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"The worst snake of all is malevolence" Jordan Peterson on the snake within

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Do you want to support his channel? Please go to his website located in the link below: https://jordanbpeterson.com/donate/ If you would like to support my channel Please go to https://www.subscribestar.com/thearchangel911 Thank you for all your support. I truly appreciate all of you. Regardless of what your personal beliefs may be, we all have the right to speak and be heard. TheArchangel911
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PicardRiker08 (11 months ago)
I KNEW Peterson was the Armored Titan.
Abdelmoumene Deroueche (6 months ago)
Jason McCredden (4 days ago)
Man Manman (6 days ago)
6:27 So absolutely true!
Syndicate isReal (6 days ago)
"Our perceptions developed to such a degree that we could no longer ignore what was irrelevant."
Expansive Vibrations (13 days ago)
The trick for human thriving is strength NOT protection! So perfectly put, thanks professor, life altering advice and wisdom!!! 🙏🏽
betty boop (27 days ago)
If i had been allowed to listen to only one talk by Peterson, this is the one. How fortunate his enrolled students are.
Saved Life (1 month ago)
When you're an infantryman, you quickly realize all of the other jobs in the (Army) are working for you, because you're the 1%. However, all of those other jobs fill roles that support the entire infrastructure.
James Kozubek (2 months ago)
Step one: develop inner psychopath
Keviv Tawar (2 months ago)
4:00 "and Bangg!!!" . JBP's oratory skills are next level . One can just listen to him talking for hours :)
Keviv Tawar (2 months ago)
AOT thumbnail is sick bro 👌👍
Office Marion (2 months ago)
Its therapeutic to listen to Jordans lectures and learn at the same time.
Derrick Arrowsmith (2 months ago)
Dude I've never heard anyone ever come close to explaining what I experienced until JP right now in this video!!! Amazing!
Aden (2 months ago)
I thougt he were going to analyzing Attack on titan
- Jimu の Nightcore - (2 months ago)
. Attack on titan - LMFAO two loves in one
Eliza Corder (2 months ago)
I thought the title said male violence. *facepalm*
Sarah Faith (2 months ago)
wow, i had an unexpected emotional reaction to petersons explaination of post traumatic stress. he's very intelligent. he puts it so succinctly.
LJC MLS (2 months ago)
Thats what liars do..they want to lie over and over to crush anything, because they have little of any kind of soul.. lack love.
Oozy9Millimeetah (2 months ago)
This certainly speaks to me!! I went from beaten and bullied kid that wanted good for everyone to a very dark person who took Tony Soprano as his role model just to deal with everyday life. It certainly worked and molded me into a person who simply can not be victimized anymore, but now i can't turn the monster off. Not that I'm now oppressor of others but the hate and attraction to conflict is very deep in me and can't get rid of it..
BW (2 months ago)
One time, I was trying to convince a family member who was terrible with directions that google maps could take them anywhere, never before and never since, but only in that instance; were led on an unending loop. :-/
Maryj (3 months ago)
This is correct.
Jake Covill (3 months ago)
Damn is he spot on.
Night Walker11B (3 months ago)
At 6:15 when JBP starts talking about PTSD which I fortunately do not suffer from after deploying to Iraq in the early 2000's... but a few of my brothers unfortunately are dealing with really opened my eyes to what they are dealing with.
M.E. Ultra (3 months ago)
I only clicked this video because I saw AoT so if this has nothing to do with the series I’ll be pissed.
Troy Parfitt (4 months ago)
Peterson is a Nazi, an occultist, and a plagiarist.
jesse merrill (4 months ago)
FREAKING WOW.... clicked... and now I know why I’m soo loud! Never again.... Thank you and God bless
Yo Yoyo (4 months ago)
this speaks to me so much..the problem of growing up while being abused is that as an adult you know how to abuse someone too well. You learn to see it in other people but then you see it in yourself too. It was suffering when I was growing up, but now it's malevolence.
Gary S (4 months ago)
Jordan is full of poop--he admits his sub-human intelligence as compared to the intellectual Jew--the worst snake--or as he says--the eternal snake is the "Holy Serpent of the Jews" , by Texe Marrs. Get of your needs Jordan--you're making us look bad.
M Jinete (4 months ago)
Holy cow peterson your speeches work like the progressive metal of a psychology class
Bob Smithies (5 months ago)
Jesus never said `fight evil with evil`.
Larry Sellers (4 months ago)
Bob Smithies Much better to be a warrior in a garden than it is a gardener in a war.
Dragon Dud (5 months ago)
who else thought Jordan was a attack on titan fan for a sec
wujidao (5 months ago)
Malevolence isn't the worst snake, it's symptomatic of "full knowledge" or ideology.
