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Simple juda updo hairstyle for long hair || Juda Hairstyle || Raksha Bandhan Special Hairstyle

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Simple juda updo hairstyle for long hair || Juda Hairstyle || Raksha Bandhan Special Hairstyle ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In this Hair tutorial video I shown you juda Updo Hairstyle For Long Hair, Super Simple Flower Bun, Raksha Bandhan Special Hairstyle, Hairstyle for Girls,cute updo hairstyles for long hair,party hairstyles,hairstyles for everyday.Raksha Bandhan hairstyle,flower juda bun.you can try this new hairstyle tutorial for party/ wedding or special occasion.If you have learned from our hairstyle tutorials, this hairstyle will be a so easy for you! It keeps all your hair way and also looks really cute. #updohairstyle #judahairstyle #bunhairstyle You May also Want To Watch my other video : juda hairstyle using Banana Clip | quick & easy hairstyles | hair style girl | cute hairstyle https://youtu.be/vKwHGuMa-o0 juda hairstyle for wedding | Perfect Bridal Bun step by step | Easy Wedding Hairstyle for party https://youtu.be/drd2O3PPQ5U easy and amazing juda hairstyle with flower bun | bridal Updo hairstyles | Easy wedding hairstyles https://youtu.be/cFJmqO9jOP4 2 Easy & Beautiful Juda Hairstyles || juda hairstyle || Hairstyle || Easy Wedding Hairstyle https://youtu.be/-4waAHK0_Lg Quick and Easy Donut Bun hairstyles | juda hairstyles | Juda kaise banaye | Bridal Bun hair style https://youtu.be/587qyupa_Rk Classic Donut Bun in 2 ways | Quick and Easy hairstyles | juda hairstyle | Dance hairstyles https://youtu.be/0Usf1O199H8 Thanks for watching .. Share your suggestions ! Don't forget to watch our other videos! Subscribe my channel for more videos !!!
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Text Comments (172)
Bhumi Kashyap (18 days ago)
Nice 👌👌👌👌
Mukesh Jaiswal (28 days ago)
So nice yaar
THE人NOOB人 YD (1 month ago)
Vry nice mam but isme front look bhi add kr dete.
Harun Khan (1 month ago)
Harun Khan (1 month ago)
nice super
Mamta Sing (1 month ago)
Very nice
Honey Sabharwal (1 month ago)
vry nyc 👌👌
Archana Sahu (1 month ago)
Chirag Pavar (1 month ago)
Tanmayee Raval (1 month ago)
Ganga Jain (1 month ago)
very nice
ARUN KUMAR (1 month ago)
Popy Halder (1 month ago)
😮 Wow 😮 Wow
NITIN SHARMA (1 month ago)
very nice
Lavli Lavli (1 month ago)
Arshdeep Singh (1 month ago)
simple & mindblowinghairstyle
Ashwini Parve (2 months ago)
Sakil Safie (2 months ago)
Very nice
Sheetal Chauhan (2 months ago)
Nc easy but very fast video...
Daljit Singh (2 months ago)
Nyc hairstyle look great 👌🏻👌🏻😍😍😍
manmeet kour (2 months ago)
love didi
Abhimanyu Prajapati (2 months ago)
Sheetal Pawar (2 months ago)
खूप छान
Arshad Malik (2 months ago)
KIRAN ARORA (2 months ago)
Aasa juda bato jo khud apna kar saka
BIKASH KUMAR (2 months ago)
Beautiful juda mam Maine v ye duda kr ke dekhi hu very nice mam
Simranjeet Singh (2 months ago)
Risha Gohain (2 months ago)
Black clr ki rbar band jese dikhne wale wo kya hay😋
jyotika nag (2 months ago)
Nice and easy
Poonam Gill (2 months ago)
Vvvvvvvvv nice yr
Prantik Dey (2 months ago)
Baler hair style
BHARAT GYAN (2 months ago)
sukumar mohanty (2 months ago)
Ravindra Pawar (2 months ago)
simple and cute
Neha Ghosh (2 months ago)
Nice hair style 😍😍
Neelima pal Neelima pal (2 months ago)
Sumaiya Shaikh (3 months ago)
I have made this bun on my annual day and it was looking fantastic
Pintu Maity (3 months ago)
Anshu Singh (3 months ago)
Easy. Nice. Bun
Jasvir Kaur (3 months ago)
nice aa g
shubham patil (3 months ago)
nice hair style
Latika Mahata (3 months ago)
Very beautiful
Shahid Afridi (3 months ago)
Cutie Pie (3 months ago)
💐🏵🏵very nice video 🌨🌨i will try😍🤗🤗🤗🤗😇🤔😎
fatima ama (1 month ago)
Neha verma (3 months ago)
Amandeep Kaur (3 months ago)
Ali Han (3 months ago)
Thats a oss m
Dipti Horpal (3 months ago)
Anima Gudia (3 months ago)
K S JOSHAN (3 months ago)
wowww osm so easy
Aman Deep (3 months ago)
Very nice
Robin Singh (3 months ago)
Barun bhusan (3 months ago)
I love hairstyle
Bipasha Raha (3 months ago)
vry nice....
