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The Mystery Beneath (Baltic Sea UFO Documentary) | Timeline

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Check out our new website for more incredible history documentaries: HD and ad-free. http://bit.ly/2O6zUsK The most exciting underwater story of the modern age On June 19th 2011 the Swedish-based diving company Ocean Explorer discovered something extraordinary. They were exploring in the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Finland, looking for sunken treasures when a very unusual image suddenly appeared on the sonar. A 197ft diameter cylindrical object was discovered at the depth of approximately 275 feet, something they had never seen before. In this documentary special, we follow the treasure hunters and their crew on their expedition to reveal what could be the most extraordinary discovery in deep sea ever. We share the tension, the excitement and the nervousness that threats – both known and unknown – may be enforced. There is reason to believe that their ship is under surveillance. Using advanced equipment - ROW cameras, sonar pictures and human divers, we discover that the findings really are something very strange and incredibly unique. Content licensed from Digital Rights Group (DRG). Any queries, please contact us at: [email protected] Produced by Titan Television
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Text Comments (1485)
sote ful (10 hours ago)
It's the millennium falcon
mayham allover (17 hours ago)
that's my ship,i crashed it 8,573 years ago leave it,its a time jumper!!!
Veronica Jackson (19 hours ago)
People mock what they're afraid of! Open your mind to things you don't understand!
Veronica Jackson (19 hours ago)
Get a gofundme account going to help with funding... keep up the great work... you shouldn't be threatened or your family for your work is important for knowing and knowledge
Kelly Diggs (19 hours ago)
The government will eventually step in and cover it up. They always do. They have alot to hide. You guys are Awesome. Thanks for Your Time And Service to bring this information to us. 👍👍😎
Stuart Nagle (1 day ago)
This is a fascinating film and project...the mere fact that we don’t know what it is means we have to find out...that is the most basic of human qualities, and why we do what we do...hopefully, now the Navy has an interest, together you will find out what this anomaly is, and bring its story back, not only to YouTube, but international TV.... I know I want to know...it’s intriguing and mysterious... good luck with your endeavours on this, I wish you all well and hope you are able to succeed...👍🏻
bora bora (1 day ago)
An object that noone can identify??? ahahhahah so much lies around, fake news!!
John Thomas (1 day ago)
So it's been six years; now what?
hgadug kjhah (1 day ago)
WTF....NOTHING is shown apart from drama in finding it....wasted an hour of my life....thanks for nothing
087 bed (1 day ago)
Whoever threatened the man's family and kids is one sick mother.
Tom Seadon (1 day ago)
To threaten him and his kids like this is really messed up! They aren’t trying to CON anyone! They found this thing and they simply want to know what it is! Peter and Dennis, you’ve done NOTHING but seek the truth! I guess that’s just a criminal act according to some people! Some very IGNORANT PEOPLE!
Desert View (1 day ago)
its a Crater idiots.
Muskoka Gurl (2 days ago)
It was obvious to me from the start the Sonar cable should not have been running over the sharp stern rail without chafe protection! Basic cable handling that any real captain should have known.
Robert S. (2 days ago)
I'd love to say UFO, and crash site, but looks like Glacial Erosion to me, especially considering the area and other "experts" opinion's. The Navy's interest in the area away from "The Anomaly" is obvious. What a great place to hide something from sonar. The overall picture is striking though.. :)
J C (2 days ago)
16:37 Look at that prop wash. Yes Corvettes are performance Naval ships.
J C (2 days ago)
Christoph Rydzewski (2 days ago)
7:19 dudes face is chapped bad. foreheads got blood on it.
Nicole Gentry (3 days ago)
Meteor? Maybe..
Scholastic Vibrations (3 days ago)
Most logically, it's a megalith, some kind of neolithic temple site that was submerged at the end of the last ice age. When you go to Malta there are neolithic stone structures with roads seemingly going into the ocean because it was a mountain atop a dry valley connecting Europe, and Africa before it flooded and became the Mediterrainian 11,000 - 10,000 years ago. Probably there were similar places that flooded at that time in the Baltic. But, the way underwater archaeology is done, is completely futile. You can't really find out what it is from blury camera images, and bouncing sonar off it. Technology needs to be developed where you just put a dome over a large area, suck the water out, and then dig inside the enclosed dome like an archaeologist on dry land.
