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James Randi - Secrets of the Psychics Documentary (Full)

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See 2 hours of Randi here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpeN3DVwk4Q James "The Amazing" Randi is the perfect mix of Science and Magic, a true conjurer of visual machinations that can fool our senses while, at the same time, explaining to us how our senses are fooled. In my opinion this is the best example of a "human mind debugger", he gets right into the machinations of analog tricks and sees how our brains mistakenly manifests them as a possible reality. Randi also teaches us that illusion and trickery may be comforting to the human mind, but truth is far much more wonderful as it shows us the machinations from the chaos, the sense as well as the awe in both the tricks and the real world. For several decades, Randi has gone on to expose hundreds of psychics and teach millions across the globe about how they could be fooled into believing in a system which could potentially make them vulnerable to trickery and perhaps psychical harm. Randi is not afraid to go against popular opinion, as shown in his battle against so-called psychic Uri Geller in the late 1970's and early 1980's. Randi has also gone against the bizarre practice of faith "healing" and contacting the deceased, and has exposed the cruel, callous and cynical nature of the people who claim to be performing "God's will", such as Peter Popoff. Randi has also warned us time and time again about the fraudulent practice that is homeopathic medicine and how it is essentially water solution, dished out as hocus-pocus medicine. James Randi is the founder of The James Randi Educational Foundation, an organisation that attempts to bring reason to world by luring potential psychics into a trap, baited by a million dollar prize to prove their psychic "powers". "powers" here is a kind of vague term,as Randi knows, so the tests are usually on the so-called psychic's terms. No self-acclaimed psychic has ever won the prize. Whether or not some form of psychic power exists is still an open question, however many psychics often do not properly gauge their so-called skills and instead brag about them, hence scepticism about such claims should not be so strange to their ears. Unfortunately the vast amount of psychic powers they have seem to remove all self-esteem as many psychics are often uneasy about Randi's reasonable request and attractive million dollar reward.
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EvenStar LoveAnanda (16 hours ago)
Why has the Million Dollar Challenge been terminated? I want my money.......
Vama Ting (17 hours ago)
Yup, my father went and saw one of these psychics, and was told he was the founder of Atlantis in a previous life. He believes it.
silva 167 (1 day ago)
A few years ago my daughter went on a daytime cruise, there were a few things included in the deal, one of which was a tarot card reading. My daughter and I don't believe in that crap, but took a shot. My daughter was pregnant at the time. The reader said she was having a boy and he would be born perfect. We already knew she was having a girl. Unfortunately whe she was born she had and still does have a very rare genetic syndrome. Not that we would've believed the reader if she had told us that there was something wrong. Love it when James proves these money hungry people are idiots.
andrew davis (1 day ago)
what kind of gift is ruining silverware anyway..
andrew davis (1 day ago)
how much evolution has taken place since 1928? mmmmmhmmmmm
Splintered Company (2 days ago)
The only good thin g they are good at is taking your money.
SCHRODINGER’S CAT (3 days ago)
Amphibiot (4 days ago)
Not that i belive in Uri Geller at all. But giving him the benefit of the doubt for the sake of arguement. Assuming he really does have the ability to bend spoons, which i do not believe in at all, but assuming he does, why would he choose to do the lamest job ever? What do you do for a living? Person 1: Oh, i'm a bus driver. Person 2: I'm a teacher. Person 3: I work at my local supermarket. Uri Geller: I bend spoons. What? Come again? You bend spoons? Uri: Yeah, i bend spoons. Why?! What's the point? What's the point of ruining perfectly working cutlery? I would have understood if you worked at a cutlery factory where you made spoons, that would have made sense, but i don't understand the point of intentionally ruining them.
Joaquin Rivera (5 days ago)
And the second woman, "you feel you should have been born, in the 50s or something? What gave it away? smh...sometimes i feel bad for people
Joaquin Rivera (5 days ago)
Wow...when he was reading her palm, i was VERY shocked, she didnt know what he was doing. Hes using that pshycology degree for something else man! Lol
Pierre N (6 days ago)
People will believe anything..now I believe some people are fucking idiot's...
Vegarot Fusion (7 days ago)
A lot of people hate my scepticism and I think I know why. People can be dumb even smart people. But a lot are just plain stupid.
