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Riddima Benjamin (2 years ago)
Oh! it's silly 😒😒😒
callum936 (7 years ago)
I like how he puts 2 videos together at 0:52
callum936 (7 years ago)
I like how he puts 2 videos together at 0:54
cfrenchist (7 years ago)
yeah it was because i never saw how to do the trick and actually you put A rubber band inside 2 of the cards so when you placed the card in it poped up again
Kaleb Lux (7 years ago)
@cfrenchist yea you are kinda stupid because if you looked on one part you can see on one part his thumbs were visible and 3 inches away from the card and it was still moving
cfrenchist (7 years ago)
your using your thumb im not stupid!
Ian (8 years ago)
I honestly thought it wa the gimmicked rising deck until that " magic" gesture you did, I would make it WAY less obvious
Ako Ni (8 years ago)
@niggabartlebee dont spread the secret
its as real as you want it to be...
jerry bomcool (9 years ago)
good song group :)
ZeTMyN (9 years ago)
I really want that deck! but i don't know where i can buy it!! -.-'
DavinSteidel (9 years ago)
nice trick and nice cards dude

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