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Nefarious: Opening Scene

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In this sample from "Nefarious Merchant of Souls" several aspects of Matt's production work is highlighted, such as: story boarding and directing the reenactment, all the editing in Final Cut Pro, shooting the interview and b-roll on the Panasonic HVX and animation of the title, lower thirds, and opening credits in After Effects.
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Text Comments (374)
Exile Pace (12 days ago)
I'm Looking Forward To This Movie
Leilani (13 days ago)
It is the duty of all good people to rid the earth of trash like this, Kill them.... Kill them All! Give to them the fruits of their labor!
Leilani (13 days ago)
A Good Woman With a Gun is better for the earth than any Bad man with a Gun!
Leilani (13 days ago)
Do not ask of those whom are incapable of caring about your life like you do! Buy a Gun, learn how to use it! Our founding fathers in America weren't Law abiding citizens, Otherwise we would still be serving the crown. A free people don't ask for permission, Take out the trash, it is your duty as a human race!
Leilani (13 days ago)
Do not ask of those whom it is your duty to do your self. It is your duty when Confronted by men like these... to kill them! If in your country you had the right to keep and bare arms like in America, you would have a choice, weather to exercize your right or not. If you choose not, well then you are just as responsible to this kind of treatment as those who treat you this way. Stay armed My friends! A free people don't ask for permission!
poohbearkrazy (20 days ago)
This not cool at all what their doing to these girls
Record Finder (22 days ago)
I wish
Rose Rosca (1 month ago)
Bro this is in Romanian
Sam Steffen (3 months ago)
Why didn’t liam Neeson do this in taken
Sandra Winkler (3 months ago)
First let me say that this is not what I was looking for, when I accidently wound up here, and after watching it, I am not disappointed, but it is far from the best R rated movie, or scene, that I have ever watched, but how I wound up watching this, reminds me of that time that I was on Amazon and looking for something to watch. After all, it was a rainy day, and I was bored, and planned to stay inside...so I was on Amazon, and quite by accident, I found a short novel by Will Busker, it was called "LIBIDO" and let me just say, by the time I was through with IT WOW!...BANG!!! I mean I went through two sets of batteries for my vibrator before I realized what I was doing! I go to Amazon, every so often now, and indulge myself with LIBIDO, and let me say as a final thought, that was the best, most productive 99 cents that I have ever spent!
Leilani (13 days ago)
Yea i get it, but in real life and not on Amazon, try getting bound and butt raped. If you like that sort of thing, By all means call me!
Keiko Imamura (3 months ago)
Ane Adams (3 months ago)
tinyurl.com/SexforDating60Bigmm අපි මොනවාද කියන්නේ අප ගැන නම් අපි
Буменарг Play (3 months ago)
Пусть иноземцы думаю т что я написала что-то негативное😡😠😠😠😠😠😠😬
Dakota White (3 months ago)
i feel sorry for the girls but sometimes you have to forgive because deep inside we all have kindness and our sorrys to the ones we heart or disrespect because one day we will chang our acts of kindness
Veronica Queen (2 months ago)
How can forgive someone who raped you like explain that to me
Ingo Knito (3 months ago)
Weird boner, go away!!!
Virgi Tsi (4 months ago)
whaat if poor black bad boys did this? i am aroused if it is interraciail! Can anyone here email me true stories and videos of lowlife rough black bad boys forcing orgasm on decent pretty white lady bosses? Email it to me at virgintsik1 @ gmail com
Gacha BloodMoon (4 months ago)
Abuse. There is no exuse. STOP ABUSE.RAPE.KIDNAP. A.R.K. Share this now, spread my message.
lowkey lorna (4 months ago)
I would’ve kicked one in the balls 😂😂
Jacquie Laurie (4 months ago)
Future youtuber (4 months ago)
That girl's one puch is enough for they
Tina Huczxko (27 days ago)
Don't understand what your saying edit your comment please
ULGMX (4 months ago)
Drama Documentary It’s one dimensional primitive look at the sex industry that culminates in Jesus being the saviour. Which ultimately promotes cultural genocide a very manipulative documentary it’s a conversion promotional documentary . It’s an example of evil in good.
