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Naked Science - Earth's Core

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Subscribe to Naked Science - http://goo.gl/wpc2Q1 Every other Wednesday we present a new video, so join us to see the truth laid bare... There is a place on Earth that we have never seen. It is a place of unimaginable heat and pressure, where no life could survive. Yet without it, we would perish for it holds the key to our precarious existence on this planet. 2000 miles below the Earth's surface, there is a vast ocean of molten iron. The spinning outer core of the Earth generates a protective magnetic shield around the planet, defending life from lethal space radiation. But now there is startling data that it could be about to stop defending us. Naked Science is taking you on a journey to the centre of the Earth.
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Junior Espinal (6 days ago)
So basicly you want 2 blow up the earth😑
The Disabled Gamer (11 days ago)
Can we depart from Science for just a moment and pause the video at 23:54 and enjoy the view, if you like what you see as well like and comment "Nice Ass" below.
Michael (13 days ago)
the earth was already molten inside and out from its formation and pressure when the planet like object struck the earth. and from other comments below, other ppl have noticed other utterly false information provided. glad i watched it though, another video ill be sure to add to the list of uneducational videos i wont let my kids see. i prefer my kids to watch real science docos.
Being an Earthling w/59 yrs. of planetary experience, my honest assessment of this video is that it was so poorly filmed that now it is free to watch & will remain so for thousands of years. Paul Williams or Jason Ellson should be made eligible for the next experimental journey to the core.
Kyle Mouttet (14 days ago)
*watches the movie "The Core"... thinks, this'd make a good idea to knock off in a youtube video* *makes youtube video based on that idea* *$*
Andy Hay. (15 days ago)
Within 10 secs states nothing lives in the core. My friend the core is life.
Sedat KPunkt (16 days ago)
Nearly in every american documentary they find a reason to shoot on a something with an assault rifle. No matter what they want to demonstrate or vizualize... And these weird units like inch, feet, fahrenheit make the nubers mentioned worthless. Measuring something in feet sounds like something from a distant age. Feet..whose feet are the model? Of the current president? Thank god that they don't use "hands". With the tiny hands of Trump you would have astronomical numbers when measuring distances on earth... :D Jokes aside America is considered "the New World". And in the old world we have the metric system since the french revolution (18th century)
Dj Pandemora Pandemora (17 days ago)
If the moon Europa is tilted on its axis even slightly as it orbits the giant planet Jupiter, then Jupiter's gravitational pull could be creating powerful waves in Europa's ocean. As those waves dissipate, they would give off significant heat energy. If this happens in Jupiter Orbit, why is not our Moon that makes Earth core get this heat energy? And why is not a big drama that the Moon is about an inch and a half further away from Earth every year?Makes more money telling people the adverse change of weather is Human fault?!Tks for video¨!
Una Jane Eskew (20 days ago)
Yes. You go back to eating your jello and thinking you are smart. Idiot
Mark Paintner (21 days ago)
Introduce nuclear waste into the core, this might help.
Alex Kong (24 days ago)
99% remain unexplored , but some Western stupid said the world now is over population ~mfao~
Ummm we only drilled like 7miles into d earth though, sooo....
Fordy McFord (26 days ago)
AAKASH TEWARI (27 days ago)
12.50. ...that retarded...fucker..
pahrahinc (28 days ago)
Doom & Gloom. Give us more money in the form of Grants for more study and we won't scare you so much. Sucker!
Nate Ellenberger (28 days ago)
Naked Science has great videos!! Please keep uploading the cool documentaries. ....I feel so nerdy being hooked on science these days. :)
Justin H. (1 month ago)
Wait... Was that an oxymoron? At the beginning of the video. The narrator basically described everything about the earth's core and stated "facts" relating to different parts of the core.. But then, it continues with "We're taking an imaginary journey to the center of the earth to find out what the core is." The reason I'm even bringing this up is. How do they honestly know for 100% certainty of what's actually going on down there? Just curious.. Thanks for the upload though.
God Was Bored (1 month ago)
I was wondering why, with over 1 million views, there are only 3.7k upvotes. Now I know. What a sensationalist piece of crap this is. I thought it would be science, but no, its also Jerry Springer type writing. Could have been great.
