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Runes Of Magic Gameplay Trailer

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Epic battles, awesome fights and breathtaking duels. Here we deliver a first taste of what awaits you in Taborea, the world of Runes of Magic. 2008: #5 - Most Discussed (All Time) - Gaming - Czech Republic #10 - Most Viewed (All Time) - Gaming - Czech Republic #36 - Top Favorited (All Time) - Gaming - Czech Republic #10 - Top Rated (All Time) - Gaming - Czech Republic
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xFosy (2 years ago)
Lee K (6 years ago)
I wrote that post two years ago, so I can't stand by what I wrote as there have probably been a dozen or two patches and updates since then. I have absolutely no idea how Runes of Magic plays now. When I played it it had a myriad of problems.
XxX pwnage (6 years ago)
this is best mmorpg?I abandon mmorpg's genre.Only retard invalids can play games like this, stupid kids, who need fancy armor
Luisa Garcés (7 years ago)
Epic battles !!
XxX pwnage (7 years ago)
one of the worst games,played 2 months,deleted all files, and im never gona go back to this game.Completely no player skill,only adopted grinding.Title says breathtaking duels?Breattaking duels could be only when if it is intense action,not click on skill.And btw hide that note "new generation mmorpg".Its more like "kids generation mmorpg" or outdated generation..or something negative like that. In overall i can say,only adopted people can play this game.Even better play sonic on sega genesis.
Tord Kulen (7 years ago)
@AnimeFanBadAsS It got boring. That's it.
Tord Kulen (7 years ago)
@AnimeFanBadAsS I have quitted permanently with MMORPG's.
Tord Kulen (7 years ago)
@ChannelTypy I quitted with MMORPG's.
Liam Van Dyck (7 years ago)
@Laukisen Yeah but i dislike dual classe :( it's a good Idea but I lind change classe for up the 2nd class on the same character :(
frederik hyltoft (7 years ago)
i cant play it it when i try to log in it says lost connection but i have good connection
Frederick Röders (7 years ago)
I liked RoM, but there were a few concerns for me. The characters and their animations looked really bad, plus the cities I saw really were... Pretty hard to navigate and had almost zero use. 1% was used for class trainers and vendors, and the rest was just to make it look like a city, and it just kinda looked bland to me. Im not a graphics whore, but I do want things to atleast look good.:/
5Min/Day (7 years ago)
This game turned out to be really fun and I really like the duel class situation it's very innovative also I was tired of paying for WoW also beginning to like RoM much more now and really like the ability to stat your gear that I haven't experienced in other MMO's and the player base is growing at a fast rate too...even curse.com has it up in 3rd overall add-ons and when it becomes available on Facebook to click & play it's going to be a serious contender
Dotokorn (7 years ago)
I'm going to try this game:)!
BootyTrap (7 years ago)
@Laukisen more like best free MMORPG and dont lie !
KalZ (7 years ago)
@XxxJvOxxX Your mother is horrible...
Luis Ns (7 years ago)
horrible game that I'd rather not play anything
Jugdish (7 years ago)
"over 600 quests with epic storyline" good English there.......
caleb ciesiolka (7 years ago)
hey guys plzz can anyone plzz plvl me my name is Lorddamien plzz help
Gyvsi dabris (7 years ago)
1:07 epic face
mlbrack0928 (7 years ago)
i agree without argument that RoM deserves to be one of the best free mmo's out there, and it's a great alternative if you're tired of a p2p games. but the people who keep comparing it to wow and saying it's better are in denial. sure it's very similar to wow and has a lot of content...but wow has had 6 years to improve their game and add loads more content and features then pretty much every mmo out there. and they're only gonna keep improving. the only real question is "do you want to pay?
twobarells (7 years ago)
Look, WoW is a good game! Why else would over 10 mil ppl play it? But the thing is that it's expensive! It's not worth the money..
Saberwind45871 (7 years ago)
@csm9500 rom is good i'll give it that, but its so dammn broken im a level 59w/50s and sometimes its hard to keep playing, broken wars, random down times, they recently got hacked,.....*sigh*
Tord Kulen (7 years ago)
@prostabakica World of Warcraft costs money to even buy and play. Runes of magic is free to download and free to play. So if you like free games, this is the best copy of WoW :).
systemX50 (7 years ago)
what's the catch for this game? obviously no one develops a game like this without expecting to make any money.
TRD .JDM (7 years ago)
World of Warcraft is best. die die das gut finden können es sich nicht leisten
TheLmfaoMovement (7 years ago)
@K4inan LOLDUDE. :P They don't have the most "Dedicated team".
alex kresser (7 years ago)
This game totally blows.......My mind..."[RunesOfMagic]" Lagging 24/7 Since 1999! Piece of shit.
