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"MYSTERIES OF THE IMPOSSIBLE" - Magic by illusionist/filmmaker Giovanni Tartaglia

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Illusionist/filmmaker Giovanni Tartaglia performing some of his favorite close-up magic. Note: At 3:40 that is not a mistake, it is the cause of static that makes the string cling to the other piece of string. It has nothing to do with the trick. Also, the first trick with the $1 & $2 bills, the effect is that they switch hands. Teleportation. Please be courteous and respectful if commenting. www.giovannitartaglia.com/magic
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Text Comments (34)
eikind (6 years ago)
5 points to Hufflepuff.
Sakiji (7 years ago)
@MonkeySayCheese In the Matrix more is always better ;)
Noemi Horvath (8 years ago)
i liked it.i didnt get the first one and i didnt like the last one its like too obvious... but yh still i like it :)
Jack Benitez (9 years ago)
Good video, you're pretty good.
Phosfor (9 years ago)
I think I know how he has done Teleportation.
danmcdonalds (9 years ago)
You ever gonna make a reveal video!?!?!
Giovanni Tartaglia (9 years ago)
Oh my bad I didn't see someone already beat me to it :)
Giovanni Tartaglia (9 years ago)
Thanks man...the name of the track is "Touch me Feel me" by Darude
alienhunter96 (9 years ago)
no problem
limsniff (9 years ago)
Nice video, I know how do two of them, but the reincarnation was the best. The dollar bills were spooky. seems many people here missed the illusion on that one. He transports the 2-dollar bill from his partners hand to his. He takes out the one-dollar bill and it turns into a 2-dollar bill.
Kate Castro (9 years ago)
look at the table cloth at 5.53 - 5.54 when he put his hand down a part of a table cloth moves upwards- means there's a string. but good magic dough
Giovanni Tartaglia (9 years ago)
So do I :)
Giovanni Tartaglia (9 years ago)
Thank you :)
Giovanni Tartaglia (9 years ago)
Thank you, nice to see mature people still browse YouTube!
MelodicRadiation21 (9 years ago)
then go post it.
Very well, made you really took your time and it shows!
Alex Fafeita (10 years ago)
I just get pissed at people like that. They should be banned from You Tube
mariel gval (10 years ago)
hahahahahaha easy man easy,,
Alex Fafeita (10 years ago)
of course its fake u fuckn looser its only ment for entertainment not for fuck tards like your self to come and say "Ultra Fake" Go fuck yourself.
skillhell (10 years ago)
nicely done 5/5 the reincarnation was the best part!
skillhell (10 years ago)
it's true he placed the ball in the left hand with the right hand and the he quickly grabed the ball with the right hand again then picked up the other ball (note:it's HIS right hand)
Rain Zhou (10 years ago)
I have NO clue how he did that...
boblasouris (10 years ago)
What is the illusion with the first dollar trick? And he makes a mistake at 3:39 lol But the other tricks are cool
r9 (10 years ago)
ultra fake
shadowsa2b (10 years ago)
ive alwyas wanted to be able to do stuff like that. but i only ever knew one or two tricks and my executions leaves alot to be desired. oh well. mabey someday i can learn. for now ill just enjoy you and others. well done =)
jmjmartin (10 years ago)
Hey I like all the magic. It is produced well. I like the motto right at the end. But most of all I loooove that duvet on the wall. Joking aside, well done man.
mishels (10 years ago)
Giovanni, the whole set was excellent! I think what made it excellent compared to other hobbyist magicians is your backround in fimm directing. This really looked professional and not just a stupid teen filming in his room. This was very good! Keep it up. Mishel.
Bella R (10 years ago)
haha he snatched the other red ball to his other hand..
SirDenisX (10 years ago)
i hate magics, i always find out how you do all the tricks... ;)
Mano Tejeda (11 years ago)
very nice and professional my friend,you did a great job with all the tricks, keep up the good job.
Giovanni Tartaglia (11 years ago)
I know, I have thousands of illusions, these are just some I chose to perform to make this video since it was my first "magic" video. I've been doing magic for 10 years since I was about 11yrs old. Thanks for the the nice words on production though, take care!
myfyp2 (12 years ago)
Nice work. However, in my opinion, it was not that clear that the $1 bill switched place with the $2 bill in Teleportations during the first viewing.
Michael Misley (12 years ago)
I like it. They were all impressive except for the teleporting ball one. that one was kind of obvious. but other than that great work.
Giovanni Tartaglia (12 years ago)
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