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6 Impossible Magic Tricks That Are Unexplainable

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Text Comments (567)
Edwin V. Orantes (5 days ago)
All these tricks had being revealed already.
AlvareZ az (5 days ago)
*Almost everything has an explanation,except God*
Karleigh Boyd (15 days ago)
5:02 if you look at his shoes it looks like there are straps and there are stilts under him
Jade Rose (19 days ago)
Wow, seriously... I'm not a magician but it's so obvious how the nail in bag trick is done. Inside each bag there is a nail attached to a small, skinny & flat block of wood but they the nails are laying on their side, not straight up. When he opens the last bag he reaches in and pulls it out straight upward as if it were like that the whole time. They don't show us the inside of all the bags. He never opens them for us to see and he didn't prove the nail was actually upright before sticking his hand in the bag and pulling it out. Easy.
Jean Kok (25 days ago)
Yess, it's called ice tea
You don't say "th-ames", you say "tems".
danny valastro (1 month ago)
it is expainable they have plexiglass underneath him he is walking on that no he cant walk on water lolzzzzz they installed the plexiglass the night before it shows how they do this on you tube
Glitch Gaming & Fun! (1 month ago)
the trick by raven was also explained. it is actually very simple.
Glitch Gaming & Fun! (1 month ago)
The nail bag trick was explained. The bag with the nail moves differently when the air hits it after the performer slams his hand down onto the table. All other bags without the nail move the same way.
Joe Days (1 month ago)
I hate to soil a good magic trick but if you really think it's unexplained, you do realize you can play back YouTube at .25 speed right? Play the first trick in quarter speed and watch the ring slide right off his right hand and jump into his left hand via what I'm guessing was a magnet and he immediately skid it on his left hand. Just show things down and everything will make sense to you. The only thing is we should just enjoy them as illusions honestly and leave them alone. If we busy every "magic" myth there is. Where's the fun in that? We watch to be entertained and the harder to figure out the better. I hate that we can even use technology to busy these tricks. It takes away from the cool factor of the magicians. Which leaves us with just the standing in a damn pile for 10 days or going inside a ice cube for a week type crap till we finally say ok he's got superhuman powers. Nothing wrong with just pulling a rabbit out of your hat.
Selmen Guair (2 months ago)
Did he drink that cup of “tea” after she drank from the same cup? They both drank from the same cup. “ Terribly Disgusting!!!! “
Tyata Samrat (2 months ago)
unxplained? LOL, fucking muggle
Tyata Samrat (2 months ago)
unxplained? LOL, fucking muggle
Wild Aquarius (2 months ago)
Criss angel can out do any on this list and has thousands of times over.
wolf spirit (2 months ago)
Will you religious fucks stfu already
colin crisp (3 months ago)
Once people realize what these people are doing Has nothing to do with talent just using jinns or who ever in the unseen world It would just be boring Surely then you would look for some thing really impressive like ending world hunger or world peace YEP that would really be majik
Rose Marie (3 months ago)
My cousin use to do things like this to us in the family , she stop doing it because it use to scare the shit outta her to
Michael LGD Collins (3 months ago)
THEY ARE ONLY UN-EXPLAINABLE if you cannot see beyond yourself.
Abdul Khan (3 months ago)
Devil Blaine is the best magician in the World
Jerry Jerry (3 months ago)
I actually happen to know how several of these are done because I have performed a couple myself.
Zineddine Blacko (3 months ago)
The last trick was super amazing
Terence Grant (3 months ago)
The last trick CARTOON deck trick...which won on Britains Got Talent, has been on Sale at my local magic shop for the past decade....any Ten year old kid, with NO magical training whatsoever could have pulled that trick off, its super easy, the gimmick deck does it for you, you simply have to flip through the deck....very easy to understand and explain, once you buy the deck and know the secret.
Terence Grant (3 months ago)
i can explain MOST of these tricks, but I wont...
Terence Grant (3 months ago)
just because you dont understand a trick does NOT make it impossible or unexplainable, simply unexplained,
mehmud (3 months ago)
lol the ring one is so stupid .. he had the ring on his hand already
Delois Allen (3 months ago)
Leviticus 19: 31!
Radieox (3 months ago)
My nigga said river fames Lear how to read u idiot it’s pronounced tems
SmellsLikeCurry (3 months ago)
Magic like this is forbidden as spirits are behind it
all round fish cake (3 months ago)
Going so well, till we got to the river Thames 😂
Hoanganh Tran (3 months ago)
Dynamo, of course!
