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The Mystery Beneath (Baltic Sea UFO Documentary) | Timeline

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Check out our new website for more incredible history documentaries: HD and ad-free. http://bit.ly/2O6zUsK The most exciting underwater story of the modern age On June 19th 2011 the Swedish-based diving company Ocean Explorer discovered something extraordinary. They were exploring in the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Finland, looking for sunken treasures when a very unusual image suddenly appeared on the sonar. A 197ft diameter cylindrical object was discovered at the depth of approximately 275 feet, something they had never seen before. In this documentary special, we follow the treasure hunters and their crew on their expedition to reveal what could be the most extraordinary discovery in deep sea ever. We share the tension, the excitement and the nervousness that threats – both known and unknown – may be enforced. There is reason to believe that their ship is under surveillance. Using advanced equipment - ROW cameras, sonar pictures and human divers, we discover that the findings really are something very strange and incredibly unique. Content licensed from Digital Rights Group (DRG). Any queries, please contact us at: [email protected] Produced by Titan Television
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D Betz (1 hour ago)
I think its an impact site of some sort. Prolly a meteor that entered the atmosphere at a odd trajectory.
Hai Tac (2 hours ago)
It's a crash site alright. Why it's all stone? I don't know how to explain it but if you Google ' MUDFOSSILS' and 'Petrified fossils'. Atleast it's a start...
Dan Gooch (10 hours ago)
I can't understand how anyone can feel so threatened by the desire to try to find out exactly what this is. And what do the detractors use as their evidence of fraud? The fact that these men have simply told the truth about what they have discovered. How easy it is to sit in your mother's basement and make vague threats against those who are out there doing something with their lives. I had honestly thought that someone would have stepped up and funded this. If I had the bucks I would think: "Sure! Why not?" The money doesn't go to the bottom of the ocean, it goes into the economy! Detractors, stop worrying you will lose your free lunch!
ChristianAndy (13 hours ago)
Strange that they didn't have an exact GPS co-ordinate to go straight back to. And the Navy and Government had a whole year to go and check it out first, and then replace whatever it was with the rocks that the team then found on their return expedition a year later!!!
Ozzy Guy (18 hours ago)
OMFG!!!...The hype!...The drama!...Must be made for a low IQ American TV audience...
richard jolin (1 day ago)
caribbeanchild (1 day ago)
it's 2019 now....so what is it? Probably nothing because it seems to have been forgotten about.
caribbeanchild (1 day ago)
it's an old crater that has been scarred.... maybe by ice
Likasil R (1 hour ago)
It’s not about what we all ‘think’ it is. It’s about finding out for sure. Even just a crater scarred by ice teaches something about our planet’s geological past. It’s unique. That is why finding out more is worthwhile, just to know and learn, if nothing else.
Leane Staab (1 day ago)
It's obvious that these men have come across something that the powers that be do not want us to know about first by trying to destroy them and discredit them which is typical such a shame I hope someday we will know more importantly that these guy's are vindicated
Isn’t that from Star Wars??
Arturas nesakysiu (2 days ago)
these idiots in boat should be arrested. In baltic sea there is a bigger tressure its biohazard weapons of ww1 if these fucktards would touch any of those barrels or ships with barrels it would be major catastrophie. they are just robbing graves stealing stuff.
UncleFeedle (2 days ago)
An old contaminated reactor core that was encased in concrete and secretly dumped? Maybe from some kind of early nuclear sub incident that the military kept quiet about.
mr luigi (13 hours ago)
i think its remnants of the cold war that could cause a sensation even today.
wullie gotfingered (2 days ago)
Maybe its an old island washed away ages ago by the sea?
