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PURCHASING OFF DEEP WEB/DARKNET MARKETS FOR NOOBS - 2018/2019 Tutorial - (Part 2) (Read Description)

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Marketplace link (Dream Market) http://lchudifyeqm4ldjj.onion/?ai= 2303960167 TO BE COPY AND PASTED IN TOR BROWSER ONLY _______________________________________________________ - FULLY READ DESCRIPTION - In the Previous Part 1 video I mentioned you can't buy bitcoin instantly. I WAS WRONG ! I have 2 cards, a Visa and MasterCard that I couldn't link to my coinbase account directly unless I linked my bank account with those cards, linking your bank account takes a week to receive the btc after purchase. I was wrong, TAILS OS is ran off 1 usb New Tor Browser update - The new java script safety feature all you need to do when opened in tor browser is click the onion, go to security settings, and make sure it is on safest. You will only need to set your security settings once on Windows/etc.. When on TAILS OS you will need to set your security settings to safest each time you're on the system. I DO NOT COVER MAKING A PGP KEY, some of you have asked. This is very easy https://www.deepdotweb.com/2017/10/22/basic-guide-pgp-tails/ Check out this deepdotweb guide if you are having any issues. Recently, after switching jobs from becoming a skinny fry to a skinny lobster I got one of those little prepaid cards that most jobs will hand out for direct deposit. (ADP Card) This card allows me personally to buy BTC instantly. From experience recently with buying btc instantly, a close friend and I have had our bank accounts flagged for fraud when buying instantly. For my pre paid card it's an automated 24/7 toll free and very easy to verify its me but if you're actually banking then just tell them for future reference you don't need to be flagged for fraud buying bitcoin. Bottom of line . If you can get whatever debit card working on coinbase correctly, you will be available to purchase and send your bitcoin out instantly rather than waiting a week and hoping the price doesn't drop .. but that goes hand in hand because it could also rise. Prepaid cards seem to work better than banking. Look into a green dot card. You DO NOT need to re download electrum and tor on tails as both electrum and tor come ON TAILS DEFAULT - in my previous part 1 video I took a few seconds pointing out at 6:35 in the tutorial for the tails tutorial, you need to check everything in the persistence volume, so when you choose everything you'll see both electrum and tor on the list. MAKE SURE!!!!!! AFTER WHATEVER YOU PLAN ON BUYING (When you click add to cart) there's a small box on the corner side of the shipping options & it says "encrypt message" - CLICK AND CHECK MARK - that small box as well PGP paste your address in the shipping options (of course follow the PGP process in my tutorial) THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TOO Last and final thing I want to mention is remembering turning down the bitcoin fee all the way each time sending from wallet to wallet as it SAVES MONEY! PACKAGES SHIP USPS & ARRIVE IN YOUR MAILBOX SO YOU'LL NEVER NEED TO SIGN, USPS DELIVERS YOUR ORDERS EVEN ON SUNDAYS! (I've noticed on Sundays packages are left on your doorstep rather than in the mailbox - usps workers of course should always knock on your door and alert you before leaving your package) (Unless the package is too big to fit in your mailbox usps workers will deliver to your door as well) _______________________________________________________ This is my Dream Market invitation link Use this link to sign up on dream as a $TIP$ to me in gratitude of the tutorial and I will be very thankful ! (To be copy & pasted into tor browser only) http://lchudifyeqm4ldjj.onion/?ai =2303960167 THANKS! Even 1 person to sign up off my link is a huge success in my eyes. _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ As well, this is a basic tutorial, the internet can be unforgiving, be safe and be smart, so research what you're doing when it comes to this shit. The internet is endless and you will find your answers. Enjoy my tutorial from a person coming from experience I know that this is the MOST up to date and basic method of ordering you can find on ALL of youtube!
