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ADULTERERS Movie Trailer

18121 ratings | 8598744 views
A flouted man keeps his wife and her lover at gunpoint... ★Subscribe Here and NOW ► http://bit.ly/Movietrailers ★ Join us on Google+ ►http://plus.google.com/+FilmsActuTrailers ★ The Best Thrillers are HERE ► http://bit.ly/The-Thrillers THE ADULTERERS Trailer A Movie directed by H.M. Coakley Cast : Sean Faris, Danielle Savre, Mehcad Brooks Release Date : 2015 Genre : Thriller THE ADULTERERS Trailer © 2015 - RLJ Entertainement Subscribe now 2 our youtube channel get the latest official movie trailer, film clip, scene and promo video !
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Text Comments (891)
MD RANARUL PATHAN (3 hours ago)
Cougar!? Intercial breeding!))
Rohit Gupta (5 hours ago)
tamil magic media (7 hours ago)
Shoot the two people s and the gun
A Palk (10 hours ago)
Fuck her in back side so badly
Asjad Siyal (23 hours ago)
Today this video clip the reality of woman's
Asjad Siyal (23 hours ago)
Yeah somewhere do this .. Like USA ..
RedRebel8 (1 day ago)
This actually happened me once. It was a frightening experience. The husband had a shot gun pointed on me at the time.
Lalu Rajeev (1 day ago)
Let them go... Find out a better partner for u... Thats the only practical solution
Будь толерантен,епта у вас же демократия на каждом углу.
SIoyvenheaven1 (1 day ago)
Shoot her for committing beastiality.
Mahesh Parmar (1 day ago)
Mai kabhi bhi orat zaat pe bhrosa nahi karta sorry bat its true
yuva rajan (2 days ago)
When u love someone and believe them u work for them day and night,u be honest to them sacrifice is always makes u pride,every love song relate u because of that u can't spend some time,one fine day u planned to surprise but I shocked by seeing them with someone what u I'll feel shame,guilty,back stab? Nothing u loss the confidence in love u can't hurt them in reality u ready to give Ur life for them then how can the gun I'll play u just left then they said the word sorry hmmmm might be the easy one to say but when u I'll pull the gun? At the time with cry the reason I'll come I don't need money u always ran for money I fell retarded hearing those reason the Lucifer inside u I'll come out and give the justice where Jesus would support the gun sound, newspaper headlines,cops u feel little relevied debates on TV "angry man kills desperate wife" u smile because now u realise here after Ur life never be the same no laws,no morals,no ethics u I'll come out from and tear down Ur gentle man image and start to lead a life what is meant to be
so skandome (2 days ago)
Shut up guys.
This is American culture Proud to be indian❤
Enjoy the moment
I will enjoy the moment 😂😂😂😂❤❤❤
Sairam Shanmugam (2 days ago)
Come on idiots it was a great movie
Al-amin akash (3 days ago)
Every women love some big black cock!!! nothing wrong with that!!! its ur fault u got a small penis😷😷
Aryan Khan (3 days ago)
Every European girl wants black cok
SIoyvenheaven1 (1 day ago)
Aryan Khan no they don’t. They’re not into monkeys
Jody Schwieger (3 days ago)
Why freak out about it, there are plenty of other women out there that would love to cheat on you :-)
Daniel Lobo (4 days ago)
I would've enjoyed the view....she can do whatever she wants👍
I just want to marry an American girl ,I don't want she's Past .after she maried me ,I hope that she & her Parents (father- mother ) will happy until last breath.
Richard odom (4 days ago)
Jarsh Dixit (5 days ago)
If any lonely girl or women wanna chat then Kik me Godthepower
Đỗ Quốc Tài (5 days ago)
Why 0:36 doggy and 0:38 classic?
Đỗ Quốc Tài (3 days ago)
+mrwogo goolies Has anyone told you that your mouth is very shit💩? because you have 1 pair of eyes like lol... (l)
mrwogo goolies (3 days ago)
You must be a shit shag.....just because he's standing up on the edge of the bed doesn't mean it's doggy
Mahesh Ghobale (5 days ago)
All need to marry the indian women they are more honest and pure never ever cheat with boys
HereticVII (5 days ago)
It's Kay from Dredd. Banging some angry guy's wife.
Da C. (5 days ago)
Shoot the woman, she was the one in the relationship.