Shawnne I Quick (8 days ago)
Ohhhh the gullibility of it all.. lol
Luciiffeerr (8 days ago)
Fuck that Israeli
LC 716 (8 days ago)
You ever stop and think that the placebo effect is a proven method of healing because of the immense power of the mind. A lot of healing principles use this as a base for treatment. Who are you to tell other people how to think and feel?
Ross Watson (9 days ago)
The demonic entities are real and their agenda is our spiritual destruction. The demonic excel at deception and yes they can shape-shift and have power to fabricate any type of "reality.” However remember this any of you who meddle in dark art candle burning and spell making; once you sign your soul away to the Prince of Darkness, it's kinda like the Mafia - the Dark One won't let you leave.  Also, you better understand this too; you are on the losing side. The fate of Crew Satan has already been decided. But Satan and his demons will take as many of you believers in mediums, psychics, taro card charlatans down with them to their doom as they can.  Once, when replying to a question, Jesus said, "it is good you believe God is one, even the demons believe and tremble." If demons "tremble" you'll need more than a clean change of underpants when it's your turn to face the Judgment of Christ. In the Book of Revelation Ch. 21 vers 7-8 it says, "but as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable; as for murders, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters and all liars; their portion will be the lake that burns with fire, which is the second death.”  There is only a short time for you to escape; take it. Seek Jesus!
alschbachb (10 days ago)
Bravo Randi
chris roberts (11 days ago)
He said he doesn't take drugs because of the loss of mental awareness and clarity involved... I think that's why so many people like to take them.
Stew Ray (11 days ago)
we are lucky to have such a man come out and do this. He crushed an empire of falsehood, and wicked trickery, and possibly saved many lives. hail James Randi
Gerry Durran (12 days ago)
Well done James.. You are a fakes nightmare.. Long may you exploit idiots who are making fools of idiot's for years to come.. Love you man.. 🤣
john doe (12 days ago)
13:05 Look at this poor woman, look how relieved she is and full of hope that her problems are being taken care of, probably miserable at that age towards the end of her life with many health problems. Peter Popoff is such a massive fucking piece of shit, scumsucking fucking dirtback, this is so fucked up
john doe (12 days ago)
He should get prison time 100%
Marc Bell (16 days ago)
Google the bad science that the skeptics society has done as they cheat psi test results. They have a history of it. Shame, shame. The fraudsters should be exposed on both sides.
Hazel Walsh (17 days ago)
What a Lying Fake URI GELLER is!!! It makes my blood boil the way he has become a Millionaire! By fooling morons!!!
Nathan Coleman (17 days ago)
Love you Randi, because you tell the truth and deal with it accordingly.
Max Schrek (17 days ago)
@ 39•27. ..... Rasputin doing Tai Chi 😂😂😂😂😂
John Doe (19 days ago)
James Randi is just a pawn for the occult. His role is to make you disbelieve in the occult.
John Doe (19 days ago)
The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist
alex pratt (20 days ago)
Damn this was in the 90's after the Cold War I was confused when he said Russia just became open lol
alex pratt (20 days ago)
I wish people could still smoke on tv lol
SquareRootOf2 (20 days ago)
I didn't know Russian "scientists" could be so stupid. It seems we can't detect supernatural powers coz our methods and experiments are too crude. What a joke! These people should spend their vacations in a Gulag.
Lina Garibay (21 days ago)
Mr. Randi has one hell of a poker face!
D Hubbard (21 days ago)
LMAO the "amazing Randi" It's amazing anybody listens to him any more.
Jack of All (22 days ago)
Peter popoff is still scamming people today. H'e is on facebook what a loser.
Mick Gee (23 days ago)
Mick Gee (23 days ago)
Lafe Denton (23 days ago)
Looks like RUSSIAN Jesus and Russian Yoko Ono couldn't use their psychic powers to effect anything other than their stylist
Lafe Denton (23 days ago)
James is opposed to,fakery and fraud? But bringing in a teenage south american minor boy, as his lover and then never doing the paperwork to make the boy a citizen. Hiding the boy from authorities. I lost a lot of respect for him when this blew up in Randi ' s face. He became hypocrite. But there is another term used pedophile, short eyes, kiddie diddler, etc. I dont care if anyone is gay. But when an older man does this with children or confussed adolescents it is a crime. It is also a crime to smuggle them into the country. He just became the stereotypical child molester. He brags about not drinking or smoking or giving up fantasy to live in a real world. But i guess traveling to 3rd world countries to take advantage of looser laws and child prostitution is not a fantsy? Didn't Gary Glitter get in trouble for this in Thailand. Wonder if Randi was friends with Jimmy Savle? see why he is an atheist because if there is a real Jesus and God. He might not meet them for his pedophile practices.