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Text Comments (163)
SAGGYTss 01 (1 hour ago)
I love you bro you helped me get some cheap weed I love you big shouts out to you
xn dark (1 day ago)
plz make on clone cc im following you
Sigge (2 days ago)
Should you use vpn?
fatboi vapes (3 days ago)
Goddamn I get it but wtf man really can’t I just buy my pot or a few pills using a good vpn and the Tor browser and be ok
TheAngelofdead666 (4 days ago)
Man, i would LOVE to be able to order drugs from the darkweb but i don't understand this at all. This is waaaay to complicated for me. Is there no much simpler way that anybody knows that could help me? And i do mean much simpler cause this i just do not understand at all. Not to rip on you my man at all, it is just this i do not understand for the life of me.
AndrejCibikDesign (8 days ago)
Your opsec is terrible. 1. Using KYCed exchange 2. SMS 2FA 3. Recording your password....you know it can be guessed from sound right? 4. Why are you sending BTC to 2 wallets not straight to second one? 5. Why arent u using Monero? (XMR.to)
ItsHeights YO (2 days ago)
why don't you off yourself or waste your time shoving a sock up your daughter
Paul Delsanto (8 days ago)
Can I have you do a remote hook Up to my pc and hook this stuff up, I’m retarded and having a hard time
Baba Di (11 days ago)
Roman Pablo (10 days ago)
我可以帮助你,让我们谈谈实时聊天..打击我的wickr .... dapsvp。你可以在你的ios或andriod商店下载wickr me。
HeartforSale (12 days ago)
Why do you need tails?? It just routes things through tor so the tor browser is exactly the same thing no? If it's about hiding the wallet you could just save the wallet on an encrypted usb? Or do it on a burner computer (raspberry pi)? Or just your normal computer lol. If you're buying serious shit anyway (like uranium loool) then none of this is enough to do it safely. Also why are you using 2 usb sticks? You only need one. Anyway this is still an amazing tutorial thanks so much.
cornerboyfrank (13 days ago)
do you know a way to pass the coinbase verification?
SAGGYTss 01 (1 hour ago)
cornerboyfrank go to pixful some of them don’t require you to use verification
Reign (1 day ago)
cornerboyfrank that’s what I am trying to find out too!! I was told to buy p2p peer to peer which you can buy bitcoin from someone with cash as PayPal but then how would I do the receipt thing?
Ismael Sanchez (15 days ago)
Anyone got dmt?
Tommy H (15 days ago)
Two much shit to go through for me, don't understand anything, but great vid
Reign (15 hours ago)
+Succular Talk oml lmao
Succular Talk (11 days ago)
"two" you fucking plankton
bouncer agent (16 days ago)
Selling dump credit cards face to face in india to get contact me
its Luqa (16 days ago)
wait i only use 1 usb stick, what am i doing wrong
TheBi GBOI (17 days ago)
My coinbase account is locked, and I have no even been able to use it. Would it be okay to use cex.io
TORNADO (21 days ago)
Would this work with dream market ?
Baba Di (11 days ago)
jay unitedwestand (22 days ago)
i would not advise buying DRUGS from the internet.... don't even risk that shit it's not worth having the feds kicking you're door in front of you're family then ending up in federal prison.. trust me it's not a fun place.. if you want to buy a little rock or some pills find you're local drug dealer....maybe you will get away with it maybe not....watch this video before you go buying shit on the dark web......https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pzg-BnrUYXI
Thomas Quere (22 days ago)
When you are using electrum on tails, do you use a new standard wallet or do find your wallet that you have on windows? Thx for the answer
Daniel Greiner (17 days ago)
You use a new wallet for Tails
Biff Barf (24 days ago)
Obviously someone who started since they were 5 yrs old on computers! Holly dogshit, way way way to complicated n man do I feel old. This guy should be working for NASA! N looks like no deep web shopping for me! RATS!
Mzitro (25 days ago)
Wait did he even use a vpn inside tails?