Andrew Armstrong (1 month ago)
Take it with a pinch of salt
SPACE TRUCKER (1 month ago)
Erect homo what?
Nature53 (1 month ago)
Or the magnetic field is being influenced by the moon
Nature53 (1 month ago)
The earth is switching poles in its magnetic field this has happened thousands of times I cannot believe how dumb the human body can be you win a world record for dumbest person on the planet
Nature53 (1 month ago)
I hated this video 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
Nature53 (1 month ago)
The crust is over 70,000 miles thick you dumbo
Nature53 (1 month ago)
Excuse me it would take 32 minutes not 32 hours go look that up
hawkeye0248 (1 month ago)
Ha, ha, ha ... another piece of crappy research emanating from Goddard. About time uncle Trump is asked to stop the weirdo science created in this Institute. Why is the situation on Earth not compared to what is going on on Venus? This is at least a planet comparable in size to earth. Venus has no magnetic shield, Earth does. Why?
Kyle S (1 month ago)
The sun does not act like a nuclear reactor at all. Nuclear reactors use a process called fission. The sun uses a process called fusion, which is different and generally produces less radiation because of the elements used.
Dakota Lally (1 month ago)
46:26 I'm not opposed to this idea. It makes a lot of sense. At the time of writing this, I notice the video was published just over 5 years prior. I plan to look this up later; curious what science has unlocked since.
INERT (1 month ago)
Ugh, these grade six explanations show me just how ignorant I am to my own planet.
ILLUSIONofLIES (1 month ago)
So why the deeper you dig the colder it gets and how come we don't see lava everywhere deep that we dig?
ILLUSIONofLIES (1 month ago)
Brainwash Bs...😒😴
Tim L (1 month ago)
At time 46:28 they didn't want you to hear that calcultion. I wonder why?
Paul Davenport (1 month ago)
I gotta start making these videos and have women floating are nude. The title said, "Naked Science".
James Clark (1 month ago)
The sky diver would actually accelerate as he got closer to the center of the earth because gravity would be getting stronger and stronger.
Alex Duke (1 month ago)
This is all fake people open your eyes the Earth is flat and gravity is a lie lol
C Bruce Strickland (1 month ago)
We have some possibility science that shows planets and moons could be hollow in places along with oceans or waters. Take the Fact that when we crashed an object into the moon it vibrated like a bell and did so for some time. Science tells us there is water deep in the earth. As much as the oceans on the surface. Now just to really shake up the settled science guys,... there was a time when it did not rain. We had heavy morning dues along with natural deep spring wells to provide for the live back then.
funitude (1 month ago)
There was no big bang. Its only a theory for people that can't admit they are ignorant to what the truth is. I am so sick of listening to scientist using the big bang in a statement as if it is fact!
Bobby Baldeagle (1 month ago)
Ya the big bang.... God said it and bang it was done!!!!
Rudels P (1 month ago)
I love how they confidently make claims without real proof
George Valdez (1 month ago)
This was stupid corn syrup really 10 billion dollars what a dumbass.
redhorn ,sms (1 month ago)
Annoying back scene music
Ed Parachini (1 month ago)
This video is based off of mistaken ideas. It's known the poles have flipped dozens of time and each time before they did the strength of the magnetic field dropped until nearly vanishing. When it came back up to full strength it was in opposite poles. At least next time present optional data instead of trying to make is sound like a doomsday prediction that's nothing but a lie. While the core will cool and solidify it's in no danger of doing that for at least a billion years.
