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Tales of Berseria Animated Opening (1080p)

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The opening animated intro for Tales of Berseria. Tales of Berseria Review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qaFB-NUyGYA 7 Minutes of Tales of Berseria Gameplay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vijHORKg6Zk Tales of Berseria Official The Flame Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cfm25GQ7Lq4 ------------------------------­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/ignentertainment?sub_confirmation=1 IGN OFFICIAL APP: http://www.ign.com/mobile FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ign TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ign INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/igndotcom/?hl=en WEBSITE: http://www.ign.com/ GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+IGN #ign
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Text Comments (1246)
Teresita Laderas (2 days ago)
So cool this gamre and beutiful story this have
KIRITO (2 days ago)
Velvet it's a badass girl 🔥💯❤
Edge Valmond (4 days ago)
A better title for Velvet would have been “Iconoclast” one who fights against cherished beliefs. Pretty much a Lord of Calamity, but short, powerful, and to the point.
FreedomPLMarcin (4 days ago)
Just purchased this game on sale ps4. (i hate idea ofbpaid double XP, etc and resources so im not getting those)
Лекс Мудрый (5 days ago)
Ahyenno. Крутой трейлер
Khalabib NoMcNuggets (5 days ago)
Tales of low testosterone and carpet munchers how does anyone manage to play this crap and not get the urge to kill themselves? i can already see the soy oozing out of the screen as i watch this crap _barfs_ yuck
Vadu1337 (6 days ago)
this intro made me buy the game :O
wizelmon | David_A_E (7 days ago)
First tales game I have ever played and I just finished it, I really liked this game.. :)
Erty Fire (8 days ago)
It's a cool 3D !
Starboy 3493 (9 days ago)
i played this game along with tales of synphinia yet i have never skipped the title theme. actually i close the game and open it again just so i can listen to it again
今井昂 (11 days ago)
Carlos Valadez (15 days ago)
Definitely loved this game Even thou its was my time playing a tales game
Mangara Siagian (16 days ago)
Fukiareru kaze tachidomaru mono Samayoeru kokoro-tachi yo Shibarareta seigi nari yamanu sorrow Tsugi no ippo fumidasenai Shikai kumoraseta namida wo houmuri satte Yami wo nukedashita kibou wa yori issou sono kagayaki wo mashite Azayaka na It's a brand new day kakenukero Go ahead the way Mata to nai inochi moyashite Tomadoi wa Take it all away dokomademo Just believe your way Sekai to iu na no FIIRUDO ni Isshin ni hanatsu hikari de yakitsukete miseru yo omoi wo Afureteru you de nanka tarinai ya Souzoushii yoru ni tadayoeba Nantonaku fuan de kakimidasu tomorrow Mikiwamenakucha ikenai Toki ni me ni mieru mono yori mienai mono no hou ga taisetsu dattari shite Ashita wa ittai docchi dai wakatteru you de kanchigai Kotae wo mitsukerarezu ni Furuitatsu kokoro ga aru yuruginai omoi ga aru Sore sae tashika nara ii Yasashiku terasu tsuki ga hohoemu Azayaka na It's a brand new day kakenukero Go ahead the way Mata to nai inochi moyashite Tomadoi wa Take it all away dokomademo Just believe your way Sekai to iu na no FIIRUDO ni Isshin ni hanatsu hikari de yakitsukete miseru yo omoi wo
Poipoi Nime (18 days ago)
bantu subcribe kawan https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdB3T6UUx8C5aW-nDu5bscA
CaptainRed574 (18 days ago)
This game reminds me of tales of Xilla.... 2 was my favorite and the ending was full of feels I'm playing this but the beginning is so slow ;-;
Valdus Oswald (19 days ago)
This needs to become an Anime series!!!!!
Anderson Rivera (21 days ago)
Damm i thought this was a anime show
Iperia Cham (22 days ago)
The Edgelord of all jrpg protagonists.
