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A Sex Slave as a Gift for you from Abu Bakr al Baghdadi

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Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi gives sex slaves to the foreign fighters...
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Youtube User (4 minutes ago)
I don't believe for a second that ISIS enslaved muslim women... it didn't happen. No way
Papa Joseph Stalin (4 hours ago)
Fuck christians muslims jews bhuddists they suck they control your life lmao
Wim Vincken (13 hours ago)
The man is wrong. That's exactly what the Islamic state is.
praveen k c (15 hours ago)
If good Muslims don't take stand against there kind of people of your own religion, things may get out of control and .......later don't call me intolerant
Louise Jacobs (15 hours ago)
Cowardly bitches (talking about the ‘men’)
LEE WALKER (17 hours ago)
And then there are those (?) Americans (?) who think sharia law would be a good thing . IN A PIGS EYE !!!!!!
Sharod Coulson (1 day ago)
this is traditional Islam. he was shocked because he does not realize the reality of his own religion. if Mohammed was there he would be taking part and leading these pigs in the debauchery. he had a gun in his hand, why not use it on them if they are so disgusting. hope this haunts him a long time.
Zakir Rahman (1 hour ago)
+Sharod Coulson Why would i stop defending Islam. You are clearly ignorant in Islam and you proved your ignorance by believing the post you sent. Are you saying muslims are violent or Islam is violent ? From your comment it is clear that you mean muslims. While i woukd agree that muslims have done bad things in history, but even that, if you compare to christians, athiests, hindus..... Muslims were more peaceful than them. How is Islam a religion of conquest and the jews and hindus are still alive ? If what yiu say about islam is true than jews and hindus shouldn't exist because muslims would have killed them all. And btw a challenge to you, show me one war by prophet Muhammad which was for no good reason. All the wars he did were either against bad people, or tribes who broke their treaty or people who forced them and persecuted them..
Sharod Coulson (3 hours ago)
+Zakir Rahman I refer you to my post that outlined our conversation. How it would go. A waste of time. Please send me your posts from Muslim apologists. And we can continue to waste each other's time. It sounds like there is nothing that will sway your beliefs. My beliefs are from historical accounts of the Indian Holocaust, the African slave trade, the Turkish and Ottoman conquests. The Barbary pirates. The slaughter of millions of Innocents through your religions beliefs and words of Mohammed. Islam is not a religion of peace, but a religion if conquest. The peace will come when the whole world is Islam? Then why do the Muslim countries kill and fight each other? I know it would be hard to disavow religion and family. You can at least quit trying to defend it. It is indefensible. God bless,
Zakir Rahman (3 hours ago)
+Sharod Coulson So if i send you a post disproving exactly what your post said then ? The post clearly makes false assumptions aboit muslim's response and as i said , takes the verses out of context. Btw, some muslims are bad with a good religion. They just don't follow it. If you have anything then state it otherwise don't paste posts because i can do the same. The post you mentioned is completely weak and useless.
Sharod Coulson (3 hours ago)
+Zakir Rahman I sent you a post, did you read it? It addressed everything you asked me to do. Most Muslims are good people with a bad religion. Many westerners are bad people with a good religion. Most importantly, when we are standing before God to be judged, is how we treat each other.
Zakir Rahman (6 hours ago)
+Sharod Coulson Again, you are acting like a sheep. False claims against my ancestors and muslims....... Why do millions of muslims need education ? How are millions of muslims bad ? Your point doesn't make sense at all. How did prophet Muhammad force people.to convert to islam ? There are so many false claims in your comment and i won't even waster my time to respond to such clear and ignorant claims
aqib jugari (1 day ago)
Justice for all the victims
Betsy Arauz (1 day ago)
These savages took advantage of how poor these people were and they fact they couldn’t fight back , and committed all those horrible crimes against humanity, just horrible
Kanna Sashi (1 day ago)
Maybe Satan Hijaked tthe religion.
