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My stolen childhood: understanding the trokosi system - BBC Africa Eye documentary

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Thousands of women across West Africa have been enslaved by a centuries old practice called “trokosi”. Girls are forced to live and work with priests in religious shrines, for the rest of their lives, to “pay” for the sins of family members. Although the practice has officially been banned in Ghana, it’s still happening there and in other parts of West Africa but on a smaller scale. Twenty years after she was freed from this practice, Brigitte Sossou Perenyi goes on a journey to understand what trokosi really is and why her family gave her away. Subscribe to our channel for more investigative journalism. Nothing stays hidden forever. Subscribe: http://bit.ly/subscribetoafrica Website: https://www.bbc.com/africa Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bbcnewsafrica/ Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/bbcafrica/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bbcafrica/
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BBC News Africa (4 months ago)
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Sundra Randle (2 days ago)
BBCNews Africa
Queenofdacastle (2 days ago)
Jean P. G. And whites are cave dwelling, inbred, wet dog smelling , disease carrying cancers, who are only good for 🤔.. I can't think of one damn thing 😩😂😂 filthy animals 👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾. Pussy ass keyboard warrior 😏.
Liz Pasha (15 days ago)
Did you get to save that fourteen year old girl at the shrine??
iheanyi1 (1 month ago)
I apologize if you feel that way. I do sympathize with her, I simply wanted to correct the common over generalization and stereotyping of Africans. There is much diversity in Africa. BBC should know this, why should they introduce Trikushi as West African. Saying its Ewe is quite apt since I am West African and I have never heard about it.
Okot Ray (1 month ago)
Your choice of words is worrying, did they really refuse to get an education.
Stacy Bridgeford (3 minutes ago)
The sad thing is that it's not some big, old mystery of tribal life. It's sexism, pedophilia and $$$. The family is lied to, told their child will be given a better life in the city and then the child is essentially sex trafficked. It's not about their culture. It's mostly financial.
barb kafilmout (32 minutes ago)
This beautiful woman never speaks of the parents who raised her. I wonder about them. She probably did the hardest thing she will EVER do, hopefully. Life must be so cheap there. Thank God she is out and seems to be well adjusted and accepting of her new life. I hope this doesn't happen to her again in that place. May God protect you always you sweet sweet girl...
Gabby E (1 hour ago)
You worship and sacrifice to false Gods. God gave us a sacrifice so we don’t have to.
Malaika Durbin (1 hour ago)
Hopeful story. But extremely sad how pagan worship & false religion destroyed lives.
Bella Cucuna (2 hours ago)
Suddenly I remember.Edwina Twum🌹🌹🌹🌹♥️♥️ I miss her a lot.she is very kind girls and lovely.
Weekly Coach (4 hours ago)
Is it not amazing that most of those women in servitude are much happier than most black women in America.
it is really touching and moving story
Amiee Kuyawa (13 hours ago)
What beautiful strong woman 💐🌸 . They bring hope that others can survive
This is just sad, for someone to atone for the wrong a man somewhere has committed by sleeping with one old evil man called priest, seriously. If this is still going on they need to be arrested not talked out of it. That man who gave birth to her makes me sick! He is not worth being called a Dad. He was fully aware!!!
Karen Sindiso Parimwa (17 hours ago)
How stunning is Brigitte😍
A Hera (17 hours ago)
Damn!! This is deep!!! A type of Nether World, a Purgatory, self imposed!! Wow!!!
Sritharan (19 hours ago)
Your adopted father is the best man I’ve seen in my life I hope there are lots more people just like him
Great League (22 hours ago)
that is just bs your dad is to blame and all the adults that let this happen are to blame and the false priest is to blame, good luck to you, no one should be sent off, if i am harsh forgive me and God bless you
PINKY MAQUNGU (1 day ago)
When you are in that kind of a situation, you understand, because you grew around it, till somebody teaches you it is wrong. So being bitter towards a cultural practice cant help. She is doing the right thing by exposing it, but expecting somebody to go to jail for it, I dont know. And blamimg your parents for not protecting you is gonna make her even more biter.
Lajan Style (1 day ago)
This really touch my heart o lord have mercy
Karen M. (1 day ago)
Poor excuse for a sex cult, abduction, child abuse and molestation, brainwashing wtf!? Put those monsters in jail.
Lajan Style (1 day ago)
All judgement belong to God
Lajan Style (1 day ago)
lo z (1 day ago)
Every religion shits on women. Just better off believing in none of this stupid shit.
lo z (1 day ago)
Any excuse to punish and abuse girls and women in every culture. Pathetic.
