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Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave Announcement Trailer

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Steam Free Weekend - Play Dungeon Defenders on PC & Mac now for Free! http://store.steampowered.com/app/65800/ Check out our completely revamped version of Dungeon Defenders mobile, with new UIs, quests, PvP multiplayer, and more! Available now on Android and coming to iOS Thursday, 11/3. Also, be sure to check out the PC/Console Versions of Dungeon Defenders! Buy it now on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/65800 XBLA: http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/Product/Dungeon-Defenders/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d80258410b6d PSN: http://us.playstation.com/games-and-media/games/dungeon-defenders-ps3.html For more information, visit: http://www.DungeonDefenders.com http://www.facebook.com/DungeonDefenders http://www.twitter.com/DungeonDefenders
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Text Comments (104)
Cherry_Boy (1 month ago)
Its old :(
young king (1 month ago)
Spiral modding (7 months ago)
When iPad updates, all that saved progress is deleted... So annoying and made me not enjoy second wave
MrDank (1 year ago)
I still want this on andriod ;-;
Luar (1 year ago)
how i download this On Samsung J1
JammieJam (1 year ago)
oh my god when i heard thwt music at 0:00 the memories of playing tje original dundef on my friends pc came flooding back
Whynot (1 year ago)
i want this game back D:
Whynot (1 year ago)
Scythe ツ but alot moaw people have phone than playstation
Ogger (2 years ago)
Update the game
JuLiEnX (3 years ago)
and the hack download
The Monkey Gangster (3 years ago)
The Monkey Gangster (3 years ago)
make it compatible with ios 8 i use to play it on ios 7 now ios 8 wont work waste of money screw you trendy
dumpinthecar (3 years ago)
It's not an Online Tower Defense RPG. It's just a Tower Defense RPG...that is for PS3. Me so sad I can't play with me friends.
Metz abraham (2 years ago)
The Monkey Gangster (3 years ago)
its on pc xbox ios android and ps3 also on psp even tho they dont have a psp version 0.0 i saw one at gamestop
Rhoki Ho (3 years ago)
I can't play it cause I'm using iPad Air when I go in the app it says that now is loading but some hours later is still the same I really wish I could play it could someone tell the maker of this to make it available for iPad Air pls?
Tiger (4 years ago)
Dude fix the game or give our money back
TimeToMusicLyrics (4 years ago)
theprotheories (4 years ago)
Not on Google play fuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkk
Goku Gohan (5 years ago)
Márk Molnár (5 years ago)
4shared second and firs wawe free
Patrick Savard (5 years ago)
i downloaded the first wave for free :-) cool game play and graphics, buts it's a bit tough to move around, you have to get used to it ;-) what's the big differences with the second wave ???
I too
Aaron Zoom (5 years ago)
I got it for free :P
fish5935 (6 years ago)
i constantly get an error downloading and have to start again, so annoying
PaMS1995 (6 years ago)
This game currently comes with the humble bundle if you pay more than the average! BUY IT!
Clip Tycoon (6 years ago)
great game
Watze Vs (6 years ago)
you can still download the game go to the dungeon defenders site buy game and then scroll down and click market and you can download
Patrick Ochoa (6 years ago)
Depends on what kind of game you want to play. Apprentice and Squire can be like a Tower Defense, Squire and Monk can be like Hack and slash, Huntress can be like First Person Shooter, and if you have the other classes it's a whole other story.
jrtheawsome (6 years ago)
go download aptoid wait a while type in dungeon defender
netanel sadikov (6 years ago)
Nice game!
Cody Nolen (6 years ago)
whats the best class
Curli (6 months ago)
Squire :)
Vn Hdz (6 years ago)
next update for iOS?
Azam Khan (6 years ago)
ايتو يسلم عليكم
Azam Khan (6 years ago)
اللعبه رووووووعه خقق
994obama (6 years ago)
Hchchwydhfysyvkbloe bueno
Abel Christian (6 years ago)
Adrian Egger (6 years ago)
bei dell streak 7 ist 2 mal das ganze Tavlez zerstört worden worden von mir
maxblax123 (6 years ago)
do u got a new update today ??? me i got one
Sheetka (6 years ago)
I keep getting 'Error downloading game content, please try again'' whenever I try to update the game. any ideas on this?
TheAdventSoul (6 years ago)
Does Second Wave also have costumes just like the pc version? Or do you have the same outfit from beginning to end?
Stephanie Thompson (6 years ago)
Kartikay Dixit (6 years ago)
Gud game
Simon Seo (7 years ago)
DevenThorius The 3RD (7 years ago)
i don't get it why is this free???????
