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A Sex Slave as a Gift for you from Abu Bakr al Baghdadi

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Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi gives sex slaves to the foreign fighters...
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Text Comments (396)
Mount Tain (13 hours ago)
this should be a wake up call that Islam should be vanished forever
Martin Mukuka (21 hours ago)
We will be praying for you the real answer for you is Jesus trust me He does not let down but saves
Gear Shark (1 day ago)
Well done sir. Maybe you couldn't help those women but you saved yourself. That's enough.
WHUTaz GuemUnited (1 day ago)
This isn't islam please do not beleive this is wat prophet muhammad pbuh preached
Assam Mahmud Rana (1 day ago)
Bastards 😡😡😡😡😡😡
Darren Baker (2 days ago)
Fuck Islam fucking savages , scum god bless the USA👳🔫
Craft Craft (2 days ago)
I'm a muslim but i want to nuke these people
pramod yadav (3 days ago)
Islam is the worst religion in this world. Mother fucker Allah and his follower had made this world a hell. All islamisation must be killed.
Eliyahu Kim (4 days ago)
Justin Trudeau allows these murderers to come into Canada and pay them the good money, Yet many Canadians support him
Scarface (6 days ago)
Isn't this this concept of concubines in Islam? Apart from raping a woman to death ofcourse.
Elite Perfumes (6 days ago)
Even American news outlets I remember was making it seem isis was only attacking government forces they forces and they wouldn’t attack non Muslims as the media portray them that narrative quickly changed
mayank (8 days ago)
what are they fighting for jannat(heaven) for all the muslims they will only say u will go to hell kafir .. i want to ask wats their in heaven sex with 72 virgin and fragrance and water wat els and how cn u enjoy those things without body maybe with penis made up of air pocket all ur forefathers and Mohamed would be fucking those 72 virgin vagina. complete quran is based on how to get sex after dieng coz Mohammad got sex addict what an idea to create a religion 😂 i want to know will your moms get 72 mail strippers with huge Dick's to fuck them.. what the result of following islam heaven full of dick and vagina.. islam is just focus on vegina and dicks to hide Mohammad's insecurity
No.1 Khan (11 days ago)
America put iraqis in hell... Lanat Allah on America Bush...
mirdad sourena (12 days ago)
Only a syrian war refugee appreciate the value of a country called turkey ! Shame on all the medias who blame turkey for cooperating with Isis
kahawa internet (14 days ago)
When you dont have a christian to kill, you end up killing your own mothers, sisters and children in the name of whomever it is that you worship. Animals in the wildernes have more respect for each other thatn these evil men.
S Ndiweni (14 days ago)
The media still calls the evil animals doing all these evil deeds "moderate rebels"
Doc M (14 days ago)
Sunni are bastard. Long live khomeini
keon k (15 days ago)
Vyas Chady (17 days ago)
There is no God. There is only evil everywhere.
saif Malik (17 days ago)
What you think "allied" forces do in war zones!!! Spoils of war!!! And you cunts remember them with cunting poppies!!!
محمد ذكرية (17 days ago)
Papi Kink (18 days ago)
Christians & jews used to do this too...the raping, torture, beheadig, looting.... all religion is garbage and oppressive.
Kartal Tibet (19 days ago)
ISIS is a true islam.
Thats what happen when you side with USA or when you take side other than your Own Country. This is what happened to IRAQ when you iraqi people desserted and abandoned your Leader your Brave President Saddam Hussein!!! This is what happens....so now you see clearly whats going to happen when you not love your Patriotic President that you people love to hate when he was still the Leader of Iraq. Look at what is Iraq now!!!!! Take a good look people take a good looooooooooook what you have now as a country and as Iraqis!!!!!!!
Ramzi (8 days ago)
And who destroyed Iraq and killed Saddam? Your ex leader Bush.
Jaker ReyiZ (21 days ago)
Manoj Wayne (21 days ago)
To all my Islam friend s all over the world unite and get these bastards wiped out of this world and protect Islam.
streeteats (22 days ago)
Awesome. Though I don't think America should be fighting every foreign war in the world, it makes me better understand why we go to places like Syria and fight those heartless, blood thirsty animals.
