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Naked Science - Earth's Core

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Subscribe to Naked Science - http://goo.gl/wpc2Q1 Every other Wednesday we present a new video, so join us to see the truth laid bare... There is a place on Earth that we have never seen. It is a place of unimaginable heat and pressure, where no life could survive. Yet without it, we would perish for it holds the key to our precarious existence on this planet. 2000 miles below the Earth's surface, there is a vast ocean of molten iron. The spinning outer core of the Earth generates a protective magnetic shield around the planet, defending life from lethal space radiation. But now there is startling data that it could be about to stop defending us. Naked Science is taking you on a journey to the centre of the Earth.
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First Last (1 day ago)
45:25 You dont say? Uranium is a natural nuclear reactor?
ʞuɐɹɟ (1 day ago)
16:55 best dubstep ever
M Krump (10 hours ago)
37:00 That is now interesting... 37:57 does this change pole also will affect the weather? Probably yes... He got his key process answer ... 37:10 https://youtu.be/2fS9ixfQ_no?t=5546 Just need to calcul when the spinx heart will be straight with this star (regulos).
Carl Parkinson (2 days ago)
Catastrophic would be the only result of causing a deliberate crack to the earths core
MidnightSt (2 days ago)
8:46 lost it at the "pressure demonstration", that's not how it works, point-concentrated impulse pressure behaves wholly differently from homogenous all-surface persistent pressure... -.-
Travis Weaver (2 days ago)
Naked science has a lot of theory but no facts what do you really know
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Happydaze (3 days ago)
The Russians went down the deepest ever at less than eight miles, then you tell us exactly what is below that? Proof? You scientism heads better wake up to the lies being fed to you. Molten iron can't maintain a magnetic field. Oh, you didn't know that? So many parrots wanting a cracker! SHOWMETHECURVE!
John P (3 days ago)
“Stevenson’s idea is a long way from being tested....” understatement of the year. This video is so much drivel.
Josh Kb (4 days ago)
coincidentally, I am watching this on 10/10/18 lol
bus king (5 days ago)
I suspect it's the gravitational pull of the moon that keeps the core liquid,if the moon can move billions of tons of water twice a day,what effect does it have on the land surface ?also maybe that's one of the causes of earthquakes,it has to have some bearing.
Joel Gratton (6 days ago)
let colonize Venus fuck mars
M H Doobs (7 days ago)
The pressure at the core is like a..... new breed cop standing nearby with assault rifle...while I have a fugitive watermelon in my car. Sounds about right. I’m out.
Tantiwa Hopak (7 days ago)
32 hrs to reach to the core under free fall really?
hokiepokie (7 days ago)
News flash... Molten magnets, are not magnetic.
Frederick Rhodes (7 days ago)
Earths core is a geodynamo, and causes an electric arc furnace, and it’s surface attracts stardust particles, increasing its size, volume, mass and the pressure on the core providing a feedback loop causing the surface to grow, as can be seen in the ocean volcanic ridges of the tectonic plates, like the plates of a tortoise shell grow large.
hallets1956 (8 days ago)
A sky diver free falling through the earth is pure fiction. That's true, but if someone on Facebook posted that a sky diver free fell through the earth, there'd be some morons who would actually believe it lolol
Odin Coulombe (8 days ago)
I wont say i know how our earth stays a safe home in space,but i have seen (on youtube) evidence of UFOs repairing our ozone. God in the bible says he will make a new earth,,so i guess nothing last forever not even the earth and sky boo hooo.Oh and ive also seen on youtube that mars does have a magnetic charge.
David Gagnon (8 days ago)
An Imaginary Journey?? Exactly!
TM MT (9 days ago)
THIS IS ALL SUPPOSITIOIN no one has ever been to the core and come back to prove it, as far as we know..EARTH, when hit by asteroids and comets, as well recorded from the bomb on Hiroshima, Earth rang like a bell for over 3 hours....this of course does prove that yes Earth has a core but it is a nuclear reaction creating heat, gravity and magnetics.. A full blown star in the Hollow Earth...has to be if she rings like a bell for over 3 hours.. if she were solid it would sound like hitting a ripe watermellon no ring just a thud....EARTH she rings...Science lies about science in your face.... here is another one.. NASA and NOAA together announced that 85% of any global warming is from the sun ahd its 11 and 17 year cycles and so even though there is a large ice melt in Antarctica its only melting in west antarctica... all reports show the east is getting colder and the ice is getting bigger ...you get to earths core via south pole station oops no one goes to mainland... lol.. here is another provable truth... that a very few humans have ever been to or anywhere near pine island ice shelf, Antarctica..in documented human history humans have only been there twice.. the first time was in 1994 when it took a U.S. Navy super ice-breaker ship over 9 months to reach pine island ... the second time was in 2010 by the same U.S. navy super ice-breaker it took 10 plus months.....cruise ships do not go to antarctica ...and PAUL REVERE NEvER MADE A MIDNIGHT RIDE...LMAO.......
troy millay (9 days ago)
The real fact is that no scientist knows what our inner earth is like. It is all theroy. This program is reporting this as fact.
