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How we could teach our bodies to heal faster | Kaitlyn Sadtler

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What if we could help our bodies heal faster and without scars, like Wolverine in X-Men? TED Fellow Kaitlyn Sadtler is working to make this dream a reality by developing new biomaterials that could change how our immune system responds to injuries. In this quick talk, she shows the different ways these products could help the body regenerate. Check out more TED Talks: http://www.ted.com The TED Talks channel features the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and more. Follow TED on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/TEDTalks Like TED on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TED Subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/TED
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Text Comments (216)
j p (1 month ago)
It’s in our dna 🧬 already.... power of the mind
Holls C (4 months ago)
The first minute made me think about the Spider-Man with the crazy lizard dude
Fresh M3 (4 months ago)
It is really funny that as medicine continues to advance it is slowly realizing that one of the best ways to heal anything in our body was something people have done for thousands of years. Fasting. Why did it take so long to get any attention at all? Because it is absolutely 100% free.
Joseph Edward B. (5 months ago)
Just bend over!
JaXu (5 months ago)
will this improve silicone breast implants? :D
Liokay (5 months ago)
Man she's self centered 0_P
빵느 (5 months ago)
It was good a lecture!
SHI (5 months ago)
the whole video reminds me of Extremist
Samuel GRANIER (6 months ago)
those shoes ....
Hanz Fenzel (6 months ago)
But can you repair a broken heart
Nemer Dib (6 months ago)
I need help .. I can't understand fast english !! I can't understand when each word ends ! How can you understand Fast English hhhhh 😭 Who can help me ?
Nabil Boqsh (6 months ago)
Regenerative immune system is the #future
Sasha Pollard (6 months ago)
Everyone's body is different. If you think about it, their is no right answer. The immune system is something that fights off diseases, colds etc. When your immune system is weakened, then something will happen negatively to your body. It's about taking care of yourself. Also taking care of your mental health.
Charushi Jain (6 months ago)
Can't understand accent 😑 We need subtitles...
ravi kulkarni (6 months ago)
Are this videos available in Hindi Indian languages.
ArianAdonis (6 months ago)
Higher alkaline diet. Moderate exercise. Get off your fucking phone when driving. Live longer. Period.
boog_masskwé (6 months ago)
Sometimes I don’t understand what these speakers get out of making their ideas public. Is it that she wants funding for her company? Does she want money for more research? How do we as the audience engage with the ideas in the talk after it’s given?
adam dossis (6 months ago)
Humble salamander? Those arrogant little assholes aren't humble at all
invincible will (6 months ago)
#They r just branding themselves without giving the concrete solution (hollow ideas) ...
Hemant Pandey (6 months ago)
Anyone else thought that this video had zero value and only vague future marketing prospects...!!
Israel M (6 months ago)
No one laughed at her jokes. A big “feels bad” for you
André Corazza Miguens (6 months ago)
I appreciate the Wolverine reference, but I strongly suggest reading Spider-Man. Especially the lizard act. I got really strong vibes of that here. :P
Bulat Gaynullin (6 months ago)
very interesting research and lecture. Hope someone told you not to look at the camera, cause it a little bit distracts from that marvellous lecture
July Natalia (6 months ago)
I wish she had more time to explain.
Sumangal Bose (6 months ago)
Visit this website for healing, you won't regret https://www.divinecentreofhealing.com.au/
Barry Reynolds (6 months ago)
Take MK677 to increase growth hormone
KGBz (6 months ago)
Hell oWorld (6 months ago)
Bag Secured (6 months ago)
I scraped my palm on the same spot once a month for the past 3 months while doing bmx ticks and bro the last time I scraped my palm it healedin a week. Wound closed up and scabs were falling off already and my skin was pretty much grown and I was able to grab things without it hurting it was just a fresh pink tone
Justin Ameti (6 months ago)
When you stub your toe
RedStefan (6 months ago)
To be honest I can't take anyone seriously with a valley girl accent, just sayin'.
random1289 (6 months ago)
Can we support her research somewhere?
