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How books can open your mind | Lisa Bu

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What happens when a dream you've held since childhood ... doesn't come true? As Lisa Bu adjusted to a new life in the United States, she turned to books to expand her mind and create a new path for herself. She shares her unique approach to reading in this lovely, personal talk about the magic of books. TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and much more. Find closed captions and translated subtitles in many languages at http://www.ted.com/translate Follow TED news on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/tednews Like TED on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TED Subscribe to our channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/TEDtalksDirector
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Text Comments (690)
Nicolas Le (6 hours ago)
What should I do to be interested in reading book?
Naincy Rani (3 days ago)
after watching it..i just said,''wow''..''even with a shattered dream..u can do much better''.
magicalgold010 (4 days ago)
Read the holy Qur'an. Filled with wisdom and truth throughout
Dio Avila (5 days ago)
2:28 Bible is not just for reading, it's for studying. There are Doctors who read the Bible, they're called "Theologians."
Dio Avila (6 days ago)
Book teaches you to accept yourself and be yourself; it's not about success or failure, but finding yourself. Great talk and so sincere and honest!
Susie Q (8 days ago)
She is funny
Saurabh Tewari (8 days ago)
First time I like a Chinese 🤣
Lanie Rose (9 days ago)
Having a goosebumps.... one of the best videos ive ever watch..thank you
Animesh Das (10 days ago)
What a speaker!!!!
Kimiko Kasai (11 days ago)
no offence reading doesn't change your mind ... experiences do .... when u read books its always about another persons perspective and experiences ... reading should not be your only companion ... life should be your companion !!
Tangela Serls (11 days ago)
I love this. From literature to objects like maps and artifacts, perspective can change everything. Narratives like those found in books can be immensely powerful and profound.
Leslie Tianyuan Zhang (12 days ago)
Come on this is so ridiculous! China never wanna become the center of the world. What is this lady talking about.... jokes...
Him Anshu (12 days ago)
Sami Abdulrahman (12 days ago)
Wow! That was really interesting. I totally agree with you. I've read twice Dale carnegie's notable book, which was about "How to Win Friends and Influence People." still I am so eager to read it again, because that wonderful book, really changed my life. Thanks a lot for your beautiful words.
Fatima Boukhdoud (13 days ago)
There's no genius who doesn't or hasn't been obsessed with books
Phuc Coi (14 days ago)
winner ooi (14 days ago)
Her life changes after moving out from China
Amir Jamili (14 days ago)
The perfect kind of like is what everybody can find in books he or she read. The only point is to choose the right books based on our tastes.
Genevieve Babic (16 days ago)
GANGST1ER (17 days ago)
Чисто вырвалось из-за наименования в наставлениях. Я взял твою бу и я ее ебу!
Eray Cevizli (18 days ago)
Utkarsh Pathak (19 days ago)
I am really new at books, so does anybody have some idea of how to choose books wisely because there is ton of them and you just can't read them all.
swashim (19 days ago)
So should I read non-fiction or fiction? I usually read personal development books but am open to suggestions and the reasoning behind it. Thanks!
adalet (20 days ago)
Bu kitaplar diye okudum mk hangi kitaplar acaba diye bekledim 6 dk
Le Garçon Qui ment (21 days ago)
Didn’t have to come for the Bible
Victor Ernesto (22 days ago)
NinjaCheese (25 days ago)
Thank you comrade!
Fasel Wani (26 days ago)
I dont like books.
Ali Raheem (26 days ago)
Thanks that was lovely 😍
M3GB (27 days ago)
Big Data of this video can say that books are still important in the age of new media !
STAR VALLEY Studio (30 days ago)
so good idea . #starvalleystudio.
Hollywood's hub (30 days ago)
Thank you for your efforts mam Aapka tahe dil se dhnyavad ❤️ ❤️ 🇮🇳 🇮🇳 🇮🇳 🙏 🙏
Jesus Budhha (1 month ago)
Great talk !