Ramzi (8 days ago)
Lol, Bush' wars are the reason for this evil. Bush destroyed iraq and killed 1 million muslims in the middle east. He is the one that created this mess, and you want to send your troops again, to create more chaos!? Think again. Just keep your troops at home.
Sameen Khan (23 days ago)
Islam is beautiful religion these people are not Muslims
Kartal Tibet (19 days ago)
Typical muslim comment.😂
Sameen Khan (23 days ago)
I really want to say that it is bad these people are not humans but the blame doesn't goes to ialam
Brenden Louis (7 days ago)
TRU MAN (23 days ago)
That's the islam of the Quran. Its what Mohammed practiced. Its ok ,the Quran says so.
numero umero (24 days ago)
These individuals are not Muslim at all. This is not Islam
Thoughtful shows prank (26 days ago)
Good job media. We are believing everything u r showing. Nobody will ever know why isis was created, who created it..Why they always creates chaos in this world?? Who is benefitted from this chaos?? Lol..GOOD JOB MEDIA. LONG LIVE AMERICA (there is more) AND BUISNESS MANS. And 99% of the images are fake. As far as i know isis don't let to take any pictures. And my questions is why do they hide their faces??
Lbhopathi reddy (26 days ago)
OBrian Ramgeet (26 days ago)
All of you are white devil's, Yah curse you all .
bademoxy (27 days ago)
islam is like marxism- a scourge on humanity created by terrorists like mohammad and karl marx. they both brought nothing but slavery and death to the christian european world and will always be implacable enemies.
Randy Randy (29 days ago)
Let’s thank the USA and friends for Iraqi freedom, when saddam was in power non of this happend
Pooki3 Slinger (21 days ago)
Randy Randy like Uday and his maniac raping sprees? japan did pretty good for itself after a devastating war, so why not iraq?
Mumtaz Fatima (29 days ago)
Where the fuck is The Security Council of UN? Why aren't many nations involved to protect these people from being harassed and killed. It's a shame to have a security council which takes no immediate actions against these assholes. Every one is fighting their own war and no one is fighting side by side.
Ocean Tiger (29 days ago)
They whare doing totally things which was tatally against Islam they whare trying to mislead people by using Islamic name Islam is justice not oppression Islam is peace not terror enemy of Islam will do everything possible to give Islam bad name but they will fail justice will win
Gas man Gas man (30 days ago)
How can a man do this to women and still sleep at night.
Prince lop (10 days ago)
+Carolynska S Empty claims you are so ignorant. Just trying to acomplish your agenda. All you said is False, Isis are khawarijj founded by Christian Countries like America. By the Way did you know the Bible teaches actual Rape? in a very direct way
Carolynska S (11 days ago)
Hi Amir It is right in your books...the Quran and Hadiths. Muslims think we are making up stuff....we are just quoting.. Your Allah told Muhammad it was alright even to rape the married captives when these Muslim soldiers men felt funny and questioned him. The great cotton ball white Muhammad gave permission and that settled their conscience. Where does it say Allah forbids rape? Only your own women.
Gas man Gas man (12 days ago)
In public court they sentence women for sex out of the mariage when she gets raped this is what these people think of women. They have no rights they treat them simply like cattle. From arranged mariages to child abuse these are the scum of scum. Religion or not Carolinska i think is saying make no difference what Allah says this is what they teach. You have a small boy and you keep repeating over and over what they are supposed to think this will stick with them for a lifetime.
AMIR B (12 days ago)
Carolynska S ‘ Allah (God ) is actually against what they are doing stop blaming religion without even researching
Carolynska S (21 days ago)
They don't feel bad about it because their God, ALLAH gives them permission. It you are taught that this is your right to rape women because they are captives since a young boy you feel it is alright. Allah said so.
Basil Zaidi (1 month ago)
hell is ready for ISIS terrorists
I hate the noxious (1 month ago)
This is not the Islamic education. They are all monster's. They say they are Muslims but this is not the Islamic morality. They are basically friend of Satan!!! ISIS is mother fucker a group of devil. One day they would be caught who they really ISIS are.
Kartal Tibet (19 days ago)
ISIS is a true muslim.
Hassan Turky (1 month ago)
Im scholar . Islam doesn't teach this. But alsways non Muslim try to act Muslim and say Islam is like this.
