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Ways to get Girls In Bed | LiveTheMachLife

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Here are some ways to get girls in bed..which ones your favorite? Subscribe to LiveTheMachLife: http://bit.ly/subMachLife Follow LiveTheMachLife: Facebook: http://bit.ly/FBTheMachLife Instagram: http://bit.ly/InstaTheMachLife Twitter: http://bit.ly/TweetMachLife Watch More LiveTheMachLife: Popular Videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLE0njDwXBXiUDzkak9B-QTczus3DCTKNK Latest Uploads: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLE0njDwXBXiVqmBbbfm8yT9lfN7weypUe Vlogs: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLE0njDwXBXiXzwU0ZNoQo2VKt5K3IjIau Girlfriend: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLE0njDwXBXiUeI0d7KVyTheZCnO9TC87P About LiveTheMachLife: A Jiu-Jitsu expert sharing his passion for comedy and acting on YouTube Music by freeplaymusic.com
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Text Comments (108)
Soleil JA (3 months ago)
karim sayed (4 months ago)
Shit rko part fuck me apart 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kar3n (6 months ago)
Raj Kumar (7 months ago)
More video
Master J (8 months ago)
Thanks bro! I have tried that and now 4 girls have left
Farrah Belicario (11 months ago)
Pushes her to bed....
Shani :3 (1 year ago)
Is it bad that I've never had Starbucks in my life?
Himu Sharkar (1 year ago)
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Jas sth (1 year ago)
What is Troplusfix Dating Secrets? I've heard many awesome things about this popular dating secrets.
SAS Education (1 year ago)
Does Troplusfix Dating Secrets (do a search on google) help me completely get rid of my shyness, and finally date my crush? I see many people keep on talking about this popular dating secrets.
Dodo King (1 year ago)
Jesse Osornia (1 year ago)
Tip how to get a white girl in the bed with you hold a Starbucks drink
Hog Rider (1 year ago)
Anyone know what is Troplusfix Dating Secrets about? I hear most people become badass with women with this popular dating course.
Hannah Schaffer (1 year ago)
ways to get a girl in bed:  STOP BEGGING FOR IT. IT IS ANNOYING. and if you don't use physical force in real life then we tend to be more cooperative. :) sometimes we just take a while to be comfortable with that and its important for guys to respect that. the gentlemen one is my favorite. but this is a funny video don't get me wrong :)
Konik Reality (1 year ago)
Hilsrious hahaha
Stxdz (1 year ago)
I going to RKO any Girlfriend
Jean Machado (1 year ago)
+iStudz 👌😁
SCARE CROW (2 years ago)
that starbucks expression was awesome 😂😂
Jean Machado (2 years ago)
+Mr. Pro 😂😂😂
Samuel Esowhode (2 years ago)
no way to convince her for anal... lol
uansjs jdjdjd (2 years ago)
do a pregnancy prank please
Cait Cunningham (2 years ago)
Gentleman is the girl's favorite part......
The Coleman (2 years ago)
You and girl is so funny. How does she put up with u
Avneet Saini (2 years ago)
hahaha! too funny.. sply the RKO one.. 😂😂😂
lowri francis (2 years ago)
The gentleman way would always get a girl in bed girls like to be charmed and feel special like me like to be charmed and feel special
Samantha Nickolds (2 years ago)
John you need your hair cut m8
ClXWNPRINCE (2 years ago)
ga ga (2 years ago)
damn i love your long hair *..*
Djnirupan (2 years ago)
all of those are pretty much sexuell harassment besides the last two xD
Shanaynay O'keil (2 years ago)
omg the Sparta one killed me lol
Mr. Xerez (2 years ago)
1:44 😂😂😂😂😂 best
Groove Mistress (2 years ago)
Give her Rohypnol or GHB. Simples.
yousif mms (2 years ago)
wow this video is so good keep it up man🙂
that was a neckbraker not an rko but still hilarious
Arran C (2 years ago)
no it was an RKO
DjMarlon Cortez (2 years ago)
ima girl
I want to be rkoed onto a bed
Jmangamer Gamer Nation (3 years ago)
Juan Olivares (3 years ago)
RKO all day every day
Alvin Ingosi (3 years ago)
rko was nice
Taylor Gaming (3 years ago)
I will pick the kindest way, Gentleman her to your bed.
victoria bgm (3 years ago)
America is not a country though...
Marcelo c: (2 years ago)
oh mah lord. Yes it is
Dylan L (3 years ago)
Body fold takedown? single leg? double leg? leg hook?
Apkarian (3 years ago)
i didn't know America was a country...
