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For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] TechZone ► https://goo.gl/Gj3wZs Normally we see on television adult and serious athletes who have dedicated their whole lives to training. We all know what to expect from them and their numbers are unbelievable. But what about young athletes? They also deserve our attention, because sometimes they do absolutely incredible things that even adults can't do. Especially for you, we've brought together the best young athletes in the world.
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Text Comments (4703)
Exstr4ordinary 65 (8 hours ago)
I play rugby league is that cool am I officially amazing
Jordan Davis (13 hours ago)
Yasidu Ganewatta (16 hours ago)
Steven Curry?????!!!!!!!
Parveen Riaz (19 hours ago)
Steven curry?
Brutus Crane (1 day ago)
Did you really say Steven curry
Dinaira Rodriguez (1 day ago)
Im the fastest kid in my 2nd grade class
Dinaira Rodriguez (1 day ago)
I run 1 mile pur hour
mr. goodman (1 day ago)
8:36 girl:punches tree me: punches tree breaks knuckles
the mars family (2 days ago)
I'm cool because I'm Bruno Mars son
adam hammouri (2 days ago)
can i be the 10th?????
florieboy (3 days ago)
My time on 100m is beter then that bunchy ass
Watch them end up smacking joe. One like One hope
Evnika doesn’t know wat she is
Forny Fuk (3 days ago)
I am not special All I do is run fast and play basketball
7:43 me in minecraft
Lijpe Gamerr (4 days ago)
Sport have nothing tho do whit if you’re cool or not
The Circus Brothers (4 days ago)
STEVEN CURRY, STEVEN CURRY?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rocky Losco (4 days ago)
The little basketball bouncing girl who’s only 8 years old said that a vacation is just an excuse for not training,now I know I’m screwed in life😁
Rocky Losco (4 days ago)
She’s close to the ground so bouncing is easier
Rocky Losco (4 days ago)
He’s just a kid,all kids do this,run a hundred miles an hour
Rocky Losco (4 days ago)
Bunchie will play in the nfl ,I assure it
Mrbeast (4 days ago)
Who else went straight to comment sections?
Paul Steingruber (5 days ago)
But how do u know that they really wanted to do this this early?I mean it’s amazing what they are able to do but I don’t think that everything is voluntary🤷🏼‍♂️
Blivys :D (6 days ago)
Jaliyah doesn’t actually have a good chance in the NBA because she is a girl. That is just the sad truth
Bassboosted planet 8 (6 days ago)
You Are Never Gona Guess Who The Awesomest Is Read The First Two Sentences OH NO YOU GUESSED IT :(
10:00 did he say subscribers
Literally nobody: Steve from Minecraft: 7:43
Top ten acoustic kids
James Noie (6 days ago)
Welp I know I’m not on this list
Skinerd11 E11 (6 days ago)
Steven curry
kimarlia nelson (6 days ago)
RELOADヅ (7 days ago)
10:28 he said STEVEN CURRY wtf I'm died
GalaxyWolf GamerGirl (7 days ago)
No one cares about cool people
Diego Sanchez (7 days ago)
Steven curry lol😂
Julian GanoJM (7 days ago)
Steven curry I heard
fast cars (8 days ago)
so your saying i'm not cool 😭
ʏօʊ aʀɛ քʀօɮaɮʟʏ աօռɖɛʀɨռɢ աɦօ ɨs tɦɛ ɮɛst քɛʀsօռ ɨռ tɦɛ աօʀʟɖ աɨʟʟ ʀɛaɖ tɦɛ ʄɨʀst աօʀɖ ʏօʊ'ʟʟ ʄɨռɖ օʊt
CandyCornLord86 (9 days ago)
And here I am at the age of 12 that can't even meet a D in math
Robert Matthews (9 days ago)
My name is James
nik pan (9 days ago)
9:03 thats thick
Nathan Marchant (10 days ago)
Damn, Baby James hits that golf ball better then me 😂
I dont Have a hairline (10 days ago)
I bet you came for Lil Tay or Matty B
Crazy Diamond (10 days ago)
10:28 Steven Curry?!?!? 😂🤦🏻‍♂️
Lasagna Itself (10 days ago)
Stephen curry not Steven curry
Q Playz (10 days ago)
7;47 minecraft irl am i right
Geziah Jackobs (11 days ago)
The kid is not funny
GSB GHOS. (11 days ago)
Kid punching through tree next clip Wears Sparkly Shirt tapping bag quickly I love this Kid lol
Magic (11 days ago)
7:43 when terraria really gets to ya
Oliver Bintner (11 days ago)
Steven curry🤣🤣🤣🤣
Elite Rift (12 days ago)
jeez don't compare kids to other kids assbag
Jenepher Imbuedo (12 days ago)
Zach Morgan (12 days ago)
It ain’t Steven it’s Stephen
SamUraI ? (12 days ago)
Me before the video: Yeah I’m pretty athletic and great at sports; After the video: I ain’t shit.