Sally Gigani (1 day ago)
tears 💔💔💔💔💔💔
Nana Kumiwaah (1 day ago)
hmmmm this is strange
Nadia Yaqup (1 day ago)
Heartbroken story but they survived fron that hard life
Lady Muse (1 day ago)
All is mental. This is a self-fulfilling prophecy. If they believe misfortunes are caused by family sins, then once the sin is committed, their belief will actually cause misfortune or cause them to attribute all misfortunes to that sin. If someone's sacrifice is veiwed as the cure, once someone is sent away, their belief will actually end misfortunes or cause them to observe better luck. Of course, the common motives of free labor and sex trade drives this belief system.
Jennifer Bawuah (1 day ago)
I am in tears😩😭😭😭
Thabang Mahlangu (1 day ago)
This is an absolute heartbreak. Can't stop crying for them. Thank God they are out, and thank God for the bravery of those who documented this inhuman practice that doesn't have a place in a free world.
Hope Edwards (1 day ago)
Powerful video.
Daniélín NicG (2 days ago)
im heartbroken for you, god bless the american who took you home as his daughter
Mc LBJ (2 days ago)
Wow just wow
Bonita Hobbs (2 days ago)
Qenehelo Mahamo (2 days ago)
what standard is used for these crimes!!!!? because no one is blameless what did the parents say seeing that their daughter is not returning? noooooo this is too much
Omotola Tolani (2 days ago)
These practices are out-dated and only serve men.
phil phil (2 days ago)
A nasty poor.country where you can find the misery.situation.at night all kind of robbery gangsters.
calforrai (2 days ago)
Do they ever imagine what places outside of their village are like? I want to see their reaction when they discover a hospital and maybe meet some very kind and healthy atheists :P Free of unpredictable whims of some unknown higher beings. It's funny when religious people don't think maybe people are getting sick because they are wrongfully punishing people, and not because of the people they're punishing/alienating. It's always just a group of selected few playing God in the end since nobody can dispute against God's will once it's spoken.
VPfyi (2 days ago)
She wants to see the MF that sold her basically? She’s nuts! Yeah, I want to see them but only to 🤜 them in their MF mouth. Do these people not have CPS over there? Geeze. Omg who is that lady in red? (Not in a good way) the mom? No wonder she sent her away, she’s jealous. Damn she look half ape.
VPfyi (12 hours ago)
Shanxce-Why are u using Beyoncé photo you ugly stanking stupid bitch?! IDGAF what she went back to do bitch, I’d still punch them in their mouths & you too. A low IQ is a simple bitch like you that can’t spell “us”. I’m sure that’s ya home town which is why it hit you so hard bitch causing you to BARK. I didn’t sell ya nasty ass, get mad at ya parents not me you bare foot nappy headed wench. I would send you an emoji but I don’t see a bitch one.😂😂😂😂😂😂
Shanxce _ (14 hours ago)
VPfyi clearly you’re brain dead 🙄 she did this to receive closure... as well as to educate the rest of up in hopes of breaking this illogical and cursed tradition... but of course a low IQ individual like you wouldn’t understand that 😒
Yamar Blackburn (2 days ago)
Wow forgiveness is so powerful
Yolanda Anani (2 days ago)
I cried while watching this cause these are girl from my country being forced to these traditions.
lionessawaking42412 (2 days ago)
I’m soo happy to live inUSA.... this is sad and despicable practice... the person who sinned is to be punished not the innocent.
Samantha Reeves (3 days ago)
She should be a model she's beautiful
Michelle Hubbard (3 days ago)
She’s better off without her birth family.
SINDISWA LINDA (3 days ago)
What a sad world we live in, poor women😢 thy go through the most
Wendi Gholson (3 days ago)
I’m sorry but the conversation with her dad went left... I don’t want to be negative but I think he was lying 🤥
Rexboy Malfoy (3 days ago)
...cool grill @5:54
African Family (3 days ago)
I trust little on Western Media. I don't know anything on here is true. So much is scripted in Western media.
saree rangel (3 days ago)
14:20 y’all see that natural highlight😍I llove that
elree M (3 days ago)
Thank our Father God, you wereable to get out and by a caring human being.
Forgetmenot Grey (3 days ago)
Ghana full of Witches the one you call priests please Witch is a Witch
Forgetmenot Grey (3 days ago)
Im crying too ....!!!
Mandi Morris (3 days ago)
Sweet heart you are amazing and I love you for the soul you have now it has felt pain and fear that I have been through I was held in a room by my brother in law and I was beaten raped and sadamised at 12yrs old I'm from Maryland in the u.s.a and you are my hero and you are a beautiful being lots of 😂n tears for this video
Lois Etete (3 days ago)
Let God use you to set others free! For the sake of Christ!!!
Lois Etete (3 days ago)
These people need Jesus Christ! What gods. The gods they serve are demons that delights in drinking the blood of the innocent.