Majacks Lelo (24 days ago)
41:32 Ahhhh Mr 👉🏾Porrrformer👌🏿😂😂🤣. 45:46 James Randi couldn’t take no more of that mess🤣😂😂😅
Wendigo Blues (25 days ago)
Where can I find the biofield music? It's rockin.
boson96 (26 days ago)
We need a hell of a lot more people like James Randi and a lot fewer scumbags like Popoff. People want to be stupid, they want to believe in mystery and magic because it's easy and less demanding. No one wants to spend intellectual energy on doin hard science.
Don Crabbe (26 days ago)
First, Uri Geller on The Tonight Show was painful, to watch. Second, one does not want to know how I feel, about P.P!
david stautihar (26 days ago)
Haha i was about to say he's getting about too old to be offering 1 million for people to trick him
Rob Jeffreys (26 days ago)
Every time I see a section involving silly hand-waving I get a little more angry. The silly hand-waving beginning at 39:13, for instance, has me particularly narked. Complete and utter piffle.
Robert Lindblad (27 days ago)
A message to the The One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge promoter James Randi you still owe me, Robert Lindblad, $10,000 from when I beat you at your contest called PUT UP OR SHUT UP in 1992 .... and you never put up the $10,000 you promised or shut up about your outright lie that psychics don't exist you then even raised the prize to a million and changed the name of the challenge after I won your challenge and being a magician you magically decided to hide that truth from everyone pretty easy to do when you choose what to tell people and not what to tell people ... as a magician your profession is to hide the truth and you have done so very well too bad you incorporated the outright lie that psychics do not exist in your act. And when you state that police have never mentioned that a psychic has ever solved a missing childs' case you know why ... it is because police never mention their informants whether that person is psychic or not however like a deceptive magician you leave that fact out of your statement... if you just stated that some psychics are fake but not all and I want to weed out the fakers you would sound better and it would make a lot more sense. Just visit my website where their are news articles and investigative documentary concerning my work that prove it. You believe in James Randi professing that psychics do not exist. You have read his books and listened to him speak however he has created a very narrow point of view from which to view the subject he has created that psychics do not exist. So it being that you believe absolutely in what he is saying you know as an educated observer that evidence that is proven through investigation of a subject is undeniable. Here is undeniable proof documented by investigative journalists: The articles of Le Journal de Montreal 31-05-98 & 01-06-98 on my site are certifiably acceptable in a court of law as evidence. In the article of Le Journal de Montreal 31-05-98 I stated to the mother Saturday morning over the phone within two minutes of her call that her son who had been missing for near a month and a half had accidentaly drowned and in which body of water his corpse was. The next day they found his corpse floating in the body of water which I had pointed out to the mother the day before and this was printed in the Le Journal de Montreal of 01-06-98. When the mother called me she had asked if I heard of her sons' case. I said "No but I can help." She then filled me in on the details that he had been missing for near a month and a half and that police with hundreds of volunteers, divers, searh dogs, and helicopters had been searching daily since the day he went missing with no results as to what happened to him, whether he was living or dead, and his whereabouts. Within two minutes I told her that her son had accidentaly drowned and in which body of water his corpse was and the next day they found his corpse floating in the body of water I had pointed out to the mother. Their is also another news article providing undeniable evidence concerning a dog I found in Lake Oswego, Oregon from here in Montreal. https://pamplinmedia.com/lor/48-news/381874-269803-i-was-crying-i-was-excited-i-was-just-so-grateful
stonesforlife (27 days ago)
The 10 million dollar reward for proof that God exists remains unclaimed....just sayin...
cristian herrera (27 days ago)
27:48 Elaine Benes
Branson Demetri (28 days ago)
38:15 why the FUCK is this dumb ass nigga placing that orange at the top of a slanted plane he's already stacked 2 lines of oranges on. Learn up or burn up, pshaw dog
Jack Daniels (28 days ago)
The work of a Soviet scientist is not to fit theories to facts, it is to find facts to fit to theory.
Billy (28 days ago)
But seriously though, if psychics were real they wouldn't use their powers on crap like this to make a few extra bucks. They would be billionaires living in mansions solving real world problems.
