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6 Impossible Magic Tricks That Are Unexplainable

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Text Comments (656)
Toya Spence (4 days ago)
That's not talent...if your getting help from evil forces
Toya Spence (4 days ago)
Melody Lanzatella (5 days ago)
First of all, you need to stop calling them "tricks". They are not "tricks", they are illusions. We know this because, well...MAGIC IS NOT POSSIBLE! Just because no one can explain it, doesnt mean that someone is actually performing MAGIC! Every illusion is just that! An illusion! Some how, some way, no matter how impossible it seems! There IS an explanation for it!
RAJEEV KUMAR (8 days ago)
I saw a vedio of a kid spouting out water but from different place
Deena K (9 days ago)
Michael Schweigart (9 days ago)
Any trick on AGT or BGT shouldn't be recognized as there are many rumors about the judges themselves may be in on some of them...this could be to help the ratings
Don Larsen Jr (20 days ago)
Noah Bako (26 days ago)
The explanation is that these magicians are using demons to assist them, having sold their souls to the devil for fame instead of choosing the life giving Jesus
Princess Apryl Van Ryn (22 days ago)
There's a sucker born every minute
Larry Tyler (26 days ago)
I'm amazed! Wow! My ass stinks!
Any female illusionists??? Interesting!
Philip Dawes (1 month ago)
Sorry, but you are off the mark with Dynamo's walking on the Thames, (which is pronounced 'tems.' The th is silent.). If he was walking *_on_* the water his feet would be on the surface of the water, not under the surface by about two inches. The illusion was produced with a moving floating plexiglass platform about two inches below the surface, possibly with the help of two or three divers wearing breathing apparatuses moving the platform under the surface as he walked. The canoeists that passed behind him were part of the 'props' to show that there was no platform in that area - as it had already moved off. When the police launch appeared Dynamo had already stopped. At that point it appeared that Dynamo's shoes were about three inches below the surface. As the launch approached him they purposefully did not get too close, because there was the danger that they would have knocked the plexiglass platform and Dynamo would have taken an unscheduled plunge into the water. The police launch was also part of the 'show.'
sthomas086 (1 month ago)
1. It's a magnetic trick ring and the second time he does it, if you watch the actually video, the switch is obvious 2. Half the pages are shorter than the other ones and all have the same thing written on it, david beckham, also tea was always what was it the can, the label was changed. 3. It's still plexiglass, there is a videotaped by someone there who shows the boat that takes him hitting the plexiglass, it's hilarious. 4. It's a simple sleight of hand trick, none of the bags have nails in it, he has the nail. 5. The trick here is you actually believing David Blaine. 6. You don't show the whole trick, if you watch it, when he pickups the deck, and slides the cards, he's finding and culling the eight of hearts to the bottom, the cards other than the top one, all have the previous card written on the half of the card your not seeing. He's very good at it. I'm not writing this to take away the fun, I just don't like when people attribute magic to the supernatural. It's all explainable and most of the time, right in front of you.
Mr. Christopher (1 month ago)
​​ I have an idea how you could accomplish Dynamo walking on water. Stilts and a fixed surface beneath the water. The stilts have a croc like looking slip in for easy mount and demount. You slide your foot in, begin to walk, then slide your foot out when you're ready to get out. Look at his heel when he's walking, you can see it looks like he's walking in something similar to crocs. A sort of slip in, that matches his shoes. ​ This now makes sense as to why he's stopped by the "police". It makes dismounting a breeze and saves from having to rig a surface across the entire river, also, not to mention helps prevent mishaps, such as falling, etc. That'd be a long walk to achieve without error. I'm sure an experienced stilt walker could do it, but this guy is a magician, not a professional who strictly trains at walking on stilts. I really do think that's how it's done, if not, I do believe you can achieve this in the manor I described. It'd be difficult, possibly illegal but money or night time preparation can get you past that. Not to mention doing a 180 and walking back could potentially expose the fact he is walking on stilts. It also ensures you can mount a smaller surface underwater. He could do the 180 and walk back but that means you need to mount a bigger surface underwater AND the demount might also become more obvious as he has to slide his shoes out of the slip in covers right close the dock/pier whatever it is. I think the mounting process is more simple than the dismount, so that's why he has the "police" get him in the middle of the trick. He uses them to shift his weight, so sliding out of the slips ins whilst going forward is now a breeze. Literally half the work than walking the whole thing and more chance of a success if you only walk half way. The police stopped him, so then you have no shame, you can always say I was going to walk the whole thing but the police stopped me. So you still come out smelling like roses. I say fake police gimmick or paid police gimmick. Either way, they can easily expose the trick if they aren't in on it, so they are in on it.