I am from south africa this video got me crying, i am sorry for what you guys went through. You are very strong and brave. What this culture is doing is keeping you in hell before death even. No ancestors and God will punish a child without sins for an adult sins. I dont mean to disrespect the culture but yall got it all wrong. Life is full of challenges , some of those challenges have nothing to do with culture.
Vidal Amadi (3 days ago)
Personally I believe the dad knew. In fact the mom too, but they had no choice. Tradition is very strong in Africa, they will rather sacrifice than disobey their gods. They sacrificed her so they could live. Period. She was meant to end a threat to the whole family. Big uncle is more important than a mere girl.
Liz Miller (3 days ago)
Isha save it's a voodoo ritual so they take the young virgin girls and no one can help but the christain to come together and pray to Jehovah God to release that voodoo spirit spell from those people it's a voodoo slavery over these people
Jen (3 days ago)
So it is the men who commit the mistakes but the women and young girls who should pay for it...WTF...These people should stop believing in such bullshit and get an education about these wrongdoings...so many innoncent lives are being destroyed.
dreiky mena (3 days ago)
This is just child abuse. A very sad history.
The Light (3 days ago)
So the woman with a deformed face (Please don't kill me) is her mother? I didn't catch that.
closetqueen Gift (3 days ago)
Why am I crying 😂 😂.?? African cultural practices are wired.
sunshine Gebre (3 days ago)
Thank God. Your adaptive father made it possible. Not many had the chance you have. Thank God.
migena mocka (3 days ago)
Thats what happen when u dont belive in god . But they practie satink rituals
letsthinkitover1 (3 days ago)
Less people less poverty. Seems when there is poverty there are massive babies born. White adopted dad takes her back to see her family wow he is such a racest. See all those Blacks who hate whites that's Wrong there are countless whites who care and help blacks! God is in their 💓 hearts. In breeding with that stuff. Sad. given to shrine for sins of some one else .but the breeding with priest is a real sin. And what happens to thoes babies? Hope they don't get put back in the same trap. So glad we have laws here .just need to watch out for bad things.
She should have stayed with her white father and never looked back. It’s time to abandon substandard cultures and the people who support them. The US should only give aid to those who would renounce their wicked culture and religions.
Miehszx Pathd'neggroe (4 days ago)
Very sad. Even more sad is how most of us are reacting to this because it is traditional and African. The Pope's, Catholic priests, imams and all of those leaders of foreign belief systems have been indicted in paedophilia [and even sodomy with boys] and more. We have to grow, and this is more than delayed because we have not been critical with what is really happening, its import and the concepts. We still need to grow but certainly not blindly. We are not supposed to be here because we are better than this even then, we have to be over there, above mental slavery.
Daniélín NicG (2 days ago)
+Miehszx Pathd'neggroe im from a place in the north of lreland thats divided by reglion so your right it does come with the community you grow in, ive been in catholic girls school my whole life so its hard not to see your reglion as normal when you grow in it so l dont judge the people who sent her away, its happened here in my reglion in the mother and baby homes, they would send unmarried mothers away to live with nuns and work and pray then sell there babies but still that doesnt represent what being a catholic is
Miehszx Pathd'neggroe (2 days ago)
+Daniélín NicG, how long would you take as a Catholic to understand Catholicism? Beliefs and culture evolves together but in the situation when someone forces you to down play your own beliefs then it seizes to evolve with time.
Daniélín NicG (2 days ago)
im a catholic irish woman and l wouldnt drive anyones culture or reglion into the ground to make a point of defending my own, this is probably an isolated case of few of people there that practise that reglion just like there were few cases in pur church of peadophiles, unfortunely evil will hide anywere and in anyones reglion, but it doesnt represent our church as a people
Fadila Bilal (4 days ago)
This is very touching story!!!
Kaylee Wright (4 days ago)
19:03 damn peep them gucci flip flops in the back
Daniélín NicG (2 days ago)
best fakers ive seen yet
Anais Mitropoulos (4 days ago)
This made me cry so much
This is so sad, there are some bad africans that give their contiment a bad name there is something going on in europe involving unscrouplous africans and is something I cannot prove but goverments and powerful people are involved, but what evil is done in the dark will come into view in the bright light of the day
green goofygamer (4 days ago)
why cant the be no money why cant the be no bad in this world why cant you not be hungry just why
Daniélín NicG (2 days ago)
why has a long tail
adarsh P.S (4 days ago)
are we really living in the 21st century.. some are still living here without even having realised their human identity.....
Ordelie Mayuma (4 days ago)
Don't cry don't cry boy if you tell her to stop crying I will dress you up like a woman a and bring you to the trokosi and let you see what kind of hell you brought your child in be happy that she still talks to you because if i was your child I will whip you so hard and say don't cry don't cry😠💪👋🤬☠️☠️
Chinmay Marathe (4 days ago)
Everyone has the right of freedom ....Let's give it ....Thanks BBC
Nephritina Frierson (4 days ago)
where is the other girl.. the one who said thank God for your life??
