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Just a regular torture by guards in Russian prison. June 29, 2017, Yaroslavl.

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On Friday, July 20, 2018, the newspaper Novaya Gazeta published a video recorded by a Federal Penitentiary Service employee, showing the torture of inmate Evgeny Makarov at a Yaroslavl prison on June 29, 2017. According to Novaya Gazeta, the video was recorded in an “educational work class” at the prison, where Makarov was brought after insulting a guard. He told his lawyers that guards searched his cell while he was allowed outside, finding a letter from his mother, which they left on the floor. When Makarov saw this, he says he told the guards to “go fuck themselves.” The 10-minute video shows a room full of people, mostly dressed in gray camouflage. Evgeny Makarov (whom the guards identify by his surname) is lying face down on a table. Several men are sitting on him, holding his handcuffed hands violently behind his back. The guards take turns beating the soles of his feet with clubs and their fists, periodically pouring buckets of water over him. In the middle of the video, they remove his pants and underwear. Makarov howls and asks them to stop. Read more: https://meduza.io/en/feature/2018/07/20/video-leaks-showing-russian-prison-guards-torturing-an-inmate-in-yaroslavl
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jamexxxxxxxx (6 days ago)
i am not Pro torture but in Europe prisoners can litterally spit on prison guards and they cant do shit because of Human Rights
Christopher Hyun (10 days ago)
All cause the inmate talked a little shit... What would happen if he spat on the guard? Did the inmate keep talking trash? Damn... These folks brutal.
JAG 0937 EB (18 days ago)
WTF, are they raping him or something bunch of fags
JAG 0937 EB (18 days ago)
that guy on the left was clearly jerking him off
john royer (19 days ago)
Moral of the story don't go to prison. It's not a resort like in America.
One Creator (21 days ago)
This is why the world finds so many aspects of Russian mentality so deplorable. The men who torture here are clinically sick. They are sadistic bullies. Sad degenerates. They are enjoying this. It's depraved. It's a clear example of Schadenfraude.
NobleArtist (22 days ago)
I’m sure there’s a special spot in hell waiting for them
Kye (25 days ago)
Actual shitheads
New Horizon (1 month ago)
What more do you expect from these idiots.. DEATH TO RUSSIA
Dudschig Ralf (1 month ago)
This basterds must killed
Kieran Dempsey (1 month ago)
Russia is cancer! Evil shithole
TheDretch (1 month ago)
Figures savages like this would partner up with the Islamic savages.
Fazz Tap (1 month ago)
Fuck Russia
fraz khan (1 month ago)
The perfect bosteards....
Danimals channel (9 months ago)
What is the matter with these cunts. I hope people do it to their children like they do it to someone's child there.
Tupac Amaru Shakur (11 months ago)
ACAB 1312
TWO CENTS ARMY (11 months ago)
that's fucking horrifying
George Boy (11 months ago)
Are you sure it isn't an underground BDSM club?
Igor (11 months ago)
PaRasha slaves
Beast Towers (11 months ago)
The good Russian is the dead
Dudschig Ralf (17 days ago)
Nosher, eat the rich?
mokov (11 months ago)
Henry Bearse (11 months ago)
And they expect to be treated humanely when captured. All those basterds should be caught and receive the same.
Aatolviina Järvi (1 month ago)
Henry Bearse You’re fucking retarded. You forget Russia is an authoritarian country where people who have the “wrong” opinions get locked up. For all anyone knows, this could be a political prisoner. Sounds like you oughta be locked up and tortured, you fucking sick little dog.
the doctor airsoft (11 months ago)
soviet animals
J P (2 months ago)
I only wonder how many of those animals are left in russia. it's really sad.

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