Expat Trader (26 days ago)
Tail is best if your a vendor if your only purchesing small amounts get a vpn that dosent log your data and tor thru bridges...tumble only if your dealing
antsolja (27 days ago)
how does the delivery of illegal things work? surely it doesnt just get sent using the normal postal service right?
antsolja (10 days ago)
+HydraLord1221 noice
HydraLord1221 (14 days ago)
It goes through normal mail but it's in stealthy packaging and vac sealed in a mylar barrier bag so they cant open it
antsolja (21 days ago)
jay unitedwestand (22 days ago)
that is unless a drug dog smells the package.... then the feds kick you're door in.. lmao
lord potato (26 days ago)
Yep. No way to tell whats in it
antsolja (27 days ago)
breaking news! internet superhackers are using the game roblox as a tool for buying illegal things on the dark web!
Dradon Kirkham (27 days ago)
Send me a email. Benifical for you brotha.
AwesomeDelta (1 month ago)
Someone help how to use
NJM NJM (1 month ago)
Dude thank you like
Goldenwaffle86 (1 month ago)
Ur the goat💯💙
LifeBehindHandlebars (1 month ago)
this is still way too complicated. didnt help me at all. some1 would have to sit next to me and show a hundred times how its done til i could do this myself^^
Haze (5 days ago)
Just order some adderall, then youll ve able to understand it... oh... nvm XD
Deandre Lile (15 days ago)
+Jake the dog lets figure it out together
Jake the dog (17 days ago)
LifeBehindHandlebars Have some vitamins... this shouldn't be that hard. And also do some reading on how to order from dream market on google (that made it easier for me) And get a reddit account, and ask the users on r/DarkNetMarketsNoobs Sounds like a lot, but after a whole week of researching without hurrying my time up... i'm already half way there. (Started last week)
LifeBehindHandlebars (17 days ago)
are you asking if im a slow learner or if it could help to watch the video in slow?
Erik Rivera Jr (18 days ago)
ALKA SEXUALKA (1 month ago)
Nice rig,but how and where do you pick up the stuff....safely ?
Reign (15 hours ago)
+fatboi vapes no nigga
fatboi vapes (3 days ago)
So what if I wanna buy a lil bit of pot or some speed all I need is a trusted vpn like windscribe sign in and do the whole Tor browser and not have to go through that bullshit with tails and just move my coin strait from my account to dm then wait for it to come in the mail is that all
x per·i·ment (11 days ago)
Daniel Mendiola who said they did care about small buyers? Deandre Lile I’m sorry but I can’t email you about this
Deandre Lile (15 days ago)
+x per·i·ment help/business
x per·i·ment (15 days ago)
Deandre Lile what’s the question
RSC (1 month ago)
how will it shop ur actual address then
Haze (5 days ago)
+jay unitedwestand PO boxes are sketchy. If the police find your order in a PO box then they will know its you. But if its to your house u can just say "what? No i guess some kids ordering drugs 2 my house." Then u cut your orders
jay unitedwestand (22 days ago)
you make a PO box
Greecke (2 months ago)
Why do you need Tails?
Astro Inferno (2 months ago)
Windows is not safe for dark web
rob g (2 months ago)
DREAM MARKET URL DOWN LOAD TOR/www.torproject.org http://lchudifyeqm4ldjj.onion/?ai=2809568338
highduckyFPV (2 months ago)
what password do you use at 14:10 to make the pgp key, is it the same password to log in into dreammarket? i am a little bit confused
Sean (2 months ago)
I’m gonna try and figure this out, when I do I’ll use your invitation link
matty 69 (2 months ago)
All these vids do is teach retards. And will be the downfall of dream
Kali Rodriguez (3 months ago)
Coinbase wont let me buy with prepaid card
HydraLord1221 (14 days ago)
Movocash yo its free
Kali Rodriguez (3 months ago)
ItsHeights YO been like 2 weeks and got the vendor waiting
Kali Rodriguez (3 months ago)
ItsHeights YO mastercard vanilla card
Leon Tobi (3 months ago)
this video is gonna make me rich
ItsHeights YO (3 months ago)
pls use my invitation link u de real MVP
ItsHeights YO (3 months ago)
you now a dread pirate roberts affiliate $$$
jimo witt (3 months ago)
nice vid man very helpful
JaysN (3 months ago)
Did you just delete part 1?
frank luther (3 months ago)
I teach you how to build your own skimmer free. My fee(appreciation) is for you to send me 10pcs of d+p AFTER your first successful job. I build but I don't use. ICQ: 740123989
Mariano Obregon (24 days ago)
Thats how you get your warrant right? Probable cause? Fuck off fed.
frank luther (24 days ago)
+Mariano Obregon contact for a private chat so you can be cleared of doubt.