Robert Beck (28 days ago)
Barbara Walters that old hag has never asked a hard question her life
Winston Smith (29 days ago)
This type of rational thinking is needed in government.
poppey potter (29 days ago)
This was a great documentary to watch. Poor Uri, his reputation lies in shatters. I don't know why they didn't keep that experiment with the subjects blood pressure more simple. The healer could have been tested by just attempting to make the subjects body temperature rise and fall, then all they would need was a basic thermometer.
Antonin Stancl (29 days ago)
The Great Randy will expose your inner secrets!
Asteria Psychics (29 days ago)
Nice doc
Hoodie Gamer (29 days ago)
find desperate and stupid people and you can sell them anything you want
Weirdo Williams (30 days ago)
Popoff sells holy water on TV in the Midwest now. Our old people in the Midwest are the dumbest.
Rev Funk (30 days ago)
Fools and religious people are unfortunately everywhere, being one and the same
criminallyvulgar (1 month ago)
Peter Popoff disgusts me. These vulnerable people being made to believe they could be healed ):
joseph galarneau (1 month ago)
Popoff is still at it selling "Magic Spring Water", that comes from a spring near Chernobyl in Russia !!    Most religions are some sort of scam or cult.
Ri Naldo (1 month ago)
22:19 Laught so hard there , forgive me.
LightOwl (1 month ago)
Derren Brown has taken up the torch on exposing frauds.
Impetus Creations (1 month ago)
I believe people are drawn to these things because they sincerely want to "known" and not merely "believe" that there is more to our experience than what we know.
Yo (1 month ago)
As someone who worked hard and was looking for hope...I turned to psychics. They are good with 2 things...manipulating the vulnerable and giving false hope. I’m used to be the dumbest person in this universe...I lost so much money still looking for hope. It took me bankruptcy and a failed attempted suicide to learn that psychics are fake. I applaud Randi. He’s a good man
Tommi Vainionpää (1 month ago)
@2:10 if a simple ring moving makes psychic practitioner poofing and sighing, maybe it is not so energy efficent?
Pele sch (1 month ago)
i wish randy would have taken the SILVA METHOD that would be cool
roymusic45 (1 month ago)
Peter Monckton (1 month ago)
what a didck head he is, there are scammers but there are also real mediums that do connect with our dead relatives
Shari Parkin (1 month ago)
My hero = The Amazing Randy
Webbie (1 month ago)
"psychics" are frauds. magicians like Randi admit they are doing a trick whenever he does stuff. Its too bad these fraud "psychics" can't just admit they are tricking people.
Ricardo Fernandes (1 month ago)
10:00 smoking in the set... How times change
Azraelle (1 month ago)
The guy closing the door at 44:09 because he doesn't want anyone outside that room to hear that their "science" is about to be debunked.
OnCharm Lee (1 month ago)
[Spirit/Consciousness and Superstition] The spirit and mind definitely affect the body. The spirit is the master of the body. A healthy spirit contributes to the health of the body, the spirit and mind affect to enlarge or weaken the disease, and a calm mind reduces the physical accidence. What we see is that the energy, light, is moving, and what we think is that there is a change in physical energy. The physical world is entirely connected by energy. The change of minute energy in one place also affects the physical world. Just as changes in the sun affect the earth, changes in the constellations definitely affect the earth. However when energy propagate in the space, it must conform to the laws of physics. The phrenological interpretation somewhat allows him to guess the past. The date of birth has a very small effect on the character of the person. The name is made up of wishes, the place of living affects the character formation of the person a little bit, and the speech and action tell the character of the person. The problem is to exaggerate the effects and those relationship and see them overly large. There is a problem in considering the low possibility largely or considering a small influential factor as a big influential factor. Myth and superstition are things that inflates a little possibility to deceive people. There is a trace on the face or body as the person lives for a lifetime. However, it is also irrational to completely ignore the effects of spirit and mind on the body or sometimes to completely ignore the tiny physical effect. OnCharm Lee (Author of the Book "Humans & Truth – human life is the awakening process")
Eugene Eugene (1 month ago)
this film is about illusionists, not psychics
Nate Ellenberger (1 month ago)
It's hilarious watching James Randi type with one finger....3:10
blake bishop (1 month ago)
Dumb people aren't good at simple things. :(
Mark Summers (1 month ago)
You got to love Randi. He’s a psychic’s nightmare.