Bano (3 months ago)
Jamie Raven's trick was created by someone else, showed by the creator on Penn & Teller:Fool Us & the creator publicly claimed that it was his most sold trick
Soil Halo (3 months ago)
The Guitar Saiyan (3 months ago)
is the nail trick guy the same one who did it on t.v. and had the newscaster plunge her hand right on the nail???
National Player (3 months ago)
Oh nice
JohnManthorpe (3 months ago)
Themes? Thames (phonetic = Tems) World famous city river. Come on!
R Damani (3 months ago)
I know Dan's trick
R Damani (3 months ago)
Not real mafic
jafarisaber83 (3 months ago)
all these magic tricks are explainable. just search on the net. you will find all of them
IT the casting clown pov (4 months ago)
you are a fuckin moron...
Neeraj Singh (4 months ago)
How can be possible ?
Michael O Neill (4 months ago)
His demon went bad now he's ill
These TRICKS or more correctly ILLUSIONS, can ALL be explained !!! People are just TOO DAMN LAZY TO THINK !!!
Mik Mordant (4 months ago)
Only unexplainable if you don't know how to perform them, or know where to buy them from.
Mik Mordant (4 months ago)
The last card one shown I owned many years ago it is a very old commercially available effect.
Xavier Serrano (4 months ago)
I feel the last one doesn’t matter what they choose you only need to change the last card shown. Meaning you only change the last frame of the animation.
Jake Baran (4 months ago)
Literally all you did for number 5 WAS explain it ..??
Kyle saeuberlich (4 months ago)
Being intelligent takes the fun out of watching magic.
listener01 (4 months ago)
>unexplainable >magic >unexplainable >proceeds to explain it
HASEEF Manikfan (4 months ago)
Totally fake
Ryan Walker (4 months ago)
are people calling this sorcery or black magic is silly to me I would sure hope the devil would show him greater tricks than this they're just magic tricks that these guys perfected through their lifetime as far as a guy walking on water that's some sort of trick but it's also a mockery of Jesus Christ walking on water
Connor Murphy (4 months ago)
Connor Murphy (4 months ago)
TO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Connor Murphy (4 months ago)
rose ducusin (4 months ago)
pls watching everyone
Binit Karki (4 months ago)
There is non visable glass inside water so it help to walk in water
ristuksenvittu (4 months ago)
1. Video editing 2. Forcing 3. Platform 4. Sleight of hand 5. Unexplainable 6. Forcing Those are the simplest explanations.
Dimitar Dimitrov (4 months ago)
Very easy to explain how to do it. How to do it Number One - Dan White - - Magnet broken ring. Two sets. Number Two - Richard Jones -- Origame presets and patterns. Tea is in the can. Looks random but all random possibiliies leads to single option - tea. Also judges maybe are involved. This liquid look much more like chocolate than tea. Number Three - Dynamo -- Pont not a platform. Plus boyant boots. The pont is attached under the boots. To move so effectively the pont moves as well. Its moving pont not static platform. Also there can be air inside the pont to provide extra boyant force. Dificult but doable. Boat can drive on it. Over it actually. Moving pont with lots of air inside it can do this without problems. Number Four --- Derren Brown --- Marked Bags. One of the bags simply has a mark. Its marked. Yep thats right, the one with the nail. Number Five --- David Blaine -- Spit out water, a dificult skill. Not a trick. Number Six -- Jamie Raven -- Card tricks. Extra sets of cards. He is prepared the cards before the show. 7 of hearts is only option.
abe finklestein (4 months ago)
i knew i was gonna come in the comment section and find all kind of theories & suggestions on how these tricks are done! gotta love it man!
barry wilson (4 months ago)
Include,issy Simpson empty carton.
Jon (4 months ago)
How can we take this video seriously when you’ve never even heard of the river Thames. (Pronounced Tems)
A N (4 months ago)
It's a Diablo
Michael O Neill (4 months ago)
Half of a ring
colum bannon (4 months ago)
You know what is explainable after watching this, you have a trick that makes shit come out of your mouth.
Andrew (4 months ago)
Magic 101, the crowd or "random" volunteer IS in on the trick.
Kamelody 2330 (4 months ago)
Dynamo walk on water trick was EXPOSED. He did use some platform . There was somebody filming the event with her cellphone and when the so called " POLICE" Were turning around the boat . They hit some shit under the water. Look for the video here on YouTube. Of course the Dynamo team not gonna add that part to his DVD or program
apalara oluwafunsho (5 months ago)
xX KrAZYFaZeKID Xx (5 months ago)
River temes not thames haha it think
MT Con (5 months ago)
These magicians maybe from a different planets
Karl Harper (5 months ago)
River Thames is pronounced TEMS.