Gemma Saint (1 day ago)
I'm surprised they even called the girl an ambulance. If "captives are captives" and "treat them how you want" then why the ambulance? She was one of hundreds and they called her an ambulance? 🤔 is no one else finding that suspicious? Calling an ambulance would bring attention to the 'holding area' yet they've warned him to keep his mouth shut, about the rapes and the girl 🤔 hmm, why the ambulance? Well, what I know is is that they *never* did any of this in secret. Everyone there (and the rest of the world who have educated themselves on the so called "religion of peace") knew/knows that the fighters took/raped sex slaves. Something about his story is off. Probably propaganda? To say this isn't the true Islamic way. Though we all know it's written in the Quran and the Hadiths that Muslims can keep slaves of war. Boys will be castrated, men killed, women sold in to slavery, either domestic or sexual. Get this, a Muslim man can't rape his wife's slaves but he can beat his wife with a stick (no thicker than his thumb) if he's had to tell her something too many times. The mind boggles with this backwards ideology.
Danny L (2 days ago)
is this the toxic masculinity that feminists says happens in America?
Technical Gaming (2 days ago)
paddy brady (2 days ago)
muslims stay away from my country we are not muslim and don`t wish to convert sick people you all are .
Tejas Shinde (2 days ago)
Kill terrorists father *Baghdadi* in front of these people. Before killing him pour some molten iron in his asshole.
Lilian Cha (2 days ago)
Ohhh my God !!!! 💔
Sania Khan (2 days ago)
You need to be a GOOD muslim not bad ones who kill people
adlock hatearab (3 days ago)
Fucking all Muslim
APACHE Lindburg (3 days ago)
I don't need a sex slave all I need is a pice of sharp bone 💪🇺🇸
TravelFreak (3 days ago)
80,000 Syrians acquired Turkish citizenship
vajiravudh (3 days ago)
isis will rise again in germany and uk. you can call me a liar or whatever you want but before you call me names , do your own research.
thomas perez (3 days ago)
And that is your so called religion of peace Mr terrorist
Spratly Islands999 (3 days ago)
ISIS Baghdadi and all Arab state , you are so strict to your women covering them from head to foot , but you held them captives , and put them in a room separated from their babies and children , then one by one raped them , is that the right Islamic laws . bull shit , fuck you Islamist .
Sylvia Wernicke (3 days ago)
The Third World belongs only in the Third World. They have nothing that is compatible or acceptable or of contribution to Western civilization.
Frank Perez (3 days ago)
I would nuke them
Rock Smith (3 days ago)
And fucking west want to bring these animals in their own country.
rocky james (3 days ago)
you are evil guys, and destroyed the image of beautiful Islam.
peter moyes (3 days ago)
then our PM in canada lets isis fighters come back to canada ,and he calls hiself a feminist ,some yazidi girls have even seen the men who raped them on the street,, that no good POS trudie ,and americans think he is cute ,,,,,and has nice hair ,,he is a murdering scumgit
pawan roy (4 days ago)
thank god i took birth in India,..never show such type of cruelty till now.
wonderfulworld (4 days ago)
perhaps you missed all of the gang rapes by hindus, it is on the hinduistani media, aswell as ndtv. there was also women who did protest against the hindu rapists, who gang raped young girls, plenty of prostitutution in india aswell, great country india.
AKBuilder762 (4 days ago)
Islam is a shit religion. These sand fleas worship a child rapist who murdered anyone who didn't like his twisted religion. Time for a Crusade 2.0 this time with nukes.