Mariano Obregon (24 days ago)
This probably a fed
frank luther (2 months ago)
+Vince N. Contact for private chat. Telegram: HackingTools_Skimmer. ICQ:740123989 SKYPE: FRALUTH
Vince N. (2 months ago)
This is what I've been looking for. It sounds good but dude, how do I know you're for real or just bullshit.
B Ecks (3 months ago)
Yo im tryna cop a strap (gun) what site should i use
B Ecks (3 months ago)
ItsHeights YO naaaah fr i be rappin too 😂 idk if u trollin bruh but add me on ig sk.wavess
ItsHeights YO (3 months ago)
stay subbed I hope to save the rap game in the next year get my name out there
ItsHeights YO (3 months ago)
i am a troll but I'm also a GOAT
ItsHeights YO (3 months ago)
Stay safe! never set yourself up for failure. live and learn
B Ecks (3 months ago)
ItsHeights YO aye bro i fw u keep posting on youtube or sum shit and stay safe homie dont catch a charge probo ass
bong hit (3 months ago)
Brilliant just what we need loads of noobs making orders please emphasize the point that they must finalize when there order arrives, it’s annoying as f people leaving it to auto finalize which roughly 60 percent of people do , they don’t have to wait 14 days for there stuff to arrive so please all you noobs FINALIZE WHEN YOUR SHIT ARRIVES
鄭宇傑 (3 months ago)
Hello can u help me my instagram usjackyking
Jason wallace (3 months ago)
Man your the best . Can you show how to make key on your profile some venders won’t allow to buy unless we have key . Thanks man for everything
thee jambo (3 months ago)
look into Kleopatra PGP
Noobygay335 (3 months ago)
Ur craps shit
† ItzDark杰斐遜 (3 months ago)
Hello, I am 9 years old, could you accept me in roblox please X_Xv3
?ClueLess? (3 months ago)
Never realised how long my pc took to turn off and on again until I followed this video, literally banging my head on the table while waiting for this old pile of junk to fire up every fucking time,  would tails be safe to run in virtualbox or something?
Operator_six (3 months ago)
do you have discord?
S MRPLAYERX (4 months ago)
Guys I swear I just got free $2354_real money from this_amazing website>>>>pypmon.win/?RsYhcE Try once.
Conor Chambers (1 month ago)
Nothing in this world is free
Jason wallace (3 months ago)
Sad_Boy (4 months ago)
Thanks Bros bout to buy lots of xanax
Planet Brucifer (4 days ago)
Did it work?
OnlyLegendsKat (3 months ago)
ItsHeights YO Yikes sorry bro
OnlyLegendsKat (3 months ago)
ItsHeights YO Yo anf what happened to your bro?
OnlyLegendsKat (3 months ago)
ItsHeights YO yo heights yo lol what are the prices for xans over there?
rob g (4 months ago)
Dream Market LINK DOWNLOAD TOR AND CLICK HERE DREAM MARKET http://lchudifyeqm4ldjj.onion/?ai=2809568338
DicNanagins The Great (4 months ago)
Can u do a vid on monero how to?
ItsHeights YO (4 months ago)
DicNanagins The Great (4 months ago)
Ur bro sounds cool af rip
DicNanagins The Great (4 months ago)
I'm smoking a whole 8th today in honor of him man
Berg Tutorials (4 months ago)
You're fucking great dude. Love your content.
felipe (4 months ago)
when i tried pairing my address and the vendor , when it said “sign message as” it never showed anything and i didn’t have to put in a password to trust it ?
