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BRAIN TIME► https://goo.gl/tTWgH2 Have you heard someone saying that if a cat can put its head in somewhere, it means the rest of its body will pass through too? Well, unfortunately, that doesn't usually work with humans. At least, not always. We hope you don't suffer from claustrophobia, because we are gonna show you 7 incredible places where people got trapped.
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Text Comments (17149)
Hardy Boyz (2 hours ago)
Ethan Buzzard (17 hours ago)
I got stuck in a pale for about 2 hours.
Adrian Hull (19 hours ago)
2 yrs ago my family lived in a trailer park my mom told me and my brother to go out side and wait and it was warm outside and I thot she said to wait in the car so I told him to wait in the car and he locked him self in the car he's 4 yrs old and my mom and dad came out and called the cops I think he used a crowbar to lower the window
Adrian Hull (19 hours ago)
I am a 9 yr old that was 8 and I was stuck in a girls baby swing
Michael David (22 hours ago)
OMG 107 dont do whatever happened to people who got hurt a lot [email protected]
Arsenal for Life (23 hours ago)
You know those simulator rides that simulate what’s it like on a roller coaster well at downtown Disney in a restaurant. I was halfway up a loop and some idiot pressed the emergency stop button on the outside and I was stuck upside down for an hour. I had a penny in my pocket I never got that penny back
Matthew Hooper (1 day ago)
I've been trapped in my parents room naked because there was a BIG spider inside the bath
Harrison Paul (1 day ago)
I got stuck in a sweater
michael Togonon (1 day ago)
I got stuck in my school and my bff were so scared and are door got broken do we just jump out to the window😅😅
Heinrich L (1 day ago)
I got stuck in a frezer
24ViperGaming32 (2 days ago)
1:07 “traffic can”LOL dis man said traffic can.
Lkc_ Tv (2 days ago)
I got stuck in a dryer. 😐
DAYSTON gd (3 days ago)
Ounce I got my head stuck in a bed
THE hacking pros (3 days ago)
i got stuck in a tree.why me :,(
Titanic Mechanic (4 days ago)
I got my head stuck between the gap of 2 stair boards, but I got out in 1 second
sherman kong (4 days ago)
I got stuck in a dog cage
iis_xpreme ii (4 days ago)
I got stuck at Uranus
Jessica Munn (5 days ago)
I got sick in a bathroom
Maya Neko (5 days ago)
This is embarrassing once I’ve had gotten stuck in a baby swing T_T I was like in first grade
J'Marie Jackson (5 days ago)
I am 8 years old I can get inside of a baby swing and get out twice in a row and I never get stuck
Zethyn Pando (6 days ago)
I got stuck in a bathroom because the door nob was took in off
NatureMusic Channel (6 days ago)
I got stuck in a really horrible place, and to me there are only 2 things that can describe it. 1. School 2. Fucking *terrifying* place where your hopes and dreams waste away slowly as you die from all the stress and such. It’s called school. Thanks.
Aram van den Brink (6 days ago)
Once as a kid I got trapped in a pillow
buddee20 (6 days ago)
I got stuck in my chair
Lorelle Luckel (6 days ago)
I’m I’m being trapped in a cupboard
I was stuck by a baby swing but my mom help me
Rotciv Gaming (6 days ago)
Yea I got trapped in your my pussy because I was exploring it and stinks 😷
Brandon IsAsian (7 days ago)
I got stuck in gaming
Gabby Gillmore (7 days ago)
I got stuck in a dryer and then someone turned it on
sana surti (7 days ago)
When i was a kid i stuck pot on my leg
infinite sayain (7 days ago)
I got trap in a train gap
jo stait (7 days ago)
Once i got my head stuck in a gigantic rope hammock thing....
g Lillo (8 days ago)
Yo i got stuck in a cats cage so i spend 24 hours there and i got out easy
Oliver Isaacson (8 days ago)
I got trapped in my car my friend had the car keys I was in the car I couldn't eat or drink I was trapped there for 6 hours
Oliver Isaacson (8 days ago)
And he locked it
Aryan Dey (8 days ago)
I got stuck In life :(
Misty Brown (8 days ago)
I’ve been stuck between the couch and the wall.
0:21 when you get stuck on the roof while playing roblox xD
PREDATOR (10 days ago)
i got stuck in my room for one day the door was stuck
ARTiiSTCF (10 days ago)
My friend got his finger stuck in the table in the classroom so he had to go back home holding it on his back
Al Farron (10 days ago)
I got stuck in this please called hell aka school for 6 hours
Isai Rodríguez (11 days ago)
i wons got suck in the restroom they had to get me out
DonaldHipsterTrump_YT (11 days ago)
Everyday I always trap from 8.a.m until lunch time
Maddox Fruge (11 days ago)
I am also stuck watching ur vids :D
Maddox Fruge (11 days ago)
I got trapped in a seatbelt because I was spinning at first and then i got tangled up so my dad had to cut the seatbelt
Joseph Joestar (12 days ago)
One time in second grade, when we were on a field trip I went into plastic pipe and got stuck, but I got my self out
Senti Walling (12 days ago)
My face was trapped in my sister's butt for two minutes while I was sleeping
TheReal Diamond (12 days ago)
There was these 2 boys that were playing hide and seek so one hid in the fridge he got stuck and he dies no one herd him scream 😮😮😮😮😮
BRUNA CUCUMBERS (13 days ago)
I got stuck in the washing machine when I was 2-3 and it was actually washing clothes at the time
Rcpat6 Gaming (13 days ago)
I got stuck in a bucket home alone for two hours...
itsavage oliver (13 days ago)
Under my bed
jessandkatelin (13 days ago)
A big draw sorry
jessandkatelin (13 days ago)
I got stuck in a big when I was playing hide and seek
kittycat playz (13 days ago)
I got trapped im my Next door neighbours house when no one was home I waited 4 about 3 hours for them to come home.. I am still traumatised from this dat
Lucretia Boyce (14 days ago)
I got trapped in one of my best friends ben and I stuck my arm in a vase
Jojo Ryhmes (14 days ago)
in the closet
Jikka Balasa (14 days ago)
I got stuck in a Room becuse of my brother
I got stuck in my bathroom and the only way out was my window to my bedroom
I get stuck at home. as my mom says
Xeno Goku (15 days ago)
I got trapped in a locker I was trying to scare my Friends and I close the locker and tried to get out and I had to scream so someone would hear me.