Evan Bruce (7 years ago)
@LivinPolish360 Ha your funny. Not.
SuperDude312 (8 years ago)
Tried it but i think the graphics should be better, then again, it's a free game so one shouldn't expect the same as what you get when playing an mmorpg you have to pay for. My opinion: if you don't want to pay every (2) month(s), then definitely get this, if however you can, go for the other one ^^ (but get trial first, it's not because you have to pay that it's a good game.....)
jesus salmeron (8 years ago)
vavava me quedo con el el metin2 y hombre como no el wow of wracafast
ILiekStarwarz (8 years ago)
@hartwelln watch?v=px3iR1Sv9fQ I never said this is a bad game i just said I like lotro better its just an opinion
ILiekStarwarz (8 years ago)
@hartwelln Well... first and foremost... I would like to say that you, have anger issues and can not control yourself. (lol). I do not play clones. I play WOW, which as much as I know, is not a clone. I am not a fanboy either. You seem to be very enthusiastic with Runes of Magic, you're defending it a lot. You seem to be the fanboy here By the way, this game is an INTENTIONAL copy of Wow, (not to the point where they can sue). If you actually watched an interview with Frogster, you would know.
ILiekStarwarz (8 years ago)
In my opinion, Lotro is a way better game. 1. It doesn't try to copy everything from wow like rom does 2. It is extremely unique in many ways 3. Bigger player base 4. Graphics are superior I have tried both, but I quit them both a got wow instead lol. But still, I think lotro > rom
Tord Kulen (8 years ago)
@0rganization ya.. for 2 days ago ...its 6 now :))
JG Productions (8 years ago)
@Laukisen funny how noone agreed
Tord Kulen (8 years ago)
This game is the BEST MMORPG game i know! Thumbs up if you agree 
Carl M (8 years ago)
The thing i love about this game is the dual class system. It adds such variety and richness to the game. In RoM its not just the class you choose to play its TWO classes you choose to combine. For example, a mage/priest is very different from a mage/knight. This adds so much depth to the game and further conforms to people's play styles. I swear if WoW added a dual class system it would just blow all other games away, and i would definitely go back to it!
VegetarianLyfe (8 years ago)
@aLuCaRdHTTB Just because a project has no pre-game history doesn't mean it can't copy ideas from another franchise. Everquest was one of the first large MMO's, and subsequent MMO's have been copying ideas and components from it since. It's not seen as unethical, but it's just a fact: MMO's copy other MMO's. To deny that WoW didn't copy many components of EverQuest, a wildly popular MMO at the time, is foolish.
Diogo Rafael (8 years ago)
@000FlameBoy000 you have to create a new email for any other game, for flyff for example i had a lvl 83 RM buffing a lvl 10 char on a diferent acc of mine and i had 2 flyff working at the same time
Diogo Rafael (8 years ago)
@VegetarianLyfe then by your logic, Warhammer & aion also copied WoW\EQ (though aion was of a primary concept and had no pre-game history)
VegetarianLyfe (8 years ago)
@aLuCaRdHTTB If you're trying to deny that World of Warcraft copied Everquest, that's retarded. The original Warcraft was a strategy game, not an MMO. WORLD of Warcraft DID copy Everquest.
Diogo Rafael (8 years ago)
@bonethugmono to answer your question: paid mmo's = 1 acc per person (if they arent willing to pay for more acc's.) free mmo's = more then one acc per person so yes... wow has 11 million USERS. other games that say "50 million and up" arent users... its acc's...
Diogo Rafael (8 years ago)
@HPATDH1 riiiiiiiiiiiiiight though everquest (the first one) was launched in 1999 and warcraft Orcs & Humans was launched in 1994 and warcraft 2 was launched in 1997...
Harax A (8 years ago)
@bonethugmono yea but non of thos games have 13mil by it self...all of them have 50 mil
mrnijacatzz (8 years ago)
lol what game doesnt have something you buy......and you can perfectly play the game without buying diamonds. You can even buy them in the game for gold if you dont want to pay real money. So i dont think youve thought about what you have said. Go troll on some other game
Lee K (8 years ago)
This is NOT a free game - you can manage to play the game free, but at a certain point you have to buy a currency called "Diamonds" to play properly. It is, in every way, a WoW clone, with a few borrowed features from Everquest. All that said, it's a very good game - just don't expect too much. PvP is horrific, class balancing has some game-breaking issues. People who tell you this is better than WoW are, sadly, lying through their teeth!
Harax A (8 years ago)
WoW is most poppular game now but he was not first mmorpg so NEVER say other games copy WoW .........!!!
