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For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] BRAIN TIME ► https://goo.gl/tTWgH2 Surely you know what Easter eggs are. If you don't, we'll tell you right away. Of course, we're not talking about chicken eggs painted for a holiday. Easter eggs are special secrets hidden, for example, in a video game, referring to real events, movies or TV shows. As a general rule, they are integrated into the game in such a way that only the most attentive people and the most experienced players can find them. We are used to believing that Easter eggs are fun. However, it turns out that in many of our favorite games there are hidden places that don't cause laughter in people who understand the subject. Get ready to cry, because today we are going to show you the 10 saddest Easter eggs in different video games.
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Timmy Dunn (43 minutes ago)
The first easter egg was from a series by neebs gaming ARK the person who was talking was Appsro
0:19 the ps4 controller isn’t on
joperhop (1 day ago)
thats noob from Battlefield friends?
Andrew Sewell (1 day ago)
The first voice in #1 sounds like bubbles from Trailer Park Boys
DarkRain PS4 (1 day ago)
DarkRain PS4 (1 day ago)
0:19 he doesn't even have the PS4 controller
TJ Extreme (1 day ago)
cause today we are going to show 10 easter egss... says 7 in title lol well i dont mind
jenne legaspi (1 day ago)
the batman lne was sad...
Theoneandmarlboroman (2 days ago)
The cat is fine, you can hear it whine for food after his owners demise.
Goofier Avenger (2 days ago)
the cat is neebs gaming reference
Chris Bruce (2 days ago)
the first one you shown the voice actor is a youtuber named neebs from the gaming channel neebs gaming he also did a voice over for the game subnautica
gamer101 lol (2 days ago)
In the first Easter egg it has to be From needs gaming
e Pandaman (2 days ago)
That voice from the gravestone is Neebs Gaming
Peter Parker (2 days ago)
oh oh oh oh oh oh oh I'm as cold as the cold wind blows when it snows and its 20 below!
Ryan Martinez (3 days ago)
Anyone waching in 2020
Ryan Martinez (3 days ago)
Rip for dog :/ 😭
Longsword Interceptor (3 days ago)
The cat killed neebs then buried him
ArchangelExile (3 days ago)
0:45 "10 saddest easter eggs"? (What narrator says) Or... "7 saddest easter eggs"? (Video title)
HunterKiller5757 (4 days ago)
That is neebs gaming
Alexander Tewa (4 days ago)
I saw the video in call of duty 3
Leviatiem (4 days ago)
The first one made my heart hurt. I had to stop watching and cry in a corner.
shoogan (4 days ago)
there is a story bout a cat serving on 3 ships and all 3 ships sank. maybe?
Liam West (4 days ago)
Voices are neebs and abspro.
Baste Sal (5 days ago)
The kitten one with little pitch voice that thing is neebs and messyourself and doreales
Colon (5 days ago)
It’s neebs not noob
MyloJH (5 days ago)
That Dude with the cat sorta sounds like Hurk from Far Cry
werecat podguski (5 days ago)
The batman arkham city one broke me im normally hard to cry about anything but a child loosing there parents that young hurts a man like me
Dr Comicman (5 days ago)
they didn't remove it, they just changed the name to his grandma's name. She introduced him to comics like Spider-Man
20angeleyes20 (5 days ago)
Holy hell the voice at the kitty's grave sounds just like Neebs Gaming.
20angeleyes20 (3 days ago)
​+ArchangelExile At first I didn't know it was them at all, but it did make sense once it confirmed it was them.
ArchangelExile (3 days ago)
It is Neebs Gaming. Its Doraleous, Appsro, and Neebs. They've been doing BF easter eggs for the past few games now.
That first one sounds exactly like neebs gaming
godz z (5 days ago)
That first one sounded like bubbles from trailer park boys
Angelo Hernandez (5 days ago)
the cat could be alive it said they dont know what happen to the cat but sad
Dawson Landrum (5 days ago)
First interaction for the cat is bubbles from trailer park boys
BlTCH LASAGNA (6 days ago)
I hate cats
NO IDEAS (6 days ago)
It was neebs and apsro talking in the cat easter egg
DraconiusDragora (6 days ago)
The Voice Actors for the first Easter Egg, are from Neebsgaming group. They do, do voice acting for games, that are willing to hire them for it. It is three of the guys.
Ty Krick (6 days ago)
Ayyyyyy Its Neebs Gaming
unga bunga (6 days ago)
The Battlefield Friends show up in alot of the hidden audio. The first guy saying “here kitty!” Is the engineer, then the last guy is the noob.
Aakash Aich (6 days ago)
I was just playing Modern Warfare, and the grave one got me good. Also that last one. jesus that was just too real
HIDDENLeaf Otaku04 (6 days ago)
That cat one got me in tears
Scootzy (6 days ago)
Platinum Junkie (7 days ago)
Bro needs gaming crew in Battlefield
Adam G (7 days ago)
the first was neebs gaming
FrankNBeans (7 days ago)
Neebs Just Killed a cat...
Gareth Browne (7 days ago)
The scene from the cat was APPSRO and NEEBS from Neebs Gaming. Thier voices are UNMISTAKABLE. It was in a previous Battlefield game where they found a wild kitten out on the battlefield, it died as it stood on a landmine.
Mr. Steal Your Gurl (7 days ago)
Sheeeeeeeeeeet that's Neebs and Appsro, no need to be creeped. Unless of course, you know how Appsro is.
Roysenator (7 days ago)
lol the cat is from NeebsGaming c'mon man.
Malik P. (7 days ago)
Ugh all you dickheads can talk about is that damn cat.
