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Third Blade - Official Trailer

869 ratings | 1949592 views
The Adrenaline that will take you to 3 unique styles of Action!! Adrenaline RUSH! Third Blade! 3 types of blades-dual wield, one-handed blade, and two-handed sword-can be used to defeat all kinds of vicious monsters as you play along! The ultimate action game filled with endless battles against monsters that keep you immersed in thrill and excitement-Third Blade! Have a taste of full action by totally wiping out horrific monsters surrounding your path! Action boosts up with exhilarating speed! Use Combo gauges that enhance your weapons into 3 stages and be part of this Exquisite Action Drama! This is what you can call REAL ACTION!
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Text Comments (82)
Kiroshito Komi224 (21 days ago)
You can still play the game but, you'd have to download it on the internet or something like that.
Joshua Harry (2 months ago)
For those of you who keep complaining about it being deleted just find an apk lol
John Blessed (4 months ago)
Can someone tell me why they deleted this awesome android game?
Chino Breta-Comendador (7 months ago)
Why it be haved to be deleted but i love that game pls make the game back :(
VEN MACHE (10 months ago)
Why the fuck you get it out from Google play store
Mih Vampire (11 months ago)
Que nostalgia, só queria entender por que não está mais disponível em lugar nenhum para download, esse jogo era perfeito. Por favor voltem com esse jogo.
Panda Gamer (1 year ago)
Why did it have to be deleted i played last year ago pls get it back:(
Why why why do you deleted did is good game
J0B3N6 (1 year ago)
Very fine game. My very first game I genuinely enjoyed on my phone. Tried downloading it back today to play it, but can't probably too outdated. Does anybody knows similar games like this? Good story, offline rpg. Miss this game.
cara esse jogo era muito bom ainda hj me pergunto pq nunca teve um 2 e pq ele saiu da play
Abraao Santos (5 months ago)
Eu me pergunto por quê ele foi cancelado, que bad da zorra, amava esse jogo
TurtleDuckDog (2 years ago)
Why did it have to be deleted!?!?!? :( :( :( :(
Артем Демин (4 years ago)
Норм че
good game but I cant use my game cih. sucks
DylanRapGenius (5 years ago)
The awnser to that question hishiro is no
ha duc (5 years ago)
this is good and i will download it.however, it's hard to me because this game is low
cool game
llito pollito (6 years ago)
Yon ying yung chon chin wer xD viva chile y third bladw
Ruby Gloom (6 years ago)
Damn this game looks epic! O.O
Lulik Pranoto (6 years ago)
Ajing lama amat
Lulik Pranoto (6 years ago)
kima lama kali
Erick Luiz (6 years ago)
Ian Schneider (6 years ago)
Dude they say adreneline rush a bunch. XD
karen leme (6 years ago)
Jogo é rpg muito loko
RobertGameFreak (6 years ago)
One thing that is worrying me is if it is if it is single player or needs to be connected to play.... Because when im outside of house I dont want to spend cash on games that i need to connect on server :S So yea... Hard to find good RPG games that does not need that internet bullshit for Iphones
Gui Cabelo (6 years ago)
Nice Game
李俊彥 (6 years ago)
RainbowCatz1998 (6 years ago)
inotia 3 god
Puram Arun.kumar (6 years ago)
Fuck bloddy game
shantavious p (6 years ago)
Vczbhh hxzdjb hkcxfv
hoota ragis (6 years ago)
xperia play? or not...
El Gado (6 years ago)
idiots caring about graphics nowadays
В видео информативности ноль. Ужасно и бесталантно.
rolando llanque (6 years ago)
Wow parece estar bueno lo probaré :)
Makaizzyy One (6 years ago)
Cristian Dijz Jimenez (6 years ago)
tony chio (6 years ago)
забава супер
kissofthehell (6 years ago)
any 1 noties how both of the characters are female but in game the white haired is male ... LOL
Nauya (7 years ago)
Starting the trailer off with some Vore for no reason. Welp, I dunno what to say .-.
Enes Tolun (7 years ago)
Supa geil und meine kämpfer klasse ist auch dabei :)
drtkr1995 (7 years ago)
I don't know wat ppl tlkin bout my download is almost done muahahahahaa
blademasterzero5295 (7 years ago)
@whoimida: Check your phone's cache, as in use O/I File Manager or Root Manager (or Astro Manager, whatever floats your boat) and start from the root of your phone ("/"). One of the folders you see should be cache. Go in and delete all the "download.apk" files there. You then shouldn't have the problem :)
Peter Reyes (7 years ago)
I have the same problem like whoimida. I have a samsung infuse. It says my phone does not have enough space.