Jai Maa (6 months ago)
yes, there would be patches for recovery of injuries to buy in the supermarket, similar how today we buy paracetamol or other drugs, but in reality there is the moral hazard of how many pills can/should one take/buy. It is a shortcut, a lazy one yes, could heal by yourself, easier, faster, but some prefer to buy paracetamol and move on. It is learning to heal oneself, to know you can master your own body defence system. One can/should seek assistance at times, but a doctor does not cure anything, but oneself gives authority for such and such treatment to function and get the body into a recovery. Again is the conviction that the human body has an innate ability to master oneself body and mind, and to operate at perfect rate, whatever this is, low or high, will depend on the individual and circumstances. thank you
Jai Maa (6 months ago)
we all have seen this already!! The key for healing, not faster or slower, but healing (e.g. full stop, end of the paragraph). Each individual has a unique body metabolism, this is the speed or velocity at which his/her brain nerve cells make a contact, synapsis!! a connection that sends an instruction, one that is received, one first instruction that triggers a reaction of chain recovery for an unwanted tumour, a wound, an emotional scar or even a more ethereal glitch that triggers all other reactions. Something that makes a comeback on a sublevel and makes the body react and gain confidence in the healing process until the individual is healed. 2. First is Heisenberg principle, either velocity or position are determined at once (this principle is also valid and applied for more than two dependent variables. A beam of light is required to be thrown at a particle's trajectory to determining its position. At this point velocity slows down to near O. 3. If a child falls down on a playground, and injures/have an accident of some sort, him/herself badly, bleeds, looks for mum/dad and seeks all ATTENTION possible. Parents rush to hospital, he/she is healed and his/her trust in parents ability to care/heal him/her is enhanced every time this happens. However if the same occurs in a playground while parents are away (ok. momentarily). The child will get up, dust off, cry a bit less, wondered around fro a while and go back to play. When parents arrive find him in blood, in half the pain, half the requirement of before (yes, could be dead as well, depending on the injury). True some elderly have been left unattended/neglected in severe pain in hospital corridors, wards, often when medical assistance is more needed. But ATTENTION will always slow recovery, it is key. When the brain has other activities that requires to be healthy, fit, up and running; it will begin recovery. Mind acts more clearly when it is clean from nasty chemicals, and pollution of some sort which creates blockages in the speed of metabolism and the ability to heal itself. There is an equilibrium in the body (which is a mind in itself), which is determined by freedom of movement; much like that of 'eat as much as you like' some will take 400kcal , some 700kcal, some 1000kcal, some 300kcal in one meal. There is a natural revolution or frequency one particle can take, including its maximum and minimum velocity points of the trajectory for the particle. 4. Doctors and patients alike should enter into a two way compromise agreement, a contract. You do this , We (doctor and health system) do this. 5. Health systems are a bit like a supermarket. Go & see, you may buy or not, try later or throw away, try something else. very expensively and costly on either side, highly demanding, and inefficient. UK NHS for example prescribes only the right amount of drug required for a treatment, which it is good, but too many unnecessary drugs are prescribed. Patients must take more responsibility/accountability in the recovery/healing process. Salvation = healing comes from the true conviction; I am healed, I am cleaned and my body is/will be too (at some point one may also die). Thank you
Rickbearcat (6 months ago)
I've seen shark bite victims lose large amounts of muscle tissue that never gets rebuilt. Will that be possible with your treatments?
ONCE - Englandson Lim (6 months ago)
No need to send signals to our cells, because our body knows how to rebuild our body parts. Just give it the raw materials like proteins and vitamins so that our body can regenerate on its own. We need nutritionists more than immunologists!
Emerson Schindel (6 months ago)
Tell that to people with neuro-degenerative diseases. Our bodies are very limited in their ability to heal and can be completely dysfunctional.
Pikopati (6 months ago)
What about that guy who grew a thumb or part of it with pig pouder? He is actually telling you the how and not tales about it.