Gaming Dragon (1 month ago)
The one with the atomic bomb is kinda dumb because it will leave radiation after so how will they be able to drop the molten iron in there without someone getting killed or mutated
Rob Sin (1 month ago)
https://www.faceclips.net/video/ptMik-EZQf8/are-you-livin.html🎥 Are You Living in a Simulated Reality? - Faceclips.Net
Mrsickvoodoo (1 month ago)
You don't know jack
Michael Boyd (1 month ago)
Go in sido be for it blows and make some ships and dourn. That the outher cant destory if thy try to so hard lik bobm porufe ships
Michael Boyd (1 month ago)
Yes it cold and we cold go in the vocio and git the hot ioren the real ioren andbild a large ships to take the people off this rock like a calaesl and fliy a way and mackeit a hoverd craft that can move fast and hard as the dimeans witch is one hardes things and. Make dourns with lazers to defind the pople at the midel o the vocino or the core and use all tipes of spiers out dimeaions lazers red or black the cristels safier AND the did you see the move core wear they wint all the way though it and re toured the earth 60 degreys
Alex Duke (1 month ago)
And who in their right mind is going to give this ass hole 10 billion dollars and afkn nuke how TF is this revolutionary.... Hell y'all boys let's nuke the crust to crack it then pour a bunch of hot ass shit in it to burn all the way to the core it shouldn't screw anything up it worked perfectly on my jello and corn syrup model!!! What??? WTF did you just say if it was remotely half a good idea the Russians would have done it already but I'm pretty sure even they know better what's to say it doesn't get too the core then the Earth implodes like that skydivers head and gives the man on the moon a facial and we die bcuz we lose our magnetic radiation reflector and the aliens are sitting there watching wondering why we would make our planet a massive deflated beach ball IDK maybe I'm just not progressive enough to understand
Alex Duke (1 month ago)
No the deepest hole is Mel's hole in Ellensburg, Washington not that boring communist hole
Ross Thatcher (1 month ago)
What a bunch of indoctrinated hogwash! Earth is flat and stationary. This type of propaganda is obviously contrived nonsense to keep pushing the globalists agenda to keep the masses stupid and blind to reality. WE SEE THROUGH YOUR PROGRAMMING!
lissa leggs (1 month ago)
Why we need Superman.. Only one who can save us is an illegal immigrant from planet Krypton..
Ramon Preston (1 month ago)
Eureka moment: Split the earth with an atomic bomb and dump all our spent nuclear rods into it. At the most it can only be spewed back out at us or reach critical mass and blow the earth to pieces. What a Darwin Award on our way out!
Pred Megalodon (1 month ago)
This is a guess at best, cause no one has ever been that deep to see what goes on down there.
JUAN LOPEZ (1 month ago)
How can they possibly know that all speculations but still interesting
Bill Duerfeldt (1 month ago)
Someone, Who ought to know, inspired these words to be written a very long time ago: "Men may come, and men may go, but the Earth abides." (Eccl. 1:4). I think we'll be OK for awhile yet.
Maggie Satterfield (1 month ago)
Stevenson is a lunatic.!
Daedracian (1 month ago)
This is the second I think I have watched a naked science video and now they are claiming to have done reasearch beyond interviews and what they got was what you would get from asking basic questions to an engineer
Eugene Laporte (1 month ago)
No life at earth's core? What?
Travis Lind (1 month ago)
This dude is extremely stupid haha
Flow Em (1 month ago)
i don't like the idea of more radiation
Adrian (1 month ago)
Everything radiates! I guess you meant radioactive radiation. Insufficient accuracy! Don't kill me... 😜✌
Boona (1 month ago)
Elon Musk has yet another hurtle to jump in his Mars Utopia dream.
First Last (1 month ago)
45:25 You dont say? Uranium is a natural nuclear reactor?
ʞuɐɹɟ (1 month ago)
16:55 best dubstep ever
M Krump (1 month ago)
37:00 That is now interesting... 37:57 does this change pole also will affect the weather? Probably yes... He got his key process answer ... 37:10 https://youtu.be/2fS9ixfQ_no?t=5546 Just need to calcul when the spinx heart will be straight with this star (regulos).
Carl Parkinson (1 month ago)
Catastrophic would be the only result of causing a deliberate crack to the earths core
MidnightSt (1 month ago)
8:46 lost it at the "pressure demonstration", that's not how it works, point-concentrated impulse pressure behaves wholly differently from homogenous all-surface persistent pressure... -.-
Travis Weaver (1 month ago)
Naked science has a lot of theory but no facts what do you really know
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Happydaze (1 month ago)
The Russians went down the deepest ever at less than eight miles, then you tell us exactly what is below that? Proof? You scientism heads better wake up to the lies being fed to you. Molten iron can't maintain a magnetic field. Oh, you didn't know that? So many parrots wanting a cracker! SHOWMETHECURVE!
