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BRAIN TIME ► https://goo.gl/tTWgH2 It's not a secret that some actors are ready to do anything to get into the role. Some of them even agree to perform some crazy stunts! However, if a stuntman replaces the star in some scenes, this doesn't mean that the actor or the actress is lazy. We know many of them would happily jump on trampolines and fly, but imagine what would happen if the protagonist of the movie gets a serious injury on the set? This will break all the deadlines, the film company will have huge losses, and we will be able to see the long-awaited film much later. That's why doubles come to the aid of actors. And we're gonna talk about these irreplaceable celebrity twins today.
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Text Comments (633)
Pratts stuntman dont look like him at all
Medyen Seid (1 day ago)
6:35-6:40 they are basically punching and kicking thin air but in the movie is turned into an amazing fight scene, the wonders of film making!!!!!
Michael (1 day ago)
Ya know what’s sad. Holland might’ve done his stunts, but they remade most of them with cgi. That’s why most people still love tobeys spiderman, as he too did his stunts, but he went from scrawny to buff for the first movie. The commitment for these two is fucking amazing, unlike tasm
Elver Roman (1 day ago)
What's the point of being famous .who does do the hard work
Memento Production (1 day ago)
Thanks for showing us the real heroes. Hats off to them to take their life risk only for amuse us . Many of us never gotta know who were them ❤
Sherymei Calderon (2 days ago)
And then there's Felix
KyraLaineOfcl (3 days ago)
I wonder if Benedict’s stunt double and Tom’s stunt double are friends... 👬
SΣGΣR (3 days ago)
Chuj ci w dupę elo
siegeaye (4 days ago)
03:31 “in addition” was that an add-in??? 😂
Salçalı Makarna (5 days ago)
4:17 cutest smile I have ever seen💕💕💕
I’m Real AF (5 days ago)
10:21 best moment
Freddy fazbear (5 days ago)
the stunt actor should be the one who get the most credit!!
Aman Zakir (5 days ago)
They are the real heroes then ✊
Zain Khan (5 days ago)
Stant mans and stant womens are the real heros\heroiens of the movies
Anastacia powell (6 days ago)
Fab (6 days ago)
Didn't sebastian stan performed the knife scene himself? I saw a behind the scenes video of him doing most of if not all the stunts himself. He said that he practiced with the knife even at the red lights.
Tramplino Truck (6 days ago)
They all look the same but that’s just me
19 76 (7 days ago)
Tom Cruise does all his own stunts. Just saying.
Spinie Haca (7 days ago)
yup, he is a cool guy
Marco Pranjic (7 days ago)
Du Arschloch wegen dir gibt es den originalen Kanal nicht und jetzt können die deutschen den Kanal nicht mehr anschauen
Kent Mckay (8 days ago)
good to see this..
Ryieniff 19 (8 days ago)
Tom Holland = Tom Holland
k EzTa BiEnDo (8 days ago)
#RefugioMental xd
BlobbyPlays YT (8 days ago)
Peter Parker needed a Stunt Double, and its Spiderman.
Minecraft Nerd (9 days ago)
At 6:48 did anyone else hear a fart 💨😂😂😂😂
Khizar zeeshan (9 days ago)
this is james he is sick 🤢 /()\ / \ one like he will get better lets think how many likes can we reach if we reach 100 he will be perfect C:
UnNameAble (8 days ago)
Likes won't help him. Bring him to a hospital dumbass
WeeItsNookies (9 days ago)
Sad part is these guys do all of the hard work, all of the most dangerous stuff and all of the stuff that inflicts pain on their body only to make a fraction of what the actor makes :/ with ZERO of the recognition.
SavageDavid99 9 (9 days ago)
I wonder if Tom Holland has his own stuntman since he’s a gymnast
Luke O'Toole (9 days ago)
interesting fact did you know that the actor of loki tried out to play thor sorry if i spelt anything wrong like if you didnt know
Colby Dinbun (9 days ago)
nice try there hemsworth....
Eyy It’s me (9 days ago)
Nice video very well explained
ducky boy 92 (9 days ago)
pretty selected (10 days ago)
No1 recognises stunt team 💔
Franky Chiu (10 days ago)
Sithsomvichet Yeang (10 days ago)
Fun fact those stuntman are not famous as the actor.
Jason Lee (10 days ago)
I thought thumbnail was fredasmr
PandaMonium • (11 days ago)
My fatass looked at the thumbnail and thought they were gonna give me a bite of their sandwiches
GillyTheGoldFish Jr (11 days ago)
Why do you have a hashtag In your name?
