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40 Android RPG Games

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Here are listed 40 Role-Playing games for android phones! - - - - This video is made for informational purposes, the games' images copyrights go to their owners.
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Text Comments (327)
Feellas Isa (1 year ago)
I dont know why im finding old rpg game ..
HukerGamerTV HD (1 year ago)
Can I destinia in Samsung galaxy y
sdds 2012 (1 year ago)
HukerGamer TV but unlike appstore, on android u can download games by google. Hope u can play this game :3
HukerGamerTV HD (1 year ago)
ummmm i think no
sdds 2012 (1 year ago)
avaiable on your store*
HukerGamerTV HD (1 year ago)
sdds 2012 (1 year ago)
HukerGamerTV Xplored if it is avaiable, and u are able to download it, yes!
jans belerts (2 years ago)
do you whant in exitium sword with 30000 attack just send me ur sword or anything else my id is ABECES
Imran Rana (4 years ago)
Have a look my apps buddy https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hook.aa.up.ff
jesus eduardo cruz (4 years ago)
como se llama el tono del inicio
fauzy syamiazi (4 years ago)
i like the background music. it's like BGM of RPG game i've played and i've love  Genso suikoden :)
مروآن حآمد (4 years ago)
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Salamander (4 years ago)
Just a slideshow... and 1 picture...
I hate slideshows.
Farisfirdaus Faris (4 years ago)
Suikoden Celtic Volume 1 - Carried on Rippling waves
Javier Foo (4 years ago)
Whats the song at the start at abt 00:00
Kim Kom (4 years ago)
i remember suikoden in your background music ...
Jm 117 (4 years ago)
Muito bom o video, mas o estilo de games apresentados nao me agradao, mas a musica eh muito legal :P - parabens.
Chabab Walid (4 years ago)
hallisson layço (4 years ago)
Earth and legend ja zerei facil de + e é um bom jogo rsrsrs
Mr.zombie (4 years ago)
E soul guardians
Jennifer Hiponia (4 years ago)
This music sounds like the worldmap bg from Suikoden 2.... I love listening to these music :D
WookySnacky666 (4 years ago)
Never fucking use requiem for a dream in a youtube video. It's the lowest of lows.
how is called the song in the background?
Israel Rocha (4 years ago)
lopmgopo (4 years ago)
Fain video gg
Yvonne Yap (4 years ago)
Buddy rush looks cute!
Antonio Pedro (4 years ago)
Só jogo lixo deslike
Lord Thema (4 years ago)
br favelero, heuhuehueuhueh brbrbrbr deve q baixo tutu e deu deslike por zuera
Omar Rivera (4 years ago)
Dungeon defender 2 is for consoles like pc, xbox, ps3 is not for phones or tables
Armatesz Vaugstesz (4 years ago)
Actually not true as there is for mobile as well but this person did not give full name of it... Dungeon Defenders Eternity is the one in question
prince raijin (4 years ago)
tables? is that a new phone or something?
Omar Rivera (4 years ago)
BlackHard (4 years ago)
Zenonia 3 super game RPG in world
BlackHard (4 years ago)
Zenonia 3 super game RPG in world
Reid99 (4 years ago)
illusia omg yess
luyszp (5 years ago)
WarSpear Online
Geof Mikhael (5 years ago)
Is this song from suikoden series???.. 
FlameroadkingXD (5 years ago)
odioalospoopers (5 years ago)
Seeing this video i've noticed how graphicwhore i'm now
KING NAT (5 years ago)
Love the song
Dongan Bonavito (5 years ago)
Suikoden OST, really love it :)
Peaceful World (5 years ago)
I think the music from suikoden 2 at lakewest town
fauzy syamiazi (4 years ago)
+Jep Irie you can play suikoden 1 and 2 using ppsspp emulator  and download suikoden iso for psp :) best game EVER :D
Peaceful World (5 years ago)
you can play suikoden 2 with epsxe for android try search on google how to use it
Jeffrey Serenado (5 years ago)
i hope there's a suikoden 2 in android. that would be awesome
Katie Baker (5 years ago)
If anyone knows who's playing this song please let me know. It's right up my ally. 
Laisson Cesar (5 years ago)
plese games rpg for play offline
Eric Collins (5 years ago)
Dungeon defenders got taken down but number 2 will be out soon note that the one he has on this list is second wave which adds content to the first game
WBHOO Gamer (5 years ago)
Warpear oline
Andi Rachmat (5 years ago)
Can I get link for the track please
Danu Pambudi (5 years ago)
Suikoden's music.. Brings back memories
Intgl Tan (5 years ago)
Nice music , what s the music name .
Wisnu P. Sasmito (5 years ago)
I Love Suikoden too !!!
6Fail9 (5 years ago)
Does anyone know a game where I can look awesome in it? with like glowing weapons and really nice armor?
Michel Martins (5 years ago)
nice song *----------*
Shinintendo (5 years ago)
you get a like for the suikoden epic music!
AkLifer (5 years ago)
Where is Ragnaroth RPG? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.akirilow.game.ragnoid Best RPG so far for me It's not really popular, but the best free RPG I found so far!