Nabeel ali khan (4 days ago)
These are israeli paid media people who learn and then preach wrong islam
Zoran Stamatovic (4 days ago)
Saddam was to good for these kind of people
lily of the valley (4 days ago)
حيوانات ...بمعنى الكلمة ....الله لم يعطي أحدا بعد محمد رسول الله اية وكالة أو عقد عمل لديه كحارس على البشرية .... الحيوانات ارحم منهم وأكثر حضارة منهم ...والله يصبر كل اهل الشباب والبنات الي تعذبوا على أيدي هؤلاء القتلة المجرمين
Steve Ascher (4 days ago)
So they didnt want the outside world to know whats going on huh? Well how come pictures were taken, (by someone) that could be used as evidence?
lucki alo (4 days ago)
islam never allows this kinda torture and being a muslim we fear God . people interpret the laws to what ever suits them and they will be cursed by God ... Allah wants us to be compassionate and loving .
Jeffrey wade (4 days ago)
No more the coward Muhammad
William Henry (4 days ago)
These men are animals and should be exterminated! I would Join any army willing to do so!
HARKI SINGH (4 days ago)
Mohammed bangs girls day&night 😂😷🖕🖕
Robert Williamson (4 days ago)
Didn't Muhammad (Disease be Upon Him) marry a six year old girl and start raping her when she was nine ? ? (Aisha)  I bet he was having sex with her long before she was even nine....   Didn't many of Muhammad's (Disease be Upon Him) disciples and lieutenants also take underage child girls ? Doesn''t underage child bride marriage to older men still go on in many Islamic countries today ? ? (Yes, it does) ISIS just follows the example set by Muhammad (Disease be Upon Him) and his disciples and lieutenants.
Arther Brahe Pryce (4 days ago)
Daniel Alkan (5 days ago)
Can I have a sex slave please Abu Bakr?
Иван Иванов (5 days ago)
Made possible by the Ashkenazi criminals
TECH PRO (5 days ago)
The problem is not Islam , the people is the problem the terrorist are retarded to do such a bad thing to woman they are not men enough to face reality piece of vomit hope I hope they die painful death and ends in hell forever.. ...inchallah
pointerdogman fred (5 days ago)
This is your Muslim religion and culture. Women are an object to be owned. And people want to spread the Muslim religion here in the USA. Don't buy it.
Jhon Famo (5 days ago)
if this hit is legit..i hope mercy falls on the hearts of all involved.
deva suriya (5 days ago)
Pray dont rape respect other religion not only yours is this wat islam teach no right then why u are doing this shit crab things monsters sure u guys will have a horrible death
Cacique Diriangen (5 days ago)
True Islam
sajid hossain (5 days ago)
Fake propaganda
KTK (5 days ago)
Remove them and the Jews and the world will be better
navid ahmad (5 days ago)
Plz send all the Feminists to these men. The Feminists deserve them or vice versa!!
Francis Lim (5 days ago)
All Muslims brothers must watch these and ask ,what’s if these happened to me and my mother,sisters and children have to go through these,is these godly practices as Allah intended or something else instead?
Soul Reaper (5 days ago)
All for that motherfucker allah and his gay prophet.
hectar (5 days ago)
I am not surprised to see this. because Islamic people doing these shameful act from thousands of years
John Robi (5 days ago)
Libturds will mock Jesus all day, but cower to islam. Just wondering, how do islamic countries treat LGBTQ?
Joe Cruz (5 days ago)
🙏🏽pray 4 this world 🌎
Mars Goddess (1 day ago)
I have Muslim friends and I am a Christian. From my experiences, these are not real Muslims. Instead I believe they are devils that wear the robes of Islam and try to give the appearance of Islam but underneath it all they are still demons/jinns. Real Muslims are good and faithful people of Islam and worshippers of Allah and the prophet Muhammad pbuh. This story makes me sick to the depths of my soul. Gracious Heavenly Father please forgive all humankind because you know that we NEED forgiveness for the atrocities committed against one another. AMEN 🙏😢
Mars Goddess (1 day ago)
+Kim jong un in out under near above everywhere No, they are fllowing Satan straight to hell. Even the holy Bible can be twisted and warped into an instrument for evil. It has been from the beginning so think about that Kim Jong Un.