Brenden Louis (7 days ago)
Yeah like we'd believe that crap
Kartal Tibet (19 days ago)
I'm ex muslim. İslam like this
Pooki3 Slinger (21 days ago)
Hassan Turky actually it does teach this, it might have guide lines for slave girls but it does permit it.
Hassan Turky (1 month ago)
If this was Islam I would not be Muslim now.
Hassan Turky (1 month ago)
It's American don't worry Muslims. It's trap of americans .didn't u listen Putin said it. British also said. It's American intelligence. It's not Islam.
Ria Marie Tolentino (1 month ago)
Its demonic
Ria Marie Tolentino (1 month ago)
Is this what islam means? Too worst. Too much violence and abuse with women. Is this what they teaches. So sad for this girls.
mkt963 (1 month ago)
Shame on them
baka baka (1 month ago)
Islam is great!
AA Fox (1 month ago)
Isis may God terminate you all with rage and fire and diseases you suckers Isis is just like KKK
ulla bellason (1 month ago)
Law of Moses says you can have slaves, and Jesus said he's not here to abolish the law... so its not only islam... We have to use our common sense.
Carolynska S (21 days ago)
Are you trying to make a case for slavery? That is why I hate the Old Testament because you are right...slavery was condoned. But not from Jesus in the New Testament.....Show me scripture and verse on that one. Anyway, lets say thought slavery was fine...in America we have laws...no slavery and no rape.
Ding Shens (23 days ago)
To whom are you explaining this. 95 % Americans can not figure out how many sides does triangle has and you are making their brains suffer from terminology.
Tim Allsopp (1 month ago)
ulla bellason I think your trying to suggest that Christianity also had a contemporary history of barbarity. Don't forget he was up to his death a Jew. Christianity was only developed about 50 - 100 years after he died. I'm not saying they were innocent look at the European crusades. But if you're going to quote history get the facts as correct as you can.
AA Fox (1 month ago)
Yeah you're right with these conflicts that we see everyday that Jewish hates Muslim and Christian That hate the other and wars Sometimes I wish if there's no religion just only believing in God
Aziz Mohamadi (1 month ago)
Sunny kafir isis lanati sunny kafir Isis
Ugh isis is ruining islam name
KILLERBOY'S (1 month ago)
Islam means destruction
kuldeep singh (1 month ago)
Islam is against humanity but at the same time it confuse its followers its not religion its cult
Letrus Letrus (1 month ago)
Islam legalizes beheadings, hate, discrimination Quran 5:51, terrorism, sex slaves (aymanoukom), torture, stoning of women, cutting the hand of a thief, cutting the hands and feet (5:33) and crucifixion. All legal in Islam. Islam is the root of terror.
Niku deka (1 month ago)
Islam is the only religion where a father figure person would tell you to rape or kill someone without a reason. Fuckest religion ever.
Amber Khan (1 month ago)
Isis non Muslim
Ram Eshwar (2 months ago)
But why the bloody HELL the US..UK..Europe and Russia not nuking Saudi Arabia!!???!!
Salman Khan (2 months ago)
and from all over the world from all religiion check it that muslim will be honest trustful and peaceful if most of the qualities are not found in the person he cant be a muslim...
Salman Khan (2 months ago)
Let me tell you all one thing that this vedio and alike are all for defaming muslim and muslim can never be like this, a person may be bad or good, i can be good or bad but islam can never be bad, muslim can never be bad, Qur'aan and ahadis can never be bad... write it permanent and if it is wrong after 100 years if i live you can ask me that you were wrong......
proud hijabi (2 months ago)
Their is no humanity left Isis r just covering themselves in the name of religion . Don't blame religion,blame humans . Islam is a peace religion ,where everyone has given freedom to do anything with some limitations which is good for us . Remember Allah doesn't need us ,we need Allah. And he has everything,he won't get anything from us whether we r bad or good . It's just for our good sake that, Allah has made some rules .
Brenden Louis (7 days ago)
Pooki3 Slinger (21 days ago)
proud hijabi and you say all this while living in a non muslim country. nonislamic sources during the sahhabah era can give you insight.