Matt Waddell (3 years ago)
lol what happen if she got hurt you. will pay for it.
fahi Bhuiyan (3 years ago)
you should put a insect . that never fails
Maria Moreno (3 years ago)
No girls will love that dum o No kick
James Foster (3 years ago)
I need to try that Brazilian hug in one of my wrestling matches
Drippy Donovan (3 years ago)
in kick her
Drippy Donovan (3 years ago)
in star bucks
Drippy Donovan (3 years ago)
throw her
Drippy Donovan (3 years ago)
rko her
Ella Stenborg TU04c (3 years ago)
Haha so Fanny ned a part 2
Michael Scott (3 years ago)
Haha that was great👍
gkslash (3 years ago)
Not sure how I missed this one. Dunno if she is your gf or a really close friend, but you guys make great videos. She is such a good sport! Deep double leg with a full lift, land in side on bed, but give up full guard? lmao
Jean Machado (3 years ago)
+gkslash lol
Babak Rohani (3 years ago)
looks like your BJJ is great, but your wwe still needs practice. it was so far from being an rko i almost thought John Cena did it
Kaylie Rose (3 years ago)
I find this offensive
Bush Ninja (3 years ago)
Nobody cares.
I just tell them "You know this is awkward, you wanna do it or what?" It usually works. Also, I love this channel.
mk (3 years ago)
I've been using all your "girlfriend video" tricks with my wife.... They've come in handy! Keep up the fun, both of you!
Amir Tp (3 years ago)
Is that his real girlfriend or an actor.it is suspicious
going0ut (3 years ago)
LOL. You always have the funniest videos with the romance theme, mixed in with various action sequences and comedic twists. Reminds me of the one you did where you showed us various ways of picking her up.
Drake Farrell (3 years ago)
Man the Starbucks technique was hilarious
Sarah Guimarães (3 years ago)
LOL! Tem que ter a Part 2! Cara, you kind of remind me of Josh Leyva , but the brazilian version ... which is so much cooler, right ?
Hutxh XXI (3 years ago)
Dude your videos are hilarious. I'm glad I subscribed.
AaronFilmsHD (3 years ago)
Are you guys dating
Sandoval (3 years ago)
Latifa (3 years ago)
You and your girlfriend are goals! 😭❤️ This video was amazing, looking forward to a part two in the future maybe??
Dead Dead (3 years ago)
Do u got your black belt
Ju Jitsu Giubiasco (3 years ago)
how many times before done RKO well? ahahah great m8s!
Rudinei Pika Seca (3 years ago)
show the room, and show his dick
Kappa (3 years ago)
He he he Muito bom
KimmyDora TheExplorer (3 years ago)
you guys are so cute and funny 👏👏👏
cheese & butter (3 years ago)
Thelilac 97 (3 years ago)
kicking her in the stomach is a bad idea I think . :D
loaf-of_bread (3 years ago)
I would love to spartan kick and rko my girlfriend
Hannah Schaffer (1 year ago)
rko her lmfao
Jean Machado (3 years ago)
onyxavatar (3 years ago)
Hahah! Too funny. Definitely need a part 2. Favorite way to get a girl in bed is with a plate of cookies.
aryan rastogi (3 years ago)
+LiveTheMachLife really funny need part 2 I liked that rko
Ian Sinclair (3 years ago)
+onyxavatar No, no, no. It's with chocolates. ;)
Jean Machado (3 years ago)
mKwi9FUG8N (3 years ago)
Priceless video as always!
Jean Machado (3 years ago)
Thanks :)
Mrmetalgsolid (3 years ago)
To funny bro.
Jean Machado (3 years ago)
Arran C (3 years ago)
omg the RKO 😂😂
Marcelo c: (2 years ago)
@Ginja kid did u look it up though
Arran C (2 years ago)
+Just For Comments Comments I watch wrestling t you idiot
Marcelo c: (2 years ago)
@Ginja kid you should look up a neckbreaker..
Arran C (2 years ago)
+Just For Comments Comments no it was an RKO
Marcelo c: (2 years ago)
It was a neckbraker :3 but yeah, hilarious 😂😂
Ninja Girl (3 years ago)
Do another fight/DQ commentary!
shkh sakib (3 years ago)
ronkogoogle (3 years ago)
Take her down to the bed and mount! 6 Points 😃
RonkoDDR (3 years ago)
+LiveTheMachLife At your discretion :-D LOL
Jean Machado (3 years ago)
Take the back too?
Daniel Henrique (3 years ago)
do a video on the "sick guy" that goes training
black pajamas (3 years ago)
Thejazzman (3 years ago)
the rko shit was funny af
Abdul Elnegres (3 years ago)
Are you guys together irl?
SUPREME 1K (3 years ago)
Alpha Wolf (3 years ago)
lol i love your videos man. im so glad i found your channel
Jean Machado (3 years ago)
😆 thanks for being part of MachLife

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