Raja Mehta (5 days ago)
Cut the leg of both
Aryan raj (5 days ago)
What is name this moviese
Maharaj of MGTOW (5 days ago)
Teamour Kaka (6 days ago)
This is basically an American culture
Wasif Anton (6 days ago)
What would I do? Threesome
praveen kumar (6 days ago)
instead move away from them
Danny Broughton (6 days ago)
Shot the fucking pair of em
pipit yananto (6 days ago)
Well you know what they say....once you go black you can never go back
Royal Farms (6 days ago)
Shootem both
Teamour Kaka (7 days ago)
This is basically American culture
GREEMALDIN d'silva (7 days ago)
Oh common cut tha bullshit, it's already happened so think what's next . If u love to have a cup of coffee shouldn't buy a coffee garden Instead enjoy yo life & when feels like having coffee Just have it There's no way that only one cup of coffee is permanent We can have as many as possible LIFE is all ABOUT living for our own SATISFACTION So kill 1000 for yo happiness that's not a problem tha thing is YOU Should b happy
Arun Mhalaskar (7 days ago)
It's a truth of world humanity
Sadanand Srimandal (7 days ago)
Shoot that bitch first...
same also now i not interestd 4r marrieD
Derrick Nichols (7 days ago)
It all adds up in the end if you see the movie.
zane love (7 days ago)
It was only one year. Go smash that hot chick u were talking to lol how is this a movie
B- Jeey (7 days ago)
HONESTLY, I will shoot them both, first i shoot the black f*cker dick, and let him bloody, and second i will shoot that girl waist and let her bloody. So i take knife and slice them both slowly.
Dhirendra Gube (7 days ago)
Nice movie
Dp her, killing is no good
Aadeshsingh Rajput (7 days ago)
Don't shoot this.woman..take a knife and... Ha ha..u know.
Teamour Kaka (7 days ago)
This is basically an American culture
ali Bakhtiary (8 days ago)
Woman is not reliable!!!!!
Omar XD (8 days ago)
Bueno al menos el tiene motivos razonables para comportar e haci
Captain Howdy (8 days ago)
It would have to be pretty good to beat Saw... “Jigsaw killed it “
Boris Christ (8 days ago)
А я бы еще чуть-чуть поглядел
last unctives (8 days ago)
It would have been a dead short film if it was me
Anik Lal (9 days ago)
American women are very unfaithful, they always fucked blacked.
Sam Spade (9 days ago)
Shoot them BOTH !!! OK...not really . Just walk off...She nasty , anyway .
dhananjay rai (9 days ago)
That's why I try to be in touch of a girl
Aghato Zhimomi (9 days ago)
What would you do ?
Menanoid (10 days ago)
Lol imagine he filed for divorce and the woman demanded to split his bank account despite the evidence dat she cheated.
Scott N (10 days ago)
Hmm....what would we really do? Interesting.
RA RA RETARD (10 days ago)
Coal burner
goran Bosnjak (10 days ago)
why women like do aldutery with black man...mostly women like racialy fuck....
goran Bosnjak (10 days ago)
all women in entire the world are the same....why women dont wsna give some coment here ...there is their chance to explain why they are like do this....come on girls tell us the man,s more...
fam (8 days ago)
goran Bosnjak , ALL women? And the men who are fuck this hores are innocent victims or what?
goran Bosnjak (10 days ago)
l,m wondering why women like do it?.....is housband not enough for her.?....but and black peoples have biger then white? fella.....boy ....all women in entire the world are same....!
fam (8 days ago)
goran Bosnjak , ALL women? And the men who are fuck this hores are innocent victims or what? The size of the penis- are you jealous? One person to marry is enough but who are living legal in hore polygamy- just allowed for men?
Anamika Tarr (12 days ago)
Usman Khan (13 days ago)
Amazing trailer (From India)
Pari-Tech & Finance (13 days ago)
success is the best revenge
Keshu Kumar (14 days ago)
Ok i have seen the video ,bdw what was that??
Cosmic Oven (15 days ago)
Now u understand why in Islam adulterers get stoned. it ruins the society and morals. At least people will be afraid to do it if we put such law in place.