Nehema Night (4 days ago)
It breaks my heart to see this. Innocent children robbed of their children. God forgive us
Britney Monroe (4 days ago)
Check out a video by Emmanuel tv the heading is "THE MOST SHOCKING CONFEESSION YOU MAY EVER HEAR" It's about a woman who was freed from the spirit of an idol. She was also given to the shrine for her grandfather committing adultery with a trokosi girl...its very telling. I think they were together because in the girls testimo y she talks about white people seeing her and ultimately being used to her and the other girls at the shrine free! Watch it! It's very good!
Beyonce Gold Sanusi (5 days ago)
Even d gods re not too be blamed, bcx dey can't talk or see wy lie up agnst it.. African mentality devastating d lyf of d youths and future leaders
Christopher Harrison (5 days ago)
BBC News in Africa= Big Black cock in e women is i NA if operating room i see A , ?
Lola (5 days ago)
Poor thing 😭😭😭
Fantasticpuppy23 (5 days ago)
Am I the only one that thinks her accent is beautiful
Blackpink blink (5 days ago)
Okay let's get the practice of TROKOSHI all around the world. Then all the men can do bad stuff and we women and girls will pay the price. The we'll suddenly decrease in number thw no girls no gender discrimination. Only one gender will live. (Sarcasm)
Daniélín NicG (2 days ago)
happened here in lreland my grandmother was put in a magelene home she was raped aged 14 and they locked her up with evil nuns for 2 years and sold her kid
Relindis Dinayen (5 days ago)
so sad I am in tears
Char Maine (5 days ago)
Stupidiest belief ever😥😡
jenny misteqq (5 days ago)
I don’t believe her father. I think he gave her away deliberately.
Buckeyecat2002 (5 days ago)
Virtual sexual slavery is common in many black American churches.
DONNA HANEY (5 days ago)
Very happy for you all
Angélique Gatsinzi (5 days ago)
Freedom is coming tomorrow ... she looks like Adanna from AdannaDavid
Dee Bibi (5 days ago)
I cant Keep watching this, my heart is full of pain how can a human being have a say in my future 😢 what I can and cant be
Vanessa Denanyo (5 days ago)
My people, we have suffered.
Dreameyes 17 (5 days ago)
Am not surprised this has happened Africa has some very strange and bad believes!!!! Am a black woman and proud!!! but I thank God I was not born there because of these things.... God is good every time those two lady's are God bless!!!.. you got out of that nightmare place!! Am so happy for them stay bless my sister's.
Kathy Saladeen (5 days ago)
What a sick way of thinking
Esther Forson (5 days ago)
Oh my God am A Ghanaian and this is so sad
Olga Gozo (6 days ago)
Omg, this is my friend, Brigitte, I love you. You have a heart of gold. So sorry about what happened to you.....
Today B Easyy (6 days ago)
For sure your childhood was stolen from you, but there's God who is able to restore everything which was taken away from you girl. Your story is just like Joseph in the Bible who was sold as slave by his brothers. They thought his life was over , but it was the beginning of greater and brighter life for Joseph. Girl you're so blessed and your future is bright. I really like your courage going back to trace the roots of this kind of beliefs.
Today B Easyy (6 days ago)
ob2be1 (6 days ago)
I wonder if this is the same phenomenon that the Netflix movie Cotton Twines details? These girls were forced to have babies by the priest and one girl died in child birth. It was so sad.
B jones (6 days ago)
this is western b.s. the only reason any of you have a problem with this practice is because you want to influence other cultures bet none of you a have problem with same Christian practice of sending girls off to convents or in the Mormon communities marrying off little girls nope but when it involves people of color and there cultural practices it is a problem if that girl would of never been westernized and bought like a slave by some American man I bet you she wouldn't have had any complaints.
Queensway Baby (6 days ago)
I am ewe from Volta region,and I will make it a mission in my life to make sure my people no longer practice this and I will adopt and free every girl and women trapped in this practice God willing.
sphaleriteme (6 days ago)
This is called Osu Caste system in eastern Nigeria...very sad
Neha Tambe (6 days ago)
In INDIA too their is similar system called as DEVDASI, where teen girls are said to be left to worship to God @the cost of being exploited by priest, land lords and others, such systems must be abolished
L Bee (6 days ago)
Innocent women and children paying for the sins of men? Wicked and vile! Even worse that the men sending them there are there own families.. SMH
Daniélín NicG (2 days ago)
its been done here my grandmother was sent to a home with nuns for 2 years
Lewis Prai Wellip (6 days ago)
So sad.

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