Solehin Sabtu (6 months ago)
Get the *Slow Mo Guys* to document this assisted regeneration as demonstration and pretty much it would seal the deal for me. This brief got me to roughly understand art best
Khallell (6 months ago)
Everything she said is a yes from me. Someone give that woman everything.
Phan Tường Vân (6 months ago)
Thomas Filip Davidson (6 months ago)
This sounds really interesting but I can't stand her voice...
theexperiment asd (6 months ago)
Well her research found that helper t cells are found in injured tissue and help healing . I thing i read about all the inflammatory cells that are involved in inflammation including t cells and subsequent healing process when i was in college fifteen years ago . So what is new about the subject??? What did she discovered that is worth a ted talk ??? What did we benefit from her talk . Nothing i guess
Medinalegend (6 months ago)
Arabic pl ? 🙄
Talking tom videos live (6 months ago)
I am big fan of tedx videos
Connor Lynch (6 months ago)
I don't know what people in the comments who are complaining were expecting. That she was going to explain how to heal wounds at home using toothpaste mixed with brandy?
Darmouthable (6 months ago)
This represents the "gold standard" of TED talks: eloquently written, articulately spoken, direct, with dense and meaningful descriptions of the work. This production quality is what I'm hoping for every time I click on one of these videos.
Connor Lynch (6 months ago)
I agree. I'm confused by people in the comments saying that she didn't say anything just because they can't now regrow their limbs from stuff they can buy at the home depot
Kyle Jennings (6 months ago)
id like her to heal my wound ;)
Sallie Mae (6 months ago)
This break through in science and technology need to be supported by the biggest company in the world because it will ease a lot of suffering and as such those inflicted will live a fruitful life/ improve quality of life.
Eder Francisco Cruz (6 months ago)
4:51 That's an Ajolote, not a salamander lol
Subsonic Hypixia (6 months ago)
But the thing I’m wondering is 1. How do you plan to put the T Helper into wounds? Injection that can make people uncomfortable? Or tablets which can take too long or even liquid form which can sting ALOT. 2. How do you plan to afford this
Connor Lynch (6 months ago)
I assume the process will be more like adminstering immunomodulatory molecules to make the patient's Th cells play nice. I assume if you have severe muscle scarring you won't be too upset about getting an injection. Although yeah, I'm sure even once this has been developed it will be ludicrously expensive for years afterwards
ilaphroaig (6 months ago)
Most be a great job you have.
Dok No See (6 months ago)
Another "how to talk" which really is empty speech.
Joshua Weickum (6 months ago)
This woman is good at her job.
Swastik Grover (6 months ago)
I pretty fuckin sure I’ve got a fat glob in my quad
Zulaiha Ali (6 months ago)
Yojimbo413 (6 months ago)
Lol this is bullshit
Rolroorlo (6 months ago)
Dr connor?
Deny Flesh (6 months ago)
I lost her at taking a pill or a vaccine. NWO agenda at work
Amanda Anderson (6 months ago)
This is a good concept. Making the immune system more efficient. But please tell us how.
konthedepressed DON (6 months ago)
She’s talking about being gots of our bodies
Alpha Strength (6 months ago)
Take steroids, simple and straightforward
tdreamgmail (6 months ago)
She said nothing
_ _ (6 months ago)
Chris Mason (6 months ago)
They use stem cells in animals mixed with drugs and injected around operation sites to aid recovery after surgery. Watch 'supervet' on the uk channel 4.
Happy (6 months ago)
Can someone sum up the video plz?
Happy (6 months ago)
ok and how do I teach my body to heal faster in a practical way ?
Connor Lynch (6 months ago)
Immune cells can help you heal wounds; certain molecules can prompt immune cells to heal wounds; creating materials imbued with these molecules could potentially prevent scarring during wound healing and maybe even act as a scaffold for growing lost body parts.
Raina Mermaid (6 months ago)
I am also curious how they can make this material only work where it's needed rather that grow back stuff that was removed (like tonsils, appendix, hymen etc)
Raina Mermaid (6 months ago)
I have two chronic illnesses and they'd be cured if our body could make new tissue.