Cameron Padron (10 days ago)
Let's not drill holes in the earth with nukes.
War Toxx (10 days ago)
The Earth and it’s Core spins just as the sodium ball spins.... Didn’t know that Earth spins at 30 rotations per second just like the sodium ball. Please explain how this is possible, are we going through a full day and night in a second now? Like is this video exactly 3,012 days long?
Get Informed (11 days ago)
Not such reactor, sorry buddy, the helium observed is the side effect of the lava elements their trip to the surface, it is not the core that generates the traces of helium but the trip to the surface when elements combined... you are welcome
Get Informed (11 days ago)
There wont be such a flip, it did happened in t past due to aa higher activity in the core of the earth, what we seeing is a Magnetic Bubble, small deviations and alterations, leftovers from the higher activity we had before, nothing else nothing more, those scientists need to get a real job and do something more productive for humanity instead of taking vacations in Hawaii
Gergely Grubits (11 days ago)
What about Inner Earth?!
Get Informed (11 days ago)
Scientists don't know what is going on, after years and years and years of research...talk about job security, keep asking for money and time to keep t research going, nice way to suck up money from society
Get Informed (11 days ago)
Nad that is the reason why California, a Democratic state has no money to pay their bills, keep investing their money in things that give nothing in return to humanity, dreams down the drain and ideas that don't make sense
Get Informed (11 days ago)
That skydiver gonna need plenty of tacos to help him get there
Get Informed (11 days ago)
Interesting but we have nothing to worry about, we are slowly killing our planet along with everything that lives on her, by the time something catastrophic like this happens will be long gone, thanks anyways for the heads up
troy davey (11 days ago)
News flash! The Earth is a globe but the moon is as flat as a dinner plate! Huh ,who knew. Insiders say its made of diamond and the debeers control NASA so to control the engagement ring market. I bloody knew it!
troy davey (11 days ago)
Can some self proclaimed expert with a degree in pot smoking and 1000 hours on you tube documentaries please leave sacramonious comments below. Lack of ego required.
tonytor53 (11 days ago)
we can current,y generate megaTesla magnetic fields millions of times the strength of core generated fields. We could easily generate enormous fields over a city to protect the area. The military & NSA know that. One of the experiments conducted in the 1990s off the coast of Sicily's northern sea generated magnetic field is capable of inducing thousands of volts in metal wire including home appliances, setting mattresses on fire. European scientists examine the phenomenon and came up that the conclusion that to generate such a magnetic field he would take over 14 TeraJoules! The source of the magnetic field was from the bottom of the sea. Don't believe me? Google "magnetism, Sicily and DiCorona".
Jeff McCrea (11 days ago)
No wonder Herndon can't get traction on his idea. There can't be any plutonium in the earth's core. The heaviest natural element in the universe is uranium. Plutonium is a man made element made in reactors under specific conditions. It would be a tremendous coincidence that those specific conditions would be met naturally in the earth's core. On top of that, if there was enough PURE uranium 235 in the earth's core to spontaneously fission, it would have blown the planet apart billions of years ago. This is why documentary producers shouldn't do science that they DON'T understand. They should at least check out these ideas with actual experts and not just take the word of one quack BEFORE presenting them as possibilities to the public.
Mustafa khan (12 days ago)
why the earth came into existence, why it has water, moon, ozone layer, magnetic field and a lot more. why the plants release oxygen, why we need oxygen for living. these all could'nt be coincidences. These are pre planned phenomena,s and there is a planner watching all this Happening down here. he's not tired of doing all these as mentioned in the #QURAN (02:225), '"Allah! There is no god but He,-the Living, the Self-subsisting, Eternal. No slumber can seize Him nor sleep. His are all things in the heavens and on earth. Who is there can intercede in His presence except as He permitteth? He knoweth what (appeareth to His creatures as) before or after or behind them. Nor shall they compass aught of His knowledge except as He willeth. His Throne doth extend over the heavens and the earth, and He feeleth no fatigue in guarding and preserving them for He is the Most High, the Supreme (in glory)."'.........