KABIR HASAN (2 months ago)
Slavery was practiced long before Islam. Tribes fought and took prisoners of war . They (mostly Europeans ) treated slaves like animals . Even few years ago white people practiced slavery on african and sub continent people . When Islam came in Arabia , it gave rights to slaves and eventually ended slavery . Quran mentions sex only when it comes to sex ettiquettes between husband and wife and the owner and the slave girls ,as long as the slave girls want it too as mentioned in quran in ch 24 verse 33. In quran ch 4 verse 24 , Allah says to believers to not use slave girls for their lusts but offer them wedlock and money. And in bukhari , volume 1 , book 2, hadees 30 , Prophet says to believers to give food and clothes to slaves same as they themselves use and dont burden them with work . There are many accounts where Prophet bought slaves and freed them or married them with their consent ( Javeria , Maria , Safiya)and told his companions to do the same , even Allah told in quran that whosoever frees his slave has a special reward . Islam allows fighting only as self defense and isis is just killing innocent people not doing any sort of jihad . They do not follow Islam but just satisfy their lusts while exploiting Islam.
Brenden Louis (7 days ago)
B M C (2 months ago)
Except that yes, they are practicing real islam. I hope for all muslims to set free and find the real God. Jesus is king.
Ratrix (2 months ago)
The truth behind the “Islamic” state is...that it’s not Islamic? I’m not surprised in the least.
Jacob Makono (2 months ago)
..that is Islam!bullshit!over my dead body..
dareczek63 (2 months ago)
That is why I do not want any muslims in my country. Keep this shit as far from our borders as possible.
shrey harsh gautam (2 months ago)
Islam is curse to humanity... It's a blessing by devil Satan to Thier fallower... This religion is more dangerous then nuclear weapons.... It's sad when Thier own people doubt our it's really peaceful slaughtering raping is this Ur Islam ...
M Y (2 months ago)
i am muslim and i swear . what were i can do i will do to stop these nonsense in the name allah . insha allah
Toastymarket (2 months ago)
SO...Leftists... fancy going over there to push for equal rights??? No? i don't blame you, but perhaps you should calm down in the west... things aren't so bad here are they...
Pooki3 Slinger (21 days ago)
Toastymarket micro aggression!
basant vimal sharma (2 months ago)
Most are liers.looking for greener pastures abroad.
ugly dog (2 months ago)
But let them who find not [the means for] marriage abstain [from sexual relations] until Allah enriches them from His bounty. And those who seek a contract [for eventual emancipation] from among whom your right hands possess - then make a contract with them if you know there is within them goodness and give them from the wealth of Allah which He has given you. *And do not compel your slave girls to prostitution, if they desire chastity, to seek [thereby] the temporary interests of worldly life. And if someone should compel them, then indeed, Allah is [to them], after their compulsion, Forgiving and Merciful.*
FormidableZ Me (2 months ago)
ISIS is total joke. Islamic state ISIS. What is Irak and what is Syria?? christian state? jewish state? hindoism state? buda state? what religion state is that? it's Islamic State for 1400 year. fking idiot's blind stupid nero minded fkers idiots go fight in israel and us. no that you don't dare because they have wapons right. that why.
A W (2 months ago)
Ye madarchod mohammad ko paida hi nai hona chaiye tha..Ye bechari bekasoor ladkiya toh bach jati.
A W (2 months ago)
Poor women..I hope they all are free.
Javid Z (2 months ago)
Humans 😖
NPC TARD (2 months ago)
Sick disgusting perverts why do u oppress yurr WOMEN you think god approves,you are short sighted fools-you think god would have us created only to torment each other-islam speaks of honour,dignity,etc -islam has non of these attributes if u have eyes worthy of a soul. Islam is a cruel primitive concept conceived by supreme evil
NourCoolKid101 (2 months ago)
This is not Islam isis are people who want to make Islam look bad we are peaceful and Islam is the religion of peace when will this insanity stop 🙅🏽‍♂️🙏
Brenden Louis (7 days ago)
Cut the crap
Kartal Tibet (19 days ago)
+NourCoolKid101 ISIS is a sunni you retard. I'm ex muslim you fucking rat. ISIS is a pure sunni muslim terrorist organization.
