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Nightcore - Big Girls Cry »Sia« [HD]

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Thank you for watching, hope you enjoy the video! ^-^ Also, please don't forget to like, comment and subscribe, much appreciated c: ►I own nothing◄ Song: Sia - Big Girls Cry Image Link: https://www.walldevil.com/wallpapers/a32/awesome-anime-wallpaper-japan-manga-comic-cartoon-wallpapers-cartoons.jpg
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Text Comments (9)
Htun Yadanar (1 month ago)
Rize what have you done to kaneki 😢
Htun Yadanar (2 months ago)
Big baby cry when their hearts breaking haha 🇪🇹
Htun Yadanar (2 months ago)
YT dialogues soak all 🎆
Olive Hautea (4 months ago)
Best nightcore so far because it’s the most nightcorey voice
Ixchel Cruz (8 months ago)
Ixchel Cruz (8 months ago)
méli (3 years ago)
I love this song.Please can you go to see my channel,me too I do nightcores.
Rakaz30 (3 years ago)
Fuck "no time for game " All time for play games -_-
DaniBullet (3 years ago)
+Rakaz30 I don't believe she meant video games(if that is what you mean). But very true xD

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