Monderfile WesHall (8 years ago)
@3lothan I'm sorry wow is the best.
Bjuan (8 years ago)
are most of the raids unique? Also do they take skill and do you have to move around? I hate mmorpgs when you just dps a boss and just stand there.
Noose Me Up (8 years ago)
i wanna play this so bad but the god damn update problem is pissin me off
ibotah (8 years ago)
John Smith (8 years ago)
Jeez, when is this generation's MMORPGs gonna end?
John Smith (8 years ago)
@bestieswithtesties Retarded is spelled as R-E-T-A-R-D-E-D and not R-E-T-A-R-T-E-D. But, I do agree with with you.
Rubmy Nipples (8 years ago)
y is every1 hating on HPATDH1 lmao..
vyintl (8 years ago)
You cant really call WoW copying Everquest. Almost all MMORPGs are basically kill mobs, get stronger, get better equipment so you can kill more mobs. In my opinion, all of them are the same. They just take the idea from one thing and improve on it. So yes i agree, Everyone copied everyone.
Bastarden (8 years ago)
...no, not liking. I'll stick to WoW.
Hanzo Hasashi (8 years ago)
@HPATDH1 would u happen to know any free mmorpgs that are just like or very close to everquest?
SkateFlorida (8 years ago)
@HPATDH1 World of warcraft came out almost a decade ago, stfu
Fremder5 (8 years ago)
Any1 know that songname? oh.. WoW is better :p
Malik B (8 years ago)
i think something is wrong with the download,recently there has been alot of complains of people having problems like me for instance i've downloaded it last week within in 20 minutes and then proceeded to pacthing worked fine.Then today my Sister uninstalled it and i tried to install it again and now my download is super slow.Does anyone know whats up?
Daktav0007 (8 years ago)
@Bloodymux yah me to all i did was play the wow trial man and it took me 10 days (not straight) to get to lvl 12 and it took me about 2 hours to get a lvl 12 warrior/ lvl 7 knight on RoM i have a life and im busy but when its boring i like playin game sumtimes u know and this game doesnt require ALOT of time. Runes Of Magic FTW
TheCruzmeister (8 years ago)
@HPATDH1 I totally agree.
Young King Charles (8 years ago)
My one and only beef with this game is there is the shitty inventory space. You cant store SHIT!!!
Young King Charles (8 years ago)
@pmadude160 Yup this is as close as you'll get for now.
SHININGDARKNESS11 (8 years ago)
The Graphics were different when i played....(Must have a horrible Computer)
Random Gamer (8 years ago)
@pmadude160 Try battle of the immortals, its fully free. Google it for more info.
Phillip Anderson (8 years ago)
So is this game just as good as WoW because i have been trying to find a game just as good as World of Warcraft for a while.
Robin Josefsson (8 years ago)
@3lothan u`re right runes of magic rules and i have played wow and RoM is much better And its FREE !! =)
Andrew (8 years ago)
@HPATDH1 whats the problem with that? its good cus if u dont have money for WOW u just download runes of magic, even if its not exactly as good as WOW
OhmegadJT (8 years ago)
My whole goal of this was to see somebody type out three paragraphs for nothing. I literally didn't read it. Oh well, I'm done with you guys, you're boring me. I won the war a while ago.
Ian Wise (8 years ago)
@RexScaryman yeah when the game starts up just use the name and password you used. it will work i had the same prob.
Brain Singkankutti (8 years ago)
when you first download the game do you download runes of magic chapter 3? cuz every time i try to log in it sais wrong username or password :( i made my account and downloaded but it didnt work, im trying both for the second time now.i did activate it. but i dont seem to get the problem. plz help me if u can.
Chosenxeno (8 years ago)
@TheNerdWhoRaged They are going Smaller in Cataclysym as far as how many bosses are in Raid instances. Which means there will be more enviorments. I hated the 10 and 25 raid format I got so sick of Naxx. I do think it's getting too easy but, with simpler and sub free games hitting a million subs I can understand the need for them to be more inclusive. All we really can do is wait until someone makes a high quality game for people who want more of a challenge and pray it gets high subs
Chosenxeno (8 years ago)
@TheNerdWhoRaged WOW WILL NEVER DIE! I am however excited about Star Wars :TOR. Saying things like WOW will die is ridiculous though EQ peaked at Half a Million Subs and is still played today. WOW is at 10 million Subs I doubt it will die anytime soon.
Chosenxeno (8 years ago)
@HPATDH1 I hear everyone copied UO
Lianos Nosgoth (8 years ago)
@OhmegadJT yeah i play rom and I am fit and athletic opossite of you
OhmegadJT (8 years ago)
@TheNerdWhoRaged TL;DR u mad.