ImaSquirtl (7 years ago)
Love the hacked stuff
_XfuryX_ (7 years ago)
I have OpenGL problems
MrShadowstardust (7 years ago)
Looks cool
agus gustono (7 years ago)
agus gustono (7 years ago)
AgFUYarf etY fs we rawwwwweeeaduxyddrsrhzd
Choon Khuen (7 years ago)
it does not fit my phone ! i cant press the map and the attack button
SilentFlakker (7 years ago)
Download pocket legends if you want a real online mmo
SilentGamer (7 years ago)
@assassin1507u works fine on my xperia play :P
Josef Fields (7 years ago)
Wont let me play online xperia play
Micro306 (7 years ago)
what a bad game i cant log in with my gamespy
Micro306 (7 years ago)
omg gamespy account
уже играю на Xperia Neo
Danil Hairzamanov (7 years ago)
Does it work on LG P500?(Optimus one)
TheTyger25 (7 years ago)
Can ppl on the android play with people on the pc or ios
Irwan Fauzi (7 years ago)
Connection sucks.. Dced every time i join a game..
Cappurnikus (7 years ago)
@Khaenz You have to be a "spoilt little shitty kid" to own a credit card?
Vodkasekoitus (7 years ago)
@Cappurnikus You have to own a credit card to buy the game.
Cappurnikus (7 years ago)
@Khaenz You have to be a kid with a credit card to own a pc?
Vodkasekoitus (7 years ago)
@soldierpwnshard Not everyone is a spoilt little shitty kid with a credit card like you.
Catcaular - (7 years ago)
Play on pc much better
PVPKyle (7 years ago)
@PkmnFreak99 the colored guys are for arena
Corzec1 (7 years ago)
Hi all, im new player of this game, can u all give me some tips or some usefull skill of earning mana or great weapon? or some hidden place?
PkmnFreak99 (7 years ago)
how i can color my heroes on my xperia play ?? O_o
Anabela Kohl (7 years ago)
@filson99 I have the mobile version, but hey I didnt know there was a pc one how is it? My stuge of a phone wont let me play the game dat sucks...:/
filson99 (7 years ago)
@anabelalopez17 Do you mean the mobile version? Because I have the PC one...
Anabela Kohl (7 years ago)
To bad it isnt real:/
XxXRangerXxX (7 years ago)
LvL 74 is the cap I believe?
kenpachi1114 (7 years ago)
Is there a way to download it to my internal memory instead of my sd card? :(. It takes up a lot of space.
Apa Shehab (7 years ago)
Gregório Assis (7 years ago)
can I play simultaneously with computer players?
WarMachineGX (7 years ago)
@punkrocker555142 thts wat i said lol it almost seems tht they just made an update and made a new name for it
Make Everything Free (7 years ago)
i installed this on galaxy s1, now i cant start my phone. i had to reboot it during setup as it crashed
gow3isba (7 years ago)
I seen a few level 71's whats that aboout?
gow3isba (7 years ago)
Man and I thought the graphics were bad for PS3 lmao but idc i just love this game it's soooo addicting
megabaze8 (7 years ago)
Hey, Is there somone to help? I cant fingure out the classes - not funny (^.^) What i mean is_ just tell me the good and bad thing about the classes :) BTW. its not meant to be in details. Thanks :)
Emmanuel Sanchez (7 years ago)
Tegra 4 life!
Xainer (7 years ago)
I have this on PC and i cant manage it to work on my Xperia Mini, not X10 Mini.
soulskiller94 (7 years ago)
when it will be available for ps3 ?? as it says at 1:03 its also available for psn ... thats cool any1 know when ?? and thx ^^
Alguro HellBlacksmith (7 years ago)
holy shit look that hammer in 1:11 arghhhh that one makes thor jealous
Alguro HellBlacksmith (7 years ago)
imagine if when you equip gear changes appearance it will be awesomeeee
TheQuacked (7 years ago)
@foadysfah RIGHT??? THEY NEED TO DO IT NOW!!!
That fish dude (10 months ago)
TheQuacked 6 years ago you said that lmao
Lucas Paul (7 years ago)
Fuck this. Who can port LoL to the iphone?
hyno111 (7 years ago)
So you are not going to update the first wave?
Hingle McCringleberry (7 years ago)
is this coming to the Xbox360? btw game is awesome!
Donny willo (7 years ago)
@Slipknot4ever88 iv had it on my ipad for like 5 moths or something mad like that lol
Kenneth Bergan (7 years ago)
so... what happened to afterlife?
haloman123123 (7 years ago)
ummm is there a reason i cant use my old account from wave 1?
Alberto Cecchini (7 years ago)
Nel market del mio telefono è gratis
Dungeon Defenders (7 years ago)
@Slipknot4ever88 Soon!
Predrag Bajić (7 years ago)
When this game will be available for iPad?
sirwinsalot (7 years ago)
my phone *htc wildfire* would EXPLODE if i tryed to play this D: although the wildfire is shit anyway -,- thank god for pc/xbox :D
Clone5665 (7 years ago)
Clone5665 (7 years ago)
You should wac
MordeL0L (7 years ago)
6th |=)
TonyGets (7 years ago)
Master 20 Bucks (7 years ago)
Third :-\
Sabir Sayed (7 years ago)
2nd :-D
Donny willo (7 years ago)
1st LOL

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