It was I...DIO!! (7 years ago)
Epic...time to download.. Thax man!! >:3
Justin Norberg (7 years ago)
Oh yah
unscDRAG0N (7 years ago)
The trailer is too epic xD
JayCross454 (7 years ago)
Downloading it now
Marcus Soh (7 years ago)
Where do you earn runes?
Scoots1293 (7 years ago)
This game is ok but it's not the best game I've played ob my android so I will give it 4 out of 5 stars because even though I didn't like it very much a lot of other people do and I don't want to get hate comments up the ass lol
Merrick Yzbick (7 years ago)
Ummmxyeah: storage on your phone has nothing to do with available sd card storage, these require internal memory. If you look at sd card/phone storage in settings you'll probably find you're about out of internal storage. Try clearing caches and moving to sd card in "manage applications" where possible.
Aly_ Fidelio (7 years ago)
YouTubeUsername (7 years ago)
Shitty presentation of the demo of the game
zgkramer89 (7 years ago)
Hey baby me kullman cody n parker are going tonj. Jnnn spagen right now ton watch the mayweather fight. Call meunxu when you get n__jjxnxnnunnnuoff I love you uand hope your having a great day at work baby
Ramone Wilkins (7 years ago)
I been watching the reviews and comments for a day or two contemplating wheter to download. All I see is negative things tho. I'll just avoid it.
E.S. (7 years ago)
Umm mines do too damit I want to play
Asshole (7 years ago)
@babyfoxgrant I have the same problem
Jordan Bates (7 years ago)
Finally got it to start to download
allen arnold (7 years ago)
Well I see many people having same problem I am but no answer why am I getting isuff space when I have plenty internal and card whats the trick to downloading this game?
Benji Mucci (7 years ago)
WesDaSage (7 years ago)
Search. Wesjonesmusic for ill free style!!!!
Iván Lajous (7 years ago)
stheace (7 years ago)
Its taking too much place lets see someone download this shit , next time when you do game make it useful , you need to know some thing on phones before you doing a game,just for you to know 15 is too much place , so 40 is unable for phones with general memorie , I hope for the next pach you will think about it so we could play!!!
mistyken (7 years ago)
my friend have iphone version of this and he got shxt load of rune drops...i have this on android also, but i've never seem rune dropped for me...wtf?
demonfox0000 (7 years ago)
This game is great works good on my mytouch 4g
nothing to see here (7 years ago)
Lol you people are sad xD the game is only 49 mb but stores on the phone internal storage not on your sd card. So quit posting that you got 16 gigs free. Start reading how it works kbai
sailentshadow (7 years ago)
Looks cool... Experia Play enabled...?
nathan colvin (7 years ago)
I literatly have 36 mb of space on my phone and I still can't download
Yong Jie Wee (7 years ago)
Why cant i download it? I had 15 GB free!!! Please fix it a.s.a.p.
zoocra7 (7 years ago)
I have 1.5 gigs at my internal memory and still cant play..fix plz
wildsguy eguy (7 years ago)
Samsung tap
wildsguy eguy (7 years ago)
My phone still havve 5gig left,still cant install the game.plz fix. . .
Adib Hakeem (7 years ago)
Android: game is saved on phone memory. not able to move to sd card. make use phone's internal memory has enough space. check the file size again on android market website.
Mufasa Bear (7 years ago)
How many gigs of memory do you friggin need to download on my galaxy s 4g? It says I can't run sure to insufficient memory..... With a 16GB memory card? Please fix.....
wildsguy eguy (7 years ago)
Same as me too,me also left 8G cant download,is this still not enough??can some one let me know what happen plz?
Oscar Dahlberg (7 years ago)
It says my memory is full when I try download it. I have 9gig memory left. Is this a joke? o.0
Kevin Pose (7 years ago)
Why u can't download it? Says my memory is full. How much GB I need to download it?
VansSkully (7 years ago)
@EXultimate yea
Jake Lore (7 years ago)
good game i have it... please for the update change character design he looks kinda stupid.. game play is fantastic
EXultimate (7 years ago)
Looks promising. Wish the main character looked cooler though.
busteryoutubr (7 years ago)
Review King (7 years ago)
Pretty kewl (3rd)
Iccyyzi (7 years ago)
cool^^ (second)

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