ULGMX (4 months ago)
Lot of emotions here they confusing desire. and spending time between consenting adult male and female it’s the 3rd party exploiters are the problem of which governments religious organisation such as Islam and Christianity and business are all complicit with the exploitation. It’s the 3rd party interference that need to Be stopped they use all forms of emotional blackmail. They are the root of the evil.
SR gamer (4 months ago)
the cops should find out all the rapists and should change their gender by sex change operation
Erich Bachinger (5 months ago)
Honourable businessmen......
Aniket Rathod (6 months ago)
So bad
X Res (6 months ago)
All these can not be done without participating police and deranged women. Both which hates goodness, decency, ethics and love. Idolisers of evil
Hridika Talukdar (3 months ago)
men don't have any right to live
Virtual Network (6 months ago)
Want to rape 💓💓💓💓
rip your soul out (4 months ago)
rip your soul out (4 months ago)
Virtual Network rhu
Absolutely sick and those people who do this deserve to be punished. It’s sick.
carterbroadway39 (6 months ago)
Id kill those men.
Hetty Alting (6 months ago)
Why are people so bad tell me Whyy!!!
Jacqueline Waelbroeck (6 months ago)
en français
West Kings (6 months ago)
mark dunn (6 months ago)
females should not be abused period
Dawson Garret (6 months ago)
I don't know what ya heard about me But a bitch can't get a dollar out of me No Cadillac, no perms you can't see Thaf I'm a mothefucking p.i.m.p
Samantha Wetherell (6 months ago)
wow just wow
faudde untel (6 months ago)
good music, thanks.
Michael Nitsch (6 months ago)
well i know that a fesw pimps and traffickers have fallen in to the hands of avengers and were taken to a cave and were eaten alive by rats being tied up!
Paolo Zanini (6 months ago)
La frusta è sempre eccitante
zen mar (7 months ago)
Zeesun Islam (7 months ago)
these men should be killed...................
Neeraj (7 months ago)
I don't hate these men, i don't wanta torture them and punish them in horrible ways. I just wanta cleanse this earth of their kind, and let it be clear msg to any who ever considers following in their path. Same goes for the women who indulge in exploitation of other women, men, and children. We need a real life superhero who will rise above the police and the courts and deliver the justice to human monsters.
Mitchell M (1 month ago)
Those men deserved to die
Veronica Queen (2 months ago)
@Mike Pence Rule human trafficking is real dumbass are u stupid
Mike Pence Rule (3 months ago)
@h i r a e t h yeah ok.🙄
h i r a e t h (3 months ago)
Mike Pence Rule human trafficking is real, it’s happening as we speak with thousands of people
Mike Pence Rule (5 months ago)
This is make believe....don't get too upset.
Tchinablue Khurvinus (7 months ago)
Men who do this kind of horrible things against women ,are already in hell , , when the die , that"s the only time they will know ,what hell is really like , 👹👿😥😥
Amal Dev (7 months ago)
protect women
Pirotte Marcel (7 months ago)
Dreams (7 months ago)
2:39 the girl is clearly smiling
Victoria J. Carson (7 months ago)
people will suffer and be mistreated
rino fatali (7 months ago)
There's still some stupid that belleve exists someone kidnap gilrs forcing them to prostitution? Wake up assholes, prostitutes choose their life, and they always need a pimp to protect them.