Ga1iad (7 days ago)
I just realized that the guy with the kitty is Neebs form neebs gaming
Ace McKnight (7 days ago)
Did that sound like neebs to anyone else?
Me, as I'm clicking on this video : Ah this will just be a bunch of baby stuff I won't cry or feel anything. Mind Warehouse : The first easter egg is a guy dying while trying to save his beloved kitten (who also died). Me : I was mistaken.
Tim Arnold (8 days ago)
The first two voices, in the cat EE, is Apprso and the last is Neebs from Neebs gaming or Engineer and the Noob in Battlefield Friends
Xits anyone (8 days ago)
kitty is neebs from neebs gaming
zagorith14 (8 days ago)
Togo the cat was the mascot of the HMS Dreadnought around WW1. In case anyone was wondering or cares. If it is also referring to a Dev's cat or something that passed on, much respect to them and may that kitten rest in peace.
Zayden Hentges (8 days ago)
Pako Last (8 days ago)
The "here kitty" easter eggs from neebsgames there they guy who made bff battlefield friends
MercilessRelliK (8 days ago)
You're an idiot. "Noons knows..." Except Neebs_Gaming who recorded those easter eggs...
Poor Kitty and owner ;~:
Hunter (8 days ago)
It actually is neebs like... it’s obvious asf
Evil Monkey66666 (8 days ago)
batman is an achievement called paying your respects I believe.
Evil Monkey66666 (8 days ago)
that moment no one knows the neebs story.......... BF1
cruelcanadajoe (8 days ago)
First voice, Bubbles from trailer park boy's, second voice ??, third voice is clearly noob from bff's
Fortnite Boi Gaming (7 days ago)
Second one sounds like my neighbor
josh davies (8 days ago)
That's neebs aha at the grave
Music beat maker (8 days ago)
Hey thats messyourself
gta71000 (8 days ago)
in the elder scrolls online in the region of valenwood (if i remember correctly its greenshade region of it or ghratwood)there is a reference to the dog that stayed at their owner's grave within one of the zones in valenwood. among one of the roads you can see a part of land that is higher than the path so its easy to miss,if you go up the land instead you will come across a dog sitting in front of a grave stone with flowers. the dog never leaves the grave.
TVK (8 days ago)
>mfw my wife tells me about the spider-man kid coming from our school
Yuri M (8 days ago)
Kitty one sounds like voices from neebsgaming
Miskatonicband (8 days ago)
....Wow neebs can act
ANGRY MARINE (8 days ago)
Battlefeild friends?
DeenanTheKemon I (9 days ago)
Loved the video!! Disliked for greedy ad-mongering. :) I hope popular YT channels are aware of this trend. [Guarantee that's where a shitload of those thumbs down came from.]
The cat owner is neebs gaming
Monabuntur Monabuntur (9 days ago)
5 ads?!?
Kung-fu Badger (9 days ago)
The first one the guy sounds like neebs gaming.
Richard Tiocson (9 days ago)
I didnt no the crying baby is an easter egg because i heard it before i wathed this
Mr. Summary (9 days ago)
Surely we know that story about a dog but we need a recap on batmans oringins
THEHALOMAS7ER56 (9 days ago)
The voice sounds like one of the guys from the animation battlefield friends
Tim Garza (9 days ago)
It was Doralius the Needs from Neebsgaming, and BFFs
Gh0stInTim3 BackUp2 (9 days ago)
It sounded like the cat drowns and the man gets attacked by a shark?🤔 You can hear him scream of fear and struggles
Lukas maxwell (9 days ago)
The kitty voice is from Noob in BattleFieldFriends
Dat Boi Dovahkiin (9 days ago)
The cat owners are appsro and neebs from Neebsgaming, I recommendd watching and subbing.
Tom 1010 (9 days ago)
I miss uncle Ben, my rice will never be the same
Crabby Houdini (9 days ago)
Press f to pay respects
Robin Mulligan (10 days ago)
*Watches video* *At night of same day* *Cries to self*
the clone marine (10 days ago)
Xander Holmes (10 days ago)
"Some fans have theorized that it's the voice of Noob" Holy shit that level of arrogance.
Leigh Dalwood (10 days ago)
Cried at the dog one
The Dragon Wolf (10 days ago)
1 like=more happiness for the kitten in heaven
Fortnite Rebel (10 days ago)
0:42 says 10 Easter eggs but look at the title
Sean Gonzales (10 days ago)
Fun fact: you can hear the same dialouge from Arkham City in Arkham Asylum in the 2nd scarecrow boss fight.
Landon Johnson (10 days ago)
The last part of the cat grave the voice is needs gaming
Landon Johnson (10 days ago)
It’s neebs gaming
The Third Crusader (10 days ago)
The first easter egg is obviously Neebs and Apsro
CaptnBaggin (8 days ago)
What i was thinking lmfao
Wait the batman one was an easter egg i thought everyone found it anyway still sad
AngryPuppy (11 days ago)
Are you an idiot? That first one is clearly Neebs Gaming ffs.
Lenny (11 days ago)
1:36 he sounds like mr poopy butthole
Toddlers Gameplay (11 days ago)
The first Easter egg sounded like neebs gaming
Darin Bright (11 days ago)
The owners are the voices of the battlefield friends
Jinx (12 days ago)
Im a little sad you didn't include this with spider man but if you beat the game *Spoilers* You can go back to the graveyard and see Aunt Mays grave.
Jinx (8 days ago)
ye+Carlo Ventura
Carlo Ventura (8 days ago)
Oh my God for real
Morad Elshorbagy (12 days ago)
the first one sounds like neebs gaming
Logan Latiolais (12 days ago)
The first one isn't sad its horrible and awful

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