Aidan L (1 month ago)
I know one
No One (1 month ago)
Unexplainable? Really? Are you sure?
No Commentary Gaming (1 month ago)
mangzo lianding guite (1 month ago)
Dynamo is a Magician stupid ass hole
Justin Pees (1 month ago)
#1 The Ring: How did everyone get #1 wrong? I can make that ring on a deserted island while fighting off lions, chimpanzees and obese toads. The ring is broke. What I mean by that is it’s 99% circular counter sprung. The outside is malleable material and inside has two springs which make the ring curl one way or the other. Basically there is always a counter force which makes it easy for this ring to snap one way or the other or even fling it to the ground. I even noticed that he was trying to use gravity to assure that the ring would remain on his finger instead of it sprinting off his thumb and into the clueless woman’s eye which would have been much more magical imo. LITERALLY all he does is bring his thumb in contact against the ring’s midpoint and then the strand of material curls or snaps into place the opposite way and snaps onto his thumb. The same method could have been used to fling the ring to the floor under their handshake but the magician fucked up the easiest thing to do and had to edit it the girl holding her hand underneath the handshake as if the ring didn’t fall under haha. 😂 The girl is just a clueless person who is not even paying attention to what’s going on. She doesn’t even acknowledge both of his hands at all. He lowers one hand to his pocket side (to snap on the other ring he has pinched on one of his pockets, or it’s even possible that he pulled the 2nd ring straight out from inside his pocket) while she continues looking blond and smiling blindly at his face. He could have pulled the ring out of his ass and she still would have been smiling blankly. Cool effect and method. But pretty obvious. You can see the thumb knuckle and muscles you’re wrong along with many others about #1. There are two rings ofc, however one is not a half ring. The ring that he moves from one finger to his thumb looks like a complete circle or ring but it’s not. It’s just made from a special material where the ring can be formed (or bent) either way. LITERALLY all he does is push his thumb up against the ring midpoint of the ring and then the ring curls the opposite way and snaps together on his thumb. The same method is used to discard the ring. I’m this case the breakpoint of the ring is in the palm The girl is just a clueless person whose not even paying attention to what’s going on. She doesn’t even acknowledge both of his hands at all. He lowers one hand to his pocket side (to snap on the other ring he has picked on one of his pockets, or it’s even possible that he pulled a real ring straight from his pocket) and she smiles blindly at his face. He could have pulled the ring out of his ass below the camera and she still would have been smiling blankly at his ears.
Yotega Yummies (4 days ago)
Justin Pees guy shut the hell up just shut up please your a self sufficient loser
Fred Gotoc (1 month ago)
Not all performances of magicians are just gimmicks or sleight-of-hands for not all magicians are lying or deceiving people of their own might. Some are being helped by evil spirits though not all of them realize it. Some think it is by their own mind power alone.
Karl Jackson (1 month ago)
"Unexplainable"? I'm actually pretty sure that the magicians performing the illusions could explain them easily. But that would spoil the trick, wouldn't it?
Shibby Marley (1 month ago)
Where's criss angel in this list...angel is an amazing magician
AFUF Productions (1 month ago)
Lol fucked up that the crew with Simon looks like the crew with Simon lol
Tim Miller (1 month ago)
These are all explained in other videos
Luca (1 month ago)
Hey im walking on water but my feet are underwater
Severino Arguelles (1 month ago)
The people here who say that these are hoaxes are actually those who believe that these are true but they are paid to say that these are hoaxes because they know stupid people easily believe hoaxes, then those who said that these were hoaxes would laugh alone and would keep the truth with them, That's what the US government does whenever there are aliens -- hire a lot of people who would say they're hoaxes, so be careful of who you believe,, and believe me these paid people are all sarcastic and are very good actors, of course that's what you get from getting paid! Believe me they're all sarcastic, logical, pretending to be innocent, and always ready to defend themselves -- that's how they hide the truth,,,
Twiddy Cent (2 months ago)
Magicians do all these tricks but God does miracles.
Maliny Moon (2 months ago)
Everything is a mystery. In my book'The magical painting" I've described a hidden possibility of human mind.
mikex88x (2 months ago)
Wana no anything else revealed I'll take $ fornit
mikex88x (2 months ago)
Want my cut $
mikex88x (2 months ago)
Then the next ring he has her hold his hand for isn't actually a complete circle just a half resing on his finger I was my cutting for reavlig this
mikex88x (2 months ago)
Well I see it the ring opens like a clasp that's why he can get it off her holding his finger be aise it's not removed that way then he puts the ring on his other finger as he's moving his hand back over to the ring finger
Rayhan Uddin (2 months ago)
every dynamos magic is unexplainable
Debra DeLeone (2 months ago)
All one needs is eyes to see truth: these things are possible because of demonic possession and the Devil's desire for deception. Satan is always preparing for the Great Deception; possible, even some believes in Jesus' return will believe this LIE. All Magic is a sinful practice and greatly consider by God as an act of evil. So named Magic Acts have tremendously increased in complexity and talent just within my generation. I don't think people would have excepted this form of illusion before 1960. The majority of people before then, probably would have noticed the evil presence involved. Why, because they likely knew already such things are impossible for humans to do. Moreover, the Christian population was greater back then and knew truth of God's word.