Mas Rifqi (12 days ago)
the earth’s molten content will burst out from that opening he made before he even pour those liquid iron because of its sheer higher pressure. simple physic
The Watcher (12 days ago)
*_The only way to heaven is to ask the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation, there is no other way to enter the kingdom of heaven_* *John Chapter 10 Verse 9* *_I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture._* *John Chapter 3 Verse 15-18* *_15 That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life._* *_16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life._* *_17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world; through him might be saved._* *_18 He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God._* *_Ask for salvation now remember God does not send anyone to hell you do that yourself by not asking for salvation. Jesus died on the cross he took the sins of everyone, but if you don't ask for salvation then you have to pay the price for your sins and that means hell and hell is only a waiting place for the day of judgment and when you are in front of the white throne on the day of judgment you will go to the lake of fire and it's far worse than what hell can give you 1000's of times worse._* *_Believe that Jesus is the son of God that God sent his only son to die on the cross for our sins, that he rose the third day and ascended into heaven. Know that you are a sinner. For all have sinned, and fall short of the glory of God" (Romans Chapter 3 Verse 23)._* *_Ask with your heart speak with your lips do this in private_* *_Father, I know that I have broken your laws and my sins have_* *_separated me from you. I am truly sorry, and now I want to turn away_* *_from my past sinful life toward you. Please forgive me, and help me_* *_avoid sinning again.* *_I believe that your son, Jesus Christ died for my sins, was resurrected_* *_from the dead, is alive, and hears my prayer. I invite Jesus to become_* *_the Lord of my life, to rule and reign in my heart from this day forward._* *_Please send your Holy Spirit to help me obey You, and to do Your will_* *_for the rest of my life. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen._* *_Many will call themselves a Christian but have never asked for salvation so are not born again_* *Matthew Chapter 24 Verse 11 - 13* *_11 And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many._* *_12 And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold._* *_13 But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved._*
Matthew Monzillo (13 days ago)
We're doomed
Don Barnes (13 days ago)
Not true, physics proves it would take 42mins to fall through the earth
Bi (13 days ago)
I can answer that question. Jesus Christ the Son of God created Adam and Eve the earth and and all of the galaxies. If you are an atheist you are being fooled. Just use your mind and look around and you will find creation everywhere. Think of it, the scientific community today with all of its knowledge can't even make a seed to grow just one blade of grass. Science today is proving a Creator. Look up geocentric earth.
AWC95 (6 days ago)
LOL, you're a mess. Get off the internet, please, until you area little more mature and knowledgeable. Jesus Christ DID NOT create the earth or Adam and Eve!
Sinsearach (13 days ago)
god this video is retarded, and all such "made for retards" "pop" science bullshit piles
Sueciae Rex - Knugen (13 days ago)
14:48 Hello Swedish flag!
christopher dobbsjr (13 days ago)
yah lets detenate a serious of nuclear war heads inside the earth i want to live thank you , that guy sounds insane
johannes frings (14 days ago)
just leave the earth's core alone .Humans shouldn't even bother exploring it .that will just lead to one very major fuckup coz it's our nature lol.
GeT mOnEy (14 days ago)
A cars engine or any engines needs oil to run, it is used to keep the engine lubricated and keep it cool and running. If we keep pumping out the earths engine oil its not going to be able to run cool and smoothly and therefor work right. Now the earth is getting hotter causing more volcanoes to erupt, disrupting the magnetic core and the earths magnetic field causing the moon to move further away. We are pumping all that oil out and pumping all those fumes out into the atmosphere. We r destroying planet earth. 🌎
Steven Marsh (15 days ago)
What has happened is that known science is become so well known and therefore boring that now we have sensationalist fake science like this.
Neil Ruedlinger (15 days ago)
Why do non-Science background journalists insist on using the misleading phrase "Scientists believe..."??? Scientists observe, theorize and devise mathematical models to discover the Laws of Physics/Chemistry/Biology to make theoretical predictions, for experimental verification. There is no blind faith belief involved here!!!
Sammy Nthiwa (16 days ago)
And by the way that's hell its even mentioned in the Bible. Wake up
GRANTFROM GOOLWA (16 days ago)
99% Speculation.
John Jay (16 days ago)
Stevenson justifies spending approximately ten billion dollars(he really has no clue how much it'll cost- that's just his best guess) to nuke the earth's crust, and then pour tons of molten metal down, HOPEFULLY all the way to the core, all because his jello and yummy maple syrup says it'll work? Hmm, seems legit.