CurbsideUnderwood (5 months ago)
I just hope I can overcome my inner demon, for his strength is that of a thousand Titans, and at times I love the feeling of pure darkness for it has no fear and is unbelievably focused, however it is not the man I wish to be, I desire to walk in the light, I really do, but the dark has such a sweet flavor, a brutally inhuman youth forged a viciously harsh soul, but also one that truly appreciates the authenticity of the genuine light and good in this world for it knows what it's polar opposite truly looks like. Thank God for Jordan Peterson, his words give me a map I can actually use to find my path against the backdrop of torrential chaos. Have a great day.
Lance Bermudez (5 months ago)
There’s a bit of Yoda in there: Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.
elsa helgason (5 months ago)
When the minute just past by, the new day’s is on the ways for us, the next pages of the historical will rewrite turns the succeed victory of the greatest humanity worlds. The universe and cosmic will blessing of the beautiful and amazing humanity worlds of the peoples. 🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️
elsa helgason (5 months ago)
This is carryover from the past badly history’s to now. We had to make the futures better will recovery of the badly past happened. Forgiveness the past mistakes. To made the worlds more beautiful and peaceful in the futures. We all can enjoying the happiness and celebrations.
TheModer8ter (5 months ago)
John 6:47 "verily, verily I say unto you, he that believes in me has everlasting life."-Jesus.  Jesus the Messiah died for the remission of sin, including yours, was buried, and rose form the dead 3 days later, Simply believe in this and you have everlasting life.
Jason Smith (5 months ago)
Look too long into the Abyss and you fall in; the Abyss possesses you. That is what Peterson should say. Read the Qu'ran too long and its Evil possesses you...
Gulam Ahmed (5 months ago)
what if you were born as a snake?
Gulam Ahmed (5 months ago)
what if you were born surrounding snakes?
TimberwolfDan (5 months ago)
Thanks for the useless clickbait lie. Was hoping he was gonna use an aot analogy or something.
TimberwolfDan (5 months ago)
I bet he's never had a student fall asleep in class.
Robert Blain (5 months ago)
All who support murder of the unborn are malevolent.
Sarah Faith (2 months ago)
this is a very strange connection
Kshitij Maurya (5 months ago)
Does anyone have any recommendations on literature about the philosophy of malevolence?
TORE M. SCHANKE (5 months ago)
I think the garden is a metaphor of a labour camp! It was being slaves, that woke us up... The 'El' speaking, is the first slave-keeper.
Catherine Christie (1 month ago)
An interesting thought! Thank you!!
Derek Skorski (5 months ago)
Real one
Clovis da Cruz (5 months ago)
We’ve traded pain for anxiety
Sonali Gurpur (5 months ago)
Threat from those you ought to be able to trust, that's what I want addressed. Predation is ignored too long by those who are completely capable of putting an end to it. Don't sit back and watch the drama. That's irresponsible.
Analog Signal (6 months ago)
So, essentially what happened to Tetsuo
TheArchangel911 (6 months ago)
Correct. That is a great illustration.
Bianca von Mühlendorf (6 months ago)
n n (6 months ago)
The art of talking for 20 minutes and not saying anything. What a blowhard.
John Blasiak (2 months ago)
Your an idiot sadly A is for Apple 🍎 try to start simple
James Sullivan (6 months ago)
No. You're just incapable of understanding or opposed to his views.
I can't believe this man exists
Michele (6 months ago)
I wish I found him years ago. I'm broken and cant be fixed
Dawn (5 months ago)
You can always mend and heal. If you believe you can't then you won't.
jonah west (7 months ago)
Giving you thumbs down for that horrificly loud music at the end.
Natalie (7 months ago)
Lautze Main (5 months ago)
What the hell are you talking about
alexander essen (7 months ago)
'we trade pain for anxiety'
Zina Altai (7 months ago)
ever been brainwashed by a psychopath? Its ok there's always.a way to overcome it..the answer is malevolence😎ya baby im feeling dangerous!
David Burton (5 months ago)
@Zina Altai wow. well said. thank you.
Zina Altai (5 months ago)
@tyler mayes you have to explore your dark side and your potential for evil..otherwise you'll just become an arrogant puritan that blames everything on the world around not knowing that evil comes from ignorance
tyler mayes (5 months ago)
Can you explain what happened at all?
Zina Altai (7 months ago)
this.guy feels like you're having a.philosophical conversation with your weed buddy..its mind candy
Acewing Dabson (8 months ago)
The Armoured Titan; Its no joke man!
aussie vetnurse pro (8 months ago)
For almost 2 decades I've sought help in dealing with and understanding my past, understanding and mending my mental and emotional states since, and not once have I been awakened to such insight until now, aged 41, thousands of dollars in various therapies later, a tool is gifted me via YouTube in less than 15 minutes. Becoming aware of my own capacity for evil doings and evil thoughts have never before been so well articulated nor has the notion been described as something I need in order to survive until now. What a relief. JBP is a gift.
