liked it I think that it was put that way to show us
Ana maria Yapura (12 days ago)
Dejen de hablar en otro idioma porfavor !!!!!!
Huda Makhdoom (12 days ago)
Gorgeous i love it🗼😘😘😘
Liz elizabeth (13 days ago)
5:10 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Me encanto
Leticia Sousa (14 days ago)
Warda nia1990 (14 days ago)
Izabel Martins (15 days ago)
innocent shubi (16 days ago)
Hairstyles are nice
Aya Ayaya (16 days ago)
zahra isad (17 days ago)
hi where i can find like this head manquin????????????
Amanda Worke (17 days ago)
10 58
Nemai Sardar (17 days ago)
Wowwwww I love it.
Sneha Roy (17 days ago)
Very nice i like most of them.
Bhavna verma (17 days ago)
anyone know the name of songs ??? bcuzzz hairstyles are out of my reach😂😂
Prakash Babu (18 days ago)
Ігор Олещук (19 days ago)
Leena Afanah (19 days ago)
Al king 1 (19 days ago)
thank you😘😘
Ciurlene Ribeiro (19 days ago)
Amei esse penteado
BannanaPie (20 days ago)
this should be a try not to be satisfied challenge.
yamen yamen (20 days ago)
Very very nice
SOso Omar (20 days ago)
Aryan Garcia (20 days ago)
Puedes hacer un vídeo de peinados para reuniones especiales 😁😁
Rajan Sharma (20 days ago)
Wow👍👍 great job!!!
Sonu Shetty (20 days ago)
Why only for straight hair, try something for curly hair too. I'd love to know. But i appropriatethe creativity 👏
lucinda gaskill (20 days ago)
damn that music is so irritating
Angel Leon (20 days ago)
That's really cool can you make me all the hairstyles please
kieu oanh nguyen (21 days ago)
melu1234 mossi (22 days ago)
que peinados arias con el pelo por los onbros te quiero mucho y lindos
En el 9:24 te haces una coleta coges dos mechones los llevas para atrás y después le pones una gomilla
Me encanta, love it, you are amazing girl, you gave a talent for it. Continue but you should practice with normal hair too.
8:11 nice!!
6:16 love it
Ck Morales (22 days ago)
Like si eres mujer
noona channel (22 days ago)
That's cools
Victor Cholak (22 days ago)
Hello where did you buy the hair and the practice head?
Soso Hatham (22 days ago)
Soso Hatham (22 days ago)
Soso Hatham (22 days ago)
Akbota Alim (22 days ago)
Hair Tutorial (22 days ago)
I managed to make the same hairstyle in 5 minutes! Thank you for your hair video tutorials!
Niux chan (22 days ago)
Pienso hacer uno de esos moños y decirle a mi profesora que ella me dijo que me tenia que hacer moño perooo nunca me dijo como jjje ok no :v
Marvella López (22 days ago)
Que lindos
Muy Bueno 😄👏👏👏👏👏👏
Suhel Khan (23 days ago)
zahraa zoza (23 days ago)
Terminator Kcod (23 days ago)
Крутой канал!
Rabeya Romu (23 days ago)
bery nice but it is a doll
Rabeya Romu (23 days ago)
bery nice but it is a doll

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