Cynthia (3 days ago)
Yeah, everybody who can't do this or afford it are the first to criticize... If not for explorers like them. We never would have known the true fate of the Titanic! These gents are heros 😊👍
John de Nugent (3 days ago)
I have blogged on the possibility that this craft (crash-landing from a lost battle or natural disaster elsewhere) was the origin of the nordics in Scandinavia. If you look at maps of blond hair distribution in Europe, the highest levels are to the west and east of this spot in Sweden and Finland. Speculating -- did nordics emerge from this craft or another like it and get ashore? Was this area of the Baltic seabed actually dry like Doggerland 10,000 years ago, before the Ice Age ended? Impossible to say.
Eric Gori (3 days ago)
Its the Millennium Falcon!!!
david storm (4 days ago)
iv been following this closely and i hope you never give up until you discover what it really is.all the luck in the world to you boys just keep going dave from the uk
micheal odbert (4 days ago)
thanks for helping ruin you tube,,,if i wanted ur advice ,id ask for it
OverDrip Rip (4 days ago)
Peter and Dennis I really hope you can get back to doing what you love to do. As a human, I am sorry we have people in this world that would threaten you and your children's health just for trying to learn the truth. If this item is nothing but natural rock then why are people trying to stop you. If it's nothing, than they would let you just waste your funds year after year. I personally think you are on the verge of the biggest discovery of mankind. I believe this will be equal in scale to the day when someone finally finds the Ark. Please never let that passion for discovery fade.
Steve Wander (5 days ago)
Il looks like the Millennium Falcon. What ever became of this hunt?
David Fretwell (5 days ago)
Does any one know of any updates on this?
David Fretwell (5 days ago)
fox "news" is the dis-information service of the u.s. government.
Troy Bush (5 days ago)
Dude ask the star wars fans! That's the MILLENNIUM FALCON!! THEY FOUND HAN SOLO!!!
stefan cornelisse (5 days ago)
just to put it out there do some research on "Black Goo it" might sound far out there but the suggestion giving by the diver telling it feels cold. I think YOU MIGHT FIND SOME INFO FROM HARALD KAUTZ VELLA. This is a head toppic today and i think its right on the mark.
White Farms (5 days ago)
I wish they could interrupt the adds with a documentary.
Pearl Wherry (5 days ago)
Fantastic video!!!!! Thank You!!
mervinhanawalt (5 days ago)
Hey, have the found it yet? One million four hundred sixty four of us want to know.
Crazy Gravy (6 days ago)
This makes no sense. Almost sounds like there is more money to be made from not investigating what that is as opposed to just doing what is needed to find out. This has been going on for years. I don’t buy it at this point in time.
NKProductions2014 (6 days ago)
0:40 Mellenium Falcon confirmed
George Kaler (6 days ago)
Why does every one always jump on the, it might be an alian craft? But, it does look vary much like someone is hampering their efforts. Good luck.😊🇺🇸
mr benchpress (7 days ago)
It's pronounced U F O not you Fo
Mick De (7 days ago)
Fantastic Guys. I with you all the way. If I had money I would send it to you.
James Stader (8 days ago)
Why didn't they just ask the Russians what it was.
Timothy Healy (8 days ago)
No one said Millennium Falcon?
Adam Grammatico (8 days ago)
I feel bad people torment these dudes families but that 3D side scan kinda look like a wiener.. but i thought it could be a meteorite that broke off in 2 pieces.. idk man wut
Ghost (8 days ago)
It's a shame James Cameron hasn't used that sub that was taken down into the Mariana Trench to see what this thing is.
If I were u, I wd continue fighting to get the project done. If u r receiving threats like that, dont give up, it means its a real UFO the government doesnt want u to disclose. Abt the threats, keep updating us, ur audience, so they dont dare doing something to u. They r already doing something illegal by threatening u. If u keep it public, they wont dare to do anything to all of u. Wish u the best of luck n wd help u if i could!!!! Ray H
Linda songer (8 days ago)
couldn't it be the remains of an ancient city? Apiece of it? It seems that the outside of it resembles bricks.
jack winkler (8 days ago)
I'm a simple man. When I find something underwater that I am unable to raise right then, I anchor a RFI buoy as well longitude and latitude down to the finest that my computer will let me.. I think their mistake was going public. Ah Well
PEEK A BOO (8 days ago)
Now they have got the army/government involved we will never have the truth!
Dave Seres (9 days ago)
Ussr nuclear waste dump
Bet someone has investigated and taken samples while the real finders take the heat...
