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Tower Defense: Lost Earth - Official Trailer [HD]

1387 ratings | 2729724 views
The first trailer for Com2uS' Tower Defense: Lost Earth, a tower defense game for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android! Outstanding graphics, 9 Unique towers, One-of-a-kind monsters and bosses. 4 Different mission objectives across 40+ maps. Powerful special weapons. Masterpiece of Tower Defense!
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Text Comments (60)
박경수 (7 months ago)
초4때 했었는대... 개추억
이름없음 (7 months ago)
Renzo Pabia (1 year ago)
I wish tower defence infinite war was in real life that would be amazing and 10 out of 10 ign
Mark Zhang (1 year ago)
Renzo Pabia but even the game is no longer on service anymore 😭I really want to play that again
Igor Puskaric (3 years ago)
Hello, I dropped here searching for certain video game genres. I am a designer and visual developer ,making 3D models to help and save time for various game developers,creating economical and versatile models for use in their games,movies,animations,etc. I am not sure if anyone would know someone who would need some cool sciFi assets,but I would like to use this opportunity to drop this here.Any help would mean a lot! Hope I`m not spamming,have an awesome day guys!! https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models/space/spacecraft-sci-fi/tower-defense-pack
Onel John (3 years ago)
Alfeo Tulang (3 years ago)
The trailer is better than the game.
erick martinez (4 years ago)
Speak spanish plis Are now Speak inglish good
Kia Samji (4 years ago)
ZERO OP TV (4 years ago)
rama kant jaiswal (4 years ago)
Zafer Çelik (4 years ago)
You must try Element Tower Defense : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.infiniteaction.element_tower_defense_premium
crimo (4 years ago)
L'Ill kxkdnndne:-)
Kimmie Cabial (Kimay) (4 years ago)
Adrian Palomares (4 years ago)
1.9M blank views?
Adrian Palomares (4 years ago)
i see nothing
Chris Romo (5 years ago)
GIZ Gaz (5 years ago)
I have played this game for about a year.Really good game doesn't suck up your battery either.The reason input doesn't suck up your battery is because I see alot of comments saying it looks like it.Really play the game first.
AnimateStudent (5 years ago)
Seems cool:D
Anthony Siow (5 years ago)
The game is nice and this trailer is awesome
Cinthya Hernandez (5 years ago)
I like it and is cool
Pfosten Tehvau (5 years ago)
Mr. Salem (5 years ago)
Best game i played in my android mobile great graphic great sound & music & designed overall 10/10 and this game is not eating my phones battery, STILL it,s not compatible with my Xperia Z why i really don't know. Please help guys. by the way we demand part 2
MastaShzl (6 years ago)
This looks like a huge battery annihilater. If you wana completely demolish ur phone battery, play this game.
Simon Thurner (6 years ago)
Happig Mc dreck
Justin Seidel (6 years ago)
Lernt Deutsch
paok anonimos (6 years ago)
Klain main
Juan Esteban Galvez (6 years ago)
La Puctta OstiA
Soul Link (6 years ago)
Este juego es adictivoo
Alicia Joritz (6 years ago)
This beast
Alicia Joritz (6 years ago)
This gamesvawsom
I'm Nori (6 years ago)
Best Tower Defense game ever! Runs smoothly on my Galaxy S.
Murphy C (6 years ago)
Isiah Trevino (6 years ago)
Hector Bastidas (6 years ago)
Wtf? ???????????
Pablo.pasv69 Zobarzo (6 years ago)
Haaa la wea penkaaaaa
Amr Almadani (6 years ago)
Bad game
Amr Almadani (6 years ago)
krishono (6 years ago)
Cool game bitcs
This game suck rely
the wolf the wolf (6 years ago)
اللعبة حلوة
gabriel encinas (6 years ago)
Exelente juego me funciono muy bien en mi htc evo 4g aber que tal funciona en un lg e510
Dan Jen (6 years ago)
Can I just play the video?
reopucino (6 years ago)
This is a great video
謝志軍 (6 years ago)
Pyro Man (6 years ago)
Seems cool, but I think I might like robot derense better
EASY CUT (6 years ago)
Jo Smoe (6 years ago)
Completely filled with epicness
king ixora (6 years ago)
king ixora (6 years ago)
fudarkorbit (6 years ago)
Would love to play it but since it keeps crashing during the load I cant
Tye Roberts (6 years ago)
This game is so fucking addicting
DjKbal (6 years ago)
The game is free go cry somewhere else bitches.
Timon Gödeke (6 years ago)
Ey du
DhiscoStu (6 years ago)
Probably the best trailer movie for a, er, tower defence game :)
penguin Rocker_1 (6 years ago)
Hi guys
Tory Hernandez (6 years ago)
Ok not as cool as td original....
twotsub (7 years ago)
fotakatos (7 years ago)
Stupid fucks. Those guys have the trademark on the term "Tower Defense" and look what they are doing with it: a completely generic TD game with manga characters. Oh, what a great world we live in.
Toner (7 years ago)
Finally a Tower Defense game trailer. Very Good game I'm stuck at last level. Cool Video

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