Willow’s land (15 days ago)
You stole a clip from tomo news
sarawut lapawech (15 days ago)
Ummm actually i have been trapped something small but good luck to me i got it out
Hannah Jobson (15 days ago)
A giant water balloon up to my waist
Dialundae Diggs (15 days ago)
I got stuck in this thing called life. Matter fact, I’m still stuck. HELP!
Adreion Algere (15 days ago)
I've been trapped in a box
Ryker Chapin (15 days ago)
One time I wondered could I sit in a bucket not upside down but I was probably 3 at the time so I did and got stuck for 15 minutes because I did not asked for help I thought I was tough it turns out I was not so i realized I was stuck so then I yelled for mom and got me out XD
i get stuck in my kabinet
Anthony Bloom (16 days ago)
Khalid Bahr (16 days ago)
I was stuq in a room too A OLLEMOST HAD a heart atque 😩
Khalid Bahr (16 days ago)
Well my legs got staq in a rop it was sooo anbaresing my friends left mi stuq I OLLMOST DIED 😱😵😧😢
WALKER #665 (16 days ago)
I got stuck with my head on springs with a mattress on top of my head for 1 hour it was my bed to lol
Lucas Haus (16 days ago)
In my room
Yuan Zakari (16 days ago)
Swings So this is why they amke seats with ropes instead getting in the seat
felisha boi (16 days ago)
I got stuck in a box of cheez-its...
All out Youtubing (17 days ago)
In 2016 I got trapped in s car trunk but I was saved before I lost air
Steph Vaill (17 days ago)
In a toilet
Xcool (17 days ago)
I trapped in an elevator for 1 hour I swear the elevator turned off and I'm trying to open it until I shout so people can help 🤐🤐😯
Fortniteforlife 123 (17 days ago)
0:01 Jamanji 1 playz👌
Anaya Rao (17 days ago)
4:17 Goldberg!
Its Me Irem (17 days ago)
I’ve been trapped once in the MCdonalds bathroom
Casual L (17 days ago)
I was 9 *(I think)* and I went to the McDonald's playplace with my sister, grandma, and cousin *(keep in mind I've been tall for a long time)* so I climbed all the way up and got to my destination, the slide. I started going down and then somehow I end up upside with my legs above my head so I'm almost upside down. I was panicking because I knew others would be coming down the slide soon so I basically did a roll to get out of that situation somehow and went down head first. Right when I got out of the slide I ran to my grandma and didn't tell her about it. I'm currently 13 *(turning 14 in 33 days!!)* and to this day I still haven't told my grandma, I've told my sister just now and I'm about to tell my cousin. I have hated slides that have a roof over them since that day!
Tesimoni FINE (18 days ago)
I got stuck in the toilet when I was 4
Yenula De Alwis (18 days ago)
I have got locked in the bathroom
Soap (18 days ago)
I got suck in my dollhouse I wanted to see what it was like from her point of View 🤦🏽‍♀️(i stuck my head in)
Astro (18 days ago)
I got traped in a pool
Nina T (18 days ago)
when I was five I was under my bed with my brother cuz we were playing hide and seek it was a metal bed my brother thought it would be funny to poke my head through the metal so he pushed me up and my head got stuck between the mattress and the metal because my head created a hole in the frame. also my finger got caught in a McDonald's milkshake cup where the straw goes
One time a boy in England got accidentally stuck inside a hamper when he was looking for his shirt and got trapped in there for exactly 3 hours. His mother had to call 911 to get him out of there. Embarrassing. L😂L
offcaleb (19 days ago)
Click fucking bait
Rhenmar Villena (19 days ago)
1:18 this is the true gandalf
Bdjd Xbdjej (19 days ago)
I have trapped my finger through a lollystick for a weird reason for 30minutes
Santa is too fat for my fire.....
Isabelle Detillion (19 days ago)
I got stuck in between a few tree limbs. I was climbing and had fell, landing perfectly in there. No one was around so I stayed there until my mom came out of the car.
Bonnie Davis (19 days ago)
I got stuck in my dresser it hurt getting out
Maggig Willis (20 days ago)
I got stuck in the washer
Sandy Skelton (20 days ago)
what time I get trapped in the closet and my sister died
master2.0 gaming (20 days ago)
I got trapped inside my small locker
Adriana Mansperger (20 days ago)
I got stuck on a elevator there was no light and it took two days to get out
Brian Iniguez (20 days ago)
in sters
Hmongyaj1980 (20 days ago)
I got stuck in the sprite cranberry dimension ...
Sugar Baby Charly (20 days ago)
wanna time i was stuck in dentention and then i sleep there everyday but accept i got my phone to talk to my parents they came to my school but they had no 🔐 key to open so i was stuck for the years
pickle potato (20 days ago)
I got stuck in a chair and trapped in a cupboard

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