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Everyone has a heart break at some point in their life. This is the story of my very first heartbreak :( DON'T FORGET TO FOLLOW & SUBSCRIBE :) ►SNAP [email protected] adrians_back ► [email protected] https://www.instagram.com/adrians_back/ ► [email protected] https://twitter.com/adrians_back ► [email protected] https://www.facebook.com/theadrianmiguelshow/?fref=ts _______________________________________________________________ Let's Party by HookSounds http://www.hooksounds.com/ Creative Commons — Attribution 4.0 International — CC BY 4.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/... Music provided by Audio Library https://youtu.be/PqGSUPNC7Cg _______________________________________________________
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Donald Storm (26 days ago)
Adrian you're going about this the wrong way don't go looking for Mr. Perfect Mr. Good looking at not the way it works And to be honest with you picking a Guy out of A-line up it's just not how it works you have to meet people eye . Contact you can read into people's souls that way I know you don't follow them home on the 1st night and do it with them No that's not how it works, Finding your Mr. Right I have to tell you 1st of all you don't go out looking for somebody that looks like you because you're very attractive but don't go out and be one of these people that pick out somebody who looks like you and 2nd of all everybody's not perfect He got to get to know their personality that's what it's all about you'll know it when you find Mr. Right I'm Jansen's are when day hes just gonna be standing right in front of you and you'll know it, . It's not gonna be that monster you showed a picture of at the beginning of your clip We are all human we all have some flaws we're not all going to be the perfect weight the perfect eye color Things like that, You are a mature very decent human being, Maybe your Mr. Right might be thinning hair Line he might not be puerto rican He might be a redhead who knows You're really awesome Man You really have to go out and meet Mr. Right don't do this on the computer you too young for that . I just don't know what else to say you're very smart you've grown up since that 1st loser that you are so called dating not even out of the closet if they're not out of the closet slamming the door shut and move on to the next guy. You don't have time for games like this.
Justin Fox (2 months ago)
marry me
Brandon Petoskey (2 months ago)
You don't seem awkward. You seem introverted. I am the same way.
Steven Daniel (4 months ago)
May I take you to dinner?
Over D Molly (4 months ago)
He’s cute he’s gonna get someone
Steeven Hyde (5 months ago)
Is he as shallow as he seems in this video?
Daniel Ryan (5 months ago)
well that guy missed out because you are a super handsome, sweet guy <3
Monkeybars718 (7 months ago)
Just went through a break up where the guy caught feelings fast. It was a turn off him being clingy, and I treated him the way your guy treated you. At first, he was a rebound and just wanted him for sex, but eventually I started to have feelings for him. Things were ok for a while but turned toxic. I really think it’s because of how everything started with us. We no longer talk but I do miss him lots.
Andrew Whalley (8 months ago)
Think your a really nice guy all the way from the U.K
Zack Ogden (8 months ago)
also get out of here you wine-o
Zack Ogden (8 months ago)
lol embrace the awkward!
Mike Buckner (8 months ago)
A and B is completely wrong. You are human and deserve to be as extra as you want.
Travis Farrow (9 months ago)
This is so supernatural 😄 and iam being so serious, after watching some of your videos especially this one we sound like the exact same person, really im not lieing, i think we would have fun hanging out, i really agree with you on many levels and really like your modesty and honesty and yes its ok to be yourself and be gentle, heartwarming and sensitive like iam and yes never chase another guy 😃, i have one memorable experience when i was 18 i talked this outher guy for a couple years off the net n he was from North Carolina and i live in Canada so he was on the bus for 3 days n he came down to see me in Canada and of course totall honeymoon fase but it only lasted like 2 months then he left back i guess we both broke each other's heart just because we were immature n not ready to have a relationship just jet it was fun thou hanging out and going to parties and watching movies and stuff... he was my first great love n i will never forget him but I moved on and wish him all tje best in the world and im ready and being patient n just enjoying being single which i love! 😄
ck85x65 (9 months ago)
You are brave, even courageous, to share so much of yourself.
Douglas Grant (9 months ago)
We are all hopeful romantics.
Eric Judkins-van buren (9 months ago)
Sorry to hear that bro. Most gay men are hors and don't want a relationship. Plus, that was your first love.