Jason Rollins (1 month ago)
I enjoyed this video she's right
George Hernandez (1 month ago)
what ? Jesus was tempt more than budda how can she compared budda to Christ ? and she still mocks
DWNtoERTH (1 month ago)
I sucked at school. Well, I think I chose to. I hated forced attention on subjects that didn’t interest me. I didn’t have the mental fortitude to read the readings or write the essays. They seemed to be robbing me of my life force. I wanted to do what I want and learn how I wanted to. Well. Time caught up with me, I realized I really should have tried harder but that’s not how life works. Living in a world of shouldas. Then, maybe it was maturity, or the sense of urgency, I started a running habit. 5 Kms three or four times a week. This in turn sparked something else in my mind. Positive thoughts, forward thinking and most of all a quiet powerful focus. I forget the book but it doesn’t matter. I finished a whole book, my first in over 10-12 years. What? I enjoyed that. What else do I want to read about. And on it went to present day. I’ve read 100+ books since 2015 and all I can say is thank you running shoes. The future is amazing when you apply yourself and learn to learn on your own. It is the best time to be alive.
Eli Yah (1 month ago)
The Bible was made only for the 12 tribes of Israel not everyone 😂 that’s why many nations don’t understand .
The BOOK Of ROSE (1 month ago)
Books reduce my stress
Jacky Shaw (1 month ago)
This is purely fantastic.
Antwi Dominic (1 month ago)
Andy Austin (1 month ago)
I absolutely love the intelligence and positivity of this woman!. A truly inspirational piece.
afif hasan (1 month ago)
That's amazing 💩😺
Virgilia Pamutongan (1 month ago)
Thank you. 😊 Amen. 🙅
No Name (1 month ago)
Michelle Obama's book ?🤔🤔 have anice day🌺⚘🌺
Christian David (1 month ago)
Look how the holy Bible have changed life of this girl. I do think that all of people must read Bible to improve thier lives because our God is able to change lives . May Lord Jesus bless u all.
Transform talk (1 month ago)
OMG, when I first started to know the bible in the western world. "You should honor your father and monther " was also so impressive me.
scarlett blaze (1 month ago)
She looks my age.... -Note: am 16
Sam A3 (2 months ago)
I'm in love
syahidah afiqah (2 months ago)
I really grateful that I stumbled upon this. Her talk is fun and inspiring. I can relate to her.
Joana D. (2 months ago)
Such a pity that you think the Bible is a strange book. Indeed I have never seen such a great book that changes life like it.
Afif Alqi (2 months ago)
Buku apa saja yang menarik?
Bayarmaa Dashdondog (2 months ago)
She is so adorable and so sweet. yes thr the books always with me.
"The Bible is interesting but strange...😊"
Coco Berry (2 months ago)
Best talk ever
Dane L (2 months ago)
I don’t honor or respect my parents
Rohit Goswami (2 months ago)
Welcome sweetheart again
Hrithik Latare (2 months ago)
"The one who read books is always happy and successful in life " I am so touched by her thoughts... Really a big thanks for those precious words 👏🤗
Bima Sudiarto (2 months ago)
How old is she?? Dang!
Irfan Ahmad (2 months ago)
Books really sharply opens expand growing mind Power...
Hernan Perez (2 months ago)
I have a thumbs down to this talk without even listening to it..... then she got my attention and I enjoyed it. We do this all the time, don't we! Worse yet, with the people we love the most.
Envy (2 months ago)
I think a safe and well paid is a better choice for most of us
Assema Serik (3 months ago)
I agree her opinion about books . She had been taught differently her whole life education and the people who held authority over her. She began to read book and learn things that shaped her future. She also got to see how two different types of languages relate and differ . Books our keys for own life . And interested me in this me China's world map . It's so cool.