Charles Rump (9 months ago)
Attack On Titan is full of archetypes. It would be interesting to see JP break them apart.
aj12271 (9 months ago)
This man is not afraid to speak truth. And truth is eternal as is the spirit that dwells inside each of us. The spirit recognizes and accepts truth if wise. Otherwise, it rejects it and that man is a fool. Jordan Peterson connects to so many because he speaks truth.
Eduardo Kopik (9 months ago)
"suffering leads to bitterness bitterness leads to resentfulness resentfulness leads to vengeance vengeance leads to the dark side" - J Peterson
Alison Thomson (9 months ago)
Evil is as evil does.
Keenan Eriksson (9 months ago)
Great thumbnail. Two of my favorite things.
Alok Hota (9 months ago)
Pretty sure I saw the Armored Titan somewhere
Twist3dFend3r (9 months ago)
It's like Peter Baelish in Game of Thrones before he dies in season 7.. "don't fight in the North or the south.. fight every battle, everywhere, always, in your mind.. everyone is your enemy, everyone is your friend. Every possible series of events IS happening, all at once. Live that way and nothing will surprise you. Everything will be something that you've seen before.."
Larry Sellers (4 months ago)
Baelish isn’t dead. He is faceless. Everybody that is from Braavos isn’t whom they seem to be.
Ellie K (6 months ago)
Zina Altai (7 months ago)
Love it!
Hakan Karaağaç (9 months ago)
so treatment is exposure to evil, to see it, and not safe spaces from it.
Yorkshire (10 months ago)
Jordan "archetypal" Peterson
Anita Lendore (10 months ago)
This man is a genius
Brad Mowreader (10 months ago)
I been working on my inner psychopath and getting to know the monster. Thanks dad.
Shadow Meis (2 months ago)
Same here. As an overprotected child, integrating the shadow has been the most useful and interesting exercise for me. It helps in my journey of self discovery and struggles facing life and people.
Sarah Rochelle (7 months ago)
Brad Mowreader lol same here working on my inner b***. Thanks mom! Haha
dosia1 boby (10 months ago)
that is a Hero journey go face and battle your own demons and come back home looks like you half way -realizing and facing your shadows leads to Victory!
Kai (10 months ago)
this resonates with me. he describes my exploitation and my recovery over the past two years to the point where I also learned to wield a weapon at will. still learning, tho.
orazdow (10 months ago)
All this about predatory behavior and malevolence is really spot on. It basically describes everything I learned over the years living in a city with ultra malignant white women.
Zakaria Znini (10 months ago)
Don't change the thumbnail image you just make yourself look bad
gooblegraysha (10 months ago)
What if you’re afraid of becoming a monster
Todor Tashev (10 months ago)
5:42 "Where did I write it?" - Peterson thinking to himself
TheSkepticalIdealist (10 months ago)
"you people"? What do you mean "you people"? "you guys are black and white" ;'-DDDD
Sirena Mermaid (10 months ago)
rosely covali (10 months ago)
Not longer be naive and no longer be victimized. Don’t be resentful but use the opportunity to search for the better. What you lost didn’t worth already. You were just naive, but now you got wiser.
rosely covali (10 months ago)
Well said.
Allen Tolman (11 months ago)
anxiety is unmanaged energy by way of unbalanced coin the other side being depression the good news being this is healable by balance channeling focused concentrated effort in daily discipline i prefer to stare at butterflies
David Burton (5 months ago)
@dren % why?
dren % (9 months ago)
Butterflies make me anxious
Alexandro Torres (9 months ago)
Wow I needed to read this. Thx brotha ✌️😊
superslyko123 (11 months ago)
The CURE to PTSD ! 6:58 It took me a very long time to figure that out!
moi même (11 months ago)
Yup, malevolence of society
I Ron, Man (11 months ago)
"It's no joke, man."
James Kozubek (2 months ago)
Its no bloody wonder
Sarah Rochelle (7 months ago)
Sol Ascending now I suddenly realize that my grandma made sense when she claimed her father was a Canadian. I say that all the time! 🤣
Skywaymorrison (11 months ago)
Wei YU (11 months ago)
I was once rather selfish and cruel. Although I never “preyed on” women, I did thought many a young female as naive and could use a little “education”. I envied and hated their innocence. So I broke their hearts and spirits whenever I could. So yes there are malevolent people out there who have no regard for the well being of others. There’s no use asking why me or how could anyone do this. The only way to take control of your life is to take control of your life. You’re the only one responsible for that.
santiago conde morales (11 months ago)
i became a monster the last 2 years, and thanks to J B i understood, and god im so glad it happend, i could have done very bad things, i owe alot to this man and he does not even know i exist, ill pay back my way, maybe not directly to JB but now im just trying to help
οὐτόπος (2 months ago)
He saved me too and gave me a will to live that I didn't have anymore. I bought his book to give some money to the man, and god, it is amazing. Would buy again 10/10
GSPV33 (5 months ago)
God bless you Santiago, you're meant for great things
TimberwolfDan (5 months ago)
You mean JP?