MrInuhanyou123 (10 days ago)
that's leon
otaku winx (22 days ago)
Plz can someone explain to me what happened to Velvet in the end of the game? Did she die? What happened to her?
otaku winx (20 days ago)
+Anye Roll she spent eternity devouring inominat 😞
Anye Roll (20 days ago)
She didnt die
Edge Valmond (24 days ago)
Just got the game. Some people tend to only see the revenge side of her character. Which is there, but they seem to ignore the fact that her peaceful life was stripped away from her by Arthur. Though you do see slow development with her, and she is rational with her decisions most of the time. If this game is doing one thing right, it’s hitting the sympathetic element right on the spot. I mean you think of it this way. If your brother/sister was killed and you had to tend to the younger one. It would take time to recover, but given the brutality of their death can last a life time. Then say that your youngest sibling was killed by the person you most trusted. Everything unraveling just like that. Not even willing to give a hand, but to further their own means. That will fill almost everyone with a sense of insatiable rage. You have no home, no family, you lost whatever made you who you are. Though the difference is that Velvet keeps her sanity to a certain despite what has been done onto her. Then that number two, she names him after her brother since he’s like her brother. So there is that sense of responsibility she has. That also shows her regret for being unable to stop the demise of her brother. Velvet isn’t a character at face value for sure, her character and development is not direct but rather indirect. She is an excellently developed antihero from what I observed so far, and can’t wait to see more. The game really hits the tragedy element right on the nail. It starts off a bit slow, but progresses steadily. This game probably is not for the feint of heart either. It touches elements that other in its series didn’t.
Leirza (26 days ago)
damn I miss this game a LOT
Saiclops (27 days ago)
Just got the game recently and I’m loving it so far The opening is amazing and the characters are so lovable. I’m just thrilled I was able to see the opening on my own TV and not from YouTube It’s to die for 💓
awesome song, what genre is it?!
GT GameTurbo (30 days ago)
This opening will ever, bring me beautiful memories <3
i take is fantasy pirate anime
tang roro (1 month ago)
My favorite OneShota ship is here!
koeio _ (1 month ago)
i got an armpit fetish because of this game
zkvl111 (1 month ago)
Corffel2 (1 month ago)
Great story, but the fighting system gets repetitve, should have been a bit shorter imo(i like to do everything in a game, to see the effort, developers have put into it), because after round about 70 hours i made a break to be honest. Nevertheless great game and fully to recommend to others =)
jonas Jimenez (1 month ago)
Awesome!! game
Uchiha Obito (1 month ago)
title of the song?
Ryuu Alexius (1 month ago)
Camila Mamani (1 month ago)
Kito Korinzu (1 month ago)
You just feel the power and the passion in their voices, especially as they end off the song near the end, so melodic and it fits so well with the visuals! =)
Camila Mamani (1 month ago)
Kumori Crusader (1 month ago)
Love the opening. It sounds to have so much promise then that rock guitar plays and you know it doesn't have the same formula as the other Tales games. Starts out soothing and then a few moments later it turns intense... just like the story lol
Candra Di Nawangga (1 month ago)
I really love the story and gameplay👍 but not for the ending👎
Blazing Shadow (1 month ago)
Nvm I found out
Blazing Shadow (1 month ago)
Wait so is this a game or an anime
Kito Korinzu (1 month ago)
Gameeeeeeeeeee, give it a shot if you like RPG's
Aegis (2 months ago)
That dude landing on the deck at 1:26 was synced up real nice with the beat.
Pedro Cury (2 months ago)
This game is like the team saw Vesperia and said: "Yeah.....Let's not do that"
Hope that there will be the third installment of this universe. With Velvet freed from the infinite loop
Antonio DeCerbo (2 months ago)
i got all the way to the final dungeon and couldn't beat it.
Flyne Lance (2 months ago)
Magilou best gurl 100%
master nate (2 months ago)
Also i bearly got to the part with the pirates and as of now magilou is my favorite character
master nate (2 months ago)
I honestly just got this and now its in my recomends coincident i think not.... I guess YouTube keeps tabs on my gamertags as well i mean it is the same email after all so it makes sence
Kevin Kite (2 months ago)
This game is really a master piece. I wish more people played it.
ZenDj88 (2 months ago)
I have this and I like it but not the end.... (No Spoiler) ;) Play it ;)
Chi Ly (2 months ago)
If this was an anime...
aulia sya'bana (2 months ago)
Chi Ly there is anime called *tales of zestiria X*
kibaandcheza (2 months ago)
Love this because the protagonist is a badass Velvet and magilou so cute
why tho (2 months ago)
Few mins into the game realized this is basically tales of symphonia for the Wii. lol...
Hopping Nimbus (3 months ago)
James Verner (3 months ago)
velvet be like "I will find you and i will kill you...."
Holy crepe this brings back soany memories I'm crying.
Lokamente 85 (3 months ago)
Soy la única que shipeaba Rokurou x Eleanor? :v P.D: y tenía a Magilou como waifu?