Bro, these guys following quran
Mr Bazzinga (5 days ago)
this is worst then Hitler camp. I am not beliver of voilence but next time i am raising toast when many of these assholes die
Daenx Ughie (6 days ago)
Cant say a word but I hope someday I meet some of u,,in that day I will make sure that my hand will take ur brain out then I will drink ur blood after Iam gonna pee ur dead body. All of u ISIS isnt Islam and u event not a human.
johny odisho (6 days ago)
They are the real islam and they are much lighter than muhhamad the pedophile
saniya khan (6 days ago)
Shame on them they are not MUSLIMS 😠😠😠😠 they ara satan they use islam name .. Fuck offf terrorists
They following Islam and quran
Rizwan Khushk (6 days ago)
These people are Khuwarij as predicted by Prophet Muhammad (S.A). They first emerged during Khilafat e Sayeduna Ali bin Abi Talib (R.Z). Ali (R.Z) fought them very hard. Almost all of them were killed only 5 people cud escape wrath of Ali (A.S). They kept emerging but in every era they were defeated. Now they have again emerged in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria and Alhamudlliah they have been defeated again. Allah and his Prophet said kiiling these Khawarij wud rewarded as these people spread Fitna on the earth.
Truth Revealed (6 days ago)
*Islam and Christianity* are the worst *cults* that happened on the face of this earth and its earthlings. Christians may be good like muslims but their Holy books subscribe to conversions and everything gets distorted. Where ever there is Islam and Christianity those countries are always in Chaos and in conflict with the locals and their faiths and culture.
Chris Coleman (6 days ago)
Nuke the fuckers...problem solved
Rajeev Ravi (6 days ago)
damn sad.
Ranger Man (6 days ago)
AS A MUSLIM...... FUCK ISLAM IM NO LONGER A MUSLIM. DEATH TO ISLAM.... Its a religion of HATE and terror
Tp07 tah07 (6 days ago)
shahzaib ali (6 days ago)
Isis made by Israel and USA...terrist states
Why Tho? (6 days ago)
Nothing new about religion. The Christian did the same things but with swords..
miro westmaas (2 days ago)
+asfdsaf vdv Christian apologist! We don't need you and your lies!
asfdsaf vdv (3 days ago)
600 years ago and in a way lesser proportions
Ghufran Shareef (6 days ago)
All is done to destroy muslims, name of Islam but Islam is growing fastest in the world. More vilify Islam more it will promote.
Ghufran Shareef (6 days ago)
Americans and Jews govt. are the cause of creating terrorism around the world. Every body has been cognizant now, who are the creators of all these terrorist organizations. Watch videos.
Shawn 4x42500 (6 days ago)
We of course are grateful that this man refuse to go along with the raping and pillaging as did his compatriots. However, this man was a coward and did not extinguish the evil doers which surrounded him! I have and always will put myself on the line for justice! I am not a police officer or anyone in law enforcement. I am a very proud citizen who has stood up to protect others so very many times as often as it presents itself to me as a citizen and a renovation contractor! I want to leave a legacy have someone who consistently protective others to no avail of his own!
Dan Erickson (6 days ago)
Gianni Giumpup (7 days ago)
Men like this are demonic.
tareqoon (7 days ago)
ISIS is made by the CIA, they killed more Muslims then non Muslims
jaime soto (7 days ago)
USA Create all these problems in the place USA created ISIS... so sad
Azlaan Raza (7 days ago)
A loats of basted doing wrong thing with common people in the name of religion.. That called ashtha Buisness,, including Rape Murder and other terrist activity ,, all are free service by guys and Ladies ,, i meant free workers
KING OF Universe (7 days ago)
Taliban Are the same people
Darius Koochi (7 days ago)
That's true Islam,,
Hamza khan (7 days ago)
ISIS is Israel And US kuffar made khwarij Organization which has nothing to do with Islam ..... ISIS I= ILLEGAL S= STATE I= ISRAEL S=SPONSOR TERORRIST
Puruan Langit (7 days ago)
Islam turned human into animals...islam is pure evil.
