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Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity 1987 Trailer

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Available in January 2013 from 88 Films www.88films.co.uk In the distant future, two beautiful young slaves are serving life on a prison galley. It's a no win situation. With no hopes and no map, they escape, convinced that any fate will be an improvement. But what do slave girls know? Crash-landed on a strange planet, they meet Zed, the greatest hunter in the cosmos. His gracious hospitality fools them at first, but even these girls notice that Zed's other guests are disappearing one by one. What is the deadly secret locked behind the doors of Zed's trophy room? Sherlock Holmes never wore outfits like the SLAVE GIRLS FROM BEYOND INFINITY. Starring: ELIZABETH CAYTON CINDY BEAL BRINKE STEVENS DON SCRIBNER Directed by KEN DIXON
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bev head (4 years ago)
joeymediauk (6 years ago)
It's this a porno, or a sci-fi b-movie?

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