Hotspot (9 months ago)
My first heartbreak, was on a guy who I thought was into me. But he ended up being straight, and had a girlfriend.. .but the weird thing is, I was the only person who didn't know he was straight, and had a girlfriend.. like he must have known I liked him, and liked the attention. But it was terrible, I was depressed for four days when I found out he was straight. I was so in love with him, it was crazy. But the thing that got me the most, is that I thought about him constantly.. and the fact of the matter is, he probably never thought about me, except when I was right in front of him. Like you can like someone so much, but you're not even a thought in their mind, that's probably the most crushing thing.
PHOENIX MINISTRY (9 months ago)
Hahaha!! Awww Adrian! I just wanna hug you! I’m awkward myself! So much so that you will feel really cool near me, so we should hang out just to improve your self esteem. Haha. Yeah, I know it sounds like a crazy old fashioned rule to “not kiss on a first date” but I have seen it work wonders for me and other gay friends (who are still in relationships just as I am). Instead of me freaking out if I did anything wrong on the date, it leaves him to reflect on his self and his own actions then he usually makes sure to reach out to me to make sure we have a second date scheduled. Lol. It is the ways dating works and it’s a formula. You just have to learn it. I think we all need a little cat and mouse action. It feels great to be pursued. Besides, not kissing on a first date creates a really cool sexual tension. It’s thrilling and it establishes a dynamic and story in the beginning in case the relationship does go for the long haul. Just a suggestion! Okay! Well enough of my Sunday School dating tips! Lol. Love you buddy! Keep being awesome!
Al (9 months ago)
WE ALL say stupid things clearly at the wrong time.I've done it and you would have thought the house was on fire...that's how fast he ran out. Lighten up....it's LIFE !
David Dorner (9 months ago)
First 10 seconds nailed my entire life. Like wtf I've never seen such accuracy xD.
Concreteowl (9 months ago)
It has happened to me repeatedly and it doesn't make you stronger. It wears you down, it shatters your confidence, it dilutes your optimism. Guys if you don't dig someone be kind, explain. Don't just ignore them. It's cruelty. And who doesn't want every enjoyable experience to last forever. Cut younger you some slack.
david lubell (9 months ago)
You are hysterical and have such a cute style.
Marques Johnson (1 year ago)
Dale Thibodeaux (1 year ago)
I completely understand. I’m a picky person too.
Rex Haozhe Zhang (1 year ago)
Why is there a Chinese calendar on the wall? Interesting
Erian Peterson (1 year ago)
during my freshmen year of highschool I had a boyfriend but he was shady and a lier. He eventually broke up with me after 3-4 days he says "we need 2 talk", I knew what he ment. while in class he texts me and says "we're breaking up" and I texted back "why", said that it had to do with family so I texted for us to talk after school we sat down in the cafeteria and told me what's going on and I was crying my eyes out so I went and told my friends that he broke up with me and everything was going to be fine, but I was like "he's my first BF and I love him". but they said it was just puppy love. 2 weeks after that my ex was going out with a new guy that I had already hated so it made me mad when I found out that both of them had sex; when my ex told me that he was a vergin so was pissed and now I was thinking thelat my ex lied to me all this time, but we still are friends that have a rocky history
David Coffman (1 year ago)
Nice video! I'm just curious what made you want to talk to this guy after six months? Didn't he text you saying never to text him back or talk to him again? That alone would make me kind horrible. Like wtf!? Did you ever find out the real reason why he sent you that message?
Hey David! Honestly, he was my very first kiss, etc. So I guess I never got over him, and he did tell me not to text him any more but I did anyways lol. We saw each other again six months later on a chattroullete site and that is where we picked up on things; however, after a couple of days of that, he never spoke to me again. He never told me the reason why he stopped talking to me, he solely told me that his father found our messages and was really mad. It was a learning lesson.
Hansel JMR (1 year ago)
Gary Gary (1 year ago)
I think all,of us gays and straight guys have heart break stories. I know I sure do it's part of growing up I guess... I wanted to ask I heard from you say you don't talk to,your Dad? If it's because your gay and he doesn't like it then that's sooooo sad. He raised an AWSOME son he should be proud of you!!! You seem like a great guy I would date you in a heart beat...anyway hopefully you and your Dad can work things out...I am subscribing to,your channel I found your name from Jason Ferair Chanel bynyne way....
