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BRAIN TIME ► https://goo.gl/tTWgH2 It's not a secret that some actors are ready to do anything to get into the role. Some of them even agree to perform some crazy stunts! However, if a stuntman replaces the star in some scenes, this doesn't mean that the actor or the actress is lazy. We know many of them would happily jump on trampolines and fly, but imagine what would happen if the protagonist of the movie gets a serious injury on the set? This will break all the deadlines, the film company will have huge losses, and we will be able to see the long-awaited film much later. That's why doubles come to the aid of actors. And we're gonna talk about these irreplaceable celebrity twins today.
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Text Comments (414)
KENN ADAMS (2 days ago)
Then these people should be paid more than the actual *actors*
norazuwin norazuwin (3 days ago)
The real stunt man should b the actor(save money n time)
norazuwin norazuwin (3 days ago)
What movie is at 4minutes
Harry Bhullar (4 days ago)
Doubles are the real heros the hidden faces
Audio Evolution (5 days ago)
Its scientifically proven that we are attracted to people that remind us of ourselves... So its no surprise all of these actors became friends with their doubles
Beliebers army (6 days ago)
Real hero's
Jyoan Moyo (7 days ago)
4:24 Bouncing...
Where is FredsVoice?
Liam Brown (9 days ago)
Liam Brown (9 days ago)
Rajat R K (10 days ago)
Plz press read more
Banderascubsfan (10 days ago)
He had to eat 35 times a day? That's kinda hard to believe. Unless all he ate was like a boiled egg every 45 minutes
Darkchild Moodie (10 days ago)
This is why there needs to be a category for stunt doubles when it comes to award shows because they do so much and they're not appreciated when it comes to award shows.
KiLovely (11 days ago)
So cool!
James Russell (12 days ago)
Only Me (12 days ago)
6:48 fart got me
Pankaj121977 (13 days ago)
That’s why I love tom holland
Anonim Walker (13 days ago)
Anwin Joseph (14 days ago)
No offense meant but I heard a fart😅 after 6:48
Red Vilson (15 days ago)
Сначала поразмыслил што на канал ''студия расположение'' зашол (российские усвоют ☺)
New Movie Trailers (15 days ago)
Jackie chan is the best stunt man ever
LIZARD4Y (15 days ago)
Crazy how similar they look
gavin singer reid (15 days ago)
The main actors harldy do anything messed up yo
Arab Taufiq (15 days ago)
Thor my favourite
Grouchy Dude (15 days ago)
Chris Pratt's double doesn't look anything like him. The only thing resembling him are the clothes.
Marc Steven Gaming (15 days ago)
Its soooooo creepyyyyyyy
передай лорду я ему очи вырву
SWAGATA DEBNATH (16 days ago)
Capronic2 Dethroned (16 days ago)
Agent of Shield (17 days ago)
I LOVE AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. !!!!!!!!
Renz Carlo Dela Cruz (18 days ago)
Renz Carlo Dela Cruz (18 days ago)
6:45 hahahaha
Kawaii Yokai (18 days ago)
4:24 hair shot
frank andre zapata (19 days ago)
refujio mental
drakenastor (19 days ago)
How much these guys get paid? Feelsbadman. We don't even really hear bout them either. I mean, there are credits but who actually reads those?
Hima Da True Right (20 days ago)
6:48 Did Captain America fart in the scene? holly shit that's hilarious.
Geoff Stephens (20 days ago)
Anyone else catch Caps fart at 6:46?
XYHC (20 days ago)
6:18 that's why he was wearing a mask! I thought it was stupid but it all makes sense now!!!
Anna der Hirte (20 days ago)
Bobby playes all of the Chris's
R Barman (20 days ago)
Super b
SmileyFace123Lolz (20 days ago)
"Imagine what would happen if the protagonist of a movie got a serious injury on set..." And then everything that follows is like... And then me: Ummmm, excuuuuse me, imagine what would happen if that nonprofessional *human* got injured? That wording was... Anyway, coolio...
Hassan Imam (20 days ago)
No replacement for tomholland (for stunts)
Painkill Over (20 days ago)
You mean that its not ok if the actors got hurts but if the stunt double got hurt its just ok coz hes/shes not an actor😢😠👎
MANDA VINAY (21 days ago)
Tom cruise=Tom cruise Jacki chan=Jackie chAn
Nyi Min (22 days ago)
I don't believe it there are like a twins 😊😊😊
Ritik Raj (22 days ago)
It means that many actor are nothing without their doubles
ANJANI DWIVEDI (22 days ago)
Tom cruise????