Sharma Kumar (1 month ago)
Game. La
Sharma Kumar (1 month ago)
Surbhi Bansal (3 months ago)
joh aapnai yai black rubber use kiya hai issai kya bolltai hai
PLABAN KUMAR KALITA (3 months ago)
Tejashree Hadpad (3 months ago)
Fuzail Ansari (3 months ago)
so nice
Punjabi Girl (3 months ago)
Wow beautiful Ncy ND Vry easy
Shoeba Sayyad (3 months ago)
Garima Khanna (3 months ago)
Super amazing
Sonu Singh (3 months ago)
Awesome ji
Junaid Johny (3 months ago)
How get this colour on black hair
YMalik YMalik (3 months ago)
Sooooo betifull n very easy bun
Shazia Banu (3 months ago)
khushi khushi (3 months ago)
Very nice😘
tanu Ray (3 months ago)
Rashmi Singh (3 months ago)
Very beautiful hairstyle👌👌
Sunil Das (3 months ago)
beautiful videos
BalramSingh Meravi (3 months ago)
Wow great
Fiza Nadeem (3 months ago)
hmmm zberdast
Chandni Tiwari (3 months ago)
Gulgul Afridi (3 months ago)
Very creative and Beautiful hairstyle
Pawan Kumar (3 months ago)
Smita Kamble (3 months ago)
bhut quit hai ye juda thanks mam
HINA DALWADI (3 months ago)
Palak Singh (4 months ago)
Baby Saikia (4 months ago)
Shahrukh khan (4 months ago)
Sameer Saidy (4 months ago)
Surajit Banik (4 months ago)
Beautiful hair style
Lakhwinder Singh (3 months ago)
Surajit Banik hair Stayl
Lakhwinder Singh (3 months ago)
Surajit Banik h
Abishek Kumar (4 months ago)
Princess Aayushi (3 months ago)
Abishek Kumar
Ruksar Khatoon (4 months ago)
Noor Khan Khan (4 months ago)
Wow 😱 I will try it
Surendar Gupta (3 months ago)
Did it worked
Rajesh Khan (4 months ago)
A jo golden colour ka hair me flower lagaya hai Ushe kya kahate hai
INDIANGIRL NEHA (4 months ago)
flower clip
Aiza Aiza (4 months ago)
Thanks 😘😗😚
Deepika saktail (4 months ago)
Very nice bun
Shabeena Shameem (2 months ago)
Hamza Khan (3 months ago)
. W
Hamza Khan (3 months ago)
+update pointsvvvvvghkjjjjkjknnbbqnnbmmm0
update points (3 months ago)
Very nice
Mahamrani Mahamrani (4 months ago)
Very nice yar
Veerpal kaur Jassi (4 months ago)
Very nice
Raheela Tasneem (4 months ago)
Neelam Lakra (4 months ago)
Very easy and beautiful too..I'll try for coming party 👍
Hamidul hoque Sarker (4 months ago)
So nice
Mariam Khan (4 months ago)
Diya Debnath (4 months ago)
kshama kangali (4 months ago)
Wooow... Superb hair style
So beautiful...
The Lonely Heart. (4 months ago)
Hey!If this was a tutorial you should've palayed it a bit slowly. Mind that indeed!
Sapna Besra (4 months ago)
Krish rathod (4 months ago)
gorgeous hair style
No Sharik Sharik (4 months ago)
very beautiful 👍💞

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