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The Bard's Tale Android Trailer

1563 ratings | 2289239 views
inXile's The Bard's Tale is now available on Android! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.inxile.BardTale&hl=en
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Text Comments (76)
X.E.N Animations (1 month ago)
Is there an in game download?
J L (3 months ago)
I see this was recently taken off of google play, will it be coming back, is there any way I can still get it? There was no warning...
HighSeas (6 months ago)
I think I’ll pick this this up while I wait for Wasteland 3!
Gamers Tomb (6 months ago)
Should make another game similar to this one with the same sense of humor. I(everyone) loved it.
Luís Henrique (6 months ago)
Estou em 2018! E eu queria esse jogo no ps4 ❤️
krampusz (1 year ago)
Anyone can recommend BOOKS like this game? Lighthearted fantasy with a big mouth womanizer, drinks, boobs, etc
Sebastian Helm (1 year ago)
go for the witcher series, there's a lot of all that and more
Raccoon Face (1 year ago)
Please make a sequel
RealKZ (1 year ago)
Raccoon Face They went back to the strategic games
August Ryckman (3 years ago)
Finally! A game about bewbz!
Capt_ Miz190 (2 years ago)
Martin Růžička (4 years ago)
Beautiful game.Works perfect on Sony Xperia E
Mitri Suhov (4 years ago)
Народ кто знает, можно ли ее сделать от первого дица?
Bodoratiy ТypьIст (4 years ago)
Хохо! Отличная предмет! Перепройти бы нужно!
Heruagarwaen (4 years ago)
The guy in the trailer looks familiar...
Noah Zaranka (4 years ago)
Will it work fine on sony xperia e1??
Grace Foster-Christie (2 years ago)
Noah Zaranka It should
MSMSValve (5 years ago)
Any chance to see this on Windows Phone 8?
Yulia Garan (5 years ago)
Absolutely hilarious! Totally recommend it! :-)
Mohamed Moallim (2 years ago)
Yulia Gara al jazira arabik
Ariel (5 years ago)
Funniest game ever!
BM شو (2 years ago)
kazfcuck i
Richard Hicks (5 years ago)
Its so funny :L
MaLPS1971 (5 years ago)
Fo2shstein (5 years ago)
I can't believe they didn't put a link for it on Google Play >_<
Josh Thomas (5 years ago)
I just bought. Waiting on download. Want champions of norath on android.
cyberworrier94 (5 years ago)
Yeah baby, a definite buy for my OUYA!
Iván Chavarre (5 years ago)
I wanted to buy it on PC, but I already got it for android and looks great on tablets.
Appolonia Bledsoe (5 years ago)
LordTeaOfBiscuits (6 years ago)
you spelt it wrong *facepalm*
daisyfairy42 (6 years ago)
Might have to get this....myXbox stillr isn't hooked up. XD I'm only keeping to play Fable and this lol.
FiVroz (6 years ago)
Had this game for sale $2,worth the evry penny ;-)
Nelson Fotball (6 years ago)
abrudan83 (6 years ago)
Its like Aragorn's quest
Massa (6 years ago)
"So are you dead"? "Almost". XD
qdj252 (6 years ago)
WWAAAYYY before Skyrim.
Kevin T (6 years ago)
I wish the game wasn't more than 3 GB just for hd _
Abraham Samaniego (6 years ago)
You mad bro
Brandon Beckman (6 years ago)
So is this just like the old Gen-6 console versions for Xbox and PS2? I still remember the Tale of the Nuckelavee song from playing this on my PS2. :) Such fond memories, I still regret selling the game to GameStop.
Spencer Lascelle (6 years ago)
Time to make Android versions for Fallout 1 and 2, guys.
RankaZer0 (6 years ago)
only it came before skyrim
Xavierusis (6 years ago)
WoW inXile I love you, I already bought your game! I never played bard, I heard only good things and this is how I can enjoy it on my long roads! Good Job inXile!
Abraham Samaniego (6 years ago)
This is like skyrim
redshift912 (6 years ago)
this version cam out on xbox
Dhruva Patil (6 years ago)
now PLEASE bring god of war 1 and 2 from ps2 to android!!!it would be THE EPICEST GAME EVER for a handheld!!!!!
TheUnrealjester (6 years ago)
one of my favorite ps2 games now on android? consider yourself one copies worth richer inXile.
SCComega (6 years ago)
Runs fine on my Nexus One's Snapdragon S1.
kwith (6 years ago)
Megabyte as a narrator...SOLD!
thure1989 (6 years ago)
João (6 years ago)
I didn't know my galaxy note is tegra.
João (6 years ago)
Ok the programmers will be happy to work for free, they are stupid and not want, need or deserve money. They will make app in the future wintouth money.
maikiavel (6 years ago)
Jaja xD
Wallace Norman (6 years ago)
Mr.Red (6 years ago)
Oh I remember playing this on PS2, I need to get it again
diegoarthur (6 years ago)
like I give a fuck
ashtonbrown17 (6 years ago)
I love this game. Best $3 app ever. Takes up a ton of space, but you won't regret it. Favorite game on my phone.
Daniel Sepulveda (6 years ago)
This game for PS2 was one of my best ever//
Cecil Drakan (6 years ago)
XXXBigCountryXXX (6 years ago)
best 5 dollars spent on an app since Tasker +1
lessemo (6 years ago)
dude totally! now im expecting to hear him say something like: go get the damn souls raziel
MajDroid (6 years ago)
this is not true, i can purchase it on my Galaxy Nexus and other non-tegra devices
it works better on my SGS3 than on the iphone 5.
Adam Bennett (6 years ago)
lol he gets kicked in the nuts xD....fun game if into rpgs..been waiting for this to be released for android :D
TuneTamasha (6 years ago)
Yup :)
Charles Eye (6 years ago)
I'm gonna have to have this.
Ryan Moore (6 years ago)
is that narrator the voice of the elder god? (from legacy of kain)
Gor zKrava (6 years ago)
justabit (6 years ago)
This looks amazing!
Ralph pennino (6 years ago)
Chill guys they have to have some source of income and I plan to buy this great game
MacroPheliac (6 years ago)
It's their youtube channel, they have the right to post what they want, and they'll post Wasteland 2 stuff when they're ready.
Buckyjo (6 years ago)
Get ready for down votes and abusive replies.
- (6 years ago)
what's this? post more wasteland 2 stuff

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