Sadman Hossain (6 months ago)
who doesn't want a scar ? (not including face)
mild soup (6 months ago)
A surface scar is one thing but she mean more for a chunk of skin and muscle missing
SoakInTheSon (6 months ago)
Once she mentioned vaccines as good, it was hard to keep an open mind. If a person doesn’t acknowledge how insidious vaccines are, they can’t be that unbiased or brilliant. Just sayin’...
SoakInTheSon (6 months ago)
mild soup 😂
mild soup (6 months ago)
+SoakInTheSon your response was manic and over the top hallmarks of trolls, and just because you look up ideas on the internet doesn't make it a valid idea, lots of people research big foot but it doesn't validate their claims.
SoakInTheSon (6 months ago)
mild soup I didn’t automatically go there, but YOU called me a troll and I was merely stating my researched perspective. 🤔
mild soup (6 months ago)
And (once again I know this maybe pointless to tell you) but even though most vaccines have taken mercy out the ones that do have them in cannot be counted as the same molecule, chemical properties change when atoms bond. Much like a poisonous gas and a vloital metal combined make table salt.
mild soup (6 months ago)
Ma'am I know this is ice skating up hill but if you automatically go to everyone who is against me is part of a conspiracy then even fewer ppl are going to listen.
Mikey Jaii (6 months ago)
Eat well. Sleep well. Live well.
blabla62871 (6 months ago)
so nothing i can do at home..
sourabh shankar (6 months ago)
As long as pharma companies keep milking us to make big bucks, nothing will heal fully. They simply don't want us to heal🙄
Jacobite (6 months ago)
Smart lady keep up the good work.
Buya 248 (6 months ago)
Rick and Morty: they had broken leg healing everywhere
Clementin Sauvion (6 months ago)
IM working on a cell I found and MY test might help to regenerate. IM doing the work to test if the cell I found could really work.
Oliver Leslie (4 months ago)
Only one person can look into a microscope at a time - unless it's linked to a monitor. The point is, usually one person sees or has the AHA! moment - that could explain the "I". When u said it i simply thought okay she was the one in the lab that day who came upon the finding. We all know that most science is teamwork - we don't have to assume 'we' or I. People should focus more on the content and context.
mild soup (6 months ago)
Wow senpi noticed us, and it makes sense now why the speach sounded like it did. (That's such an odd constraint) But from all of us thank you Dr. Sadtler and your team for the marvelous ground breaking work.
Jeremy Byington (6 months ago)
Well, while we have you here....I had a family member of a family member who lost his finger tips in an accident several years back and the doctors wrapped them up and used powder from a pig’s bladder and he regrew his finger tips over the course of many months. They didn’t look like nothing happened, but that is better than losing them. Is that stem cell treatment something the Helper T cells would enhance?
鈴木ひろ (6 months ago)
K S Hi Kaitlyn, good to know that it's not on purpose because it somehow made you looked a bit arrogant, which in turn diminished the clarity of your talk, to me and some other people (due to some psychological defensiveness). But eitherway, you and your team's research is really exciting and spectacular! Thanks for all your efforts! :)
K S (6 months ago)
You raise a very valid concern & I had to make an account to respond, because as a speaker saying "I" is difficult, as research is 100% done in teams. We were instructed to speak in I/I'm, which is the *only* reason it was worded that way, original drafts had "we". I hope this clarified why it was worded in that manner, I've cited the original work done by the teams on the TED page.
Dan L (6 months ago)
Find a way to regenerate teeth then you'll get my attention. The rest of the body looks after itself, be it slow but it still does. Teeth however don't, not efficiently enough anyway.