Repo 2390 Sohtun (3 months ago)
I can explain all these magic tricks...listen to me all now When they perform, some demonic creatures were besides them helping to do such deceiving magic tricks. Magicians: you are right Repo Repo: Turn that demon into a hot naked girl so u can dash
Doug Turner (3 months ago)
Unexplained? More like, couldn't be bothered to research the tricks.
Primordial Remnant (3 months ago)
People who suggest it's the work of demons need serious therapy.
Robert Delgado (3 months ago)
Thank you
Jeff Vintinner (4 months ago)
Walking through water not on top
Jeff Vintinner (4 months ago)
Shallow water
VacuBlaster (4 months ago)
Number 3 isn't explainable, the canoes would easily sail over a submerged platform and the police in a rib carefully coming up right to the end of the platform otherwise if he'd had to continue then splash. If he'd done this in the middle of the Thames (it's pronounced 'Tems')I'd have been impressed or if the boat with the outboard motor had gone across where he'd walked but, it couldn't because the outboard motors stick into the water too far, not the case of the canoes though who incidentally are so impressed with a man walking on water they don't even bother stopping because they are part of the act. Number 5, do you mean David Blaine knew he could spout water but, pretended he couldn't until the right time and then revealed what he'd known all his life as a newly learned skill?
mark moth (4 months ago)
I only looked at the comments because i new it wuld be.1....blabla bla 2..bla bla bla.....3 blablabla bla..its bullshit we don't kw! U dont fuckn kw people.
Divyanshu Sharma (4 months ago)
Dumbo your video is too slow ⛛
Saul Salinas (4 months ago)
Faisal Khawaja (4 months ago)
Dude, Dynamo Thames trick was a fail. Watch the whole video- boat bumps on the hidden platform.
Tom Brady (5 months ago)
The man was walking on water because he had floaty shoes
Big Stevo (5 months ago)
Dynamo`s trick was a failure. Why didn`t you show the police boat hitting the perspex platform? The river Thames is pronounced `tems`
Your Conscience (5 months ago)
Lol, never heard anyone say the River Thames like you. I guess I never thought about how someone from another country would read it so it sounded really weird. Its spelt "Thames" but pronounced "Tames"
Samath Darshana (5 months ago)
Haiyami (5 months ago)
I wonder if Penn and Teller could figure out some of these tricks?
Windel Junio (5 months ago)
As long as its fack OK 👍
Windel Junio (5 months ago)
Fake I meant fake
Bhagath Goud (6 months ago)
We love David Blaine
Ronan Oleary (6 months ago)
Dynamo’s tricks are all camera work
Fendi Setiawan (6 months ago)
Karena fb aku jadi kesini .... ya indonesia like komen ku dong
Edwin V. Orantes (7 months ago)
All these tricks had being revealed already.
AlvareZ az (7 months ago)
*Almost everything has an explanation,except God*
Karleigh Boyd (7 months ago)
5:02 if you look at his shoes it looks like there are straps and there are stilts under him
Jade Rose (7 months ago)
Wow, seriously... I'm not a magician but it's so obvious how the nail in bag trick is done. Inside each bag there is a nail attached to a small, skinny & flat block of wood but they the nails are laying on their side, not straight up. When he opens the last bag he reaches in and pulls it out straight upward as if it were like that the whole time. They don't show us the inside of all the bags. He never opens them for us to see and he didn't prove the nail was actually upright before sticking his hand in the bag and pulling it out. Easy.
Jean Kok (7 months ago)
Yess, it's called ice tea
You don't say "th-ames", you say "tems".
danny valastro (8 months ago)
it is expainable they have plexiglass underneath him he is walking on that no he cant walk on water lolzzzzz they installed the plexiglass the night before it shows how they do this on you tube
Glitch Gaming & Fun! (9 months ago)
the trick by raven was also explained. it is actually very simple.
Glitch Gaming & Fun! (9 months ago)
The nail bag trick was explained. The bag with the nail moves differently when the air hits it after the performer slams his hand down onto the table. All other bags without the nail move the same way.
