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Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro "Film Mode" Side by Side Comparison

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This video shows you a before and after side by side comparison of Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro's "Film mode" which is then graded in DaVinci Resolve.
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DMC (6 months ago)
Well done!
Too orange looking
Parábola Films (1 year ago)
Sergey Afanasiev (1 year ago)
Ungraded much better. Graded too saturated...
Joe Matthews (1 year ago)
Great test footage! I currently own the URSA Mini 4K and I am considering upgrading. This was very helpful. Also where did you get the music. I can’t find that song anywhere. It kind of sounds like “Dose” by Poppy Tears.
Sukarno Putro (1 year ago)
Nice ungraded footage, beautiful girl :D
kdx films (2 years ago)
hey y so red? did you grade it reder or just no ir cut? thoughts would be great
Martin Smith (2 years ago)
Viewed this video in several colour Calibrations, seems like (personal opinion) get the best look from using a calibration that emulates broadcast video. Anything else kind of gives me a strong orange saturation.
4thwalltvandfilm (2 years ago)
Since it's "Film Mode" does that mean this is ProRes footage? Which flavor of ProRes if you recall? Truly beautiful! Did you have any bounce fill or anything?
UrsaCam.com (2 years ago)
Mixture of ProRes "Film Mode" and RAW which automatically puts you in to the LOG setting. No bounce or fill, just natural light.
Gent Y (2 years ago)
what a beautiful girl
UrsaCam.com (2 years ago)
Her name is Olga Safari. You should follow her on IG
Igor Mitrovic (2 years ago)
Nice job ;)
UrsaCam.com (2 years ago)

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