Carolynska S (21 days ago)
No Nour I am not wrong. Don't you read your own books. I am not saying your community practiced this stuff. But this is what Muhammed said is permissible and ISIS wants it enforced. ISIS men are religious fighters for Allah. ISIS is the true traditional Islam. Isis was getting after cherry picking Muslims who were not following the books. If they get in ISIS will bring everything back. Go on Utube and see sex slavery of the Yazidi girls....they have actual pictures. See BBC NEWS Yazidi survivor raped every day by many men till rescued six months later. Saudi Arabia just abolished slavery in 1963. Of course it still exists in secret. How old are you? Don't you know what your own "perfect" prophet was advocating? Someday you may put a hijab on a little daughter. You will tell her only what you know...what your mother told you....as you both sat in the back of the Mosque. Many Muslim girls report that some man (most often a relative or friend) tried o touch them or kiss them inappropriately..There are just as many Muslim girls in the #ME Too Club as western ones. Ask your mother if you feel comfortable about it. Perhaps she is not worldly and doesn't know about the silent rape crisis in the middle east. Go on the videos that show Saudi Arabia stoning woman and throwing homosexuals off six story buildings. Honestly, I swear to God I am not making this stuff up. It is in the Quran and other Muslim books. The United States is killing its own young boys to help the non traditional cherry picking Muslims to fight ISIS.
NourCoolKid101 (21 days ago)
Queef Micester no when the governments team to end isis
NourCoolKid101 (21 days ago)
Carolynska S you are very wrong we don’t even have sex till marriage and we would never rape and we don’t stone read the Quran or go to a truly Muslim country like soudi araybia and you’ll find the peace in our hearts
per berge (2 months ago)
How horible islam are. Why do we respect this cult at all ?
Hans M (2 months ago)
The real problem is religion. It has been used to control the poor and oppressed for centuries. Until people learn to break the need to believe in a God that will save them from all their despair and instead take matters into their own hands to create a better life, this issue will continue to manifest itself. All religion stems from the needs to control the masses, nowadays even if it's not about controlling the poor it's still big business. Best example is the Catholic church, not that they are standalone but just about every church is like that. Money makes the world go round... We don't need anyone telling us its wrong to kill, rape, steal and etc. These are fundamental truths that any reasonable person should be able to comprehend without some church telling you what to do.
Hans M (8 days ago)
Ramzi obviously religion isn’t the root cause of evil. You don’t need to be condescending. My statement was more to express how most religion is used as a guise on controlling people not that it’s the only means to do so. Eliminating religion would help a lot of the world but it of course in itself does not destroy evil. As like you said there will always be the need for one group to control another for whatever interest they are pursuing. Evil isn’t religion, but religion is evil.
Ramzi (8 days ago)
What kind of religion was behind the destruction of Iraq and the killing of one million muslims by American forces? You think you're going to ban evil by banning religion? You are wrong. Evil will always come back one way or the other. And you don't need a religon to control the masses. You can use ideology as well. Nationalism, communism, liberalism, even science and free speech are used to control the mass. Everyone with or without power tries to control others. It's part of human nature. People don't even use an ideology or religion to control other people. They do it on a small or large scale, because it's part of their nature. Isis has no monopoly on evil. Something like Isis could and will re-emerge in any part of the world at any time, under the right circumstances.
Arpit Sharma (2 months ago)
Terrorists destroid the great religion Islam May allah guide you all
Brenden Louis (7 days ago)
Suman Shaw (2 months ago)
Shit then what is islam There ISIS kill people in the name of islam and here muslims advocate for osama in India Hate preachers among muslims are saved by shit politicians What the shit
afarsh (2 months ago)
ISIS created by whom? ?? Now everyone knows. Only liars believe in their own lies. Their only purpose to destroy Islam. & they will not be successful
ayesha zafar (2 months ago)
Slavery was practiced long before Islam. Tribes fought and took prisoners of war . They (mostly Europeans ) treated slaves like animals . Even few years ago white people practiced slavery on african and sub continent people . When Islam came in Arabia , it gave rights to slaves and eventually ended slavery . Quran mentions sex only when it comes to sex ettiquettes between husband and wife and the owner and the slave girls ,as long as the slave girls want it too as mentioned in quran in ch 24 verse 33. In quran ch 4 verse 24 , Allah says to believers to not use slave girls for their lusts but offer them wedlock and money. And in bukhari , volume 1 , book 2, hadees 30 , Prophet says to believers to give food and clothes to slaves same as they themselves use and dont burden them with work . There are many accounts where Prophet bought slaves and freed them or married them with their consent ( Javeria , Maria , Safiya)and told his companions to do the same , even Allah told in quran that whosoever frees his slave has a special reward . Islam allows fighting only as self defense and isis is just killing innocent people not doing any sort of jihad . They do not follow Islam but just satisfy their lusts while exploiting Islam.