Danish malik (22 days ago)
aila ye to captain bhi fake Nikla baba
Kishore Dubariya (22 days ago)
Even though if i have a double i will still be single :|
Tom hollnd face look like jackie chin.
Those are the real superheroes ;)
6:48 if you listen closely...somebody farted
Naurto Uzumaki (26 days ago)
Bobby basically only works for (Chris)s
Draco (26 days ago)
Tom cruise - TOM CRUISE
Minhtat Thar (27 days ago)
Jackie Chan say:::: No, Thanks..😁😁
Siva rama krishna (27 days ago)
Balayya Babu=Balayya Babu
Deepti Ranjan Rath (27 days ago)
That means stunt man's credit also goes to the actor which we saw. They are the real hidden heroes. Salute you for making good stunts which you makes it easier by taking your life at risk.
Adahir Sanchez (28 days ago)
Wow,no sabia que tenia canal en ingles xD
Niggasdontdiewex (29 days ago)
Trump is a stunt double
Charlie Thompson (29 days ago)
Broke his ankle 0:07
Ivan Ivanov (30 days ago)
Stunt job is probably the hardest to keep shape in industry...
Bilal Eter (1 month ago)
I wonder whos my double. I really feel bad for him.
Cheery Realco (1 month ago)
Jackie chan and tom cruz .
hunterxd (1 month ago)
Nirnay Nrip (1 month ago)
Tb actor bhi stunt man Ko hi rkh lo ..
Zulfaqar Mohd (1 month ago)
good job getting tricked Read More
Well played
X (1 month ago)
Мастерская настроения? Ты ли это?
Youngest Flexer (1 month ago)
Felipe Pires (1 month ago)
Carai o refúgio mental tem o canal versão brasileira e versão América foda pivete!
Maalik Rahim (1 month ago)
this is dope I like it!!! sub? 🤨
T.C.E (1 month ago)
Pratt is left
ThinKings Team (1 month ago)
Ar tawfik (2 months ago)
This guys are real boss.. They work behind the camera but they are boss
Alien Hybrid (2 months ago)
yosef nutun (2 months ago)
Aktor marvel aja pake stunt man, masa president disuruh lakuin sendiri
KrezyMenia (2 months ago)
I like
cj flores (2 months ago)
Hi Read more
mr. space man (2 months ago)
Is that the asmr guy on the thumbnail 🤔
Omegaritz Jeffrey Reyes (2 months ago)
I saw a Jurassic Park poster and I just kept looking at it until I realized it was Chris.
XEdgeRenegade666 (2 months ago)
Yo hold up. Most of Marvel movies are action movie where actors need very few acting skills. If they don't even perform their own stunts then what are they good for ?
Aussie Pie (2 months ago)
I think Liam Hemsworth could double for Chris quite easily but he’d have to lose that one annoying part of his personality, Miley!!
Saif ali Khan (2 months ago)
Rdj is the best actor in a marvel sinamatic
Песня будто у Мастерская настроения
Dabbb Battle rlyallee (2 months ago)
Deepak Acharya (2 months ago)
They can directly act, instead
bypt qmprz (2 months ago)
Esse canal é o mesmo do pessoal do refúgio mental? Só que inglês
Universe 08 (2 months ago)
Juice & Quintin (2 months ago)
Who else thinks the actual non CGI spiderman suit looks better than the CGI one
DJ Gowtham Exclusive (2 months ago)
Your Nightmare (2 months ago)
They are sleep each other
Amorphous Root (2 months ago)
Vic Armstrong as Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones.
Kent Lorbes (2 months ago)
Thumbnail looks like roman reighns
Kenzu Hyper (2 months ago)
I love this chanel Read more
Tech Review India (2 months ago)
They are the real heroes
Oluwaseyi Akinpelu (2 months ago)
1:45 "Who am I doing the stunts for?" "Just some guy named Chris". "Say no more."
Shekhar kumar (2 months ago)
Body double should also be given lime light.
jehova Jack (2 months ago)
Only stunt boys super heros
Justin Z. (2 months ago)
6:48 you sneaky bastard
Tushar Arya (2 months ago)
Love u Captain America
Ravindar S (2 months ago)
Please turn the real stunted heroes into marvel character
Ken Pusey (2 months ago)
Who else heard the fart at 6:48

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