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DIY Hair Hacks Every LAZY PERSON Should Know! Quick & Easy Hairstyles for School!

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Text Comments (2975)
Kim Chii (4 hours ago)
7:25 haircolor❣
Erik D (4 hours ago)
Kei Candia (5 hours ago)
roses are red that part is true violets are purple not FREAKING BLUEEEEEE!
1:16 ella es mi mejor amiga vivimos en España solo que yo soy de México viva 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽
Isabela Campo (7 hours ago)
A mi me encantan ver estos videos
Raelyn Harter (15 hours ago)
First songs title?
Marella Hormoz (16 hours ago)
How are these lazy? But there good!
Camila Jara (16 hours ago)
Como se llama la cancion del bondo
Zozo Ladybug16 (16 hours ago)
If lazy people do these hairstyles then I must be a sloth
Martin Whittaker (16 hours ago)
All there hair colors are awsome 8 so wanna now who there hair dressers are
Kylie 270 (17 hours ago)
Hi :v
Lisa Kinsella (20 hours ago)
3:35 what song was that
dziewczyna z msp (21 hours ago)
Ktoś z polski ?
Jaga Jaga (23 hours ago)
0:53 wampire? 😃😉😊
Monty & Mia (1 day ago)
I just got so lazy I chopped it all off...
Naseem Ahmed (1 day ago)
Hate this
Jade Matiu (1 day ago)
The first one is my nachili her
Cet utk day (1 day ago)
Супер красива лайк
Antonella Varas (1 day ago)
La amarilla la segunda se parece a chica de Freddy
Tamiris Patrícia (1 day ago)
Monserrath Valerín (1 day ago)
Te amo❤❤
Daily Mekos (2 days ago)
Yea I’m those round brushed bring me back to the past to why I had to cut my hair because it got stuck yea I’m sister shook
全部歌知ってる けど2番目の歌が大好き 何度も聞いちゃう(⌒‐⌒)♥️🎵
0벚꽂 (2 days ago)
한국인을 찾습니다 조건 1.한국에 살고 있어야함 2.한국말을 할줄알아야함 3한국 사람이여아함
Madeleine Miller (2 days ago)
The 2nd girls hair color is ugly
Mackenzie Mengler (3 days ago)
ivona Barisic (3 days ago)
2019????????👍👍👍👍👍👍💞💞😊😊😏😏😏😏😕😕😳😳🌏🌏🌏✨✨✨🔍❓❓❓❓❓❓❓⁉️⁉️⁉️❔❔❔❔❔❔❔❔❕. 2⃣0⃣1⃣9⃣
Tiki (3 days ago)
1:24 sieht man den BH
Ди AVA (4 days ago)
3:59 если я этак сделаю то придётся совместно с волосами отхватить
Joao Paulo (4 days ago)
Like músic
Megan Kinsey (5 days ago)
If dis is lazy what does that me make LAZIER ?????
Rebeca Medeiros (5 days ago)
conspiracy SHISTERS (6 days ago)
Only REAL lazy ppl know that these are STILL too much work
Lenovo Tab (7 days ago)
Круто 😘 вав я собі тоже этак зроблю вав круто 😘😘😍😍😍
girl (7 days ago)
0:54 idk why but I instantly thought of Chica from fnaf
ItsFlower Vlogs (7 days ago)
Girl with the rainbow hair is rocking the dye, but them lips were too much
Fran Giver (8 days ago)
Me en catan como se peinana
Jessica Kie (8 days ago)
2 20 201 2019 201 20 2????????
Claire Cgdashl (8 days ago)
2 0 1 9 Rocks
o o (8 days ago)
Ceyka Oaxaca (9 days ago)
0:56 the color of his hair is very ugly :b
fízzч (9 days ago)
3:07 she has a lot of make up on , cake face much ?
Duda Sousa (9 days ago)
What's the first song?