Mister Feola (7 months ago)
I love these romantic love stories. Wonderful concept . It's a shame there not more gracious men like these to offer this fantastic opportunity to more needy women
محمد مضوى (7 months ago)
لاحول ولاقوة إلا بالله العلي العظيم 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔
ميم ميم (6 days ago)
أحسن بتستاهل 😂😂😂😒
محمد مضوى (7 months ago)
NADIA ESSARRAJ (7 months ago)
@محمد مضوى شكرا جزيلا لتوضيح اخي
محمد مضوى (7 months ago)
NADIA ESSARRAJ نعم نعم بالتأكيد💔💔💔💔
NADIA ESSARRAJ (7 months ago)
أنا مفهمتش اللغة،هو الفلم يحكي عن الدعارة مش كذا
jussef jassef (8 months ago)
Allah punish these bad people on hell fire
Mohan sahu (6 months ago)
@Areebah Hafeez religion have made you such brainwashed blind that you keep going by the written in books like sheeps. See you in hell 🤣🤣🤣
Areebah Hafeez (6 months ago)
@Mohan sahu 😂 Because you yourself are a filthy hateful creature
Mohan sahu (6 months ago)
Forget about beaty of God..i hate Gods.
Mohan sahu (6 months ago)
@Areebah Hafeez are you people so dumb that you cant answer simple questions and keep yelling God God?? How i am intolerent?? I asked you simple questions but i know you dobt have answer..because you are brainwashed person who know nothing else that fear of death hell and punishment..have anybody ever gave proof of hell or heaven after death??
Areebah Hafeez (6 months ago)
@Mohan sahu you font deserve to question or to get an answer. You are undoubtedly intolerant and ignorant such as yourself can never understand the beauty of Lordship. As far as justice is concerned, assuredly you'll receive it big time in your grave.
Med Tech Natural's (8 months ago)
Haha 😂 they are not men, just little pussies! If you see shit like this slip a knife across these pussies throats!
TightSqueezes (8 months ago)
Bind them
Marlen (8 months ago)
Why they don’t care that may happen to their mom or sister or daughter...... maybe someday will happen...
2126Eliza (8 months ago)
It's time to make rape a capital offense like murder. Women and children are people too.
97warlock ismyname (8 months ago)
As bad of a film it is, theres probably not any nudity. Dont see why not,i think that would drive teh shock effect even harder,giving it a more real feel. - When I say bad film I mean bad in content.
Mohammad Faisal (8 months ago)
Oh Allah make our hands so strong that your chatisement must fell on these oppressors thru our hands
Leilani (13 days ago)
Fucking well said Mohammad!
Mohd Iqbal (8 months ago)
Islam does not allow these .
Kent Harris (5 months ago)
Islam prefers pedophilia.
charles Middleton (8 months ago)
As long as money can be made and scams perpetrated,people will suffer and be mistreated,and preyed upon.
charles Middleton (8 months ago)
As long as money can be made and scams perpetrated,people will suffer and be mistreated,and preyed upon.
Lothop Nrzy (8 months ago)
If u support hybrid then these is our result for sure in the ends pure will stay strong hybrid only effects both side take that religion ass ha ha I will never support u to take pray my religion for sure boz u blood mixture with sin .dead is ur faith of God .I hate hybrid .
Rao Tashfin (9 months ago)
Should peel out their skin alive only death penalty not enough
Misha (9 months ago)
Men have always creeped me out. :/
Veronica Queen (2 months ago)
@Kent Harris of course this is coming from a man and what an coincidence they are more male killers /pedophile/rapists than female killers/pedophile/rapists and this is just my opinion
Kent Harris (5 months ago)
Why? The vast majority of men are good. On average they are treated worse than women in the U.S. Most men put in long hours at work and have to provide for their families. Just my opinion.
Wavvy baby (9 months ago)
so sad
Ian Brown (9 months ago)
Human kind the worst animal on earth.
zabaleta (10 months ago)
Death penalty for the scum who force women into this.
C Vasquez (10 months ago)
I know one solution for prostitution: Torture and execution.
lovepeople Hu (10 months ago)
Feels good fucking a virgin woman against her will like a sex slave. Women empowerment bullshit
lovepeople Hu (10 months ago)
I don't mind Feminists or lesbians being raped. They deserve it
Rossano Toia (10 months ago)
Need elites commandos to kill those animals. No mercy they have none. She could be my sister, my daughter. You are a pathetic joke of a human being you fucking sexualy addicted rapists.