ROBERT ANDERSON (16 days ago)
How could anybody suck up to this NONSENSE FEAR-MONGERING! We all know that Chernobal, Fukushima and others, will be "hot" for thousands of years. So how can the Earth's entire massive core shut down as quickly as they claim? If so, we better get those coal plants fired up again... Just saying...
Jason Woodford (16 days ago)
its switches semi randomly say 300,000 yrears plus or minus 200,000 years , the ocean bottom ,can be read like a bar code ,from the midatlantic ridge , newest , out ,is older. find that map , with a current date ,,,
Glenn Bayley (17 days ago)
Which rapid advances in research? This, as with the prevailing model, is total conjecture... theory, not fact.
Steve Treloar (18 days ago)
Lame US 'documentary', bad analogies and measurements used by one twentieth of the worlds population.
You won (18 days ago)
God never intended this so please stop messing with the earth core, if its not broken why fix it? yall literally trying to be the first to find out whats beyond earth so you can be the first ones to say you been there. soon as yall get discover more and more, theres something that your going to see that cannot be unseen and that maybe the last of earth. Maybe thats when God will return is when scientist touch something that shouldn't be touched or explored.
Future President (18 days ago)
The moon's gravity also has an effect.
Neil Christianson (18 days ago)
"Aurora Australius" 26:43 Nobody higher up the chain at NS caught this one?
Doug Dickerson (21 days ago)
Well I’ll be dead and gone but I’d say those in the future better be living on another planet by then.
autoyota (21 days ago)
The clown scientist that wants to crack the earth and pour metal down the crack. How is that idiot employed? What happens along cracks in the mantle? Vulcanos?
István Sipos (22 days ago)
yesss, please, nuke-crack Earth open. what can possibly go wrong.. or perhaps find a 2nd Earth first and test the Nuke cracker there. better safe than sorry
Wilhelm Sarasalo (23 days ago)
How about Iceland has a mid Atlantic crack, lava comes from the top. And Hawaii, sits on top of a deep hot spot over which the crust has moved creating an island chain.
I SHIT all over the fucking freeloading military & police officers & judges and their violent fanatical extremist rightwing conservative cults, FORCING people in prison if you don't take their law shit seriously. As long as fuckhead RIGHTARD CUNTSERVATURDS SHIT all over the tremendously hard work (something soldiers & cops & judges & prosecutors & prison guards know nothing about) of physical scientists & computer scientists & engineers & mathematicians & mechanics, then ANY job ANY area of expertise is FAIR GAME for being shat upon.
Steven Rafter (24 days ago)
Imperial and misogynistic ... come on NS it's about time to make references in line with appropriate scientific speak.
Shadow Ego (24 days ago)
At 42:50 guy says he's an insane maverick for suggesting the earth has a nuclear reaction going on in the core. If it's such a novel and crazy idea that only he has, why was I taught the same thing in school in the mid 80's?
Inceptions661 (25 days ago)
Agartha, motherfuckers...
tom weaver (25 days ago)
whos watching this for science class
Matthew Trotter (25 days ago)
it got boring
Moxon (25 days ago)
You just admitted we have only gone down 7.5 miles, yet you're telling people we know whats below that... I say keep digging and quit guessing .
Moxon (13 days ago)
Walter Carter The world needs more fearless men such as yourself. Without your determination to bottom out mankind may be lost. Thank you for your hard, enduring effort. XD
Walter Carter (13 days ago)
I've gone down AT LEAST 7.5 miles. "No muff too tough" is what I'm known to say.
Matthew Monzillo (26 days ago)
I love the information about our world
Walter Carter (13 days ago)
I like their world better. God's masterpiece was the cooter. Word.
First Last (26 days ago)
7:48 Rock is a good insulator? They've always felt like good conductors to me. Anyone who's ever walked barefoot on a rock in the hot sun, or on a cold winter day can tell you that. Is it compared to water, or hydrogen?
SuperTroll (27 days ago)
oh my god this was boring
SuperTroll (27 days ago)
these are all satanic lies, you will all die in hell if you do not stop watching lies. praise the lord
SuperTroll (27 days ago)
ha ha
James Casolari (28 days ago)
better leave the earths core alone ,drop a atom bomb to make that crack might keep on going like the movie crack in the world . the guy is not thinking about that
Steve Bano (28 days ago)
*....In my Earth Science TexT Book in the 1980s there was a Diagram of Each Layer of The Earth. The TexT Referenced a Drilling Company for the information. The furthest any Company, Country, or Person has Drilled into the Earth is A little over Eight Miles.. Where did this Documentary get their Information from, Besides Educational Guesses and Speculation...?*
l o (29 days ago)
You need really long periods of time supposed to fully hoodwink the masses with this garbage. You see nobody was alive to see it. Melt a magnet yourself & see what happens - it loses its field.