Don Gray (2 days ago)
3 1/2 miles South by Southwest of the anomaly you will find a World War 1 Destroyer a flagship and God knows exactly how many sunken vessels,anyway it's time to put an end to this message you all have suffered long enough,what you are looking at is the Gunner Tower off one of these ships... I know I know let the b******* hooplah Mularkey disagreeing begin, but even an idiot knows I'm right good day
wullie gotfingered (2 days ago)
So what the found was and old gunner tower or outpost from ww1 or ww2
Funky Rooster (2 days ago)
Uhh that's the millennium falcon
ACIDesignsUY (2 days ago)
THIS IS all BS. I mean really its just 90 fu*kin meters deep and all they can get it's a maybe or could be??? A blurry image cause their awesome pilot keep disturbing the sediments?? FYI Titanic is 3.8 km DEEP in the middle of the freaking Atlantic and we got PHOTOS of it and this guy all they can produce is nothing, but heeeeey a frigate appears in a NARROW sea surrounded by 8 COUNTRIES, I repeat 8 countries, sure there is no contraband or smuggling in all that area right??? SO sure there is NOOOOOO need for a patrol in the Baltic Sea.
Hunt Creative Inc. (2 days ago)
Ill prepared with the wrong equip. No answers. No nothing. Why make a film like this
Likasil R (1 hour ago)
Hunt Creative Inc. What do you expect? A James Cameron style film? It’s a documentary made after this happened. Not a Hollywood movie. They had limited funds, $120,000. That’s not a lot. They tried to get more, but no one would fund them since the whole thing had been discredited. Because of how we are as a general public, hostile, so sure we’re right, and so easily swayed by the media (and social media), why go back to those for help to find out more when the general public had already stoned them the first time? Military offered an olive branch of interest and now we’ll never know. Only have ourselves to blame.
Jeff Petersen (2 days ago)
Well it's 2019 what's going on ?
Jeff Petersen (2 days ago)
Pour planning . Two divers with not enough air to stay down very long ? Not enough time at sea ? No back up divers or second shift ??
Emma O'Brien (2 days ago)
Ya na these guy s have been paid off silenced to what that no. Moast are dead And may be 4 are left But very rich and probably scared for there lives at the minit. And wish they never came across it. But people will discover things And wen get to close Get killed Or have a fatill accident Or just disseper One thing to say is ellement 115. Ha ha ha that's all av go to say
Robert Ivers (2 days ago)
Another Roswell incident
Sharon Newton (2 days ago)
Is there a current update? I would love to see it. If this was a crash site of a UFO, It would be great if the government did not hide this information from the public as it has done for many years. Best of luck to you all for your courageous efforts!
summer999ppp (2 days ago)
The dummies are easy for the fakenews media to brainwash
Cathie Merritt (2 days ago)
I wish them all the luck. Would be fascinating to find out.
al -adaniyah (2 days ago)
weirdos of Fox, just want alians
Nun Ya (2 days ago)
This is so stupid. People making mountains out of molehills. The OMG what is it?????? Who cares. It is nothing
Katrina Hall (3 days ago)
worse now with Corey Good, Emery smith, David wilcock, they have been attacked , families threatened, pure thuggery ...
Malcolm Lilley (3 days ago)
Pictures of flying saucers always show insignificant, blurred, objects. Strange that.
Likasil R (1 hour ago)
Malcolm Lilley With every fiction, there is an origin of truth...at some point.
Justmiss jamey (3 days ago)
Waaaaayyy to many commericals...this is exactly why people add extentions to block ads on here so people domt make ANY money from them.....seriously one or two are okay....but every couple minutes is just taking advantage of people
mr luigi (13 hours ago)
justmiss,you can solve that dillema by installing ''adblock plus,ublock'',i also run adguard'' free software to block out adverts i know its a little over the top but i hardly see any adds plus there is a counter which shows how many ads were blocked.hope you enjoy adfree viewing.
Uhn Lucky (1 day ago)
??? ads !? l've forgotten they are on , haven't had them for 10 years , at least .
Henri Aho (3 days ago)
USA (nasa) forced Sweden say "its just a rock". ;)
herb tender (3 days ago)
So they didn't take the gps position of the anomaly< Yes I seen as soon as they connected the fish with a bull hook and did not put a wire in it rookie mistake
Tom Upchurch (3 days ago)
It's a radial crab trap... Steven Seagal and Bill O'Reilly have been poaching crabs.
Ron Brevik (3 days ago)
I see no reason to believe that anything more than an odd rock formation, one formed by nature somehow, there are strange looking formations above the waterline as well. Why would it be a UFO? That's what you think of when it's what you want to see.
