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For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] TechZone ► https://goo.gl/Gj3wZs Normally we see on television adult and serious athletes who have dedicated their whole lives to training. We all know what to expect from them and their numbers are unbelievable. But what about young athletes? They also deserve our attention, because sometimes they do absolutely incredible things that even adults can't do. Especially for you, we've brought together the best young athletes in the world.
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Text Comments (3216)
Satria Hamkah Yusof (30 minutes ago)
Whare the bruce lee kid?? Errrr
Emma DinoGamer (6 hours ago)
Im 11 years old and used to be skinny, now i am fat, ps give this commett 10 likes wo i am cofinite enouhgt to try
Moh Janneh (8 hours ago)
subscribers on insta?
Xavier Stewart (9 hours ago)
at 4:41 i got same shoes
Buncie young is the next amari cooper
sterling mack (9 hours ago)
Stephen not Steven
UR HAIRLINE TUTU (9 hours ago)
Journee Tonga should be in here like wth
Skyler Lee (10 hours ago)
Did he actually say Steven Curry??
Darren B. (12 hours ago)
How are their grades in school?
AveryTube56 (14 hours ago)
20 thousand subscribes and Instagram huh do you mean YouTube lol
Jessica Orozco (15 hours ago)
I’ve seen bunchie young in the us5 before I was practicing and I saw him he is really good
James Vivian (15 hours ago)
*Girl:* punch’s down a tree “easy” *Me* stubs my toe on a desk “O MA GUD IVE BIN SHOOOOT! HELP ME MAMA! MAAAAAAMAAAAAA!”
Atisho long (16 hours ago)
I thought I was cool
JM Da Best (18 hours ago)
Hey my comfidnse is already very low it would really help if you could put me on the list
1:45 damn this kid has a lot of money
TheHypeBeasts (20 hours ago)
He said Steven curry lol
Santa Del Valle (21 hours ago)
Can't Guard Me (23 hours ago)
Cool video.... But, Who the hell is STEVEN CURRY?
Crafty xz (1 day ago)
ask saadvakass to beat the paulers
Neha Jp (1 day ago)
Why is there always 1000s of ppl disliking these kinda videos 😑😑
Xsharknz (1 day ago)
That kid in the thumbnail makes me vomit
thegamingwolf 4_2 (1 day ago)
Ok, who ever calls them self "cool" is either, cancerist, karma, a idiot, toxic, or the opposite of what they are
Jordan (1 day ago)
Steven Curry
LordOfRage (1 day ago)
what about sky brown, or her brother ocean brown
rip the boxing girl when she hits puberty
Owen soltis (1 day ago)
10:29 he says Steven curry
Niga it is sta-f-en
Gamers Arts (1 day ago)
Hmm.. i my that bad?
Popular No 3 (1 day ago)
This list is innacurate
Dawn McDonald (1 day ago)
Its stephen curry not stevan curry
skateboard band 27 (1 day ago)
F you
clark clemente (2 days ago)
He Nat C00l
clark clemente (2 days ago)
He Nat X00l
PoopMan Doge (2 days ago)
And i thought i was a pro when i won a fortnite match...
Liam price (2 days ago)
Steven bwhahahahahahaah WTF
waleed50336 (2 days ago)
R.I.P Evnika future boyfriend
Marshmallow World (2 days ago)
She's 11 right?
Marshmallow World (2 days ago)
Man Tara's my age I can't even keep my back straight
Andy Boy (2 days ago)
Why am I not on this list
Ashley Alston (2 days ago)
i am sorry did he just steven curry. Sorry dude it stephen
Shehza XXX (2 days ago)
280,000 subscribers on INSTAGRAM
Lara SCHROEDER (2 days ago)
Keenan Reehl (2 days ago)
Wow he said Steven curry instead of Stephen
Rubin Shrestha (2 days ago)
they do sport at young age i get but how they are the coolest kid in the world
N Ace (2 days ago)
You say it ballon dor noy golden ball
quavo rapper (2 days ago)
great talents
Kaden Lee (3 days ago)
Oh my
Demonitized Duck (3 days ago)
“Steven Curry’’
CRZYBULLDOGJR (3 days ago)
Steven Curry im dead😅
McKenna Gymnast (3 days ago)
*Steven Curry*
jacob skylar (3 days ago)
Yo my friend think he cool and he is but we all are cool in a gan there 9 of us
Cool hand Luke (3 days ago)
7:45 the tree is obviously rotten
Gymnast JJ (3 days ago)
What about Chandler King
Train boy ant (3 days ago)
6:20 No you do not you tink of james from the odd1sout
Pal Machhiwara (4 days ago)
Steeven curry...
