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The Climb | League of Legends

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The 2018 season is here. Take the first step and begin your climb. Click below for more info: 2017 and Beyond | Riot Pls https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTpS-2jiTqU Honor in 2018 https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/honor The 2018 season starts soon https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/competitive/2018-season-starts-soon
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Text Comments (16686)
Best Taliyah OCE (22 hours ago)
Thats my girl
Furious321 (2 days ago)
When you hear the music in Nexus Blitz and can't help but rewatch the cinematic.
Barney Stinson (2 days ago)
Make a movie goddamit!!!
Spectator 537 (5 days ago)
Pietro Roh (7 days ago)
1. A lucky or skilled samurai 2. Earth bender 3. Ben ten mix with back to the future 4. The giant yellow robot from astroboy 5. Jessica rabbit with a gun 6. A kraken 7. A priest warrior from priest 8. Hades
kostas Grigoriadis (7 days ago)
I came here only to see the crossover of Ekko and Blitz
MarcusCrown (9 days ago)
lucian pls dont fight jungler alone
TripleTTobi (11 days ago)
I hate yasou as a champion but I have to admit he is badass as a character
Nikola Popovic (11 days ago)
I got so many chills
Tedi Timis (12 days ago)
did xerath ult atacked taliah?
Le Visiolunaire (14 days ago)
cette vision de lucian je l'ai tellement vécue quand j'étais à l'école jusqu'au bac et maintenant peut être encore plus
YourSinisterDoge 27 (17 days ago)
20% Original Music, 80% Anticipation sprinkled in.
SlooW (18 days ago)
you should make a movie of the game
Dr Apyr (20 days ago)
Me play yasuo got excited after watching this, 0/17/1 defeat
Vetraxik (20 days ago)
Music please
quecochinongo (17 days ago)
Search "the climb soundtrack", enjoy
Hien Vu (21 days ago)
Daxua hand is dirty!
dawe 1 (22 days ago)
wow weird this lucian cant even do his combo correctly dude !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Smiley (22 days ago)
Imagine that those arrows are from the people who hates yasuo because there is a video of login screen of yasuo and he says that everyone hates him but the wind is always by his side
chuck norris (23 days ago)
If thresh looked that awesome in game I would play him every match
Zina Lightning-Eclipse (23 days ago)
What happened to ekko is he okay , did he press the button the right time? but the glass was shattered and that sound was the glass breaking and not his ulti T.T
Katarina OP (23 days ago)
after this video i thought "season 8 will be the best season in history of league of legends" i... i never thought i can make such a mistake
hamma zaim (24 days ago)
Riot we need new Video
jake lopez (24 days ago)
The sound of Xerath's ult is oddly satisfying.
Joanne H (25 days ago)
Am I the only one, but I thought Miss Fortune was Katarina until she grabbed the gun.
RAPHY (25 days ago)
Season 9??
Siddharth Sharma (26 days ago)
Wow Taliyah m mesmerized seeing her everytime
Legue of Legends (26 days ago)
Почему бы вам кинофильм не сделать
Lantorn (29 days ago)
fix the game
barbara amaral (1 month ago)
Cara eu nem sou fã do jogo em si . Mais se fizessem filmes sobre esse jogo eu seria fã número 1 . Seria muito bom .
jesus c.c (1 month ago)
Bueno termina la season
Frits Van der Lee (1 month ago)
This video got me hyped from the start of s8 to climb to masters,, but with 4 hours till the season end im a bit sad how bad this season was. not because of my end destination (d4) but how bad the journey was with this awful balancing.
TheFamousPug (1 month ago)
0:40 best part
Jose Bolivar (1 month ago)
name song??
Itz Nubino (1 month ago)
1:33 Miss Fortune got gang banged
Abhishek Tomar (1 month ago)
If only league of legends was actually like this, it would be the sickest game to ever be developed in the history of mankind
Rusty studios (1 month ago)
Nice rework of Ryze
Rendered Useless (1 month ago)
THe moment you realize xerath is the one making the blue fireballs...
TheUnP0ssible (1 month ago)
Lucian definitely got hooked he jumped straight at Thresh.
Jeen Yong (1 month ago)
Why is Lucian such a daddy omg
Forgot 10 (1 month ago)
League of legends movie pls!!!
KevinPlays (1 month ago)
0:26 10000 movement speed Yasuo
world of darkness (1 month ago)
Climb from bronze 1 to bronze 2
Manavai Tixier (1 month ago)
탁이스쿨YouToube (1 month ago)
리그 오브 레전드 만세 !!!