Thanks, Gary! That is a part of the reason, the big part just have to do with the type of person he is. Maybe ill get into detail more with it in a video sometime in the future. Thank you for subbing! :) & also, who's channel did you find mine under? Jason Ferair?
antonio Sellers (2 years ago)
I'm an actor too! continue to pursue, I'm in there with you.
Franco Figueroa (2 years ago)
That Guy (2 years ago)
Bro I'm the same way. When I go out to dates I'm so awkward as fuck!
Lisa Lemon (2 years ago)
You are adorable..never feel that you are silly or stupid for saying what you feel, I always wanted a gay guy friend, you would be perfect! 😊Plus you are so handsome! ps..found your channel through the Lady Gaga superbowl clip!
The Adrian Miguel Show (2 years ago)
Lisa Lemon haha thank you 😊
Hiro Matsunaga (2 years ago)
U are so cute
The Adrian Miguel Show (2 years ago)
Hiro Matsunaga ❤
Connor Bly (2 years ago)
AWWW :3 I love this!!! I have been let down like so many times online :( the worst i have ever been let down happened like last year in September. this guy lived in Pittsburg, PA and like that is like 1000 miles away from me since i live in Narnia in Washington in the Northwest portion. I met him on Badoo and like we were instantly a match! It was like meant to be because like our morals, personalities matches, we had alot in common and just we like went through soo much! and like we both had plans in the future for us to meet in April since our birthdays were like 2 days apart! I really truely loved him and we like talked for 5 days straight ad every morning he sent a cute morning message. We video chatted for the first time one day and we fell in love more and more to a point we were like planning our future together! Just that day after our video chat, we told each other that we will talk to each other in the morning like usual and vid chat some more since we talked for a literally 3 and a half hours. So I went to sleep that night and I came across the most worst feared thing ever in an online relationship. I woke to encountering that on FB Mssnger, Snapchat, Instagram etc. I was blocked. I like was confused at first and I check my Badoo acct and he was online and i messaged him like why you block me. and nothing was read in an hour. I messaged him again and again saying this aint cool at all man stop playing games! and he wont like read them and i like was panicking and hyperventilating. the person who i truly felt like it was going to happen just vanishes away without any remorse, any message nothing. I couldn't believe it and i literally cried myself asleep and through my high school and at home just depressed and confused. When my friends attempted to talk to him, he block them, it just wouldn't work at all. I was shut out and played so badly it left a major scar on me... I still regret letting it go soo far and it still gets me sad when i think about it. I hope that you dont get to that point Adrian. To be honest you will only let your heart broken if you go to deep with someone. There are too many players, f***boys, and just catfish out there! If you run into anyone out there like that Feel free to let me know!!! I will be there for you!!!!! Thanks for being a YouTuber cuz tbh, you are more entertainin than most gay YouTubers out there XD Sending hugs from Washington XD - Connor
The Adrian Miguel Show (2 years ago)
Connor Bly Hi Connor, thank you for that! I'm glad that you enjoy watching my channel 😊 I hope you continue to watch it
John Astro (2 years ago)
Still in the closet at 28 😢! So I take the cake as a late bloomer lol! But thanks for the content!!!!!
The Adrian Miguel Show (2 years ago)
Lol nothing wrong with that at all! You're welcome :)
Zhu Boris (2 years ago)
You are also good looking!
The Adrian Miguel Show (2 years ago)
Zhu Boris thank you :)
Ellierose Kelly (2 years ago)
Proud that you could make this video <3 x
CaliDude (2 years ago)
My advise, make sure the dudes we all meet and date are Gay. I have been in love twice in my life here and today both guys are living straight lives 1 with a wife and kid and the other has a girlfriend.
Gary Gary (1 year ago)
Bro4bro. I have fallen in love with straight guys also man that sucks big time!! The problem is we can't help,who,we fall in love with...
Loganbay (2 years ago)
Hey check out the Kinsey Scale not everyone is full on straight or gay
The Adrian Miguel Show (2 years ago)
Wow that's crazy. I don't understand though how someone can present themselves as a homosexual and then decide they're straight later on.