George Mason (9 days ago)
Spoiler alert. It's the Millenium Falcon.
There mistake is to contact the news , never ask the news media for help
kini kini (9 days ago)
I wish u the best in ur search.... God b with you..
August Johnson (9 days ago)
@ 0:52 - Ah, the final resting place of the Millennium Falcon.
Irianto Safari (9 days ago)
looks like the Millenium Falcon
perlaand (9 days ago)
So, there's nothing there but a piece of rock
SLEEPLESS in SEATTLE (9 days ago)
I applaud you all in "standing ground" to your beliefs & findings !. I agree with the other subscribers; that all the negativity and sarcasm being bestowed upon you, by a "secret" organization ? is being done to discredit you in the eyes of the public; thus hoping you will  decide to forget the whole thing when funding has now become scarce. Good luck in eventually proving them and the other disbelievers wrong !
Mehmet Yilmaz (9 days ago)
It’s first ever drone..... when it was big and heavy lol 😂
Mehmet Yilmaz (9 days ago)
Titanic and that massive blue heart
Riaz Hamdan Malik (9 days ago)
I believe them! It's not the first and certainly not the last time people discovering something like this have been ridiculed..
KingCobra66UK (9 days ago)
Why does that image look like the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars, what secrets does George Lucas know?
Cyan Blackflower (10 days ago)
Just ANOTHER total waste of time. Absolutely NOTHING to be gained in terms of knowledge here, that You and I couldn't gain from the title. Seriously. It seems to me that there is more focus on excuses, and why "they" cannot find out that which they seek, and so THAT becomes the "Documentary". The viewer is then left with little more than food for Speculation, about something they knew little or nothing about, leading to speculation about something they NOW know even LESS about!! Because False knowledge is most often FAR Worse, more pernicious - than knowing NOTHING...The millenium falcon...Indeed. WTF? There are WAY too many "Docs" like this out there. I'm sick & tired of it.
Mike Lashewitz (10 days ago)
This provides significantly more questions than answers and is a worthy subject for more investigation.
Mike Lashewitz (10 days ago)
It is unacceptable that News Organizations who know virtually nothing slander those intent on true science. But then that is EXACTLY what Globalist Owned organizations do.
Mike Lashewitz (10 days ago)
They poured concrete into the Nocogorod Ironclad which is why it looks molded.
Mike Lashewitz (10 days ago)
"It turned black" I am guessing you are not acquainted with concrete entrained with rust?
Mike Lashewitz (10 days ago)
I told you 3 years ago this is the concrete ballast of a Russian Novogorod Iron Clad war vessel. Flipped upside down after it was scuttled nearly a century ago.
TheJohnscot (10 days ago)
May you receive the wherewithal to proceed with this quest. Even if it is explainable then we will be the richer in our knowledge of this fascinating planet. Wish i had a million euros to give.
The Same (11 days ago)
drill in to it !!!!!!
Kristil Busch (11 days ago)
This is fascinating. I want to know more.
Phil Crombie (11 days ago)
From the US, i wish you well and may you have what you need to find out what it is or how it was formed or made which to me is fundamental. Good luck.
Gerard Vaughan (11 days ago)
Three cheers for Navsat/Satnav !!! 3 Booze for the idiot American of English
Ricardo Gonzalez (11 days ago)
Would Giaya be interested in funding this, may be, under water discoveries?
Joel Poston (11 days ago)
Maybe I missed it but...was it explained why when the object was touched it turned black at that site?  That is not normal for cement or rock.   Although it is very cold on the floor of the sea, was it explained why the temperature dropped so significantly just above the object?  That isn't normal either.   How can the morphology (shape) of this object be described as characteristic of a random pile of rocks?  These and other questions still need to be answered.
Nightcore Tuner (11 days ago)
*Han that's the wrong planet*
Radley2612 (11 days ago)
@47.18 Millennium Falcon is a fictional starship in the Star Wars franchise Dang!
Mission Coffee (11 days ago)
David (11 days ago)
they would not all be there if it was nothing , the absolute ignorance of some people to say its evil , its satans , its demonic ,its thats 14th century thinking with that lot and there total arrogance and ignorance that stop progress
Fawk Yuu (11 days ago)
People who are awoke and not blind to the deception know damn well what it is...Its sad a lot of people have to have their fake news reporter to tell them aliens and ufos exist before they will believe it.
mr rebel (12 days ago)
they know exactly what this is.. do not for one minute think different. this is just the misinfo that will cause people forget about it. now that its 2019 what has been shown as of late? not one damn thing. thats because the government long ago took control of it.
