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Care Bears: Unlock The Magic | Trailer | Coming in 2019 | Boomerang Official

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Coming soon to a streaming device near you – Care Bears: Unlock the Magic! Stream full episodes of Care Bears: Unlock The Magic on Boomerang starting February 2019! ABOUT CARE BEARS: UNLOCK THE MAGIC: A brand new Boomerang original show about a group of lovable, huggable BFFs going on adventures and living that sweet Care Bear life. When a new adventure takes them to a strange new world, the bears have to lean on each other more than ever. Through friendship, courage and a little belly badge magic, the Care Bears continue their mission to spread caring and sharing to the world! ABOUT BOOMERANG: www.boomerang.com Boomerang is a premium video streaming service, providing audiences exclusive and on-demand access to brand-new original animated series, movies, and timeless franchises like Scooby-Doo, Tom & Jerry, and Looney Tunes among many others. With over 2500 titles streaming on your desktop, Android, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet, Android TV, Roku, and Chromecast, Boomerang also offers new episodes regularly. CONNECT WITH US! **Twitter - https://twitter.com/BoomerangToons **Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/BoomerangToons **Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/BoomerangToons
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bezoticallyyours83 (1 day ago)
This is the first Care Bears I actively dislike. They look and sound awful. Not as awful as that one cgi care bear show with the dead eyed expressions, but still bad
Vashie Tru (1 day ago)
It is good, but after 2015, Boomereng is TRASH!
Diane Easley (4 days ago)
There needs to be a fandom for this show that is like the MLP: FIM Fandom.
Parker Miller (4 days ago)
Little Dandelion (6 days ago)
Conflicted. Animation seems cheap but the style seems unique compared to other shows. This might improve with the 2nd season. I don't like some of the voices but the others aren't too bad. The villains could be interesting and the little creatures are adorable. I'll give it a chance and if it doesn't drag me in by mid season 2 I'll give up.
Liam Connor's World (8 days ago)
A New Flash Player Animation Show!
MLP Pinkie (9 days ago)
old characters? new style of drawing? YES, YES, YES AND YES !!!
Galexio 108 (9 days ago)
I really hope we get to see the other Care Bears as well (Like Love-a-Lot Bear, Harmony Bear, My person fave True Heart Bear, etc.). Hopefully some of the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic ideas can rub off on this series? What I mean by that is not be too childish like how MLP isn't only for kids but also for adults. I just want to see this being very unique like My Little Pony and Steven Universe. It has the potential 0^0
bezoticallyyours83 (1 day ago)
Mr Weirdo (9 days ago)
Why couldn't they air this on Discovery Family?
KoopleCrap Me (11 days ago)
Plz don't add this
TheArceusftw (11 days ago)
Huh... The animation looks a bit cheap but, I still have confidence in this series. Also; is Cheer Bear voiced by Debi Derryberry(Jimmy Neutron)?
Pox Productions (11 days ago)
Hooray!!!! New Care Bears!!!!!
Michael Phillips (12 days ago)
So after so two or three years since their last creation of the Care Bears cartoon, they're going to do another one. From the way how this newly reinvented version of the cartoon show looks from this successful franchise, well, from the way it looks and sounds and it's traditionally hand drawn or 2D animation. I can dig it.
Alesiopdv (12 days ago)
I just noticed something...the new log looks like the Gijoe one...wut
Yanika Morris (12 days ago)
Does Cheer Bear sounds like Coco from Crash Bandicoot?
CommanderOfTheSun (13 days ago)
Man this looks like ass gravy. The old cartoon looked way better...
Fenril Sciurus (13 days ago)
Looking forward to it. I especially enjoy the voices for them this time around.
VTwinty (13 days ago)
47 thumbs downs were bronies.
Sailor Sedna (13 days ago)
Yeah, bronies would probably harass people for liking Care Bears (even heard one idiot one claim "Care Bears is a rip off" when they never saw it). FiM has sucked for four years now, in the fifth season, the writing quality was starting to fall through, and at the end of season 5 and start of season 6, the writing quality completely fell apart, the show tripped precipitously down a steep and rocky hill and never recovered. And if you daresay any negative thing about it or the drop in quality, be prepared for a lot of them to attack and harass you. The movie sucked too, being released three years too late, during the show's decline, whilst the original Care Bears movie (and its sequel) came out during the 80's series' prime and were far more enjoyable despite whatever flaws they had (though I won't deny the 80's series started to slide in quality around 1987, but more watchable than modern FiM, and the Nutcracker film was decent so they went out on sorta a bang).
