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In the history of eve the most secure prisons there are a couple of famous escapes. Wishing to see some freedom at last, the prisoners weren't deterred by hundreds of meters of barbed wire, or thick walls, or even the constant presence of security guards. There are quite a few ways to do it, but what you almost always need is an ally. So, here are the 5 most astonishing prison breaks.
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HANIFA SK (11 days ago)
El chapo the boss of all
Abiodun O (14 days ago)
The great Mallam Adu (1 month ago)
Epic Sniper (1 month ago)
Familia T.V. (1 month ago)
Joe queen hahaha its Joaquín Idiot hahaha
Joseph Mccracken (1 month ago)
This videos soooo fake but sooooo funny
Gamerx 7723 (1 month ago)
LOL chapo guzman
Gamerx 7723 (1 month ago)
Alcatraz Island reminds me of Pelican rock island from Poptropica Edit: I liked my own comment cause no one else will Like if you remeber poptropica's "Pelican Rock Island"
Hlias Tasoulhs (2 months ago)
Hellas the number one crimiman escape two times with helecopter and after 12 years is free.He came a kidnapped he takes 50 million euro and now is free and millioner!!!!Βασιλης Παλαιοκωστας!!
maskell nkansah (2 months ago)
Interesting but need pals +233247618491 thank you
big slim (2 months ago)
My nicca Gerald Mercadel escaped the same jail in New Orleans...3 times! Let's see El Cheapo do that
big slim (2 months ago)
What about tupac's aunt Assata Shakur? Plus the freedom warrior is still free:)
BPro BCo (2 months ago)
Tilly Co'jerry (2 months ago)
What about Alket Rizai escape From kordialo prison
House Music Nation SA (2 months ago)
Search Ananias Mathe... He escaped mny tyms
Minion Stuart (2 months ago)
I think people like those breaking for prison should be honoured.
Mschrome (2 months ago)
Michel Vaujour got shot was in a coma recover n they still let him finish his time.
Willie Stokes (2 months ago)
Mate the best jail break was the i.r.a. in mountjoy prison in dublin they got other i.r.a. members to take a helicopter at gun point near the airport in dublin flew it into the prison yard and took out tree of there men and they were never caught now thats what i call balls ... up the i.r.a. our day will come the fight for freedom will never be over👊
PandJ Life (2 months ago)
PandJ Life (2 months ago)
Cuccitini (2 months ago)
Hehehe weak tumbnail
Sheru H (2 months ago)
Gangsta chapo
Justin Conn (3 months ago)
870 trillion dollars for whoever breaks me out of prison.
Katie Wake (3 months ago)
Cool video
SS Wolf (3 months ago)
Clarence Tieties (3 months ago)
3:07 do u drive or fly a helicopter
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Cameron Davis (3 months ago)
LOOOL "JOE-AH-QUIN" LMAOO bruvv its "waa-keen"
Air Aero (4 months ago)
3:07 DRIVE a helicopter
Music Slave Records (4 months ago)
Always a way
Carolina Cartel (4 months ago)
They assassinated Dillinger.
Robert L (4 months ago)
Alcatraz escapees may have been eaten alive by sharks...
Abdulai Jagitay (5 months ago)
Jofou Boi (5 months ago)
Booty wurk
Pearl Morris (6 months ago)
Lucian Booysen (6 months ago)
I don't want to mess with a gang
BRUCELEEKILLS (6 months ago)
Is this GTA5?
Namara Cpbenon (6 months ago)
Give me names of those movies I want to watch them in full strength not this Photoshop
Kerry Katona (6 months ago)
am El Chapo catch me if u can lol
Jihad Mauldin (6 months ago)
Angel Barcelo (6 months ago)
u said chapos real name wrong get it right when u bring up a real og free chapo guzman cavbron
Randall Highsmith (7 months ago)
Its already old stories. Plz pull video and update.