Why is description in Russian?It's a joke or what...Perhaps just VPN😂😃
shut up i hate book reports
Harris Hartman (3 months ago)
Books have given me a magic portal to connect with people of the past and the present... ☕
ankit kumar (3 months ago)
Did someone ever tell you to.. Read more
tHug 99 (3 months ago)
Just love this chnl...💓💓
Nasra AL (3 months ago)
Hafsa Azhari (3 months ago)
"Reading books connect me with people in the past and in the present." 😀 If you want to connect with past, present and Future, you may read Quran (Muslims' Holy Book) too. 😆
Sabir I am polyglot (3 months ago)
Bravo 🍻
Maja Marinic (4 months ago)
Yes, books saved my life. I sooo like books, but not any kind of. Books that are inspiring, life stories, about life and myself. I am so fired up that I created a website about the books that I read, so I"m making blog posts, short posts and sum of what I read. I try to make it interesting and educational. check it out here for free https://fraudiller.wordpress.com Happy reading and learning! :)
jojo (4 months ago)
such a wonderful speaker
Sam Davis (4 months ago)
Not enough "like" buttonss......xc
tl travel (4 months ago)
I believe the books can change a people
Ed D (4 months ago)
I started to read comic books and many people dislike the odea of anyone reading comics. Why is that? Reading takes your mind to places. ☺
Sunay Gençdal (4 months ago)
Rahil NA (4 months ago)
Love it 💙
peng (4 months ago)
sticking with football but thanks
priti saklani (4 months ago)
One of the best Ted talks ever 👏👏
Rahmi Chairani (4 months ago)
I love this video
Darwin Mendoza Ramirez (4 months ago)
alguien sabe como traducir al español lo dicho?
Willyn Grace (5 months ago)
I *LOVEEEE* reading. But not these kind of books. I read alot of YA Fiction and you don't know how many times I've been shamed. They'd call me "fake reader" because I don't like reading classics and stuff and It really discouraged me. I stopped reading YA and proceeded reading classics like Pride and Prejudice. I normally finish a book in a day or two but that book took me a MONTH. I forced myself to like it and read another classic. After reading that I was discouraged again and this time, I stopped reading completely. I forced myself to like this book that it made me hate reading. After *2 YEARS* of reading slump I finally found the courage to start reading again. This time, the books I enjoy.
Juliana Meyer (5 months ago)
kendini bilmez (5 months ago)
"Hayallerin tek amacı gerçekleşmek değildir." 💫
Free Online Books (5 months ago)
Sure !! Books can make us grow.. :) Find and get unlimited books here : https://tinyurl.com/ycyvoadg
Jerry Glass (5 months ago)
I see a lovely girl who still really feels hurt. More grace dear!
The Tongue Of Angels (5 months ago)
You'll never experience satisfaction through "fast joy". Love comes from God, and lust is the devil's engine.
Alim Uddin (5 months ago)
Is it only important in course of life, a well paid job and a beautiful wife?
Shripad Saraswat (5 months ago)
I also try comparative reading. Like when I read Mein Kampf, I simultaneously read The diary of Anne Frank. Or I read Gandhihatya ani me alongside My experiments with truth, where former was a book accounting Gandhijis murder and the latter was his own autobiography.
star kist (5 months ago)
Books give you more knowledge.. I luv to read its make brain accurate..
Jennifer Huela (5 months ago)
Inspiring ♥️
archito ghoshal (5 months ago)
1million views awesome
jitmanyu kohli (5 months ago)
"May the books be with you" excellent 🖖🏽
WeirdWorld (5 months ago)
Katarzyna Persona (5 months ago)
TAHT"S how you end a speech ^^
Kimberly Xu (5 months ago)
Awwwe ❤️❤️❤️
Marsha Creary (5 months ago)
3:22-5:49 Comparative Reading
VTC Vlog (5 months ago)
Thank you for sharing, have a great day!
Hasfitz movies (5 months ago)
that was beautiful.
Hoda Elbadrawe (5 months ago)
so cute woman!

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