Kelvin Shubert (13 days ago)
Clownfish Tv brought me here
icecream hero (13 days ago)
They are trying really hard to be My Little Pony Friendship is magic. The most overrated show in the universe.
Sailor Sedna (13 days ago)
+icecream hero Yeah, and I think the more time passes and the more people look back on it, the more they'll realize it was never really that great in the first place, those who say it's great now (as in rabid ones who will accept literally anything as long as it has ponies) won't be saying that 5-10 years from now and I feel FiM won't age well in the long run.
icecream hero (13 days ago)
+Sailor Sedna The best thing to come out of this show is Raven's secret addiction to the dolls on Teen Titans Go.
icecream hero (13 days ago)
+Sailor Sedna I used to watch it sometimes when I was really bored,but it was never that great it's just very average. Sorry Lauren Faust but your husband is funnier.
Sailor Sedna (13 days ago)
IKR? As a former FiM fan (never a brony), I can declare FiM has sucked for four years now, in the fifth season, the writing quality was starting to fall through, and at the end of season 5 and start of season 6, the writing quality completely fell apart, the show tripped precipitously down a steep and rocky hill and never recovered. And if you daresay any negative thing about it or the drop in quality, be prepared for a lot of them to attack and harass you. The FiM movie sucked too, being released three years too late, during the show's decline, whilst the original Care Bears movie (and its sequel) came out during the 80's series' prime and were far more enjoyable despite whatever flaws they had (though I won't deny the 80's series started to slide in quality around 1987, but more watchable than modern FiM, and the Nutcracker film was decent so they went out on sorta a bang).
icecream hero (13 days ago)
Why did they rip off the logo for the Powerpuff Girls reboot?
Sailor Sedna (13 days ago)
+icecream hero Agreed on that.
icecream hero (13 days ago)
+Sailor Sedna It's mind boggling how they misinterpreted the characters. Old Blossom: Strong Confident, the most reasonable character, the most normal character, the boss who could probably ground the other two if she wanted to New Blossom: Dexter in drag Bubbles: Actually she is the closest to the original only she isn't a vegetarian anymore and is more vain. Old Buttercup the toughest one, is a bit sassy, argues with Blossom the most, mischievous. New Buttercup:Way too mischievous way too mean.
Sailor Sedna (13 days ago)
+icecream heroYeah, plus what's also dumb is they're weaker as hell in the reboot (Bubbles breaks an arm after a building piece falls on her? Give me a break), and they even ripped off this thing from a Super Sentai (Japanese inspiration for Power Rangers) season Maskman, Aura Power. And let's not even get started on that infamous scene with a panda that makes me surprised the people who worked on it aren't in jail...
icecream hero (13 days ago)
+Sailor Sedna I can't stand that reboot either. Gone is the hilarious slapstick, amazing jokes, bad puns, double entendres , and violence. Now we have Adventure Time style surrealism instead of actual jokes. The Girls cause 90% of the problems so they are a bigger menace than the actual villians. The characters don't act like themselves. Character: What ever you do don't do that Powerpuff Girls:We did it and that creates a monster somehow.
Sailor Sedna (13 days ago)
Dunno. Hope it won't be as bad as that. :P
Tammra Evans (13 days ago)
So I just showed this to my overly-obsessive-care-bear-loving sister. Her exact words when I asked if she wanted to see this was "...I don't know..."
Feldi (13 days ago)
the question is: will the care bears even care for the bad guys?
Mr. GRD (13 days ago)
I hope professor coldheart shows up.
mrr self destruction (14 days ago)
This is a weird episode of Johnny Test.
DELCARAJO TEVE (14 days ago)
Well... ok (?)
TheCentriole (14 days ago)
>more shitty bean-mouth calarts style >more craaaazy rando humor and "we're so hip and cool and self-aware" writing >wtf they formed non-agression pact with sniddlers but are still expanding their 'care' bullshit into surrounding territory is this an allegory of Israeli encroachment into Palestine or something They're never gonna stop
Rodschach (14 days ago)
It even has its own haters, this show is steps a head!
bladerj (14 days ago)
Character design os good and certainly Will draw kids but the story seem eh and the personality is too milenial,seem agenda fueled. I stick with the original and its awesome sequel for my kids
Chad Von Deucheburg (14 days ago)
The bears voices are weird. I constantly expect them to start to curse.