Tchinablue Khurvinus (10 months ago)
These people , they have no idea what awaits them in hell, they will never change , only hell belongs to them, 😁👹
Harshita Mahawar (10 months ago)
Girls take men's penis in hands and prepare for sex in jently way.
Margarett Hernández (11 months ago)
Attila Amihan (11 months ago)
Evil attila the hun is thr restoration of dead girls 😕
Attila Amihan (11 months ago)
Hey weres jared leto
Hariharan Hari (11 months ago)
Not nice
Elizabeth Sinclair (11 months ago)
Even thinking of what these girls go through is terrible and frightening
Ilyas Abdirisaq (11 months ago)
They will surely pay for this
Catalin Zafiu (11 months ago)
This is romanian
- Roxana - (5 months ago)
Ai Doamne, cât am căutat un comentariu de la un român!
sexy sara khan (11 months ago)
I,m gonna sad now
Viking Power (11 months ago)
This world is reverting into another Sodom or Gomorrah, both.
Viking Power (11 months ago)
Any male who abuses a female should be shot. No judge, no jury, no questions, just immediate on the spot execution. Any male who abuses a child should be tourtured slowly for a day or so then shot.
EneSacarification (7 days ago)
@egotistical samurai he must be
@Indigo Winter just like i shouldnt be a human right activiste
Blade (5 months ago)
ANYONE who abuses ANYONE regardless of age gender race circumstance deserves a 50cal
anywaythewindblows 89 (5 months ago)
Viking Power Agreed. My friend was raped by her boyfriend (obviously now ex) I didn’t harm him, but he was reported the next by me when I saw the bruises on her thighs. We haven’t seen him since. Apparently he’s raped others we didn’t know about.
shihab game god (6 months ago)
Funtime Føxx (11 months ago)
This made me cry
Steve Wilson (11 months ago)
This video makes me want to fap.
faudde untel (11 months ago)
shit we don t see when they rape the bitch!!!
MK4VLI S (11 months ago)
Notice is always white guys who this kind of shit Christian white men
Jack Holland (1 year ago)
Very nice, how much?
world warfare gaming (1 year ago)
no wonder why i cant find a pretty woman to date anymore
world warfare gaming (10 months ago)
lovepeople Hu well....ok
world warfare gaming (10 months ago)
Andrea Bettina Camille Chua im being serious!! why did you think i comment that down!!
world warfare gaming This isn't a Joke!
Damir Vujovic (1 year ago)
I dont know why the f....politics doesent do nothing against it, and we have so many soldiers and america has s.w.a.t team and nothing is done . Shame
Fucking disgusting!!how dare them disrespecting women
Abdullah Rauf (1 year ago)
ALLAH please ALLAH punnish that type of mens with your power and we know there's no imagination of your power.. Burnt them in the hell fire
there is only one god,and its not ALAH.when people say alah i see in my mind only one picture-ISIS animal cuting girls head with knife.soo eat shit and die
Alzinete Sousa (4 months ago)
Abdullah Rauf hh
Areebah Hafeez (6 months ago)
@ArrigAutist son of a basted. No me cares about the dog puke from your mouth. Idiot. None cares what you think or say nor us neither Allah so save us the time and hit your head with a wall.
Areebah Hafeez (6 months ago)
@Scotty Allen and you are a rapist and a pedophile who leaves the whole video and concentrate on a prayer. You aren't even his shoe dust.
Manmath Pal (6 months ago)
In the name allha ,islam what is happening is also cruel.I don't think god exist.(I am sure allha doesn't) Becoz of this
Briana Urzica Velicu (1 year ago)
Jarrid Gable (1 year ago)
This is what feminists envision when they go on and on about the patriarchy
Jarrid Gable (1 year ago)
Yeah I completely agree with you. I don't know anybody who would disagree with you lol You clearly don't understand my comment so settle down with the moral outrage
Laura R Barrow (1 year ago)
Jarrid Gable What kind of fuck face comment is that? Women do not like being abused and raped any more than men do not like being abused and raped.
