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Caleb Fucks Boys in White County Jail

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Caleb Thomas "I Fuck Boys"
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Text Comments (8)
drtronne (4 months ago)
Fuck me or I fuck u ca.em. mmmm yummy
Resident Baker (9 months ago)
My opinion (11 months ago)
Muppet I would have that bitch under my bed till my cell needs cleaning and then I'd put him away again.
yo mama (1 year ago)
Trump jam
CausalObserver74 (1 year ago)
well how do I get to meet Caleb Thomas
the truth is here (2 years ago)
fake criminals,,, there's a difference when ur raised into it u real n wen u chose to be into it ur fake...!!!
DrRidaz (2 years ago)
is he really rapping about fucking some male buttholes? This is fucking gay as fuck
adhh xgxhhg (3 years ago)
Go to West Hollywood little gay nigga.

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