Danette Morrison (3 days ago)
I for one would like to know what is DOWN THEAR SOUNDS LIKE a government cover up probably something to the E.U
TheBlindOldMan (4 days ago)
the Kwajalein tidal gauge operated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) shows the mean sea level rise for the atoll is only 2.32 millimeters per year, which is equivalent to just 0.76 feet of sea level rise over 100 years.
d p (4 days ago)
From 2018: https://www.gaia.com/article/the-baltic-sea-anomaly-a-crashed-ufo-or-natural-rock-formation Check out the photo in this article; I was convinced this was likely natural phenomenon but after seeing that photo with much more detail, I'm not so sure. Very strange, but what's stranger is that the Swedish military has said nothing and there has been no further news on this after 8 years. WTF.....
Mohd Damiri (4 days ago)
There's gold out there ....but nobody interesting at bottom of the baltic sea..
Chantell C (4 days ago)
Fritz Smith (4 days ago)
Why is this such a big deal?  Anyone who has studied the "alien connection" with our planet knows UFO's have been around for thousands of years.  Aliens have guided us to make a better living for ourselves for thousands of years.  This video is trying to cash in on "fears" the producers of this video are making.  And look how successful they are. 2,265,861 views.  Trash journalists use the same techniques.  I would give this video ten "thumbs down", if I could!
Shelly Doll (4 days ago)
What's wrong with people. How can the media be so horrible and sleep at night. I would love to find out what it is. Even if it is rock how did it get there and take on the shape it has. I'm fascinated.
Dark Matter (4 days ago)
Its a door
Jozef Drozd (4 days ago)
The Universe has no beginning and has no end we can say , because time has no limit , no matter how far we could go back in time , we could never go far enough . It is like hitting the wall and saying this is the end , but one can ask what behind the wall ? This could be repeated unlimited numbers of time , over and over again , and still we could ask the same question , what's behind the wall ? What we see in the sky could be remade and destroyed trillions of times and still there would be no beginning and no end , it is like never ending story . One thing is for shore , we are not the only one in the Universe , my live is too short to prove it . Just a thought , lol
Gary Bevins (4 days ago)
Well if it just disappears they'll know it wasn't just a rock or unimportant....I hope to hear the truth...
Instant Impression (4 days ago)
Crash site, for sure.
peter paul (5 days ago)
"it's my neck" ... @29:09 ... says the neckless guy
The420beni. (5 days ago)
Looks like the millennium falcon. N who says Ufo its U F O
Sam Marchetti (5 days ago)
It's called a rock, mystery solved, free of charge, you're welcome.
phillip kalaveras (5 days ago)
If the system is run anything like the one in California, the money is needed for programs for poor and homeless that we created through our regulations and for illegal aliens that we welcomed here so we may take 80% of the money off the top to hire our friends and family to administer the programs. And we like it this way by the fact we keep re-electing the same Criminal Empire (Democrats)decade after decade after decade after decade.
Darin Dacey (5 days ago)
Floris FTW!!! 🧙‍♂️
Lizzie Sangi (5 days ago)
How can these guys not be disheartened? Worse than that, how do persons disbelieve the factual, credible evidence - pictures, divers, divers films and first hand description. Divers touched this thing - and people don't believe it. To top it off, there is a huge anomaly in the united states the "President" has no control over - the military. When "they" get involved in anything, declare it off limits with a painfully pathetic explanation, KNOW the situation is true. However not the militarys' truth. This may be a crazy analogy but it reminds me of Christ. Christ raised the dead, performed miracles, drove out demons. How about the demons Jesus cast into a herd of swine that ran off a cliff, not fast enough to get away from Jesus? and to this day, over two thousand years later - MILLIONS swear Jesus never happened. To the pathetic, yes this anomaly is an illusion.
phillip kalaveras (5 days ago)
It is emotionally draining to mourn and bury a loved one who has died but to have to do it twice is unimaginable. I don't think I could do it without losing my mind. Why would Jesus do this? I would suggest the Church alter the story by inserting "near"
Dean Y (5 days ago)
I think they should get ground penetrating radar and see what is inside . Also the object that over to the side is much smaller. If they could bring it up that would finally give some light to it. Drilling seems to be something that will cost too much money. Also, where it hit the mountain, maybe there are some debris that can be found. I like the idea that it is alien and that the heat of the spacecraft made molten the bottom of the Baltic sea silt and molded it around the ship. Good luck!
efkan polo (5 days ago)
yeah another "weather baloon" :D
Jeffery Pullin (6 days ago)
Find out who threatened those kids and bring them to justice. Or Just take them fishing and throw them in the water and leave them ; in the artic circle that is .