M M (9 months ago)
I hate to soil a good magic trick but if you really think it's unexplained, you do realize you can play back YouTube at .25 speed right? Play the first trick in quarter speed and watch the ring slide right off his right hand and jump into his left hand via what I'm guessing was a magnet and he immediately skid it on his left hand. Just show things down and everything will make sense to you. The only thing is we should just enjoy them as illusions honestly and leave them alone. If we busy every "magic" myth there is. Where's the fun in that? We watch to be entertained and the harder to figure out the better. I hate that we can even use technology to busy these tricks. It takes away from the cool factor of the magicians. Which leaves us with just the standing in a damn pile for 10 days or going inside a ice cube for a week type crap till we finally say ok he's got superhuman powers. Nothing wrong with just pulling a rabbit out of your hat.
Selmen Guair (9 months ago)
Did he drink that cup of “tea” after she drank from the same cup? They both drank from the same cup. “ Terribly Disgusting!!!! “
Tyata Samrat (9 months ago)
unxplained? LOL, fucking muggle
Tyata Samrat (9 months ago)
unxplained? LOL, fucking muggle
Wild Aquarius (9 months ago)
Criss angel can out do any on this list and has thousands of times over.
wolf spirit (10 months ago)
Will you religious fucks stfu already
colin crisp (10 months ago)
Once people realize what these people are doing Has nothing to do with talent just using jinns or who ever in the unseen world It would just be boring Surely then you would look for some thing really impressive like ending world hunger or world peace YEP that would really be majik
Rose Marie (10 months ago)
My cousin use to do things like this to us in the family , she stop doing it because it use to scare the shit outta her to
FBHMK LGD (10 months ago)
THEY ARE ONLY UN-EXPLAINABLE if you cannot see beyond yourself.
Abdul Khan (10 months ago)
Devil Blaine is the best magician in the World
Terrence Koehn (10 months ago)
I actually happen to know how several of these are done because I have performed a couple myself.
Zineddine Blacko (10 months ago)
The last trick was super amazing
Terence Grant (10 months ago)
The last trick CARTOON deck trick...which won on Britains Got Talent, has been on Sale at my local magic shop for the past decade....any Ten year old kid, with NO magical training whatsoever could have pulled that trick off, its super easy, the gimmick deck does it for you, you simply have to flip through the deck....very easy to understand and explain, once you buy the deck and know the secret.
Terence Grant (10 months ago)
i can explain MOST of these tricks, but I wont...
Terence Grant (10 months ago)
just because you dont understand a trick does NOT make it impossible or unexplainable, simply unexplained,
mehmud (10 months ago)
lol the ring one is so stupid .. he had the ring on his hand already
Delois Allen (10 months ago)
Leviticus 19: 31!
Radieox (10 months ago)
My nigga said river fames Lear how to read u idiot it’s pronounced tems
SmellsLikeCurry (10 months ago)
Magic like this is forbidden as spirits are behind it
Old school beats (10 months ago)
Going so well, till we got to the river Thames 😂
Hoanganh Tran (10 months ago)
Dynamo, of course!
Bano (10 months ago)
Jamie Raven's trick was created by someone else, showed by the creator on Penn & Teller:Fool Us & the creator publicly claimed that it was his most sold trick
Soil Halo (10 months ago)
The Guitar Saiyan (10 months ago)
is the nail trick guy the same one who did it on t.v. and had the newscaster plunge her hand right on the nail???
Jahanzaib Manzoor (10 months ago)
Oh nice
JohnManthorpe (10 months ago)
Themes? Thames (phonetic = Tems) World famous city river. Come on!
R Damani (11 months ago)
I know Dan's trick
R Damani (11 months ago)
Not real mafic
jafarisaber83 (11 months ago)
all these magic tricks are explainable. just search on the net. you will find all of them
I PILE DRIVED ALEX JONES (11 months ago)
you are a fuckin moron...
Neeraj Singh (11 months ago)
How can be possible ?
Michael O Neill (11 months ago)
His demon went bad now he's ill
Llewellyn Nhlanhla Mngadi (11 months ago)
These TRICKS or more correctly ILLUSIONS, can ALL be explained !!! People are just TOO DAMN LAZY TO THINK !!!
Mik Mordant (11 months ago)
Only unexplainable if you don't know how to perform them, or know where to buy them from.
Mik Mordant (11 months ago)
The last card one shown I owned many years ago it is a very old commercially available effect.
Xavier Serrano (11 months ago)
I feel the last one doesn’t matter what they choose you only need to change the last card shown. Meaning you only change the last frame of the animation.
Jake Baran (11 months ago)
Literally all you did for number 5 WAS explain it ..??
Kyle saeuberlich (11 months ago)
Being intelligent takes the fun out of watching magic.
HASEEF Manikfan (11 months ago)
Totally fake

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