Isaac Argueta (12 days ago)
I know maxwell young he used to go to my school I never knew he was popular btw I was in 2nd grade I’m in sixth now
Chasen Johnson (12 days ago)
"Steven curry" I almost died
Mute Masks (12 days ago)
Next big YouTube event. Evnika saadvakass vs KSI
Noah Cochran (12 days ago)
Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmm... I got over 100,000 points on a skee-ball game once...
Pryce Pitchford (13 days ago)
“Steven Curry” and “subscribers on Instagram”
Pryce Pitchford (13 days ago)
No one likes the boxing birl
Zeshi Zerø (13 days ago)
And I'm here sitting on my couch eating potato chips w/my 31 kg body(I'm 10)
Quinten Jones (13 days ago)
Anyone know bunchies insta
Nicholas Garza (13 days ago)
His dislikes are because of how he pronounced Curry’s name
Courtney Lynn (13 days ago)
"StEvEn CuRrY" it's Stephen Curry
Prince Salau (14 days ago)
10:25 Another dang mistake what the heck is a "STEVEN CURRY"
jamal video (14 days ago)
jamal video (14 days ago)
Damaging GamerPro (14 days ago)
Steven Curry really Lmao 😂
max tragas (14 days ago)
this video makes me feel weak
King Krimzon (14 days ago)
I’m a bmxer
destiny jefferson (14 days ago)
its stephen curry not steven curry that just pissed me off like im so triggered bro ughhhh
SAMUEL MCCURDY (15 days ago)
Maxim pisses me off for some reason.
FR's Ways (15 days ago)
Good vid but aren’t we all cool kids in our on ways and also 7:45 Minecraft in real life
High Tech (15 days ago)
Dont cut down trees 7:43 Punch it down
Maxine Mendoza (15 days ago)
This video made me hate my self even more
M1C4N1K3 (15 days ago)
10:29 “Steven curry” 🤦🏻‍♂️
YouTube Crusher (15 days ago)
7:43 She’s play Minecraft!
Jasen Mason (15 days ago)
One like equals one scor for mini CR8
BONUS MEME (16 days ago)
Ronaldo Jr. scored 53 goals and 18 assists in 23 matches for Juventus.... that was couple months ago....
Dexter RM4 (16 days ago)
They lied I’m not on this list
-Cg_ _505- (16 days ago)
No 9 Year Olders?
At 2:02 them cheeks
Lizzie Moono (16 days ago)
Mr Cheezy OG (16 days ago)
Ohhh shit I’m 11 and I’m 5 ft 7inches tall and I play rugby I weigh 62.6kg and I have 7 ex’s lol
Sid VincenT Strong (17 days ago)
Steven curry ahhahaahha
Jr Torres (17 days ago)
I can win his son and
Tony Borisov™ (18 days ago)
My heart got touched by these kids!
MadTurk06 (18 days ago)
Steven Curry😂
Simon Brown (18 days ago)
She tapped a bag super fast..
Ramin Kazemi (18 days ago)
Michael Kutufaris (19 days ago)
the one kid is trash
Michael Kutufaris (19 days ago)
the football kid i’m a 10 and i could beat him in a race and i’m better at football
Nicholas Thorpe (19 days ago)
I’m missing a foot and a arm and I’m a black belt and I do parkour and I love Avery sports can you please give me a shout out thx
*_DePr3sSeD_* *_IQ_* (19 days ago)
Everyone is SPECIAL for their own way.
Noah Roblox (19 days ago)
That I hit my dad in the jaw and unstable still to this day now I was 8 or 9 I broke it and my dad tells my story too
Noah Roblox (19 days ago)
I’m still a kid and I have a story what is real but no one believes it
Peter Giardino (19 days ago)
I can do a headstand it’s easy
noobinsn life (19 days ago)
Guess I'm the 10th
nine tailed fox (19 days ago)
3:35 her mom gay
Damian animating n (20 days ago)
Who cares about gymnastics

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