Said Zia Mohammadi (7 days ago)
لعنت الله على تكفيرى داعش
Andro GamerZ (7 days ago)
Shame on these people for what they have done in the name of Islam. May God give them the lowest of Hell Fire. What kind of Islam is this, if the prophet of Allah (swt) saw this he would be crying for what his ummah became. I AS A MUSLIMS AND AS THE FOLLOWER OF ISLAM CONDEMN THESE ACTS OF SAVAGENESS. These people are so ignorant of Islam and they are here saying we are Muslim
donovan campbell (7 days ago)
They who support isis for any reason do not have on love for humanity look into yourself ask the man in the mirror and think about your judgement what will it be like when it come ?
devil worship (7 days ago)
Can I have one
richard mason (7 days ago)
Islam is of the devil Jesus is the way too the Lord. John chapter14
Nico Montinola (8 days ago)
US created ISIS and supplied them with weapons
M J (8 days ago)
Quran allows sex slavery and 'prophet' Muhammad himself had sex lsaves. Quran 23:5 and 6 says gaurd your private parts except from wives and right hand possesses (slave women). Sunan An-Nasa'i 3411 (Sahih)—It was narrated from Anas, that the Messenger of Allah had a female slave with whom he had intercourse, but Aishah and Hafsah would not leave him alone until he said that she was forbidden for him. Then Allah, the Mighty and Sublime, revealed: "O Prophet! Why do you forbid (for yourself) that which Allah has allowed to you" [Quran 66:1-5] until the end of the verse. So ISIS is following exactly what Quran and Muhammad as far as sex slavery is concern.
unknown comic (8 days ago)
Very sad for the women
chris weller (9 days ago)
Obama, Bush and Blair should be held accountable
Biil Bon (9 days ago)
Don't you just love what is done in the name of religion in this world ISIS is just the worst of them all but they all have crimes to answer for
Lars S (9 days ago)
we, west didn't do much for those girls, all focus on Assad, cruel dictator, should be removed. Girls ....?
Ruben Rodriguez (9 days ago)
Sick bastards
james spectre (9 days ago)
I constantly seem to be asking myself what have muslims actually done for us or contributed to our counties? War, crime, hatred, disease, mass buying up of our countries , using our laws against us! terrorism! , yet god forbid you have an opinion on them or their religion then your a "Racist" , you see they are all for freedom of speech , that is till you disagree with them! We need mass deportation now not later! because I assure you when there are more of them than us they wont show us the same compassion!
charlie xiong (9 days ago)
There are so many people, so many lady live in hell on earth.
roundsout155 (9 days ago)
Only a " satanic" religion and belief would condone that ! "And Behold a green horse and Hell Followed With It" !!!!!
roundsout155 (8 days ago)
Thank you ! also in the Original Latin chloros means "pale green " so when they were writing the Bible they knew there was a red ,a black, and a white horse that they decided not to write green horse or pale green horse because no one had seen a green horse and it wouldn't make sense this was their thinking the color of Islam is green and you know what the other colors are you have a blessed day to one and all ! GRACE AND PEACE TO YOU FROM GOD THE FATHER AND HIS SON JESUS CHRIST ! (Not yelling at you ! ) 2/15/19
Harold McBroom (9 days ago)
I clicked on the video long enough to comment, but I will not watch the contents thereof.   The title does these women no justice, only helps promote their slavery to the hungry appetites of the wicked of whose lusts are never satisfied, but grow into a depriving hunger that keeps them enslaved.  What country will treat their women as harlots, brings shame to themselves for not protecting them. Look at their faces, and see the emotionless stares of those that yearn eagerly for death, because they have no country, and every depraved heart becomes their bed.   But it is they whom are the victors in the end, for as it is written in God's Word... *Proverbs **9:17**-18* _17 “Stolen water is sweet, and bread eaten in secret is tasty!” 18 But they do not know that the dead are there, that her guests are in the depths of Sheol. _

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