OhmegadJT (8 years ago)
@TheNerdWhoRaged I sense nerd rage! I respect your opinions, but they don't matter too me. Sorry to say this, but, my opinions only matter because they are FACT. Read that carefully, F.A.C.T. Superiority is big in WoW and to all those haters who think otherwise, go play some RoM poor-boys! Your argument is invalid.
Kai (8 years ago)
pff i've never played wow but i cant see how its better than this game
OhmegadJT (8 years ago)
@karupsc First of all? "Saving time"? Can't type out a simple paragraph huh? I can see, it took you three days and if you made it perfect maybe six. It's actually quite simple why I'm playing WoW and why millions of others are. The great community. Most people from RoM are usually former WoW players and are pissed off that they can never play it again cuz they are to poor. That's why the RoM community sucks cuz everyone's angry at each other. Look, WoW is superior to all MMORPG's.
OhmegadJT (8 years ago)
@lianosk You play RoM? I heard that people who play RoM are poor little boys.
Lianos Nosgoth (8 years ago)
@OhmegadJT you are thin and athletic? i heard that you are a fat moran....
Inachu Ikimasho (8 years ago)
Does ROM download fit on a cd or DVD?
OhmegadJT (8 years ago)
@Amplify2012 *continuing from previous reply* ... you would probably be fit and athletic and talking to all the ladies, but now you're stuck with a bunch of stuck-up, worthless RoM noobs. Get a life kid = D
OhmegadJT (8 years ago)
@Amplify2012 Let me guess, former WoW player huh? O_O I'm guessing you played WoW and then started badmouthing the community in public chat and then they all ganged up on you and you started to get scared. So you pulled out all the stocks. You probably started swearing, saying WoW is gay. Then the Community decided, THAT'S ENOUGH, and kicked you out for good. FACT: You are now fat because you play RoM and are socially awkward now. See, my statistics do make sense. If u stayed with WoW
OhmegadJT (8 years ago)
@probounderxxx You obviously have never played WoW. You like to think you have, but in reality, you're just as poor as all other RoM players. People who can't afford WoW, play RoM and that's fact! WoW is for the rich, superior, athletic (also has a great community) and RoM is for the poor, lower-class, fat & lazy people. Oh and did I mention that it has a horrible community. Statistics show that 89% of WoW players are forgiving and nice as for RoM only 17% are. Facts hurt : (
Random Plat (8 years ago)
@OhmegadJT ?? why would i spend over 200$ per year for WoW and the graphics looks similar to these games. and i did played wow and its not that exciting...you just get to 80 and then run dongeons and thats it nothing else...id rather keep my money and try some new exciting mmo like rune of magic or atlantica online
Inachu Ikimasho (8 years ago)
Have not tried ROM but I tried Age of Conan and guild wars and they were so bad! Simpel things like hidden walls so you cant jump off small hills or cliffs.....sad so sad. So I will download this tonight and see how it goes.
OhmegadJT (8 years ago)
WOW, WoW is way better! This game is for poor people! HAHA WUT!
Eloyster (8 years ago)
@tokansam19 Mage is currently overpowered Knight is a tank, druid and priest is a healer, everything else pretty much is DPS I play a Warrior/Knight ;D
Lark Yousif (8 years ago)
Hey guys im currently downloading this game and i was wondering which class should i pick and whats a good secondary sub for the class like for the level 10 quest where u get a second profession
DBSpy1 (8 years ago)
Wow is much better but, I am also having lots of fun with Runes Of Magic.
PinkRoboto (8 years ago)
Come on, everyone needs to stop fighting. Your all just self conscience socially troubled people who need to take 3 doses of chill pills a day. I want to download this game but I keep reading different sided comments about how it's really fun or really --as you YouTubers would put it-- "gay". So would a 15 year old girl find this worth playing or not?
ScudnoX ez (8 years ago)
@18Coldheart it has some stuff that wow doesnt have though like houses and stuff and the only thing i find the same about wow is the graphics, and thats a good thing
ScudnoX ez (8 years ago)
This IS the new generation of Free2play MMORPG
Scaffeyflame (8 years ago)
Almost all MMO's are the same in my opinion. Nothing but walking around killing the most random of creatures and collecting drops. It all gets really boring after a while.
Patrick Gabriel (8 years ago)
@SweHuntah123 Have you tried shutting the fuck up? It's great and it makes other people happy.
Joeycupcakes (8 years ago)
@brco1995 yea, i use to love runescape. i was a member XD
KamistraWoW (8 years ago)
@transamman69 well if a game is a game then why not compare them?
rkaplinger427 (8 years ago)
world of warcraft taking ppls souls for 6 fucking years XD

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