Anthony Ashworth (1 year ago)
Im glad there is a HELL!🔥🔥🔥. Satan will have fun with these sorry assholes!!!! May they all die this day.
Anthony Ashworth (1 year ago)
Sometimes killing is good💟🔫💟
Veronica Queen (2 months ago)
Don't worry God is picky a place for them in hell
Anthony Ashworth (1 year ago)
oliviaoldaker that's right
oliviaoldaker (1 year ago)
Then must be watching these terrible people and hopefully picking out a special place in hell for them
Anthony Ashworth (1 year ago)
William Townley so true. ..so true
delta wolf (1 year ago)
Anthony Ashworth yeah...if you want too meet satan 😈😈😈.....GOD IS WATCHING....HE'S ALWAYS WATCHING....AMEN
That Internet Kid (1 year ago)
I'm to young and innocent to see this
That Internet Kid (11 months ago)
EneSacarification Well I'm 16 and yeah thats the nonono for 99% of us teenagers
EneSacarification (11 months ago)
That Internet Kid hell no ...... Marriage ain't never a cage. Especially if you know how to conduct it. l'd love to marry when l was 17 years old, to a 16 years woman, if l was able.... You can just bring money home, and your wife can do cleaning things, and you can even help her do the duties within the house. And you can have a longer sexuality life. And also; there's no a thing like women should stay at houses so that the marriage become a cage. Np no, it ain't like that. You may go outside, go to picnic, go to lunapark, go to cinema, go to theatres, go to canoing, go to concerts etc etc.... These are all pleasurable, when done with a woman whose soul and body are loved by you, and while she loves your soul and body too
That Internet Kid (11 months ago)
EneSacarification ..........Married at 16 is like being trap in a cage with no childhood fredom
EneSacarification (11 months ago)
That Internet Kid tho 19 ain't treated as early to marry. Like so many girls are there who are mature enough and who married when they're 16 and they're actually happy
That Internet Kid (1 year ago)
Why is he yelling like that, sound scary asf
That Internet Kid (11 months ago)
VladimirLalic FanClub Samee and I'm 16
My mom still yells at me and i'm almost 40...
delta wolf (1 year ago)
That Internet Kid control kid control mental domenance over the girls minds terrifying them into submission to gain control and make sure their scared enough to not attempt escape...
Ahmad Mahdee (1 year ago)
EneSacarification (1 year ago)
Guys, what l don't understand is, how the hell those Dishonored people kidnap women
EneSacarification (11 months ago)
Dickson Tan hmm.... Then women must be much more careful about the men whom they don't fully know, right? Especially, at private areas. So, that's why lslam is gorgeous. ln lslam, if a man and a woman ain't relateds and ain't spouses; then it's a haram (sin) for them to stay at private places alone, for a time in which an average sex can be done
Dickson Tan (1 year ago)
EneSacarification Some guys can act nice and gain the women's trust. Eventually tricking them into human trafficking.
EneSacarification (1 year ago)
oliviaoldaker so, it's all about being careful? Hah? lf they choose their boy friends carefully, and if they don't use credit cards; or if they don't believe what are said to them on phone calls, and if they don't drink at bars, these would decrease tremendously?
EneSacarification (1 year ago)
William Townley brother, you said me why :) and thank u but, l wanted to learn how
oliviaoldaker (1 year ago)
Many different ways. A lot are tricked into believing some nice men are going to help them cross into a better country to get a job cleaning or something and then told that they "owe" a debt and have to " work" to pay it off but the debt never gets repaid as it just gets higher and higher for ridiculous reasons. Also they can be kidnapped off the streets, coheresed by an abusive boyfriend, drugged at a bar and taken and even sold by their own families.

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