Tibii FreSh (5 years ago)
good work but.. most of this games are paying we looking for free games xD... i cant find dungeons defender 2 play store dont find it :S
Ariel (5 years ago)
dungeons defender 2 is nice
Dubiella GF (5 years ago)
Ariel (5 years ago)
+Felipe Dubiella eu sou 83 e o meu e pirata ^^
Dubiella GF (5 years ago)
Eai blz? em se quiser upar no DF me add skype:guidubi
kaiquepateta (5 years ago)
kaiquepateta (5 years ago)
Eternity warriors
kaiquepateta (5 years ago)
Dugeon hunter
kaiquepateta (5 years ago)
Dugeon defenderS
andiyupz (5 years ago)
zenonia 5.. is great
Drew Pantaleon (5 years ago)
nice background song i love suikoden ^_^\m/
Tamer Ta (2 years ago)
' اوماموزى
Tamer Ta (2 years ago)
' اومامو
Mr. LoneWolf (5 years ago)
Mr. LoneWolf (5 years ago)
ill look for you man, it will take some time though
avp3player1 (5 years ago)
I tried that game today, its intense graphics eat my battery life way too fast. Good game besides that though.  I want to find a good rpg that's not always online and low level graphics... any suggestions?
Handry Arifianto (5 years ago)
Song of my favorite rpg games all time. SUIKODEN!!!!
dani gonzales (5 years ago)
te falta el ilusia 3 4 y 5
joey143anna (5 years ago)
new release inotia 4.
Mr. Bulldops (5 years ago)
the music remember me on Tea Musik Vol. 1,2 and 3
hoso khoso (5 years ago)
pls tell me, what is background music name?
ToMugetsu (5 years ago)
what is the name of the music that was being used here ? I kinda like it . I feel like I'm in ... a game where ... UUGH ! I can't explain it in words ! :))
audiogambler (5 years ago)
Just "OK" games, not for advanced RPG gamers..i guess Btw, very nice background music, from Suikoden 2 - Orrizonte, yes? >> youtu(dot)be/9PFARHChNxA
Michel Martins (5 years ago)
nice nice nice nice song *--------------* tutorial de inotia 3 muito complicado, enfim, a maioria dos jogos rodam no sansung galaxy y eu adoro esse canal MMORPGandMore ^^
Devis Lieberth (5 years ago)
Inotia 1and2 ,Zenonia (all version) and Destinia very good RPG try it
duff nei (5 years ago)
musica linda U_U flalta e meu som favorito U_U fas que o mal saia do meu coraçao e entre a musica da felisidade obrigado MMORPGandMore
Damian Słaboń (5 years ago)
hack-nets.blogspot.com CHECK IT OUT!
Isma Lampinen (5 years ago)
Legends of yore
isprk (5 years ago)
Whatever happened to avabel online or elgard online or shadowgun ? Those are the best of them all
SKILL DTR3S GZN (5 years ago)
Zenonia 4 y 5?¿?¿?¿
Forest Oliveira (5 years ago)
Ville Ville (5 years ago)
maaikeeek (5 years ago)
Do u mean weir
maaikeeek (5 years ago)
À wierd ?
MMORPGandMore (5 years ago)
Sito te jota (5 years ago)
La cancion del video es de suikoden?? Is the suikoden song on this video??
Kagamine Len (5 years ago)
There is no Dungeon Defenders in google play
Victory Player (5 years ago)
i finished zenonia 3
Dooroflight Meme (5 years ago)
I like inotia 3 and zenonia 4 and 5
taha oo (5 years ago)
fuck this game
trustedlogamers (5 years ago)
have you played arcane legends
Michel Martins (5 years ago)
essa música me lembra essa kkkkk love this song rpg lol watch?v=pzuzfMeIGTM
MMORPGandMore (5 years ago)
I just published the new 40 android rpg games for 2012-2013 you should check it out at /watch?v=nddA2k1rkQU ;)
MMORPGandMore (5 years ago)
I agree, there are many mmorpgs for example the ones created by asobimo (iruna, celes arca, avabel) graphically they are well done and the gameplay controls aren't that bad but the main thing is that they lack of a main story and have no quests. I don't think that a mmorpg should just be "kill monsters and play with others", they should add many other things like skills, quests, minigames and stuff to make it entertaining, otherwise it's just a graphically well made game.. That's my opinion :)
will smith (5 years ago)
Why no one can release a good mmorpg for android?? I mean, nexon, gpotato and all those developers. Why dont they release something for android??? All MMORPGs are freakin boring, i think i played every of them.. not a single one impressed me.
kostwarchain (5 years ago)
Arcane legends hes exelend game
Almozayaf Roman (5 years ago)
all videogames are RPG
Kev llkk (5 years ago)
Edit* Dungen Hunter 4 :) Zenonia 4 & 5 :)
KING NAT (5 years ago)
This song touches heart xD
KING NAT (5 years ago)
Pls can u put it on description i need it so badly pls
osagiethegreat (5 years ago)
GTA3 is definitely an RPG. (It even has tons of rocket propelled grenades...)
Charlotte Abas (5 years ago)
play iruna ^.^
MMORPGandMore (5 years ago)
Song is Genso Suikoden II - Carried on Rippling Waves :)
KING NAT (2 years ago)
KING NAT (5 years ago)
KING NAT (5 years ago)
Song pls
ibrahim benavidez (5 years ago)
but can be played on some phones only. :))
Victor Laurent (5 years ago)
Arcane Legends?
JCAPER24 (5 years ago)
Hi, could you tell me if there is a RPG more like Dragon Age for android? I want a RPG where I can make choices :)
Fred Baker (5 years ago)
Play elgard
Goobe (5 years ago)
Actually it is, rpg stands for role-play gaming so suck it ^^ But gta sucks.

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