Jim Cole (12 days ago)
It's real!
Nicholas Delano (12 days ago)
so no one is going to say how much this looks like the Millennium Falcon..?
Seth Link (12 days ago)
The cordance have been kept secret.... up until 15:24 when they leave them right there on the table for everybody and god to see.
Now the government knows where it is I'm sure they'll find it to just be swamp gas that hit Venus became petrified by ball lightning and a weather balloon then sunk to the bottom of the Baltic Sea.
I'm no conspiracy theorist, but ah I think the fishes wire was cut but the navy. Bc they'll do what ever the American pentagon will say. If they want continued help with protecting of power with americas military might. Also if this is a crashed UFO and has been there for thousand upon thousands of years then would a sediment build up turn into rock?
Urikore Pakinga (13 days ago)
Alien gas station
Yamato Takaharu (13 days ago)
It was reported in another documentary saying that in 1803, Japan too have a record about Japanese encountered Alien Spaceship in STONE form. It was said to be a stone Spaceship. If metal form of Spaceship can fly into space why not the possibilities of Stone Spaceship. After all most meteorites floating in space are made of stones and metal materials isn't.
Billy Evans (13 days ago)
very interesting doco
James Mckeown (13 days ago)
Looks to me as a saturation diver of the north sea as a seabed oil/gas template where the mud drilling lubrication has escaped and together with some heated oil product was deposited on top, all from a wild cat drilling rig, perhaps in the late 1960's Regards
hdidane00 (14 days ago)
Tthat could very well be a UFO. the burned crust of earth "rock" could be all the dust collected from the seabed while the object was sliding over it during the crash and the high temperatures of it baking all of the mud that got stuck around the object turning it into a solid crust resembling concrete or solid rock.
It's a UO not a UFO
Steven (14 days ago)
Much is made of the outside appearance here. A core sample would be much more informative. That black material might be a natural accretion of Manganese(IV) oxide, perhaps attracted and built up over time to a metallic object beneath the surface layers. The fairy ring may in fact also be a natural accumulation of small nodules of a similar material that may have formed around a door or hatchway made of a metal with a similar tendency to attract encrustation. Perhaps when the encrustation becomes larger than the attracting fastener or object, it forms its own ball, like a pearl in an oyster. It may indicate a point where the object can be entered. One word of caution. In the South Pacific, there exists a type of containment that roughly resembles this anomaly and it was man-made to contain a deadly amount of radiation from an H bomb test. If life and civilization has existed on Earth at say 100,000 years ago, what other type of signs would endure today? Glaciation and erosion would wipe any trace of of the surface with the passage of several ice ages. It takes 50,000 years to eliminate any serious risk to these divers if that is what lies beneath.
Steven (14 days ago)
It looks like the Millennium Falcon.
Gabriel Colacion (14 days ago)
I hope its a toilet seat
Admiralty86 (14 days ago)
Probably a rock formation, or a sunken ship of some kind. Alien ships seems to have things under control, if there's one crashed UFO there would be dozens and yet we never really stumble across them. They're either in total control or they don't exist (which they apparently do)
Steve Kluze (14 days ago)
How do you deal with this kind of thing? It could be something amazing or just a stupid rock. LOL, O man the pressure is too much. I say spend the millions of dollars and if it is just a stupid rock, well at least it makes a good story. These guys should get medals for their efforts! If it turns into something amazing, then these guys will be heroes, but I think they already are for putting forth such a good effort despite the risk of failure! God Bless You Guys and may your efforts pay off into something Great, even if it is just a stupid rock.
Donald MacLeay (14 days ago)
It would help if the "UFO" didn't look exactly like the Millenium Falcon from Star Wars.
Ben Sullivan (14 days ago)
These craft are indeed real. Showing up everywhere now. Gina Maria Colvin Hill a budding astronomer on Facebook has been photographing fleets of these advancing to us since June 2018. An invasion is imminent 2019.
Ben Sullivan (14 days ago)
It is definitely real. The Navy has not left this site since.
Trey Ferrell (14 days ago)
Bill Cooper said while he was in the Navy, he saw UFO'S come out and return to the ocean
E Miff (14 days ago)
I don't think its a pile of rocks, this needs further investigation.
Catalin V (14 days ago)
They eat too much ....t ....

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