ComicPhreak (14 days ago)
I wish they go back to the darker roots of Care Bears.
Sailor Sedna (23 hours ago)
+bezoticallyyours83 What about Land Without Feelings? That one had a creepy vibe to it.
bezoticallyyours83 (1 day ago)
Care Bears has never had darker roots. The original and Nelvana ones have a dreamy quality and the villains were standard, often goofy fare. With the slight exception of Dark Heart.
Sailor Sedna (9 days ago)
+Galexio 108 I don't know if I remember you or not, but I agree. I'd like to see True Heart myself.
Galexio 108 (9 days ago)
+Sailor Sedna Omg! I remember u! I'm not sure if you remember me but I was Mlpfan123! But I do agree with you on that. If My Little Pony can have some dark situations so can the Care Bears. I'm just hoping we see more Care Bears (Maybe True Heart Bear since she's my fave and the fact that she's the first care bear). They should have more 80s references ;-;
Sailor Sedna (12 days ago)
+ComicPhreak Agreed on that, that would be awesome.
CARE BEARS: Unlock the Magic Trailer Reaction! BEHOLD, DIBBLE! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 https://youtu.be/_cUbZjTjVAQ
R4I M1X (14 days ago)
Here we go again...
Brion (14 days ago)
Why is current animation so cheap looking? Its like they don't even try.
Looks like it's done in cut-out
Steffi Maier (10 days ago)
The root problem is clients that set up tight deadlines and don't pay enough. And most clients aren't aware about all the work behind every cartoon. Good animation costs a lot of money and takes more time.
Bagel The Bagel (12 days ago)
+SSJ GOKU Just a correction, Star Vs. changed to hand-drawn animation in the second half of season 1 and onwards.
SSJ GOKU (13 days ago)
+Gnome de Plume I've been studying animation my whole life and I'm currently attempting to apply to CalArts. The animation isn't /terrible/, but yes, these guys are correct when they say this type of animation is cheap--however its not puppet animation. it is flash (possibly toonboom?) animation done with tweening. This is...decent tweening but not amazing. The most popular animation that does tweening right now are shows like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Rick & Morty, Bob's Burgers, Star VS. The Forces Of Evil, and pretty much any show that looks like this (i wanna say Big Mouth does this but the show is so forgettable i dont recall) Anyways, the reason digitally animating with tweening is so cheap is because typically frame by frame animation is sent overseas (usually South Korea) requiring a full second team to be paid to animate each frames while the american team writes, storyboards, designs characters, color blocks, etc. Both teams have pretty heavy workloads! With tweening, you do draw animatics or storyboards, but often the animation can still be done here as you break the animation down into symbols and move them around as if you were doing 2d claymation. Puppet or bone animation is cheapest, typically requiring a full body characters parts to be deformed stretched, flipped, etc. It's considered very bad and is typically used nowadays in youtube animations from what I usually see, but I feel like ive seen it a bit in kids shows before. Hope this clears things up a little!
Gnome de Plume (13 days ago)
Sure are a lot of experts on animation production round these parts, knowing exactly how much effort cartoons take.
TheAquabears (14 days ago)
I want to like it, but those voices are just wrong.
The voices are funny, actually. Listen cute bears middle aged men's voices made me laugh hard.
TheArceusftw (11 days ago)
+Sailor Sedna That's what I think too.
Sailor Sedna (11 days ago)
+TheArceusftw Maybe it's the same VA...
TheArceusftw (11 days ago)
+Sailor Sedna Also It could be just me, but Cheer sounds a bit like Jimmy Neutron.
Sailor Sedna (13 days ago)
I like the idea of Bedtime having a British accent but he sounds more like Stewie from Family Guy... :P Once again, the 80's still is better.
eduardo torres (14 days ago)
very anime
Sailor Sedna (13 days ago)
+eduardo torres It was animated by people from Japan and some of the sound effects were later used in Ranma 1/2.
eduardo torres (14 days ago)
+Sailor Sedna DiC version doesn't look very anime to me.
Sailor Sedna (14 days ago)
Actually the DiC series was more like an anime.
