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The Climb | League of Legends

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The 2018 season is here. Take the first step and begin your climb. Click below for more info: 2017 and Beyond | Riot Pls https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTpS-2jiTqU Honor in 2018 https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/honor The 2018 season starts soon https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/competitive/2018-season-starts-soon
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Text Comments (16810)
FireAlphaa (4 days ago)
I love the story between Lucian and Thresh (Thresh killed Lucian's wife and thresh have her soul in his lantern, so Lucian want to revenge and kill Thresh)
SGpro 42:00 (4 days ago)
Lame, Digic Pictures is responsible for the production of this climatic
David Moreno (6 days ago)
quien es el compositor de la musica??
topple (8 days ago)
The Yasuo in Awaken looks silly compared to this one
Mister Hamlicrazy123 (6 days ago)
He was busy farming instead of fighting the inting sion.
Lusor_ Gurke (9 days ago)
Delet yasuo
toilatien (10 days ago)
lucian farm creeps
Adrian Corpus Ávila (10 days ago)
Cool cool.
jestemprzekotem (11 days ago)
ale ten raksuo ma paluchy ujebane
Raphael Amaral (11 days ago)
Anyone knows the sheet of this music? I would like to know it xD
Derya Kirdag (12 days ago)
Julian Torres (15 days ago)
Tu tu tu! Tututututu
Gustavo Novakoski (15 days ago)
Alguem sabe porque o Ekko não conseguiu bater na máquina e caiu?
sara abdo (16 days ago)
neo vergil Shava (18 days ago)
I want all soundtracks from this cinematic.
BMO Jake (19 days ago)
Its Been A Year,wow its been a year in silver,wow.
bobbo rosso (20 days ago)
1:50 when the students try to fight back at the shooting
Joystick Averiado (20 days ago)
Arda Emre (21 days ago)
Yanlız miss fortune pek sulara girme pyke siker
Johnny Bravo (22 days ago)
Song ?
Neko Lewwy (24 days ago)
Taliyah was the best!
Reine (24 days ago)
Yasuo took a year to get in lane and help his team. And the very first thing he did is farming.
Bulent Gercek (25 days ago)
What is wrong with that 2.5K people?
carlos andres (26 days ago)
agan una pelicula con este tipo de sinematicas
Taliyah in this video is like omg
PHEBUS (27 days ago)
Yasuo looks like so better on that
Mr.Turtle (27 days ago)
is that twitch in the echo and blitz scene
Bad Apple Pie (27 days ago)
Would be funny if Yasuo put his wind wall on the other direction cuz that’s what typical Yasuo players do
Envy (27 days ago)
Awaken and The climb best animations
The Last Quack (27 days ago)
Omg just realised Taliyah is going against Xerath Ekko is going against Urgot
swumprat (27 days ago)
That's not really Urgot though... It looks like some sort of turret/heavy weapon.
Blue Tigah (28 days ago)
The true meaning of this video was the insane nerfs to adc 2018, and riot knew only adcs like mf and lucian would be viable but have to struggle to do anything when supports and tanksheld them back
Mr. elyte (28 days ago)
Im listening this with avengers músic, Its just magic...
Fajel Caso (28 days ago)
Blitzcrank looks effing dope
Berke Özcan (29 days ago)
who is here after awaken ? 2019
SDF SDQFQSDF (29 days ago)
omg the atmosphere in ekko part is insane , the char looks bueituful
mike mendez (29 days ago)
Somebody knows the name of the song?
SPEKKio (29 days ago)
Lucian, let me level with you for a sec. That was an absolute waste of your ult.
Daniel Smoke (29 days ago)
1:50 trying to climb through iron 4
Norton on poistaa (29 days ago)
Yasuo engage without team GG
TotallyCarbon (29 days ago)
So is the scene with Yasuo at the start him meditating while the battle with Irelia, Sion etc from Awaken is taking place? Scenery matches, and if so that's pretty cool.
Some Random Asian Dude (29 days ago)
1:31 I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going
Some Random Asian Dude (29 days ago)
A great cinematician trapped inside a gaming company
Teritorial Altriae (29 days ago)
it's 2019 and this still got chill all over when i watch this.
Hieu Danang (29 days ago)
Anyone come back here after Awaken 2019 ?
Mellow Felloh (29 days ago)
Man, far better than Awaken. Love both though.
Howard (29 days ago)
always shows the most broken peps
you must enter a name (29 days ago)
1:45 NA Lucian would have dashed forward
Akira Leelarapin (29 days ago)
Has it really been 1 year already?
NovusTM (29 days ago)
Awaken was honestly a bad animation compared to this one
vibecakes (29 days ago)
but i will take anything I can get from rito
vibecakes (29 days ago)
the tea
bug life (29 days ago)
le nerfearon las tetas a miss fortune =(
Yamil Chaiña (29 days ago)
Encontré una curiosidad. Mientras Taliyah se desliza sobre la tierra se puede ver a lo lejos los cometas que lanza xerath para ser específico su ulti
Kyle Chen (29 days ago)
What if the arrows shot at yasuo are from the same soldiers in the Awaken
Kyle Chen (29 days ago)
Just realised yasuo is master of taliyah then goes to taliyah then to ekko who taliyah likes
1:58 When someone tries to steal your fries
Focused Panda (29 days ago)
Who's here after 2019 Cinematic?
Svetlio Todorov (30 days ago)
Who's here from Awaken xD
S. BlueSky (30 days ago)
I can relate to Ekko too much
Guilherme (30 days ago)
"who's here from Awaken?"
