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ASMR - I help you to fall ASLEEP while you're lying in BED! - Role Play

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Hello my dear! Today I'm gonna to help you to fall asleep. I'hope you will have nice dreams! Your Pelagea Follow me on instagram - https://www.instagram.com/pelagea_asmr/ https://www.patreon.com/pelagea?ty=h
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Text Comments (1148)
Artem Zeytunyan (1 month ago)
Такая милая малышка❤❤❤❤
Kamil K (1 month ago)
I am in your town now. If you would like to meet, i will be at 10.06.2019 in the place where the cannons thundering.The sun at the zenith.
wowow ow (1 month ago)
Star twins (1 month ago)
Is it bad that I got tingles with the voulume down
Artem Zeytunyan (1 month ago)
Pelagea is such a dream girl. She is so cute and cuddly.
Uv Knights (6 months ago)
No girl has ever talk to me like this thank you you are too good 🤗🤗🤗🤗
闪电迈克 (6 months ago)
You look so beautiful without makeup, just like a fairytale girl 😍 And your grey kitty is super sexy 😉😉😙😙
Artem Zeytunyan (1 month ago)
You a zoophile or something?
StagecoachAl (8 months ago)
1:36-1:44 Yep
Meif'wa Shadow Knight ;D (8 months ago)
yes cat much cats i love cats aaaa
melli1432 (9 months ago)
Miss these kind of videos from you.
cool fur u (11 months ago)
You are gorgeous. No makeup needed. I love your cat too. 😘
Riley Sutton (11 months ago)
Pelagea ASMR, can you do a video of yourself singing lullabies in English and German sometime in the near future?
Maryann Dicesari (11 months ago)
Your Beautiful without makeup
Artem Zeytunyan (1 month ago)
Is she without makeup? I think she has some on her eyes
john mark (11 months ago)
Cat is happy
Abdou Amelsi (1 year ago)
I love natural
Jim Newton (1 year ago)
you are the goddess of sleep !!!!!!
Wenceslao Briones (1 year ago)
You are so beautiful I love you
inf1n1 (1 year ago)
I fell asleep.
SheepdogX (1 year ago)
Thank you! My Goddess of Sleep! I love your cat purring, so cute!!
Jordan Leonard (1 year ago)
It may be the liquor, melatonin, or sleep deprivation but I think I felt her hair on my face at one point.
racertom (1 year ago)
Thank you Pelagea. <3 :)
Stephen Peterson C.R. (1 year ago)
My Goddess
Lucky Kintos (1 year ago)
this is amazing...you are amazing... i know a lot of your videos and everyone of them just made me fall asleep so fast, that i even dont know how the end looks like :D :D You are the best :D
Ahmad Vahidy (1 year ago)
It tingles seeing your pretty face & eyes so closely
Dustin Terwilliger (1 year ago)
I think you look beautiful with or without makeup
Ginger Phxebe (1 year ago)
The cat is purring really loudly
Love you
jw3 reads (1 year ago)
@Pelagea ASMR Just watched your new video, downloaded today, 2/21/18. It was great! And as I watched, I thought about your beautuful cat Vasilisa. Then I decided to watch this one again; & here she is! And you look completely different, & SO beautiful, in both!♥️🔥💖⚘✉
Intra Stellar (1 year ago)
I still have toothache you know!😿 I will try this one 😺 ;-) edit ..sugar candies 🤦‍♂️
Intra Stellar (1 year ago)
I hope you did one of your giggles.. I have no excuse for my channel and not bothering with it 😸 I'm OK now as I hope you are ;-)
Pelagea ASMR (1 year ago)
Ha! So that's your account on youtube! :D And get well soon! You need to see a doctor so that he can help you!
Deanoligy (1 year ago)
Scared? you look so beautiful without makeup. I loved the raindrops. Thank you
Md Ekaram (1 year ago)
U look good without makeup
Flying Dreamscape (1 year ago)
This is the video when I first found asmr and since i have been watching it every night for the past 10 months. I love this asmr so much I was asleep 2 mins into the video.
The Timbill (1 year ago)
Matthias (1 year ago)
Those big beautiful eyes 😍
Dan bayes (1 year ago)
Cool cat what's his name
Kristin Schirok (1 year ago)
cute cat😍😍
It's Lit (1 year ago)
I do not know you but I love you
Ronald Delval (1 year ago)
Gorgeous Kitty!!!
Josep Lojas (1 year ago)
You have Facebook or twitter
Paul Gorneault (1 year ago)
I would not hesitate to marry her ...with or without makeup on
Chris Ryczek (1 year ago)
She is beautiful without make up
Chris Ryczek (1 year ago)
Great video
Richard Bell (1 year ago)
Nice work pelagea this video triggered my asmr gave me tingles plz do more of them very beautiful too !!!!
ICETEA 167 (1 year ago)
Die Katze ist geil
Pelagea-& something to feel Me- oh~ *insert Lenny Face* Pelagea- a cat
FL00F (1 year ago)
Natural Beauty.