Jamer Tamer (2 years ago)
Am still in the closet, I found out I was gay when I was 12 and I'll be 22 this year. Almost 10 years ago I found out 😔 it's just hard, all my family is homophobic! they always talk bad about the lgbt community, when we get together for holidays or dinner nights.... They're all really religious, so idk when ill have the guts to say something, hopefully sometime this year, that's my goal!!!
The Adrian Miguel Show (2 years ago)
My family used to be the exact same way. Just be yourself and do what you need to do to be happy, bud. If you're family truly does love you, then I can assure you, they will come around :)
Jamer Tamer (2 years ago)
I have some friends who know, just none of my family members
ArtyBicardi (2 years ago)
I love your little awkward personality!
The Adrian Miguel Show (2 years ago)
ArtyBicardi 😊
Jaime Olvera (2 years ago)
Do you have a story with a douche bag guy?
The Adrian Miguel Show (2 years ago)
Jaime Olvera I actually do. Douche bags are the worst
Real Talk (2 years ago)
I would have loved to hear a guy say that to me
Rosa Fernandez (2 years ago)
Adrian, you are amazing and you have inspired so many including me, "your mother". I am so very proud of who you are and what you stand for. You're my world!
The Adrian Miguel Show (2 years ago)
Rosa Fernanez Thank you, Mom. I love you so so much. You are my world ❤
Talyn Mariani (2 years ago)
Omg your hilarious 😂 I love this 😍😍
Rikikno (2 years ago)
A similar thing happened to me as well and it was also my first heartbreak and it sucks
Stanley Veus (2 years ago)
Lmfao i love this
Stanley Veus (2 years ago)
Omg 😭😭
Chandhan D (2 years ago)
Awww ! Poor thing. 😅
Screwy Louie (2 years ago)
Dude me and my boyfriend have been dating now for over a year and honestly I met him through liking a picture on instagram through a mutual friend don't go out and look for love you are doing the right thing focus on you and the right person will find you I'm sure of that :)
Screwy Louie (2 years ago)
The Adrian Miguel Show it will :)
The Adrian Miguel Show (2 years ago)
Thanks dude! & Yeah, I'm sure it will happen when I least expect it. :)
thecandyman (2 years ago)
i just wanna say that i think you are one of the most beautiful and extraordinary men i've ever seen. thank you for sharing this story and for inviting us into your life. i'm 30 yrs old and i've never had a relationship before, mostly bcuz i still struggle with a lot of denial and self-hate over being gay, but i have truly loved watching your stories and i feel so inspired by your courage and perseverance. being gay has been the single most difficult thing i've ever dealt with and i've never been as lonely and heartbroken and hopeless as i feel right now, but i still have hope that things will get better. i believe that they will. be encouraged and please continue doing what you do. you are a truly amazing guy and you have a beautiful soul, and that is such a treasure and a gift these days. i can't wait to see what's next in your life. i'll keep watching. love you, buddy. take care - charles :)
thecandyman (2 years ago)
Montana Guffey aww...that sucks 😔 i'm just bored, laying in bed.
Montana Guffey (2 years ago)
Charles Davis I'm sick
Montana Guffey (2 years ago)
Charles Davis nothing
thecandyman (2 years ago)
Montana Guffey hi montana 😊 what's up!!
Montana Guffey (2 years ago)
Charles Davis hey
Jason Lewis (2 years ago)
I loved your story I can relate with you. I love watching your YouTube channel when you do have time to load one but I'm a big fan of yours on Snapchat 😃 your welcome to chat with me anytime . also so I love your new place
The Adrian Miguel Show (2 years ago)
Jason Lewis haha thank you! I will be posting more often from now on :)
Kelly Cribb (2 years ago)
Lmfaooo 5:50
austinkiker944 (2 years ago)
Very relatable story! Really enjoyed the video, Adrian!
The Adrian Miguel Show (2 years ago)
austinkiker944 thanks man!
Brianna Rodriguez (2 years ago)
The Adrian Miguel Show (2 years ago)
Brianna Rodriguez I wuv you baby girl
coltnetc (2 years ago)
The Adrian Miguel Show (2 years ago)
coltnetc :)

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