Enchiladas Enchiladas (10 days ago)
This shit ain't quick I tried a few of them also it's literally impossible
wou nice
At 1:57 I thought she was already done
Jadynn Houtman (11 days ago)
looking for hair styles. know any more websites tell me please
Natalia Elizabeth (11 days ago)
Alison Stepanek (11 days ago)
Lazy Peeps hair styles
Araceli Rodriguez (11 days ago)
Natalia Rosa (11 days ago)
1:52 Loved It
sarah komarica (11 days ago)
Mi name is Sarah
Arafat Ahmedabad (12 days ago)
Last Martin (12 days ago)
These are not lazy styles these take forever
sailor unicorn (12 days ago)
Maria Julia (12 days ago)
A menina de cabelo amarelo tem um olho de uma cor e de outraquase nao da pra perceber mas quem percebeu curte
Tyler Myronowsky (12 days ago)
The 3rd one I feel like boys would not get it
Yoanlis :v (13 days ago)
me encanto
Sofia Viola (13 days ago)
1 17 Harley Quinn
ميمي mimi (14 days ago)
k s e n a milss (15 days ago)
Есть кто российский?? Эй 2019
Toys Queen (16 days ago)
I'm both not lazy and lazy lol
Vanessa Rascon (16 days ago)
The first one I was like so you call that lazy, so then what do you call a ponytail? 😂
4:00... You're Pulling The Trigger On A Loaded Gun Dear
Karen Williams (16 days ago)
i love it
Это клас я тоже для себя желаю выкрасить волосы
Susana Rios (17 days ago)
Yeraldine Peralta (17 days ago)
2 0 1 9 ?
Disney Grace14 (17 days ago)
6:47 what’s the song?
Bereket Rzahmetov (18 days ago)
Какая твоя причоска любимоя
Dragan Pajic (18 days ago)
This is perfect
Sweet Life (19 days ago)
Amazing hair 😜😜
Janae Cocks (19 days ago)
I do a vedio the name is run for your jrime
giovanna (19 days ago)
Uni Tube (19 days ago)
i wish i was lazy
Anna Liles (19 days ago)
And yellow hair is cute!!!??????!!!!
Kayla Elizabeth (19 days ago)
So what’s not lazy look like? 😶
Teaysha wieberg (20 days ago)
Who's looking at the hair on the side
Mrs lollipop (20 days ago)
1.nagh 2.umm mabey but you have to use some click bate for it to be that perfect also I tryed (Not that easy) 3.umm I could do that a faster and raised way 4.DANG GIRL YOU OKAY YOUR GOING LIKE 100MILES PUR HOUR 5.umm I already have wavy hair thanks though! 6.YOU CALL THAT EASY 7.Oh helk no 8.THATS MORE ME umm but still (I don't get 8) 9.AGAIN HOW DO YOU CALL THESE EASY 10.Just no MORAL OF THE STORY DON'T LISEN TO YOUTUBE WHEN THEY SAY THAT THESE ARE EASY THIS I WHAT YOU CALL EASY PUT YOUR HAIR IN A PONEY TAIL OR A BUN YOUR WELCOME (This is a joke ps)AND YES I KNOW I DID NOT FINISH THE REST IF THIS GETS 50 LIKES I WILL (WICH IT WONT SO)
Magui German (20 days ago)
2 0 1 9 ?
Rapunzel princess (21 days ago)
I loved the first look of Sarah Angius very much but lol....my hairs are so long..1 meters...I would break my hand if roll my hairs like this! I can only do bottom curls! Hit like my long hair squad!!!
Delphene Lilly (21 days ago)
Still to lazy to do this😂 love the hairstyles tho!
Mary Ellen Guerrero (21 days ago)
My mom died my hair red and we didn't have enough
Ciin Nuam (22 days ago)
Ciin Nuam (22 days ago)
Ciin Nuam (22 days ago)
I like ARIBA
Twizzyman (22 days ago)
Why do old spice beard oil ads keep popping up😂😂
Tuyền phạm (22 days ago)
1:45 chi do dep qua chung lun a ma con cute nua
Amy Parker (23 days ago)
Amy Parker (23 days ago)
Amy Parker (23 days ago)
a Andrea
Did the second girl remind anyone else of joker?
Rianne Lynelle Delamar (24 days ago)
I think these aint hacks
Carmen Noel (24 days ago)
Not for lazy people

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