Falc1NL (1 month ago)
I love these panic scenes
John Campbell (1 month ago)
The "molten Earth's core" is only a theory NOT a fact...scientists have only guess work to back up any claims
Talkingaboutpain.com We all need HELP STICK TOGETHER WWG1WGA
E Kaos (1 month ago)
"and what would we do if this magnetic field completely depleted?, well we would be pretty well fucked!
Vex T (1 month ago)
Mars lost its' atmosphere most likely when that missing fifth planet called the asteroid belt blew up.
krishna Nalwade (1 month ago)
mr. Stevenson we humans think your idea will not only destroy Mother Earth along with the entire Human race and everything with it, Mother Earth has allowed us to stay, live and enjoy her hospitality for nearly 300,000 years so please drop your idea and allow other humans to live here as long as mother Earth alive.....
TheTwittered (1 month ago)
"It's as if earth has a barcode" ancient aliens confirmed, earth is a harvest planet.
boondocksaints2011 (1 month ago)
Did that dude get his degree in corn starch.
Davidm. Byrd (1 month ago)
Lorral333 (1 month ago)
Every year gets hotter, so if we have no protection from the sun, what does that tell you? Jesus says that during the tribulation, men will be scorched to death when they go out! Revelation 16:8-9
Lorral333 (1 month ago)
I've never seen so many idiots just aching to see what "Hell" looks like! Repent and be saved and you'll never in reality feel it!
Waldie Schmidtke (1 month ago)
Iron loses its magnetic field property when melted ..... your iron theory is bullshit .
Jane20121985 (1 month ago)
that theory of how we got our hot interior is utter nonsense
Joint Strain (1 month ago)
Think about it, if you try to dig to the center of the earth, you can only dig DOWN to roughly 1/2 R, then you start digging UP because all the mass around you is pulling gravitationally on you, the closer you get to the center of the mass the more the mass pulls on you. You can prove this absolutely by going through the following thought experiment: Imaging you are standing on earth, now bring in another earth that you hold up with your extended arms. You are able to hold the two planets away from each other until you are able to enclose yourself inside an indestructible sphere that now keeps the two planets from colliding. Now if you have good balance, you are suspended between the gravitational pulls of the two planets. Now, Fill in the rest of the space to make a planet earth of 2 times the diameter plus the bubble you are in, inside the center. So, now you are being pulled upon by the surrounding mass of the planet around you. IF there is an iron ball at the center of the planet, it would be rotating in virtually zero gravity.
Black Water (1 month ago)
11:50 Lol this man will destroy the Earth.
WatDaMattaForYou (1 month ago)
Sounds like this man at 11:17 wants to make a crack in the world like the man did in the 1960's movie "Crack In The World." Maybe he watched the movie once and came up with the idea.
alex iordache (1 month ago)
>the reactor might die in 100 years, maybe 1000 Oh, suck my big fat 100 or 1000cm long cock, you fraud.
airborneexplorer (1 month ago)
"Imaginary journey " and I'm done. Bye
Jim P (1 month ago)
Hot iron is not magnetic
kukul roukul (1 month ago)
freaking americans nd their media
louis swanson (1 month ago)
in space run cable arround earth, from south to north. shield it from sunlight,heaat, super chill to cyrogenic temps ,lowering resestencein the cable.this will be aa magnetic generator, to chargg up spaceshhips for radiation proteection.
Ian Ian (1 month ago)
its not twice the height of Everest its like 11km to ten and a teeny bit or something. cant remember which is which: high or tall - one is measured from sea level one is from top to bottom(ish)...either way...twice, my arse! That's told you, mr TV guy and told you good, you mug!
Ian Ian (1 month ago)
we're doomed! if it cools to the cut-off temperature it's like flicking a switch! no one knows what the cut-off temperature is! it could reach it next week! don't panic! the earth is not gonna cool down in the next hundred years and lose its magnetohydrodynamo
ztwntyn8 (1 month ago)
Wow one guy wants to bomb the crust open and melt to the core and the other guy says we have a 5mile ball of plutonium.... but really who the hell believes this crap and how did it make a video? Sure there is cooling and always has been. If it were close to catastrophe I would think we would already be extinct well before it actually happened. Oh and cancer epidemic.... seems like we already have that to me.
live free (1 month ago)
ok i dont want any more cracks i think we have enough of those...no more volcanoes we have them too..no more explosions of some crap we dont need..yep..i think thats it...we dont belong down there...so dont do this stupid stuff...how many times you gotta be told..#YOUARENOTGOD

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