Seithr Esm (3 months ago)
1:04 I like how they added the footprints in the snow, although it wasn't necessary it really tells you they worked hard not to leave any details out.
Yuna Moonlight (3 months ago)
This is one of the best games ive ever played. I played it many times
Endar (3 months ago)
Tales of Berserk
fairy law (3 months ago)
0:37 🔥no need to thank me just a like👍😂
fairy law (3 months ago)
This is really supper high quality op with high grafic🔥🔥
Phantom block 8 (3 months ago)
Tales of Berseria= Maximum everything i love in videogames
Mr Rose (3 months ago)
The first Tales game I've ever played..BIIEEEEEEENNNNN
Donovan Ambersley (3 months ago)
glad this is on spotify
Charlotte Wong (3 months ago)
I cry every time I watch this. Even after one year. Would give anything to experience the same feels as I did when I played this game ; ;
The Super Saiyan (3 months ago)
Damn. That animation.
Soul Akai 41 (3 months ago)
I couldn't resist watching this everytime I play the game.
Brendan Catheray (3 months ago)
Is this just edgy one piece the anime?
밍궁 (3 months ago)
하 게임도 굿 노래도 굿
Farhan Tanvir (3 months ago)
Velvet is totaly mommy material
ILike Woomy (3 months ago)
L'op est juste génial !
Emre Üstün (4 months ago)
D.Gray Man+One Piece :')
Nathan Remix (4 months ago)
Somehow it connected to tales of zerestria
MrInuhanyou123 (4 months ago)
Shamel Khan (4 months ago)
Such a beautiful song
Fikar Matutu (4 months ago)
How cool
Эльза Удзуки (4 months ago)
Русские вы где?
kieran mcastocker (4 months ago)
The thumbnail reminds me of strike the blood
Stalin Galarza (4 months ago)
Flow is the best
des (4 months ago)
Tell me. Why do birds fly?.. T_T
Your waifu Is trash (4 months ago)
"Because they choose to"
Neal Louis (4 months ago)
I thought this was a 2018 game
katudakorya (4 months ago)
ベルセリアだけはテイルズで唯一それらしいまともなOPだな 他のヤツは全部何の脈絡もない動画を分担して作ってしかもそれを音楽にも合ってなく適当に繋げただけの動画だからな
Christopher Lum (4 months ago)
Need the anime already
leesdeeds 1 (4 months ago)
Velvet Crowe for soulcalibur vi please
leesdeeds 1 (2 months ago)
+Jani Geralt vs the malfested velvet
Jani (2 months ago)
Dimitri Michael Velvet vs Ragna!
Dimitri Michael (2 months ago)
Or BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle!
Warrior-Soft (4 months ago)
i love this op. Well a will replay this amazing game
MOONlight YaNGg (4 months ago)
I love the game! Velvet is badass!! She's in an anime too isn't she? But only as a side character
Irfan Akbar (4 months ago)
Best Game 11/10 Would play again
BlackMask Gamer (4 months ago)
shame someone turns into a dragon in zestria
agendita rarita (4 months ago)
why is no anime of this T_T
Goebelistic (4 months ago)
TOB is way better than TOZ on all fronts in my personal opinion.
vvna vra (5 months ago)
Wow, looks awesome. IM IN
Samuele Proietti (5 months ago)
wow, looks great, what anime is this?
楓岫 (3 months ago)
fix Is ep5 and ep6
楓岫 (5 months ago)
Is game Tales of Berseria anime Tales of Zestiria the X ep4 ep5
Mi Nam Mii (5 months ago)
Somehow I dont skip the opening everytime I play the game
Zbigboz Bboy (5 months ago)
The only female character that i want to make happy.
K. Inaba (5 months ago)
Japanese can't play this game on steam (T_T)
Tai Moya (5 months ago)
well im definitely playing it.
SwoodMan 127 (5 months ago)
The song is “Burn” by Flow BTW It’s on iTunes
Kurisa (5 months ago)
Bangtan 4 Life (6 months ago)
Chloe Price (6 months ago)
The most badass opening song to any game ever!
DunklerJägerZach (6 months ago)
0:27 Owo What a delicious armpit
andres flores (5 months ago)
DunklerJägerZach 😂💀
Syarif Rodhi (6 months ago)
Valvet is great character but she need to chill out a bit , her brother is already dead so just deal with it and be more nicer to the malak laphicet , and slowly get her revenge not yelling "I'll kill you arthorius, fake killer shephard" 24/7 shesh

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