C.I.A • (7 months ago)
The way he said Joaquin Chapo Guzman
Clarence Bordeaux (7 months ago)
My name is Clarence
Madan Joshi (7 months ago)
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Rob Parker (7 months ago)
Cool video
Jakodera Steven (7 months ago)
Sir Roderick Femm (7 months ago)
Wait, they put them in jail for flashing gang color red, then hand them a red jumpsuit? What are they over there, fuckin stoopid?
safari kipata (7 months ago)
Name of the movie
SpyDino AD-25 (7 months ago)
*Dimi & Iba* MYRMEN (7 months ago)
how do you know.. its all parts of different movies
Loretta Blatz (7 months ago)
No El Chapo Lol 😂
rolando franko bunao (7 months ago)
I escaped many times in school
Bennedict John (7 months ago)
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L X (7 months ago)
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Justin David Startzel (7 months ago)
great hacker
Edlena Guzman (7 months ago)
Thanks for the help
Brandon Caldwell (7 months ago)
legit hacker
Brittany Taylor (7 months ago)
Lol get them people off those chains and pull the plank out your eye
THE PRANKSTERS (8 months ago)
Stop saying all the old ones your to old
Turtle Warrior (8 months ago)
kelly prince (8 months ago)
Bravo ragazzi
it Phil plays Jones (8 months ago)
I'm not on here I'm surprised lol
esteban rodriguez (9 months ago)
i now el chapo he is famous
ang angas
Sarwar Joseph (9 months ago)
Poison Puppet (9 months ago)
Omfg The way he pronounces " Joaquin" 3:30 I'm surprised with all that research He didn't know that its pronounced: "Huakin" Kinda offensive..
D Smith (6 months ago)
Poison Puppet yea frfr
Roger Smith (9 months ago)
u are crazy 😒
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Sherjeel Chaudhry (10 months ago)
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Kingsly Asonganyi (10 months ago)
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Amrit Sunar (10 months ago)
Thumbnail lol :D
maxmustafaful (10 months ago)
I wanna drive a helicopter
Ghost Mcqueen (10 months ago)
joe-queen el chapo lol....
Emmanuel Jimenez (10 months ago)
That’s cool
savage 21 liked video (10 months ago)
The alcitraz 1is a liye
Brycen Frome (10 months ago)
anamul hoque (11 months ago)
BOTBROfive 10 (11 months ago)
I don't
Kimberly Partlow (11 months ago)
so cool 😀😀😀😀😂😂😂😂
maxamed dahir (11 months ago)
ALKUKES (11 months ago)
Not all true explained
Huey Freemab (11 months ago)
Just why??? Like what's the point of bailing out of prison when your gunna either get caught or killed Why bruhhh??????
Opey Tailor (10 months ago)
Nerdy Gurl.Swag• pretty sure they weren't planning on being caught
dirt bike rider 250 (11 months ago)
There was supposed to be for people to escape the Alcatraz prison but the fourth one could not make a big enough hole in the wall and then died in the prison
Andre Korbachenko (11 months ago)
You forgot the guy who escaped from folsom who is still on the run
Jennifer House (11 months ago)
I fight alot
Rikka (11 months ago)
Alket Rizai The Albanian who escape the grek prision 2 times with helicopter.... Why not in video
Soudy Jr74 (11 months ago)
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tiny rick (11 months ago)
never mentioned the brothers from foxes series "prison break" that's a true story
Carlton Granston (11 months ago)
real love the wife weh y the copter herself is a greatmanlulipator
Trish C (11 months ago)
El Chapo is the best with it frfr 💘 waiting for 3rd time
Axel—bitton Fortnite (11 months ago)
How did they escape
NaturalPhysx (1 year ago)
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Ean Roberge (1 year ago)
Akeem RW Ross (1 year ago)
Rip Dylan Cleet lol My Breadren for real all yall in it.
Akeem RW Ross (1 year ago)
Believe me 9 times outta 10 it the Cop that funny aye lol you dont remember how hard i laughed at all the Mens Freedom Cries lol Amen.
Don't have A name (1 year ago)
There was 4 Alcatraz prisoners but they killed one of them
Jennifer Barnes (1 year ago)
Ok boy
ticharwa gwenhamo (1 year ago)
Whoeva ask for Scofield that was a movie not a real story guys wake up . Do sey evry movie that ppl acts is realistick .
LWMKaseyy _ (1 year ago)
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Panni2000 (1 year ago)
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