Elvick (14 days ago)
Noooo, you brought Wish Bear into this mess. :'( My wish was NOT granted. Can't wait for this to be cancelled. When can someone who actually knows the potential of the IP get control of it and create a new series? Why is it always people with no understanding of what is there? *sigh*
David (14 days ago)
Cherrywood Approved!!!
E105_Alpha (14 days ago)
This is looking good. Hopefully it’ll be better as before.
Looks Nice asfk! :)
Diego Mattos (14 days ago)
Oh, boy, I can hardly wait for grown-ups to hijack this cartoon, obsess over lore, develop an unhealthy fandom and completely ignore that it was just supposed to teach sweet, simple lessons for kids.
Sailor Sedna (12 days ago)
+hartsfang fandom as is (mostly ones of the 80's one) is small though, and most Care Bears Tumblr pages are alright though (sadly adult stuff does exist for Care Bears but it's very rare and so reminisce compared to the MLP one)...
hartsfang (12 days ago)
+Sailor Sedna True, but I was more referring to them as a community (or a communicable disease?) they'll wash up somewhere else soon enough.
Sailor Sedna (13 days ago)
+hartsfang Hopefully nothing, considering they got rid of the ability to post certain content that's not suitable for Youtube.
hartsfang (14 days ago)
Oh god, I don't even want to imagine what Tumblr is going to do to these poor innocent bears.
Sailor Sedna (13 days ago)
+standleyd Yeah, I only saw a few episodes of that, but now that I've seen what the fandom's like and some dark horrid secrets I found out about some of the creators I lost my interest in it (ever hear what Rebecca Sugar drew once?). :(
ShadowedNight (14 days ago)
I do like the overall look, but those mouths need some work. They're too Thundercats Roar for their own good
Jason366 Guerrero (14 days ago)
This looks exciting but I hope it's really enjoying to watch.
Gina Weaver (14 days ago)
Still no Love-A-Lot Bear? She's my favorite hasn't had anything resembling a significant role since a few episodes of the DiC series. That was over 30 years ago. Us hopeless romantics always get the short end of the stick it seems…
john craw (14 days ago)
Sailor Sedna (13 days ago)
After over a decade of modern Care Bear failures, and despite me being more of an old-school Care Bears fan, I must admit, this actually looks like it could be decent. I like how it's got its own lore in its own alternate universe (I still consider the 80's the true universe), the character designs are cute (though I like the 80's ones better), the Wiffles kinda remind me of the Winkies from the Wizard of Oz universe, I'm getting a bit of Lord of the Rings and Star Trek vibes, the animation, whilst nothing thrilling and they obviously weren't sweating bullets making sure it looks, like say, Over the Garden Wall good, still works and I have a feeling it'll be a good balance of slice of life and adventure. They even brought back the Rainbow Rollers! I just hope that if this incarnation becomes popular, it won't end up all...perverted like another popular cartoon ended up becoming thanks to certain people. I'm not expecting it to be better than the 80's Care Bears series, but just a good, fun, enjoyable Care Bears program. And by Jove, I love Bedtime's British accent. <3
PoseMotion (14 days ago)
Love Boomerang but their remakes are a bit off from the originals. I tried the Monchhichis remake but could not finish the first episode. The original is best. It was like a PBS Kids show or something. Totally lost its original sense of adventure. Plus their ears shrunk and their hair/fur is a bit different. Anyway, I'll give this Care Bear remake a try before I cast too much judgement on it. I would like to see more 80's cartoons on Boomerang. Anything after the 80's is just boring to me.
bezoticallyyours83 (1 day ago)
There was a monchichi cartoon?
Sailor Sedna (14 days ago)
Same with me.
Cartoonfan2002 (15 days ago)
jasobres (15 days ago)
Someone's trying to ride My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic's coattails!!
Sailor Sedna (14 days ago)
+hartsfang I think the bronies more would harass new fans for liking the new show or thinking it's better than FiM, not respecting opinions (yeah, I know there are good bronies but the fanbase is a trainwreck and I've encountered more bad ones than good).
RokuroCarisu (14 days ago)
+Sailor Sedna Doesn't matter. Netflix's She-Ra also tried to ape MLP:FiM and the result was awful.
hartsfang (14 days ago)
Just hope they hop off before the bronies get them.
