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The Funniest Reviews Found On TripAdvisor

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The Funniest Reviews Found On TripAdvisor. Best Collection of Funniest TripAdvisor Reviews. Thanks for watching, liking, and commenting!
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Mr Harris (4 months ago)
Beach too sandy.......I hope you’re not serious......because if you are......you shouldn’t be allowed to breed.....by law. People writing reviews on beaches.....very very low IQs.
DragonFang 409 (10 months ago)
I don't know most of the places that the people are talking about (unless they're describing them wrong which I'm assuming is it)
Mendicant Biased (11 months ago)
0:55 Is it weird that I know what this is from other YouTube videos?
burntpiece oftoast (11 months ago)
Dude. Add what places these reviews were for, please. Some were obvious, but others add no real humor without knowing what places these reviews were for.
CreativeCrepeOwO (11 months ago)
Saying a beach is too sandy *;-; why is this person allowed on the internet again?*
A Random Passerby (23 days ago)
Anakin Skywalker's review of Tumon Beach lol
melvin st fleur (11 months ago)
How do you see ghost penis?
Null (11 months ago)
The museum with the penises is the Icelandic phallological museum
Mendicant Biased (11 months ago)
I was gonna comment that one, but you beat me to it.
Cool Blobfish (11 months ago)
thanks for helping me plan my next vacation
Z is For Zorua (11 months ago)
Some of the reviewers just plain stupid.
Patrick (11 months ago)
Nature is crap i Will now play roblox whit my ants cuz i have no friends
MJPK (11 months ago)
place the places these asshats are reviewing
ShoKWaiV87 (11 months ago)
Aidan Holland (11 months ago)
english so the zebra crossing one pissed me off
Xaze (11 months ago)
La Gatita (11 months ago)
The Mars reviews are what future space travelers would say... HahahahHA
Vivika (11 months ago)
no shit Sherlock
I'm eating yo BEANS!!ii! (11 months ago)
Elkon SV (11 months ago)
24 view.7 th like.
vibe and ride (11 months ago)
Boar vessel 500 to 600 bc
Digitaldash (11 months ago)
You ready for your trip? Yes! *trips person* see you next fall
Fawn (10 months ago)
Vsaucen't (11 months ago)
Digitaldash (11 months ago)
Vsaucen't (11 months ago)
Cleaner Than Ur Kleenex (11 months ago)
U mean firstn't
I'm eating yo BEANS!!ii! (11 months ago)
Dank Jerry Original no your not
vibe and ride (11 months ago)

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