2Shot (5 months ago)
There useing demons Christ warned us
John Leslie (5 months ago)
Judges are in on the tricks them selves to boost ratings and fill their pockets.
wanderer1955 (5 months ago)
Hmm so you've made a clip telling us what we already know. NOTHING about how the tricks are done.
userwl2850 (5 months ago)
All can be explained in great detail..... just ask the guy doing it. 🎩🐰
Joseph Taverna (5 months ago)
What no Criss Angel please
Cashpot (5 months ago)
Misleading title where there are obvious camera cuts and most of the tricks are obvious. The River Thames (honestly!) trick was exposed in a National newspaper the next day. I suppose he is making money by pinching content so it's all OK for the modern world.
sufi miah (5 months ago)
Yes the dynamo trick was an illusion simply cos all the characters ie river police are actors and well orchestrated illusions... even i can see what's going on. The boats are there all add to the illusion
sufi miah (5 months ago)
I am besotted over aleshas beauty.
ShamonsUploads (5 months ago)
your irish accent is fading man...bring it back
Scott Wheeler (5 months ago)
river fames ?? lol
Ricky Rajkumar (5 months ago)
last one is very easy duhh
Mark Sinnott (5 months ago)
i think the clue is in the intro magicians and illusionst
Ajin Joseph (5 months ago)
all could be explained... the last one only the last card is seven of hearts... its quite easy to write it there
taysahun pineda (6 months ago)
nice video
john phillips (6 months ago)
Dynamo has a familiar spirit/demon with him like all magicians, that's how they are able to do these things. Accept Jesus Christ today, we are not promised a tomorrow. Do yourselves a favour and check out these channels, ODD Reality and The Potters Clay.
Oliver sobhi Zakhary (6 months ago)
#1 good trick #2 most of bgt is fake, hate to break it to ya #3 obvs, plates in the water #4 u can actaully see the bag, i moves in a different way than the others #5 This is a man, that can hold his breath for 17, are u even surprised? #6 the 7 of hearts is a very common card, and it was most likely luck
Picu Gabi (6 months ago)
jsilence418 (6 months ago)
David Blaine " arguably the most popular magician today" I guess it's arguable, the douche bag was popular 20 years ago for 10 minutes.
Natalie Portman (6 months ago)
Plexiglass is over 2000 yrs old lol
DREXEL OLDMAN (6 months ago)
Ehh ,the dude has 2identical rings,Einstein.
Vin Denap (6 months ago)
Unexplained my ***. Just type in how to do anyone of these tricks individually and it will tell you
mrstepintime (6 months ago)
All there so called tricks were done through the spirit realm.
Terence Grant (3 months ago)
hogwash, you just dont understand their tricks.
Gerry Berry (6 months ago)
The River Thames is pronounced TEMZ! I must admit that's the first time I've ever heard anyone pronounce "Thames" as in "aims"! Hahaha! It's only one of THE most famous rivers in the entire world!
Bob Jones (6 months ago)
Umm.. I don't care how 'good' or accurate a magician is. I'm not trusting him to slam my hand onto a bag that could contain a nail in it.
Sorcerers will not inherit the kingdom of heaven . But they will be thrown to the everlasting fire 🔥
Eli_ZA (7 months ago)
rly the number 2 is so ez the notebooks were cut so when you pulled down it showed every other one which were all different but when you pulled up it show ones that were all the same and he knew them both
Mikey (7 months ago)
Walk on water dude, ending dude with judges &;most are Angles from Heaven... K explanned!!
Dredd J. (7 months ago)
Sorry,,  Penn and Tell showed two of the tricks,,   the 7  of hearts trick and the nail in the bag trick and how they are done, as for the tea,  I figured it out, the walking on water,  hmmm  dunno,   and spouting or shoving a nail In your skin, both are done in India as well, so I only see the walking on water that I cannot explain, but then I wasn't on the Thames recently!!!
Mister Clean (7 months ago)
The Base of actual The Knife Holder is marked Mr. Un-explainable!
The Kelvington (7 months ago)
You do understand that when you introduce all these guys as illusionist or magicians, that they are all tricks right? Just because you don't know how they are done, doesn't make them explainable, they are just unknown to you. The bag with the nail in Penn & Teller have talked about at length, and they do a very similar illusion. When they talked about this guy, they did admit, there was some small amount of danger to it, and they object to doing magic where someone could actually get hurt. On and it's the Thames, but it's pronounced TEMS.
TameChain6 (7 months ago)
1st one is fake he has multiple rings

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