Chris Drummond (1 year ago)
Natural is good
Somown (1 year ago)
2:13 - 2:53 Wowowowow what's that supposed to mean.
James Degner (1 year ago)
That's quite the purr your cat has! Very adorable.
Derek Lane (1 year ago)
Wow,,,id pay for this in person..I had nooo idea what this was... i wish i knew somone like this... Yes i now have a mega crush on this girl... But. hell of course i do... Wow shes too beautiful tho,,, i cant keep my eyes closed!!!
Patrick Bullen (1 year ago)
Brilliant, thank you.
Craig Appleton (1 year ago)
You are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen
Rd David (1 year ago)
Shes from russia..
slimjc64 (1 year ago)
I think you are my favorite ASMR artist.you are awesome.
R C (1 year ago)
That cat ! Omg so beautiful ! What breed it is ?
Jasmine Vankessel (1 year ago)
This is just creapy asf
Iss a kkeeeeeettttttteeeeeeee
Zac Williams (1 year ago)
You have that glass from ikea dont you 😂😂
darkuzo enzo (1 year ago)
ok ,ok ur cute & everythin' it's with or without makeup ! but seriously u think im gonna to sleep with all these noises ?
Rainbow Plays (1 year ago)
Ok I was drinking something are you driving me?!
Lockerz_ UK (1 year ago)
i hope thats decaf tea otherwise i'll be up for hours!
Robert Chamberlain (1 year ago)
One day I will wife you. I don't even want a wife.
NNj Cj (1 year ago)
all is perfect... but that [email protected]#+$#+#&ing cat.....I
Saamari Vienonen (1 year ago)
Awwww your cat is so cute 😍 best purring noises ❤
Bryce Lybarger (1 year ago)
i hope that tea was caffeine free....
Ruben Meier (1 year ago)
I finally saw her pussy. I'm sorry for this joke.
Alexandra Rebeca (1 year ago)
I love cats
Kitty! Lol
Sophie Burke (1 year ago)
thank you so much for the video, it really helped me
Uncle Barry (1 year ago)
Damn these tingles 🅱️ONELESS
eww cat y dont u get a dog instead
Zachary Rhodes (1 year ago)
would you like to try it no aghhh what are you doing this is drink assult
mnd (2 years ago)
Cat purring. <3
Anastazia R. (2 years ago)
du hasst die süßeste katze der welt❤💋❤💖sie oder er ist sooo hübsch🔥💟🎊
GamingBrothersHD (2 years ago)
I wish I was that cat...
Friday Brown (2 years ago)
This cat is sooo cute😍❤❤❤
Christian Rodriguez (2 years ago)
god I wish I was that cat
Jessi (2 years ago)
omg that Cat Is too cute 😍😻😻
Julmor (2 years ago)
Ive never been so envious of a cat before.
TheMaxDivision (2 years ago)
When she picked up the cat, I gasped and shouted "KITTY"! Amazing video Pelagea, 100/10
Blessed Bree (2 years ago)
The cat is so adorable! I wanna cry, because the lost of my 3 dogs, 1 cat. Well ily so much and your videos are amazing. Also one request: Can you do a Video just about your Cat? Well have a good week.
tomdid1 (2 years ago)
I came here to fall asleep, not to fall in love with you and your cat. But I'm afraid you and your cat are far too beautiful and adorable, and as a result, I am now utterly and deeply, head over heels in love with you. Please could you be less adorable and not so unbelievably beautiful in the future. But on a positive note, I did find your voice and your cat's purring very relaxing, so thank you for that. And keep up the wonderful work 😉 💗 💙 x x x
ThisNerd Talks (2 years ago)
It's not my birthday I'm not dying All of my family members are alive I'm not on antidepressants Will I get a like for my honesty? :D
Scvfan99 Fan! (2 years ago)
Is she German or Russian?
Asier Lancho Diego (2 years ago)
3:50 Purrrr...!!! Oh, I love the cat!!!!
Gerardo Ruiz (2 years ago)
Where are you from? You are stunning!
nycoshouse (2 years ago)
keep preciously these videos, the walk of time is merciless
Gregory Walton (2 years ago)
You're amazing
St Anthonio (2 years ago)
kittyyyyy( = ^ . ^ = )
lyric hi (2 years ago)
Girl this candy taste good. Ahh
George Schantz (2 years ago)
Anyone else bothered by the pubic hair at the bottom left of the screen
carine bernolle (2 years ago)
8:15 she takes LSD?
Yuna SLK (2 years ago)
Was einer welche rasse die Katze ist?
Josh Green (2 years ago)
oh my god
OMGItsHarry (2 years ago)
Do a heroin overdose ASMR video
Chaseray00 (2 years ago)
I wouldn't mind being kidnapped tied to a bed by her I'd just ask to untie my right hand😉😉
Chackal Dsbm (2 years ago)
My god you rock at this
Sharper (2 years ago)
She can be an actress.

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