Changeable Tornado (11 days ago)
Every one of these is marvel XD
Changeable Tornado (11 days ago)
Actually not kill bill
Yasmeen Rojas (11 days ago)
Loki was adopted ofc hes not gonna look like Thor
bigvladi (11 days ago)
Luke cage's stunt double looks just like him. He shouldve made the list
Mr Mcrayfish27 (11 days ago)
Bet u won’t pin this comment
Joaquín Lombardi (11 days ago)
it sounds like chris evans farted at 6:46
FrothyMammal772 (11 days ago)
Relax NCS (11 days ago)
Ali A (12 days ago)
They're not stunt doubles they just Walmart versions
Sync Playz (12 days ago)
I wish paul walker had a stunt double i think anyone elses life other than him
Lewis Palmer (12 days ago)
not sure wich chris prat is wich? really? you can clearly see its the left one
uzaama lamma (12 days ago)
6:46 you can hear him farting!
the Saifire (1 day ago)
I meant it sarcastically...😑
uzaama lamma (1 day ago)
Yeah!cap farts!
the Saifire (1 day ago)
Oh really?
uzaama lamma (12 days ago)
Heiedi Moneymaker is MAKIN' MONEY
Johia (12 days ago)
John wick
IRONFIST (12 days ago)
I one time saw a Guy who looked almost exactly like Steve Rogers
M Kenny (12 days ago)
thats why tom holland is the best spiderman
Aswin Mahesh (12 days ago)
Robert Downey Jr= Robert Downey Jr
xHuster (12 days ago)
Stephen amell doesn t have a stunt double in arrow
Jeff Evans (12 days ago)
5:58 (on the left) he likes like Anthony from the wiggles
callmegamer cytus (12 days ago)
jackie chan he dont want doubles
Liam M-D (12 days ago)
0:36 pretty sure they're the exact opposite, and that's the point
I am Happy. (12 days ago)
8:44 The real ironman
Pavel Robert (12 days ago)
Background music please!
Connor Masten (12 days ago)
This is lies
Jay Avila (13 days ago)
i only came here for this 6:47
grac4750 grac4750 (13 days ago)
Why are there so many stunt doubles with some part of their name Holland. Tom Holland is literally so cool. He’s a gymnast/dancer/actor/purest of pure
Ryan Smith (13 days ago)
No salt. No sugar. Both eating a BLT
Bryan Varghese (13 days ago)
6:48 spoiler alert
Schnauzer God (13 days ago)
Slothy PJT (13 days ago)
Why do u talk like that it’s so annoying !!!
Harry Jackson (13 days ago)
Definitely couldn’t tell which one was chris Pratt...
wow, what a shit vid..
oXRomyXo (13 days ago)
Just imagine having the last name moneymaker Also on Spiderman tom holland broke his nose showing off trying to do a back tuck😂
LongLiveJasheh (13 days ago)
Expectations 2:48 Reality 2:53
Jem Elizabeth (2 days ago)
LongLiveJasheh a
Usermeme Usermeme (5 days ago)
Josh and Shelly Buck (13 days ago)
I love how they were saying how intense 18 hours of practice a week is. 😂 sis, I practiced 24 hours this week all together, and that’s with school 😂😂😂
Ray Bernados (13 days ago)
6:47 Frrrrt
Robert Merritt (13 days ago)
Robert Merritt (13 days ago)
Robert Merritt (13 days ago)
blue yoshi (13 days ago)
Read the hole thing Read more
xd Erytzz (14 days ago)
it would be cool if there was a twin that was an actor and the other twin was a stunt double for the actor. 🤔
Izzy Marie (14 days ago)
Wtf 6:48 omfffgggg 😂😂😂
Hotdog Tasty (14 days ago)
yeah good
Adeline travis (14 days ago)
Wait if only real 6:46 😂
Nida Kamran (14 days ago)
excuse me homecoming tom dose his own tricks
ThatOneBlu (14 days ago)
Tom Holland = Tom Holland
Elimintor (16 days ago)
Brooklyn Bullard (17 days ago)
I can see the difference between Pratt. ❤️
American Akita (17 days ago)
I love the way this video has been put together using a number of funny tweeks. It makes it so much more enjoyable to watch :)
Joe Kozakiewicz (17 days ago)
Were you the one who farted
Dean Saunders (18 days ago)
bruce wayne=bruce wayne
DragonStrike (18 days ago)
The actors use the stunt doubles for the dirty work while they put on a show without the mask/more of an act.. Where as the stunt doubles have the acrobatic healthiness and talent but not the screen time recognition.. Unless you watch a video like this of course..
DragonStrike (18 days ago)
Why aren't the stunt doubles, the actual actors, they're just basically a more fit and healthy talented person..?
DragonStrike (18 days ago)
It's so weird seeing them next to each other but it's so cool how they actually know each other and are friends because they look like each other, one of them are famous and the other is a dare devil lmao.. What a unique match..
oliver bourbon (19 days ago)
jackie chan= life respect
Harry (19 days ago)
Invite FredsVoice ASMR for thor stunt
Andrew Garofalo (19 days ago)
Anyone else laugh when they heard the fart
Tom Holland broke his nose in a separate movie that wasn't even Marvel. I follow him on Instagram and saw. It Was the very last set in that movie.
Bhavya Patel (20 days ago)
Tom cruise does all of his stunts
McG (20 days ago)
4:06 you are welcome
Nadine SCHNEIDER (20 days ago)
Spiderman 1and2 is not marvel
Casual Gamer (20 days ago)
DeathBeast DeathBeast (20 days ago)
i love the random fart sound at 6:47

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