Flumez (3 months ago)
dont use a virtual box
MAMA Productions (4 months ago)
Make a video for purchasing clone credit card from darkweb.
ZIXR (7 days ago)
yo hit me up [email protected]
Zaim Anuar (15 days ago)
bouncer agent hmu yo
Almighty Murph (16 days ago)
bouncer agent Yoo
Zaim Anuar (16 days ago)
bouncer agent hey hmu too [email protected]
Deandre Lile (20 days ago)
+bouncer agent [email protected]
Jude Scholefield (4 months ago)
How do you move electrum to persistent in tails?
Qwertyuiop Qwertyuiop (5 months ago)
What would be the dangers of simply buying on dream market on tor browser, without any sort of protection?
ItsHeights YO (5 months ago)
Surge (5 months ago)
What about counterfeit? Is one that says escrow legit or is some a scam?
HydraLord1221 (14 days ago)
Escrow means its probably not a scam
Minty Fish (5 months ago)
Have you tried “BitQuick” it’s a website where you get bitcoin in less than 3 hours, you should give it a try (you have to pay physical cash tho by going to a local bank)
Red Drift Gaming (5 months ago)
I heard that using a Tor Bridge even if you don't have to is better for anonymity. Whats your opinion
Siddhant Bhandari (5 months ago)
Sir how did I know my package arriving at my place without contact number? What will I do for anonymity
Great video thanks for the purchasing formula. cb>electrum>tails>deep web market
Play or Shit (5 months ago)
can u ask the vendor what the ups number is ? if so, do u ask for it in the pgp?
chintu nk (5 months ago)
RIP to your brother man. I lost my brother too.
Joshua Porter (5 months ago)
I dont understand... when you put in YOUR address and contact info how are you kept anonymous? Or is that info supposed to be fake?
HydraLord1221 (14 days ago)
Yeah and the package wont get caught going through the mail despite what the USPS wants you to believe
panti3pending (3 months ago)
Asymmetric Cryptography bro
happytheatsz (5 months ago)
You put your real address in but it is encrypted, and only the person you are buying from can see and decrypt it.
Living The Humboldt Life (5 months ago)
rip to your bro!!
j C (5 months ago)
might sound dumb .. but what if your running google chrome os for e wallet
shanu shy (5 months ago)
Bro I appreciate ur wt u r doing to help these noobs but m actually looking for the same process but in monero coin's will u plzzzzzzzzz made a video on monero so it's a small request hope ull do that anyway again appreciate it tysm 😘😘 to helping noobs
frederic black (5 months ago)
just follow this tutorial and with your bitcoin, exchange for monero? sounds simpl enough then all you need is a tutorial on monero wallet?
WillSchin (5 months ago)
Why not just download tor and go in from the secret wiki and go to dream market?
brian cosie (5 months ago)
finally thank you
Mike Conley (5 months ago)
This may be an dumb question but I am tech illiterate. Is there a way to do this on Android or iPhone?
thee jambo (3 months ago)
orbox and orfox
The Tech Geek (4 months ago)
Mike Conley yes but it’s not safe.
ThatPandaGuy (5 months ago)
so just to be clear, tumbling is not neccessary? my bad if i sound newby, i cant get a straight answer anywhere.
Paul Raynard (1 month ago)
This is also what I wanted to know , so basically is it bitcoin to electrum on windows , the send from electrum to electrum in tails then to the marketplace ??? And this is safe ? So I do not need to tumble ?
matty 69 (2 months ago)
ThatPandaGuy only if Ur a vendor.
Reed Phelps (4 months ago)
Lol I had the same question thanks!
ItsHeights YO (5 months ago)
grams & helix went down and I sent $200 to a phishing website. never tumbled again
Rabbit A (5 months ago)
ItsHeights YO bet
serrio rico (5 months ago)
dream market is not working for few days ........you have email get contact with you heights<
San Judas (5 months ago)
Do you have WhatsApp??
NigBoiSid (5 months ago)
Notification gang yeet

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