Mister Fulanito (1 month ago)
like si crees que las personas que piden likes dan asco........ un momento
Ame Kimchi (1 month ago)
Fred Wu (1 month ago)
Literally shows every meta champion in s8 ranked and at Worlds
Fred Wu (1 month ago)
Besides mf
Izoth (1 month ago)
What's dem flute name?
sidekicKs (1 month ago)
Theres always gonna be another mountain
march dimal (1 month ago)
I hope LoL had a movie too.... you know.. Warcraft met their one
Ceiwyn (1 month ago)
From Plat III to Gold IV. Thats what I call a climb.
fitnesstube tube (1 month ago)
rep blz for ks
person of interest LOL (1 month ago)
the bronze elo is an endless pit that you can never climb out of
Te Katso (1 month ago)
Omg......Just Lucian and the rest....... look just.... omfg
Tomás Castillo (1 month ago)
Fnatic </3
CleaningUpYiMess (1 month ago)
Anyone here after Invictus won worlds?!
Olti Str (1 month ago)
Minions play ▶
Kostis Dragienlok (1 month ago)
I was casual player from the S2, some ranks most for fun, This video for 1rst time in that 8 years inspired me to take the ladder, i was S5 and i reach in the end of this season the most for casual player divition, that of platinum, awesome video, right on the point!! :) (Lucian -Thresh)
Bridget Kaede (1 month ago)
The climb is coming to an end boys
hithere123 (1 month ago)
When I rage quit in solo q and feel like uninstalling the game... I come here. I watch this very video and cry like a baby because I know deep down I love this game so much
Sudden Lee (1 month ago)
the season is ending, can't wait for iron division yasuo mains with level seven masteries.
Kevin King (1 month ago)
Season is about to end. Hope everyone reaches their goals!
hessu maboheee (1 month ago)
Spotify or nah ??
VITAL PH (1 month ago)
why don't riot make a movie?
Thomas JD Music (1 month ago)
Thresh took the wrong man's wife lol...
99batran (1 month ago)
*the fall
Sim Gomes (1 month ago)
Eu estou louco pra ver o video da season 9 bem animado esperando... So quem ja garantiu a skin Orianna vitoriosa deixa o like 😛
Chris White (1 month ago)
honestly league is the best game
Gabriel Reghitto (1 month ago)
Sigo esperando una película
Гадкий м (1 month ago)
Как зовут этого героя с 2-мя пистолетами
Cosmic Klutz (1 month ago)
...Did ekko just die?
Rocksteady Gaming (1 month ago)
I love how it's all in a pseudo one-shot stye. Wouldn't be the same if done differently!
Jade Fire (1 month ago)
i main tali and have since she came out. i hope she stays jg, it's a much better place for her
Omar Mohamed (2 months ago)
Every time I watch it I feel so happy dkw XD
Ivan zvani Grozni (2 months ago)
I just came here to see Fortune get tentacled.
Dragon (2 months ago)
Please make better tresh hero trailer
5tyIish _ (2 months ago)
can't climb my elo
Alex Parker (2 months ago)
I hate how people overlook the fact that yasuo was at his brothers grave lamenting before being attacked by his old village...
Amumu The Sad Mummy (2 months ago)
So accurate because Blitz hooked a minion
Jarun Promchan (2 months ago)
? ? ?
Revai Ackerman (2 months ago)
Kayu (2 months ago)
you left your flute dude??
Robbie Gabito (2 months ago)
how come ive never seen this before
Ricardo Diaz (2 months ago)
Wish never knew this game...
Luis Solorzano (2 months ago)
This soundtrack is not available on Spotify? :c lol
Team Family Lol Dyd (2 months ago)
I still listen to someone else?
Zeldris A Piedade (2 months ago)
Eu de ekko
Marmota Productions (2 months ago)
Ziorky (2 months ago)
From the start I know yasuo would run it down mid with mobility boot s
Otaku Pianist (2 months ago)
WHO CAME HERE AFTER LISTENING TO RISE?:DDD (and who is hyped for Worlds2018?)
GSPL TSA (2 months ago)
Thㅔ나의 복슈닷!
Erenalp Deniz (2 months ago)
Season ends.
Spectre Ruiz (2 months ago)
Disparar una pistola que funciona con polvora bajo el mar. Anotadazo.
Allan Saymon (2 months ago)
arrepio ate o cabelo do cu
panBucz (2 months ago)
That flute at the start is simply amazing
KouKaiiSanHOOD (2 months ago)
me climbing silver ranks with premade lucian lmao
Felixliten (2 months ago)
Riot Games, blowing out your eardrums since 2009
Jeison Sylvestre (2 months ago)
R.D 🇩🇴😘😍
Kerem Yilmaz (2 months ago)
The Climb to Bronz
Alpha Beta (2 months ago)
Still gives me goosebumps to this day
Eren (2 months ago)

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