Inspector Vet USAF (6 days ago)
I think what we are about to find, is that there is an ENTIRE CIVILIZATION benieth the sea, and what was once above the sea is now below, and what was below the sea,, is now above. The world changed inside out. to erase the past. to start again. It's the cycle of the ages... it happens over and over. We are just a segment in a long chain of ageless civilizations. guarantee it. Millions of years.
Arctic Fox (6 days ago)
Not UFO down there, it's the Millenium Falcon.
Manuel Escobedo (4 days ago)
X Y (6 days ago)
Thats the starship of the guy who crashed in the movie Outlander and became a viking. If you look harder you'll find the sword too. Period.
Lane Argent (6 days ago)
Millennium falcon ??
Anthony Enos (6 days ago)
It’s satan to confuse us to take our eyes off Jesus.
phillip kalaveras (5 days ago)
eyes off who?
michael12991 (6 days ago)
haha over $100000 and it was just rock
matador el chapo (7 days ago)
Guys don't give up, that's why some many things have been discovered because people like you ✌✌✌much RESPECT from Transilvania
gbkiller007 (7 days ago)
lool. A fossilised Millenium Falcon....
phillip kalaveras (5 days ago)
You may be kidding but your half right
Danny G (7 days ago)
Narrator: "The team is keeping the anomalies location secret". Cameraman: (pans over gps coordinates written down in front of the captain)
masskilla469 (7 days ago)
There should be no debate that we have and are being visited by Aliens. There is to much evidence and first hand interviews that we have made by numerous reliable sources and witnesses!!
lisa OGrady (7 days ago)
Typical Fox news. Amazing story and I will follow, I wish you luck. Very interesting. No exploring is a joke or a laugh. Don't listen to the people who poke fun. You had the drive and adventurous spirit to go after this. I am so sorry sick people would threaten you and your loved ones. Why? I don't get people like that. I still say ignore the negative people and focus on the positive. Sending love and safe travels. The unknown is always worth exploring in my belief. What about a go fund me? Don't know if you can raise enough but if everyone who watches donates 5 dollars, who knows?
Jack Harrell (7 days ago)
Mother Nature rarely produces such shapes and to see something like this on the bottom - with a furrow that seems to indicate it slid along the bottom, then came to a rest at that point suggests it may have came from outer space at an angle. I hope they get more funding and check all possibilities of where or how this came to be there!
Damn. Cpt. Kirk did it again!
jLee 51 (7 days ago)
Its sad people poke fun and threaten etc. These are usually the ones that have never come close to anything exciting as what these guys are doing. Best wishes, dont give up. Respect to all who have worked/Are working on this.💫
Paul Grimm (7 days ago)
It’s a old alien ship. The moon has been proven to be hollow . It’s a ancient alien base
Maria Brueva (7 days ago)
Wow! I'm impressed! But such a shame that nobody wants to get understand what that!!! There are so many super reach people on this planet...how is possible that none of them wants to know a bit more truth and discover it! Wish lots of luck and love to the team!
Jon B (8 days ago)
So has anybody made the connection between the circle of stones on top of the object which the diver said looked as if someone had placed them there and all the silica stone circles in africa?? SASER...just saying. Also..if a saser circle was being used as some sort of beacon or gps, couldnt the acustic emmisions in the water account for the sudden drastic temerature change?
Sana Bensinner (8 days ago)
thats the wave raider
Pluk Pette (8 days ago)
Peters bouy decision was his most difficult in his life ? The dive 8r not to dive ? Wow...peter has lots to learn still. Like raising kids, just to give an example.
ScorpionMassive (8 days ago)
It was the lost toilet cover
halicon74 (8 days ago)
could have been glacier activity
Rich B (8 days ago)
It's another : how we went looking for something and didn't find it , shows ! thanks for nothing !