“Stevenson’s idea is a long way from being tested....” understatement of the year. This video is so much drivel.
Josh Kb (2 months ago)
coincidentally, I am watching this on 10/10/18 lol
bus king (2 months ago)
I suspect it's the gravitational pull of the moon that keeps the core liquid,if the moon can move billions of tons of water twice a day,what effect does it have on the land surface ?also maybe that's one of the causes of earthquakes,it has to have some bearing.
Joel Gratton (2 months ago)
let colonize Venus fuck mars
M H Doobs (2 months ago)
The pressure at the core is like a..... new breed cop standing nearby with assault rifle...while I have a fugitive watermelon in my car. Sounds about right. I’m out.
Tantiwa Hopak (2 months ago)
32 hrs to reach to the core under free fall really?
hokiepokie (2 months ago)
News flash... Molten magnets, are not magnetic.
hokiepokie (1 month ago)
++Ray Watson ... I learn something new every day! https://youtu.be/rAYW9n8i-C4
hokiepokie (1 month ago)
+Ray Watson ... I didn't, but I'll look into it now! Thanks!
Ray Watson (1 month ago)
"Molten magnets, are not magnetic" - yes they are, didnt you watch the sodium experiment ?
Frederick Rhodes (2 months ago)
Earths core is a geodynamo, and causes an electric arc furnace, and it’s surface attracts stardust particles, increasing its size, volume, mass and the pressure on the core providing a feedback loop causing the surface to grow, as can be seen in the ocean volcanic ridges of the tectonic plates, like the plates of a tortoise shell grow large.
hallets1956 (2 months ago)
A sky diver free falling through the earth is pure fiction. That's true, but if someone on Facebook posted that a sky diver free fell through the earth, there'd be some morons who would actually believe it lolol
Odin Coulombe (2 months ago)
I wont say i know how our earth stays a safe home in space,but i have seen (on youtube) evidence of UFOs repairing our ozone. God in the bible says he will make a new earth,,so i guess nothing last forever not even the earth and sky boo hooo.Oh and ive also seen on youtube that mars does have a magnetic charge.
David Gagnon (2 months ago)
An Imaginary Journey?? Exactly!
TM MT (2 months ago)
THIS IS ALL SUPPOSITIOIN no one has ever been to the core and come back to prove it, as far as we know..EARTH, when hit by asteroids and comets, as well recorded from the bomb on Hiroshima, Earth rang like a bell for over 3 hours....this of course does prove that yes Earth has a core but it is a nuclear reaction creating heat, gravity and magnetics.. A full blown star in the Hollow Earth...has to be if she rings like a bell for over 3 hours.. if she were solid it would sound like hitting a ripe watermellon no ring just a thud....EARTH she rings...Science lies about science in your face.... here is another one.. NASA and NOAA together announced that 85% of any global warming is from the sun ahd its 11 and 17 year cycles and so even though there is a large ice melt in Antarctica its only melting in west antarctica... all reports show the east is getting colder and the ice is getting bigger ...you get to earths core via south pole station oops no one goes to mainland... lol.. here is another provable truth... that a very few humans have ever been to or anywhere near pine island ice shelf, Antarctica..in documented human history humans have only been there twice.. the first time was in 1994 when it took a U.S. Navy super ice-breaker ship over 9 months to reach pine island ... the second time was in 2010 by the same U.S. navy super ice-breaker it took 10 plus months.....cruise ships do not go to antarctica ...and PAUL REVERE NEvER MADE A MIDNIGHT RIDE...LMAO.......
troy millay (2 months ago)
The real fact is that no scientist knows what our inner earth is like. It is all theroy. This program is reporting this as fact.
Cameron Padron (2 months ago)
Let's not drill holes in the earth with nukes.
Toxx Plays (2 months ago)
The Earth and it’s Core spins just as the sodium ball spins.... Didn’t know that Earth spins at 30 rotations per second just like the sodium ball. Please explain how this is possible, are we going through a full day and night in a second now? Like is this video exactly 3,012 days long?