Mr. raccoon (4 days ago)
i don't really care
Dennis Wolfe (4 days ago)
stephen curry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why was I not in here 😎😡
Gen (4 days ago)
yo little kids wanna race jkjk
Nathaniel Smith (4 days ago)
Why am I not on here?
The Lol (4 days ago)
I think everyone are Americans, but not Cristiano jr.
Riley Stockings (4 days ago)
Stphen curry not steven curry like if you think its sephen curry
M0M0565 (4 days ago)
I was Black belt in teakwondo when i was 9, i had a cup and 6 medals and they were only 1st and 2nd place, and i could do many acrobatic stuff. All these things that the kids do isn’t that insane, I personally find it common, it’s just ppl that doesn’t do sports that think it’s insane. And for u guys that says UHH UR JUST JELOUS LOL. Go get ur fat ass off the fkn couch and do some ur own.
M0M0565 (22 hours ago)
Tanya do u even know What a typo is
Tanya (3 days ago)
*Is black belt in Taekwondo* *cant even spell Taekwondo correctly* Sure man, we all believe you.
Tbr Almeer (5 days ago)
Mind Wharehouse:5 time winner for the gold ball Me:gold boot man
Tyreice Brown (5 days ago)
Farhan Naseri (5 days ago)
This comment will never be found
Marcel BlackStone (5 days ago)
These awesome kids had great parents who invested in them. Don't feel bad, because that's something you couldn't have changed.
Jungle Boi (5 days ago)
welp i thought i was good at fighting doing backflips and basketball..... welp theres always cocain
Nico Warren (5 days ago)
Why am I not on this list
Friedchicken249 (5 days ago)
I’m faster than all these kids combined 😎
stanley chen (5 days ago)
maxim is the coolest
MichaelWelsh Vlogz (5 days ago)
Bro I’m stronger than half these kids and I’m 11 I play football and definetly am faster than bungee??
Janusz Seweryn (5 days ago)
I love your videos I subed
Talissa Conner (5 days ago)
Only haters dislike
XD _Lay (5 days ago)
Subscribers in Instagram
ChezePlaine (5 days ago)
If my parents bot me a bunch of bikes and skees I’d be pro at it. No matter what age. The kid is just lucky Not everyone is
Crystal Moon (6 days ago)
People does amazing things Me:Good for you Im not salty I just dont care about these things Im happy of who I am Im happy because I make a difference in the world even if its very tiny I dont care about being famous or anything All I care is about myself
Brandon Patton (6 days ago)
2:12 eligal
Kenboylp 7504 (6 days ago)
Steven Curry.... really
AcE pixel (6 days ago)
10:03 subscribers on instagram im cringing
Jamiya Ivory (6 days ago)
All kids are cool
Elijah Yoder (6 days ago)
1:51 savage
KrisCherron1231 (6 days ago)
It’s Stephen Curry
Anjerica Nalls (6 days ago)
his name is Stephen Curry
Bruno CP (6 days ago)
i can’t u didn’t include ashima......
Kong Lol (6 days ago)
why aint i on the list?.
Sam da boss Vieux (6 days ago)
10:29 lol steven curry
Kayla Carmichael (6 days ago)
“Subscribers” on “Instagram”💀
LeoTheLlama YT (7 days ago)
0:23 oof
TazzaLanco Twitch (7 days ago)
Did he say “ Steven curry”.....
PROGUNNERXD #2# (7 days ago)
u guys copied Facts Verse's music at the end
berryberrygrand (7 days ago)
I so feel like sh*t after watching these kids. I want to grow up to be just like them.
bronzo minasa (7 days ago)
I can fly, is that pretty cool guys
bilian qwano (1 day ago)
in youre dreams
kiatas binkoy (1 day ago)
how do you fly
kiatas binkoy (1 day ago)
+dilhara nomid hihihih
dilhara nomid (3 days ago)
nahhh men
Garrett Jones (7 days ago)
Coolest kid oh i meant the most athletic kids My bad
JAYEQUIP INT LLC (7 days ago)
Obeydakkid 111 (7 days ago)
This kids are talented
Cash Hermosillo (7 days ago)
There’s a reason for the WNBA and the NBA
Dpisthebatman 1994 (7 days ago)
Lil future should be in here
joseph burks (7 days ago)
Way sorry
joseph burks (7 days ago)
But there is no wag il be this good

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