Despotic Waffle (10 months ago)
You can pay back by doing your best as member of society
Doktor Kumpel (11 months ago)
1:53 oh my god did he just exclude brown, red and yellow people?!
Dave Fischer (11 months ago)
Complicated but understandable, also very insightful if you listen closely lol
Jon dow (11 months ago)
Arizona Sky (11 months ago)
Another great insight into mankind. Thank you.
Oussama TAHY (4 months ago)
@Mick Ruby hahahaha damn right
Mick Ruby (5 months ago)
Peoplekind for Canadians.
How does Tommy Robinson recover from the malevolence shown by his own government,British establishment judicial system in prisoned him unlawfully, placed him in solidarity confinement while those who support the cause he spoke against the mass rapists of children the rapist apologist/supporters permitted to contaminate his food throw excrement,spit into his cell while stating his wife and family are being harassed and harmed while he’s in jail. How does this poor man recover from two months of this gross malevolence. What evil walks among western society’s western laws and values coming secondary to the cause of mass malevolence.
Alma Frain (6 months ago)
@Ifraz Ali Please enlighten.
Ifraz Ali (9 months ago)
Tommy Robinson? Haha
MH (10 months ago)
I believe this is a fight of good versus evil, and the torment we face is proof that we are doing the right thing. Our reward is everlasting life.
shkunk1 (10 months ago)
The only answer that comes to mind is to be more malevolent than your tormentors. Show them how much more relentless and brutal you can be. It's not a pleasant solution or a desirable one, but in this game, the most committed wins.
Marinanor (11 months ago)
I'm curious about Alex Jones, I dislike what people are doing to him, but I don't see Alex Jones as someone who deserves the respect you have.
Jordan Peterson is a Titan Shifter.
Steven R (11 months ago)
"It reflects something about yourself......If someone else can do that to you and they're human, that means you partake of the same essence." ....... Wow. Speechless. @6:50
jonah west (7 months ago)
Hes really pushing Carl Jung's very powerful idea of the shadow-self. Rightly so. I like to think of the shadow-self as a gun. Everyone has one. If you don't know how to use it you might shoot a loved one, or very likely yourself. You have to learn how to use that weapon, so you can choose what to point it at.
Alex C (8 months ago)
Steven R that’s what people need to understand
Yorkshire (10 months ago)
Loved that quote as well
Alan Tang (10 months ago)
that is what God said from the beginning, mankind fall short of glory of God because of our shared sinful core since the Grand Fall. Yet Law and Order (including JP's logic mind) is the mirror that reflects this truth. But the Mirror cannot save us, only Truth alone can save, redeem and transform us into a new living.
Jonathan Marshall (11 months ago)
Connor vs khabib not so easy
vivere militare est (5 months ago)
Connor got his ass handed to him. He was forced to eat his own cockyness. Was brilliant.
Keenan Eriksson (9 months ago)
This comment
Alexandro Torres (9 months ago)
This weekend it's going down brotha
Za beast (11 months ago)
Jonathan Marshall conor first round k.o
Jonathan Marshall (11 months ago)
So accurate they make sure autopilot kills pedestrians, go figure
Landon Huber (11 months ago)
Jonathan Marshall that’s self driving cars not a geographical positioning system, the gps is like apple maps or google maps that just tell you how to get there
DepressoExpresso (11 months ago)
Why attack on titan in the thumbnail lol?
the_weirdkidd (7 months ago)
@TheArchangel911 I agree, it is the central idea with Eren. And the titan idea is excellently developed and flexible, so it also extends to the snake and inside the wall is too much order, and the outside is too much Choas. The recon corps are the heroes and the creative people, taking knowledge and wisdom from the domain of Choas and returning to the world of Choas
Juan Cruz Gainza (9 months ago)
I think Light Yagami, from “Death Note”, embodies or personifies the philosophy of suffering. He is a highly intelligent arrogant teen, who sees the malevolence of the world and wants to whipe it out himself. I dont wanna go into details to avoid spoilers, but i hope you get the idea.
FBI (10 months ago)
+Nevis Ysbryd very good shows, i also recommend Psycho-Pass
Hanatsu Ter (11 months ago)
Tokyo ghoul
Jason The Mad (11 months ago)
Cookieflavour I know I need the new chapter!!!!
Davemac1116 (11 months ago)
Brilliant analysis. He speaks - then it all makes perfect sense. Brilliant.
Andrew M (11 months ago)
Dorohedoro (11 months ago)
Archangel Defiant brood Defiant brood I call on you thanks for reminding about this video

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