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Riad Camilia, a luxury riad in the Marrakech medina

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One of the most gorgeous, luxurious and friendly riads you could hope to find in the Marrakech medina. It's one of our favourite places to stay in all of Morocco, the sort of place where you arrive as guests and leave as friends. Riad Camilia also has some of the largest bedrooms we've ever seen in a riad, and the roof terrace is positively huge, meaning there is always somewhere private to sit and drink your mint tea. Subscribe for more of our videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm7t02Gp90Ur-nV-LAlEqLA For more about Riad Camilia click here: http://www.conversanttraveller.com/marrakech-riads/ ++Connect with us 😀++ Blog: http://www.conversanttraveller.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theconversanttraveller Twitter: https://twitter.com/conv_traveller Pinterest: https://uk.pinterest.com/conv_traveller/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/conversant_traveller/ Music: "2 Above Zero" by http://audionautix.com/index.php New Here? Hi! We’re Heather and Peter Cole, a 30 something British couple who fit our day jobs around frequent luxury adventure travel. We like checking out quirky places to stay, so you’ll often find us in castles, tree houses and caves!
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Text Comments (9)
Jacqueline Amar (16 days ago)
Trés luxueux,superbe
yousef AlMarzooqi (2 months ago)
Too fast
_Bitie _ (2 months ago)
Very beautiful.
Nicolas Pawlowski (3 months ago)
What a pleasure to meet you both in this wonderful house!! Congrats for such a great job you do making anyone travelling around!!! Best. Nico
Conversant Traveller (3 months ago)
It's our pleasure! And thanks for being such a superb host all these years, we always say no matter how amazing a riad or hotel is, it's the people behind it that really make a difference. :-)
Chris (1 year ago)
Too fast camera work and too fast the music.
DonVito Corleone (2 years ago)
the Riad is really pretty, just not sure on those passageway like tunnels, its too narrow and dark.
Conversant Traveller (2 years ago)
It's really not dark at all DonVito, there's a surprising amount of light considering there aren't any windows. And the alleyways aren't too claustrophobic, they're wider than they look.
Travelling Weasels (2 years ago)
I always wanted to go to Morocco, this makes me want to go there even more! Great video :)

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