Andres Rojas (5 months ago)
Don't forget sight and ears to hear/see clearly again ya know :P
MrFloppypancakes (6 months ago)
My cuts heal faster when I swim in a lake
ilove2929 (6 months ago)
I heard about this, some term like epigenetic?... Which will doom the pharmacy industry
ilove2929 (6 months ago)
The shoes seem uncomfortable *yes so distracted
mild soup (6 months ago)
Yeah I was waiting for her to topple over lol
Tj Smyth (6 months ago)
ilove2929 , not for a Praying Mantis. LOL
Random Schmid (6 months ago)
Arent the same blood cells responsible for scar tissue also used to stop the bleeding in the first place? I doubt you can just trick the body this easily and have no repercussions.
Connor Lynch (6 months ago)
Platelets and clotting factor proteins in the blood prevent bleeding; switching T cells and macrophages to be more recovery-based shouldn't affect this in theory. Although I have to agree that we really don't understand the finer details of our immune system well enough to expect no side effects from this...
DHARNI KUDAL (6 months ago)
Now I know how to become Deadpool..😎
Ricky Tomczyk (6 months ago)
2 generations Maby 3 from imortal humans, give and take the ratio of global intrest (suspected High) is this science fiction thoughts?
marcelarispe (6 months ago)
She talking about using extracellular matrix.
DarkFlame ShadowNinja (6 months ago)
Without live video mechanism of the immune cell within microscope this entire video remains pointless.
Connor Lynch (6 months ago)
You don't believe in the reality of biological mechanisms not visible through a microscope? I have a feeling you're not going to like any immunology very much...
Lauti (6 months ago)
This is incredible. The fact that these kinds of things are possible and that there are people working on it is fascinating. I wish her the best of luck in her project and hope that stuff like this is accesible to us in the near future
Max Gustafsson (6 months ago)
So what you're saying is that now we live in Warhammer 2k?
Uh, esto si me interesa :v 😂😂👌
fealubryne (6 months ago)
I'm surprised axolotls weren't mentioned, many lizards can regrow parts, but axolotls, as well as starfish, are some of the kings of regeneration. Still though, very interesting thought. A few years ago I had a number of life-saving surgeries, but the aftereffects of cutting into my head and abdomen have left some fairly major, and quality of life decreasing side effects. Being able to minimize, or even prevent some of these would be huge.
level Joe (6 months ago)
+fealubryne you didn't ramble at all and I was concerned about that too with my own post. Going to mull over your comments... I just Thanks for your time and God willing, I hope you live a long fulfilling life. We all serve a purpose and maybe our conversation is part of that?
fealubryne (6 months ago)
First off, no worries on your comment, I'll never turn down a thoughtful conversation. Financially speaking, no, I most likely will never be able to contribute financially to any great degree. Between surgeries, I've worked since I was 13, so it's not always been like this. I've long since come to terms with the fact that I'd be lucky to see my 7-year-old daughter graduate college, and most of my family is aware as well, and so it's been made fairly clear that there should be no heroics done to save me should things seriously go downhill. I do think healthcare should be available to everyone, in many cases better healthcare, as well as more research put into preventing illnesses before they start, or stopping them before they cause irreparable damage should be done. In many cases, prevention is key to stopping problems snowballing into major, expensive issues. If my illness had been caught and properly diagnosed sooner I could've forgone half of the surgeries and hospitalizations. I'm in a wheelchair because of complications from an illness running rampant through my teen years, and those issues could have been prevented, but now we can only wait for problems to arise and attempt to keep them from getting worse. There most certainly should be limitations to medical care and the extents gone to assist someone, and to a degree, exist already. In a lot of cases, elders are only given figurative band-aids, because expensive, dangerous surgeries or treatments have little point for them. Particularly expensive, or rare chances at medication or therapy are given to those with the absolute best odds of surviving/utilizing them. Even the Hippocratic oath suggests that physicians "help the sick according to [their] ability and judgment." It becomes a balance of that and ethics none of which are overly clear which is an excess of spending or assisting and which is a deficiency in medical care. Financial calculations and logic are cold and unflappable, but should never be utilized alone when making decisions alone. Not that I'm saying you suggested it, but just putting it out there. All the things you mention should most certainly be a part of the grand scheme of things, though I heavily suspect all hospitals have had their own balance of those things and incorporated it into their own policy. In my opinion, if there isn't already a general guide for all hospitals, it would make sense for there to be at some point. But I also feel there should be more transparency when it comes to medical care, to an extent. Hopefully this makes sense and isn't a bunch rambling, though if it is I apologize. I'm not always the best at conversations, my brain tends to go in circles sometimes and I come across wrong.