Brenden Louis (7 days ago)
Obscured Enigma (2 months ago)
this made me cry.
sidharth anand (2 months ago)
Islam is brutality
Samiam (2 months ago)
Castrate these raping bastards!!
Your Mom Gay (2 months ago)
I'm Muslim..And that shit that I saw about..isis disgusted me(I'm Muslim you got brain washed by these isis your scared to trust real Muslims...wow...Because of these sick people ..)
Jana Daniel (2 months ago)
Oh, it's an Islamic State all right.
Hans M (2 months ago)
Afganistan was an Islamic state and up until the 1980's it was a very progressive country. Women were wearing western fashions lik jeans, not wearing hijabs, getting jobs and had rights. It wasn't until about 30 years ago when all the extremists took over that a lot of the Middle East turned into the cesspool we know today. And make no mistake about it, the extremist leaders don't care about Islam, they are after money and power and use their interpretation of religion as a form of controlling the impoverished masses.
Fabricio Lascano (2 months ago)
I want to kill all these bitches.
MOHAMMED Yusouf (2 months ago)
Isis mother fckers They destroyed our countries our religion our reputations but Allah is with us we don't know were they are from anger 😡
Carolynska S (11 days ago)
Isis is a fundamentalist Muslim group like Wahabism. All they want is for all Muslims to follow the teachings of the Quran and Hadiths to the letter. There is suppose to be one mindset in Islam but there isn't. Muslims are fighting with each other like the Protestants and Catholics did...kill, kill, rape, rape, in the name of religion. Don call Isis , MF's. They see themselves as freedom fighters trying to make you Muslims obey Muhammad's direct messages from Allah. Ask your Imans.
mayank (18 days ago)
Mohamed did the same with wife of fighters died in fight he himself said marry their wife they are their property now how can you defend a pedophile Mohamed he the the reason for all the conflicts it will continue until smone go back in time and fuck that basterd and burn him alive
Ksjs Jdjdb (18 days ago)
mohamed amine atbib why dont you do your research first and then come talking dumbass bitch you dont know nothing about our beautiful religion its peaceful and full of love dumb bitch clearly nobody loves u thats why u like this dumb pig😘
Ksjs Jdjdb (18 days ago)
user not found shut ur dumbass up first do research about our beautiful religion and then come talking dumbass bitch nobody loves u probably and thats why u are hating ahah
mohamed amine atbib (18 days ago)
They r just following your prophet’s orders and instructions barbaric religion
Zeeshan Rahman (2 months ago)
ISIS have nothing to do with Islam.
Moonspell (7 days ago)
Leave that satanic cult, man. Seriously
Moonspell (7 days ago)
+Zeeshan Rahman do you know whom your prophet described as "innocent humans"? Fellow muslims. So if it says that you cannot kill an innocent person, it just means that you shouldn't kill other muslims. They kill everyone because Islam will even destroy its followers at some point.
Zeeshan Rahman (2 months ago)
Prophet never killed innocent human beings...never raped women. Islam says: “Whoever kills an innocent human being…it is as though he has killed all mankind. And whoever saves a life, it is as though he had saved all mankind.” (Qur’an, 5:32) ISIS are killing innocent human beings and mostly muslims. So how are they islamic ?
Moonspell (2 months ago)
IS = Islamic State....it has everything to do with islam. In fact, they're doing exactly what their prophet did. Satanists
Apricot Theory (2 months ago)
ISIS = True Islam. Lying = True Islam. OF COURSE Muslims will say this isn't true Islam. They're being true Muslims when they tell you that, they're being true liars.
Coolbread Rye (2 months ago)
Well it is what Mohammad would have wanted.
castiger1000 (2 months ago)
I would call them pigs but it would be a insult to the pigs
Ding Shens (23 days ago)
and CIA agents.
Doggo Dudette (2 months ago)
castiger1000 So original... wait. They don’t consume pigs!