“Here’s a little lesson in Trickery”
So much deception brought upon so many nice ppl. Sad.
DreamsAreMorbid (1 month ago)
I wanna meet this man and chat with him in person
ZenoDovahkiin (1 month ago)
"God never lies." Well, thing is, whether god exists or how honest he is is besides the point. God is not who is accused of lying.
Steve C (1 month ago)
okay at 32:54 is it just me or is half that guys goat-tee shaved?
NICK R (1 month ago)
Snopes.com carries on the tradition.
JaggedBird (1 month ago)
Randi is a genius. He is such a gem. I swear I he’s great. Someone get him to investigate Barry Keith. He’s popular in Ireland and the UK these days... “He looks like Uri Gelher doesn’t he?” *SPITTAKES*
blake bishop (1 month ago)
If Randi is such a genius why is Uri the successful one of the two?
Hemperor Kush (1 month ago)
holyshit people will believe absolutely anything!
roymusic45 (1 month ago)
You need time date and location for accuracy. That test was nonsense. incidently, Tommy Cooper was such a lovable magician I cannot say that about randi who deliberately gave his false birth details to confuse astrologers and dis credit astrology..... A real stlnker !
roymusic45 (1 month ago)
World famous Prof Hans Eynsenke supported astrology after FIVE YEARS OF RESEARCH.
Pancho Villa (1 month ago)
Alexa Penn (1 month ago)
These poor people - they want to live, want to be healthy - and they don't have the brain power to know he is completely despicable and a trickster- if there were a sky god, i wish he'd strike him with lightening, but he doesn't does he? cause he's not there or he doesn't give a damn!!! This guy fools the most "vulnerable" (as someone already said) and the most sick. i just saw a vid on what a psychopath is - they have NO empathy, NO feeling of remorse, guilt, or shame. they could set a kitten on fire and laugh! that's how bad they are. . . disgusting isn't it? this led me to this: we have someone in gov't who should be diagnosed - i don't know which he is - a narcissist or sociopath. preppies have no idea of the consequences of their actions, cause they always get away with it!! then they get indignant when they're caught - Kavanaugh!!!!!! if you don't agree with this, please don't connect it with what i said above - people rarely agree on everything. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dv8zJiggBs
Mike Smith (1 month ago)
Randy is the man. When he is gone, others will rise to take his place.
Mtendere Mlenga (1 month ago)
this guy, James,does not disprove anything at all! in fact what he does is just show that he can also do what the others who he calls magicians can do!
gammkrab (1 month ago)
Its sad that men like this have to dedicate their lives to educate in many cases religious brainwashing from birth.
gammkrab (1 month ago)
This religious exploit is just plain evil
gammkrab (1 month ago)
When you want to believe something and ur vonurble like from grief you will accept the first thing that feels good and accept it. We shouldnt just accept something as fact almost just beasue we feel good form knowing we have an afterlife or something like that. Carl Sagan said something along those lines.
D K (1 month ago)
That psychopath Popoff reminds me very much Ted Bundy. In every aspect.
D K (1 month ago)
We have so much more knowledge about our world then our ancestor did, and yet there are people who are WILLING to adopt medieval thinking. There are way too many stupid people in the world.
Gina Bizzaro's Ghosts (1 month ago)
Fakes like these remind me of tech support scammers. One in the same.
blake bishop (1 month ago)
You mean Randi?
sweetredification (1 month ago)
man i would hate to play poker with Randi
blake bishop (1 month ago)
So you can swindle a stupid old fool?
Renegade Vile (1 month ago)
What did that woman actually get out of that palm reading if all the guy said was stuff she actually already knew?
DemonsMayCry (1 month ago)
As a scientist you should have an open mind.
DemonsMayCry (1 month ago)
suspected at that. Sticking to what-ever sounds more 'realistic' shouldn't mean that other possibilities are completely untrue . Everything is possible unless we know differently. i suppose that goes for my perspective.
blake bishop (1 month ago)
Randi isn't a scientist. He is just a pompous bum who acts like he is educated. He isn't.
mommymode1985 (1 month ago)
There are fakes for sure. But the U.S. government has put a lot of time and energy and cash into researching these kinds of phenomina and the findings are redacted or classified. Black magic symbolism is all over the government and government locations so that means something.
Knik B (1 month ago)
At 23:30 she asks is there anything about my mother. Does it make sense. It's your hand

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