MetricDreamz (8 days ago)
oh my god i want to know what happened!
New York 516 (8 days ago)
They found out that it's a rock, move on now.
David Stevenson (8 days ago)
7:05 turn on subtitles the Asian lady got an n word pass
Spike Walker (8 days ago)
10 adverts in a program lasting approximately 1 hour!?!? Nope. Not watching. That is ridiculous.
ASMRLOBE (8 days ago)
its obv that this is being kept a secret, being stopped at being discovered otherwise, they would have known what this was years ago. we will never ever know because they dont want us to know!
Cro Magnon (8 days ago)
If this is a certain kind of volcanic tube there may be diamonds
norhetoric1 (8 days ago)
Too many adds
Well being they lost their scanning equipment, seems that navy ship was up to some under water operations that first night of searching would be my guess to why they lost that equipment.. As well, It could still be a crashed UFO, which over time, perhaps millions of years converted into stone.
Perhaps the amount of money from this YouTube channel and this video - ads, clicks, etc. - could go towards funding their mission? We the people have provided the views and the clicks after all and sat through the ads.
Likasil R (1 hour ago)
Darling Phenylethylamine Looks like it’s Timeline that’s getting the money for this documentary. They might get a slice, but I doubt it would add up to anywhere near enough.
Deis Clark (9 days ago)
Why is it shaped like the Millennium Falcon
chad madjerich (9 days ago)
men in black will show up better not dig to deep
emerald1one1 (9 days ago)
NOT A LAUGH ! you twisted f comm enter / support Dennis and the others ...over the targets.... !!!of the real !!!
Jeremy Lanni (7 days ago)
Word salad methinks maybe / yours...is...comment...!!!
Petr Kotlitel (9 days ago)
7:01 Lol, even this cute chinese lady talked about it.. this is how far the information about some weird wheel in the ocean traveled :)
Para-Aramid (9 days ago)
While the initial Media exposure assisted the expedition financially, should they have fed tantalizing curiosities back to Media, cloaked in secrecy, elevating curiosities, the expedition would have been well financed to completion. Monies and capabilities are available so why aren't the conglomerates picking up on it? Seems like there's more to it.
Robert Andrews (9 days ago)
I hope they get a sponsor! Best of luck but I’m not rich so I can’t help.
Enrico Tigani (9 days ago)
Navy involved= news was pais for the lies
jeepin johnny (9 days ago)
hey - id like to hear the commentary. please cut the background racket. (music?)
Petko Iordanov (9 days ago)
Interesting and curious , well done documentary
Mark Hardiman (9 days ago)
I hope these guys overcame all the stupid people bashing & threatening them. God speed to you treasure hunters.Hes got your back.
79tazman (9 days ago)
That's cool but I can't believe punks were making threats to these guys they hurt no one or took money from them and they get made fun off and their family get threatened that is BS. I hope the Swedish Navy get's involved and goes out and takes a better look at what it really is even if it is just stone. what is it doing there? and how did it get there?
Rex Yoshimoto (10 days ago)
You know, my belief is, you really found something. But like everything else that's a discovery or invention or emerging truth is suppressed, stolen or hidden. Archaeology's been constantly reporting that our past history is far more sophisticated and advanced than previously thought but the truth is, it's constantly forfeited for the cost of changing existing history. Such a damning medieval and backward step for man kind. When one catches a glimpse of the precision craftsmanship and technology of the temples in Egypt, India and stone construction in Peru everyone wonders why we've been convinced our ancestry's came from some hairy elementary eating bananas in a tree.
Danil Cahaya (10 days ago)
Just wasting time watch this movie and nothing just maybe maybe and maybe
Danil Cahaya (10 days ago)
I just felling foolling when i watch this movie
colleen barnard (10 days ago)
People can be so cruel! I hope they will be able to continue on with their research, The news media has a way of spreading things that can ruin lives! I'm talking about misinformation! They should have gone directly to them to find the facts!
scott goodman (10 days ago)
It looks like a big round rock. Dramatic music does not change the fact that it looks like a big round rock.

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