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IMO The World of Magic l The Devil himself must be proud

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Paying the rice farmers a visit part 2 Reupload JJANG 48 Nara 48 Sarinza 48 All rares +8Shad/7imp & infinite phearts Pray for Melvin to get red tear some day LOL Like or dislike & subscribe. Thanks!^^ You can find Armiin’s video down below~ https://youtu.be/ABhwWCSrrY0 Made with Perfect Video http://goo.gl/iacPmP
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(11 months ago)
When you forget to bring the hearts ... Gratz Armin 39!! Thanks for the music suggestions. If anyone have any suggestions, feel free to drop them down below~ Cheers
(11 months ago)
Kenna Brine fr I don’t look at the likes or dislikes tho :b
Kenna Brine (11 months ago)
마직이야 When people subscribe just to dislike
Andrew Smith (11 months ago)
Next song use psycho by Post Malone
Armin ! (11 months ago)
Thank you Mel for featuring me in this awesome video!!! love you to bits and keep shredding!

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