Sailor Sedna (14 days ago)
The Care Bears franchise came out way before FiM did though.
>Boomerang Not a good sign
King Andrew Cecil (9 days ago)
Yeah, upon finding out that a new Care Bears cartoon is on Boomerang I was like "Really? Care Bears - on Boomerang? They're on the wrong TV channel!"
Kalen Bryson (15 days ago)
The show coming out on my birthday in which my most anticipated boomerang cartoon behind Yabba dabba dinosaurs
Kalen Bryson (13 days ago)
+RokuroCarisu Dino vs. The dibbling: Unlock The Bedrock😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
RokuroCarisu (14 days ago)
Yabba Dabba Dibbles.
standleyd (15 days ago)
Tfw this has the best looking animation of any show on either channel (other than gumball)
bezoticallyyours83 (1 day ago)
I guess you've never seen good animation
SPLNKR (15 days ago)
Hey look, another one of these the same cartoon
Musing Maple (15 days ago)
Finally an airdate! I can't wait to see this.
Weird Guy (15 days ago)
Cartoonfan2002 (15 days ago)
care bears
cameron iacono (15 days ago)
I saw this when Boomerang retweeted this from the Care Bears Twitter
CatFox (15 days ago)
The art direction is very cute
cameron iacono (13 days ago)
I agree
Ryan Brown (15 days ago)
Hopefully, this will do for Care Bears what Friendship is Magic did for My Little Pony.
bezoticallyyours83 (1 day ago)
+hartsfang That would be awful. Last thing CB needs are a bunch of immature toxic fans who are into beastiality. 😡
bezoticallyyours83 (1 day ago)
Shut up. They've been around pretty consistently for years and have been more or less decent to good.
Sailor Sedna (23 hours ago)
Hope it doesn't go the Simpsons route though, like FiM is doing; FiM is now a total has-been, a lot of plot threads/lore are resolved in a terrible way, make no sense and contradict past information (new writers), they ruined a good amount of villains there with bad reformations, it now teaches bad messages, newer characters keep appearing to replace the older ones, most of the former main cast has been pushed to the background and only show up for unfunny comic relief or to lose whatever character development they had, the tone is now a boring slice of life with constant filler episodes, the movie was terrible, the producers for it seem to be focusing more on toy sales and quantity over quality, and a lot of former fans I've known about have left/given up on it.
RokuroCarisu (14 days ago)
Pretty much every cartoon these days is apparently trying to be MLP:FiM.
hartsfang (14 days ago)
What, bring it to the attention of Tumblr? Oh God! ~ shudder.
peachysquirt21 (15 days ago)
Animation is garbage. Prefer the old style of the care bears.
Girom Christian Calica (15 days ago)
MihaiChetreanu17 (15 days ago)
This gives me some Unikitty vibes
Randall Hedgehog (15 days ago)
I hope it come to the t.v.!
Ugo Lam (15 days ago)
The Wind In The Willows (80,000 Subscribers Special)
CthulhuBeard (15 days ago)
wish they could have at least gone for some good animation... too bad...
Baaspark Openings (15 days ago)
AlexReynard (15 days ago)
Why does each generation only have one 'cute' art style at a time?
icecream hero (13 days ago)
+AlexReynard Nah this doesn't look like We Bear Bears at all in We Bear Bears the backgrounds are semi realistic and the anatomy is realistic except for on the Bears and the faces look cartoony. In Steven Universe the characters are more off model and do more wild takes. Also Steven Universe loved to make everything pink and the eyes would be bigger. These characters would look out of place in Steven Universe. Also the outlines aren't thick enough.
AlexReynard (13 days ago)
+icecream hero It's definitely got the curvature of Steven Universe. Or We Bare Bears.
icecream hero (13 days ago)
+AlexReynard This looks nothing like Abomination Time. It looks more like unikitty but everything isn't made of Legos.
Sailor Sedna (13 days ago)
+AlexReynard I guess... :P
AlexReynard (14 days ago)
+Sailor Sedna Certainly! But that was part of what inspired the thought: everything in the 80s had its own separate 'cute' aesthetic. I'm mentally going over the 90s and 00s too. I wonder if it has anything to do with technology? Maybe the Adventure Time style is easy to draw with tablets?
Ilán Moisés Cohen (15 days ago)
It looks really good! It has the Adventures in Care A Lot feeling

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