Harvalest Hakai (30 days ago)
This is epic. Not like the 2019 intro seasonal cinematic
Bryan -Z (30 days ago)
The awaken cinematic and climb happens in the same universe , arck or wharever you wanted called I know is the same game but is the first time that two cinematics share the same art style and aesthetic ... Maybe a movie is coming or is just me wishing to much xD
yraco (30 days ago)
0:24 Rito nerf wind wall pls.
AliesteR (30 days ago)
Juan Carlos pena (30 days ago)
THIS trailer is better than awaken by far
Beens (30 days ago)
Who's here after Awaken?
Wole bułki od chleba (30 days ago)
Who's after season 9 cinematic?
TheWatchingEye (30 days ago)
1:16 - Your ult cooldown is low and you're frantically mashing your R button but get killed 1 second before it's up again.
Blue Panahon (30 days ago)
Who's back here because of the new cinematics?
Daniel Lee (30 days ago)
I think i liked this one a lil better
Trip Away (30 days ago)
This deserve a Oscar.
Lucas Silva (30 days ago)
Thresh and Blitz <3
Gamer Boy (30 days ago)
Who is here after awaken?
Imaqtpie Santana (30 days ago)
How come that they make good cinematics but the game itself is bad? I mean the game is not balanced
Ladygothii12 (30 days ago)
They commission these cinematics out?
WerteeMc (30 days ago)
Get ready for the "who's here from 'Awaken'?" comments.
Sava Kirilov (11 hours ago)
+Roy Chan me
Roy Chan (18 hours ago)
whos here from awaken??
TheMk8r (21 days ago)
well im from 2020 o_O
Sava Kirilov (23 days ago)
Well im here 2019 but not from awaken i Just thought i can get back to see old cinematics i forgot about the climb but i still remember the others
JadrianMc (26 days ago)
+Tazuna Hirano Get ready for the "Get ready for the “Get ready for the”whos here from Awaken?” Comments haha"
Shuenis (30 days ago)
donitas90 (30 days ago)
thinking about this, every champion in this cinematic (but ekko and or blitz) had important buffs and relevance in the meta. Yasuo as ADC, mid and top with his damage buff at the nerf of infinity edge Taliyah as JG with his damage buff, and then nerf.... Miss fortune with the dark harvest and comet illaoi with his E cdr reduction on tentacles Lucian surviving the apc patch and his Q buff Thresh increasing damage and cdr for it´s Q. Actually riot tell us too much about the new season in their introduction cinematics.
Corzo (1 month ago)
Sigo esperando el nuevo de la S9 :)
FlashedAway (1 month ago)
3 days before season 9 starts, but it feels like this vid came out 1 month ago
Seven (1 month ago)
ye wtf, i remember watching some reactions on this video, for example from imaqtpie, it doesnt feel at all like 1 year ago o.O
Made you Look (1 month ago)
They stopped at Lucian jumping cus after hat he got one shotted because thresh went full crit
Taliyah scene was EPIC!
rahmannalfa (1 month ago)
0:21 Ctrl+6
Lo Kwan (1 month ago)
Can somebody give me the BGM?
Ahri Playz (1 month ago)
Taliyah and Ekko part my fav, Lucian and Thresh were also cool
A7MD 3MK (1 month ago)
Who’s watching this after season 9’s video?
Eon Sot (1 month ago)
whats the music name???????????????????????????????
Maggie (1 month ago)
nuttanun khamsavang (1 month ago)
I love ekko °^°
William Doney (1 month ago)
ima lucain main so the end was my fav part
Jacob Carney (1 month ago)
It’s so funny I started playing this game just over a year ago I started November 4th 2017 as of today it is Jan 6 2019 just over a year of playing this game I’m almost kind shocked I remember the first night I was hooked as the meta has changed from adc ruling to being a joke to victor top to Jax being Abel to 1v9 I always played backseat it’s fun me and my friends who introduced me to league have been playing since 2014 but they stopped but here I am a whole year later still playing i wonder what will be of this season will Camille go back to the top lane will vlad be back in meta will nekko be nerfed will graves be back will draven be buffed will yas be the hyper carry once again im excited to see to all of you summoners out there good luck on the rift
Kartoffelhorn 0 (1 month ago)
Who's also here in 2019?
꧁Vobihy꧂ (1 month ago)
An Harden (1 month ago)
Cold is the Void (1 month ago)
you can also climb down
Seven (1 month ago)
thats what the video is about, they didnt mean to climb up bro
KamloTini vevo (1 month ago)
Report ekko
Gary Knapp (1 month ago)
Dang what's the cooldown on Xerath's ultimate?
Luis sousa (1 month ago)
Where is my movie riot?
MentallyUnstable (1 month ago)
i hate league of legends, but you have the best movies.. but stupidest gameplay :D
Kartoffelhorn 0 (1 month ago)
When you play with friends, League is going to be the funniest game I've ever known.
Le garçon (1 month ago)
Nguyên Zombie (1 month ago)
Who is here before season 2019 starts ?
SkilledRO (1 month ago)
I want Vladimir in a cinematic, will be sooo good.
ÁSIAN (1 month ago)
Wish u can make lucian wife a champion
TheSavage Nocxx (1 month ago)
KamillaKawaii (1 month ago)
just one more time
theCrimsonViper (1 month ago)
Why is it not Miley Cyrus singing the theme song?

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