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Celtic Heart Knot | Valentine's Day | Chikas Chic

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Hi guys!! In today's tutorial I will show you how to do a gorgeous Celtic Heart Knot!! If you know how to do a normal Celtic knot this one will be even easier! If not, you can learn ho to do it as well in this video. We will just add a small step to give it a full heart shape and you will have guarantee compliments if you try it! To finish the style I did curls, but you can straightener the hair or leave it natural. This one is our last video of our Valentine's series this year. Don't forget to check it out: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLds98MI8Ah0mAW6r0kHE-c46yjfcnvxhv TUMBS UP!!!! if you like this video, feel free to share it and thank you so much for watching!! :) MI CANAL EN ESPAÑOL: http://www.youtube.com/Chikaschic SUBSCRIBE!!: http://goo.gl/AJZTFA FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/officialchikaschic INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/chikas_chic We would love to see your recreations!! You can tag your pics to #ChicHeartKnot !! :) You can check my second channel: www.youtube.com/marcediyeng This is a Chikas Chic's look!!!
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شهد شوعي (3 months ago)
شهد شوعي (3 months ago)
+ChikasChic هلا
ChikasChic (3 months ago)
آمل أن تكون عملي ترجمة صحيحة! شكرا للمشاهدة وتعليقاتك
شهد شوعي (3 months ago)
ChikasChic (3 months ago)
هلا شهد شوعي, أنا سعيد أن يعجبك! شكرًا على المشاهدة وتعليقك! استمتع بيومًا ممتازًا!
Reeti Pokhrel (11 months ago)
I am your new Subscriber..
Sangeeta Razak (1 year ago)
ilovebeing amommy (2 years ago)
I love your accent! your hairstyles are so beautiful I'm glad I found you this morning!!
gabino Rodriguez (2 years ago)
its so good and expresif but your gril or doder she thinks so much or if you didint onderstand se cre mucho
Jaida Keaney (2 years ago)
how would you take out the knot
Jaida Keaney (2 years ago)
how would you take out the knot
Barbara Yasmine (2 years ago)
Você pode fazer ein mim
Saniya Banks (2 years ago)
well it's kinda cool
anil sharma (3 years ago)
love her hair
Linda W (3 years ago)
Sandra Guajardo (3 years ago)
That is so very pretty.
5hallsLYKKK (3 years ago)
Very pretty!
Beautys, Braids & Bows (3 years ago)
I love it!!! good job!! it looks beautiful.♡
cookiemonster (3 years ago)
what is that tool called that you used to pull the hair thru?
cookiemonster (3 years ago)
+Karrina Cole thanks
Karin kemp (3 years ago)
Topsy tail
Merel Saly (3 years ago)
so cute and stylish!! I love this
Miss Wallflower (3 years ago)
LOVE this!! Thanks so much for the tutorial!! 💜
dipanshu gupta (2 years ago)
dipanshu gupta (2 years ago)
dipanshu gupta (2 years ago)
dipanshu gupta (2 years ago)
Trinie L (3 years ago)
loved the intro today!
hairstylesbygabby (3 years ago)
So creative!! Love it
Reshma Kumari (1 year ago)
hairstylesbygabby guy
Abigail Broadhurst (3 years ago)
So cute
candace harewood (3 years ago)
nice job ! Happy Valentine's day everyone
Leonel Tarango (3 years ago)
I love this gorgeous hairstyle I have ever seen in my life

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