level Joe (6 months ago)
First off, I hope to never go through what you did and I'm truly sorry you had/have to. Second, if my questions offend you in anyway let me know and I will delete my post. Here we go... More than likely, you will never contribute enough financially to society to pay for what has been done to you. Do we spend millions of dollars to save the life of an 80 year old man who may live another year or two or ten? We deny liver transplants to those who can't quit drinking. I know the difference is self-destruction versus natural causes but when does society have this conversation? Don't get me wrong, I'm glad you're here but (self preservation aside) where does risk, quality and reward vs resources and financial cost enter into the equation? or Does it ever enter the equation and should it? Lots of people are asking for healthcare for all but we have to decide what lines need to be drawn and where. I asked you because you've been down that road. My wife and I have DNR's because of this.
G G (6 months ago)
Boy if I had a nickel for every time somebody says they've found a cure for something and it turns out to be bullshit I'd be rich enough to find actual cures for everything.
MarbleSwan666 (5 months ago)
I have a way we can stop people from claiming they have cures before they really do!
Jackie Romero (6 months ago)
TY- N. Trimble's. I was healthy as a baby until a workplace injury n doctors have made me bedridden. I also didnt like d constant use of I instead of US. Great things happen when people get together n leave egos outside the door.
Kyle Jennings (6 months ago)
give me a nickel
cdc25 (6 months ago)
There will be incremental advances that positively affect our generation. Think about how much medicine has progressed in the last 30 years. For example, cancer survival rates have skyrocketed over that time period.
clayton henrickson (6 months ago)
Maybe, possibly in the lives of generations from now, but not in our generation.
human is a human (6 months ago)
Flat Earther's would like it👍. But as idea it is good
Powah (6 months ago)
Just eat other people and aquire their life force.
Pentameron (6 months ago)
*Is this a Final Destination 5 reference* Oh never mind it's just me.
RedStefan (6 months ago)
The younger the better don't eat older than 25
Lily Gazou (6 months ago)
It works for Hillary😂
mild soup (6 months ago)
Ernesto Garcia (6 months ago)
Our bodies are going to need ORMUS (orbitally rearranged monoatomic elements )and Scalar Energy Right? It's because your talking about working to achieve the healing yet you don't ever say how.
roccoisawesome (6 months ago)
Only dumb people release their intellectual property before it is protected.
Connor Lynch (6 months ago)
I'm pretty sure if there were any more specifics on the how besides "use materials which release immunomodulators to alter the profile of immune cells ", she wouldn't be giving a TED talk; she'd be filing a patent
Political Optimist (6 months ago)
After this is invented, goes to market and is widely used we all turn into zombies.
CyberMew (6 months ago)
Where to buy? Lol
human is a human (6 months ago)
Just in Walmart, as usual. EASY.
geminilicious (6 months ago)
Please can it work on skin scars like acne and stretch marks?!
Albedo D. Overlord (6 months ago)
does it mean we can stay young forever???
ZW Games (6 months ago)
I love to see that. Nice idea. We really need to develops our materials to save people!
Natan Deeudomwongsa (6 months ago)
Simpacks anybody?
Cookie Monster (6 months ago)
thats crazy! today I was thinking about exactly the same
OneAboveAll (6 months ago)
Winnie Mandela lol liar
Romanski (6 months ago)
Social justice is a bad thing.
mild soup (6 months ago)
K9JT (6 months ago)
no, only 69
tbh (6 months ago)
where did this video mention social justice?
spicy (6 months ago)
omg no they arent!! their ar 76 genders!!
OneAboveAll (6 months ago)
Romanski it’s poison

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