Amber Awesomeness (2 months ago)
How could anyone be so cruel......
monu singh (2 months ago)
Etna adharm 😭😭
Kurdo kelhuriy (2 months ago)
Fuck islamic allah fuck arabic prophet fuck #گورعان
Paul Tremblay (2 months ago)
What's weird is that ISIS even document their own horror, like if they want everyone in the world to know that they are piece of garbage and that Islam is a monster religion. I have followed other documentary about other radical Muslim groups:from Muslim brotherhood to hezbollah, even old al-qaida. And they all show mercie, they show their good nature, how they built schools, how they give free health care and protect women. But when Isis came, only 3 to 5 years ago they got huge media coverage and they even became hype in western countries. They arrived to beat every record to degrade the image of Arabs and Muslims in the world, just the opposite of what any Muslim would do to gain more concerts. In fact they did exactly what anti Muslims preached for many years and many mossad agents were found among them, dresses as Muslim fanatics and doing the very same rape and violence
Paul Tremblay (20 days ago)
+bademoxy what you said was debunked. You are referring to a video posted by CNN in 2001,showing dancing Muslim. It was later debunked because it was filmed years earlier. It was poor journalism and poor journalistic investigation, something that cnn is still proving today. Am not saying that this horrible event didn't bring a glimpse of joy to some Muslims, as many at that time, and even today, say America is the backer of Israel and all their misery. Many Muslims, governments and people sent their sadness and support to America during the disaster, no one wish the death of innocents, and am sure many Muslims felt solidarity with the WTC disaster, because they had many massive disasters killing more than 3000 people at once, just as the world trade center, starting with the massacre of Shabra and Shatilla villages in Lebanon. But who can blame a misguided and uninformed Palestinian child who lost his father, brothers to misbehave like all childs do, without understanding the implications of his action. Middle eastern people are highly emotional, they lack cold calculate thinking and at the fire of the moment, they only see American having a taste of their decades old suffering. Most couldn't imagine that America could do that to itself in order to bring even more devastation in the middle East to control the world. False flag is not a concept that a fellahim paysant or Bedouin nomad understand, it's too deep. They only have faith in god and can't understand men's demonic machinations
Paul Tremblay ------- my suspect is.. again and again, time and time again, through out history, so i think i ahve a basis on saying this.. this is all from America. Isis is a brainChild of USA. They want ISLAM to look bad in the eyes of all human. But have faith Allah is watching. God is watching. Karma is on its way to those nations who have nothing but bad intentions to there fellow men. You cant hide from karma
bademoxy (27 days ago)
bullshit muslim lies! when the 9/11 planes hit , muslims in pakiland , palestine and others cheered! THEN like you ,they blamed it on jews! islam has always sought to subjugate christians and enslave their women right from mohammad's time and onward. you are lying deceitful enemies too cowardly to challenge christian nations in open warfare because you KNOW we can wipe you out to the last man! what the west SHOULD do is step aside and encourage China and India to devour the middle east whole! smash and burn your shit black stone in mecca ,turning the place into a pig farm and treating your women like how muslims treated christian, jewish, zoraosrian and hindu female captives in the jihadi invasions across north africa to central asia. you know HOW we figure out that you lie? because muslims don't ban the HADITH! you'll DENY some of it ,which is dishonest cherry picking. OR-you cannot face the truth of your religion's own ugly history so you invent bullshit like it was spread by kisses and flowers , NOT by the sword.
hannahr77 (1 month ago)
so now we the mossad Israeli Conspiracy crap again and again, taliban are a brance of al qaida would you say they also build schools hospitals and showed merc, there's not good abt any of those groups you have mentioned
Ahmed Jan (2 months ago)
It's simple, USA to blame. They created these terrorists and handed them weapons! And now all this is happening. Such a shameless nation.
Brenden Louis (7 days ago)
+Moonspell That's cause he's butthurt
Moonspell (2 months ago)
Ahmed Jan you did the same with blaming USA for shit that you muzzies do
Ahmed Jan (2 months ago)
+C3PO is H1GH putting religion into this proves how dumb you are.
C3PO is H1GH (2 months ago)
All evidence shows that Islam is the issue. The Islamic believers are the ones carrying out these actions.
M Hashmi (2 months ago)
Looks like war against weak rather than imperialistic powers. Fucking bastards and rightly man said that if he would die same would happen with women of his family. Assholes

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