Gary Anderson II (1 month ago)
Get Informed (2 months ago)
Not such reactor, sorry buddy, the helium observed is the side effect of the lava elements their trip to the surface, it is not the core that generates the traces of helium but the trip to the surface when elements combined... you are welcome
Get Informed (2 months ago)
There wont be such a flip, it did happened in t past due to aa higher activity in the core of the earth, what we seeing is a Magnetic Bubble, small deviations and alterations, leftovers from the higher activity we had before, nothing else nothing more, those scientists need to get a real job and do something more productive for humanity instead of taking vacations in Hawaii
Gergely Grubits (2 months ago)
What about Inner Earth?!
Gary Anderson II (1 month ago)
Get Informed (2 months ago)
Scientists don't know what is going on, after years and years and years of research...talk about job security, keep asking for money and time to keep t research going, nice way to suck up money from society
Get Informed (2 months ago)
Nad that is the reason why California, a Democratic state has no money to pay their bills, keep investing their money in things that give nothing in return to humanity, dreams down the drain and ideas that don't make sense
Get Informed (2 months ago)
That skydiver gonna need plenty of tacos to help him get there
Get Informed (2 months ago)
Interesting but we have nothing to worry about, we are slowly killing our planet along with everything that lives on her, by the time something catastrophic like this happens will be long gone, thanks anyways for the heads up
troy davey (2 months ago)
News flash! The Earth is a globe but the moon is as flat as a dinner plate! Huh ,who knew. Insiders say its made of diamond and the debeers control NASA so to control the engagement ring market. I bloody knew it!
troy davey (2 months ago)
Can some self proclaimed expert with a degree in pot smoking and 1000 hours on you tube documentaries please leave sacramonious comments below. Lack of ego required.
tonytor53 (2 months ago)
we can current,y generate megaTesla magnetic fields millions of times the strength of core generated fields. We could easily generate enormous fields over a city to protect the area. The military & NSA know that. One of the experiments conducted in the 1990s off the coast of Sicily's northern sea generated magnetic field is capable of inducing thousands of volts in metal wire including home appliances, setting mattresses on fire. European scientists examine the phenomenon and came up that the conclusion that to generate such a magnetic field he would take over 14 TeraJoules! The source of the magnetic field was from the bottom of the sea. Don't believe me? Google "magnetism, Sicily and DiCorona".
Jeff McCrea (2 months ago)
No wonder Herndon can't get traction on his idea. There can't be any plutonium in the earth's core. The heaviest natural element in the universe is uranium. Plutonium is a man made element made in reactors under specific conditions. It would be a tremendous coincidence that those specific conditions would be met naturally in the earth's core. On top of that, if there was enough PURE uranium 235 in the earth's core to spontaneously fission, it would have blown the planet apart billions of years ago. This is why documentary producers shouldn't do science that they DON'T understand. They should at least check out these ideas with actual experts and not just take the word of one quack BEFORE presenting them as possibilities to the public.
Mustafa khan (2 months ago)
why the earth came into existence, why it has water, moon, ozone layer, magnetic field and a lot more. why the plants release oxygen, why we need oxygen for living. these all could'nt be coincidences. These are pre planned phenomena,s and there is a planner watching all this Happening down here. he's not tired of doing all these as mentioned in the #QURAN (02:225), '"Allah! There is no god but He,-the Living, the Self-subsisting, Eternal. No slumber can seize Him nor sleep. His are all things in the heavens and on earth. Who is there can intercede in His presence except as He permitteth? He knoweth what (appeareth to His creatures as) before or after or behind them. Nor shall they compass aught of His knowledge except as He willeth. His Throne doth extend over the heavens and the earth, and He feeleth no fatigue in guarding and preserving them for He is the Most High, the Supreme (in glory)."'.........
Mas Rifqi (2 months ago)
the earth’s molten content will burst out from that opening he made before he even pour those liquid iron because of its sheer higher pressure. simple physic
The Watcher (2 months ago)
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Matthew Monzillo (2 months ago)
We're doomed
Don Barnes (2 months ago)
Not true, physics proves it would take 42mins to fall through the earth

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