True Saint (16 days ago)
Hello people Instead of blaming woman for cheating or racism. It's just movie trailer and not whole movie. Other than movie adultery or cheating partner is social as well as violation of once emotions.. So see another angle of story which gives hidden msg 1) what happen to other partner wo gets cheated, how it hurts 2) the one who get caught in act instead of support try to justify own point of view Soo cheating brings only pain which may lead to a big problem Just for lust and fun of few moments don't spoil own and others life
fam (8 days ago)
goran Bosnjak , how many women are betreat from their men and have to accept this? Nobody deserve this. I have a tip for you: fuck your woman better or harder
goran Bosnjak (10 days ago)
True Saint yeah it is just movie but that is movie so true so real.....and posible in real the world .....how many man are betreal from women.....in my country man pilicman just come home too early and he found his wife fucking with other a man policmen grabed the gun snd killed both of them and killed himself but policmen left kids allone all alone in this the world....
Rakesh Gowda (16 days ago)
But now India it's legal Indian supreme court gone mad😁😂
Randy Boone (16 days ago)
if you caught her in the act you should have shot the guy right away before even say a word to him and emptied your gun into him it's called a crime of passion.. getting a man cut another man's penis off he had two of his friends helped him he got 5 years in prison he was out I think in less than 2 it's a crime of passion you cannot physically control yourself your animal Instinct instantly kicks in millions of years according to the atheist are instilled in you. there is also physical evidence for pheromone studies pheromones that actually attract you to women natural smells your animal instinct that cannot be controlled isn't that what the atheist the say we came from monkeys say.. in some cases lawyers need to actually do the research it's actually uncontrollable..
James Hunter (17 days ago)
What a shit film. Seriously! 90 mins of crap about wife sleeping with another man. Threatened to kill him for the duration of the entire film. WOW!! so boring.
Dre Zee (17 days ago)
This was allowed to be made? After all, only white men are adulterers. /s
Alamgir Khan (18 days ago)
Kill women she is guilty..man is not faulty.. she betrayed
AS Momin (18 days ago)
rezaa (19 days ago)
Ohaa amk orospusu..
Now in India, this is leagl, and this is not a crime.........
vipul jasrotia (20 days ago)
This is today's reality
Mir Aakeb (20 days ago)
I'm confused now should I marry now or not I'm already 21 now
Dre Zee (17 days ago)
Nor Effendi (21 days ago)
I think he will kill himself 🤔🤔
Top 10 Hits (22 days ago)
If u nothing do anything just sell her day to day and earn.
Roman Hadrian (22 days ago)
It's time to find European girl,they are more honest than American women
Saurabh Saini (22 days ago)
hollywood movie whose main plot is stolen 4rm a bollywood movie named Blackmail
Vivek Singh (22 days ago)
Why girl do that of weird things
JH_ERIK _- (22 days ago)
Que pereza esas peliculas baratas
just justin (24 days ago)
Shoot all really perfect 👌
Eatos 15 (24 days ago)
Kill them all
Pranay Patil (24 days ago)
Do theree som# 😂😂
Wgege 1999 (25 days ago)
Go kill shit
Fuck You (25 days ago)
اختك دى مريم محمد نبيل رفعت حسن راتب المتناكه دى يا رفعت مراتب اخرتك سوده وعلى ايدى يبن المره الشرموطه المتناكه فى القبر
Sandeep Srivastava (26 days ago)
Girls are really dihonest
Chiron Bhuyan (27 days ago)
Greatest Being (27 days ago)
adultery ground for divorce by law..
Dre Zee (17 days ago)
Only if a man does it
Tiago Felix (27 days ago)
ele tem sorte. eu faria pior
Krizão Kuzão (29 days ago)
17 hornes take a deslike
Lord Cooler (29 days ago)
See ladies and gentlemen cause and effect this woman cheated now he's going to kill them both cause and effect
goran Bosnjak (10 days ago)
Lord Cooler something do something happend......
Lord Cooler (29 days ago)
You're not sorry you messed up big-time you cheat on me on our anniversary what did I do wrong baby what did I do wrong please tell me what did I do wrong that's what he keep on saying it's inevitable he's going to kill them both it's inevitable
Lord Cooler (29 days ago)
And what pissed me off because a black man cheat on his wife pregnant she's beautiful he had everything nice house he has a lot of money he has all of these things and you sacrifices for pussy
Lord Cooler (29 days ago)
Now this movie I a hundred percent agree with he what he did why because I can happen to any man in the world that'll make me snap ladies if you watch this movie don't do this to your partner cuz this will happened to you
goran Bosnjak (10 days ago)
Lord Cooler agree with you

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