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Before You Scroll Down, WATCH THIS! One of The Most Eye Opening Videos

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The World in 2018 - One of The Most Eye Opening Videos ►If you struggle and have a hard time, consider taking an online therapy session with our partner BetterHelp. http://tryonlinetherapy.com/beinspired ►Motivational Alarm Tones https://beinspiredchannel.com/alarms ================================================================================================================ ►Follow us http://www.facebook.com/BeInspiredChannel https://www.instagram.com/beinspiredchannel/ http://BeInspiredChannel.Com ================================================================================================================ ►SUBSCRIBE TO MY OTHER CHANNEL FOR WORKOUT MOTIVATION https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsC9Y1KhOw-aKSUBE0F_ikQ ================================================================================================================ ►Speakers: Chamath Palihapitiya, Founder and CEO Social Capital, on Money as an Instrument of Change - https://bit.ly/2C8SfA3 Brain Hacking - https://bit.ly/2tKkdyQ Time Well Spent: Taking Back Our Lives & Attention | Tristan Harris, Laurie Segall - https://bit.ly/2lF8YnJ New Rule: Social Media is the New Nicotine | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - https://bit.ly/2qfTSIr Bill Maher about personalized media content - https://bit.ly/2Kda4Wp Lior Frenkel - Why we should rethink our relationship with the smartphone | TEDxBG - https://bit.ly/2vDZz3j Pastor Terry K Anderson 2018 | Don't Cut Corners - https://bit.ly/2KqKWHD If any content owners would like their images removed, please contact us by email at [email protected] ►Photos: Steve Cutts - https://bit.ly/2dQFL6C www.tysiacmysli.pl www.steemit.com www.porquenosemeocurrio.net www.blogspay.com www.trueactivist.com www.virallsnews.com www.pinterest.com www.AcidCow.com ►Footage source: domscopes - https://bit.ly/2tLNY26 Elite Daily - https://bit.ly/1ManGJv Made By Spencer - https://bit.ly/2Kptxm9 Ted Carr EXTRA - https://bit.ly/2KeNL2K The Feed - https://bit.ly/1uJuOki Nhu Mai - https://bit.ly/2yNAY1V HayotFilms - https://bit.ly/2Iwu9Bm Canvas - https://bit.ly/1MptQXC Saloni Srivastava - https://bit.ly/2lDhrYk Matt D'Avella - https://bit.ly/2ICA9IG Nikon Europe - https://bit.ly/1dZbT4w Louis - https://bit.ly/2KsUwKi Gary Turk - https://bit.ly/2lF74U7 Wargaming Europe - https://bit.ly/2N8vlhA Steve Jobs Introducing The iPhone At MacWorld 2007 - https://bit.ly/1FFTQwb Mark Zuckerberg keynote at Facebook F8 Developers Conference - https://bit.ly/2N6fb8t ►Music AudioJungle ================================================================================================================
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Text Comments (15248)
Swati Pandey (2 hours ago)
Nice video
A S (3 hours ago)
Funny part was: "If you struggle and have a hard time then consider taking an ONLINE therapy session with our partner. Link in the description box."
Rahul Sribastab (3 hours ago)
Get off of Facebook and put your face in book!!
S H3 (4 hours ago)
I'm Eating While Watching Phone 🤔
Iyaz Tak (5 hours ago)
Ashiraf 256 (6 hours ago)
Steve Jobs dint allow his kids to use iPhone ??? Seriously? ?
Akshay More (7 hours ago)
Hey I can accept your challenge bcoz I was six month having simple phone
AzhuraStar (8 hours ago)
This is a good video for those idiots who walk, eat and shit with their phone. Too much of technologies nowadays. I can tell nowadays peoples are seems to be like Cocked Brain human
Victor Garcia (9 hours ago)
Your the ones that we learned from
JHAYE PLAY (10 hours ago)
trisha iya (11 hours ago)
what would happen if technology just disappeared in the world right now? 🤔
Karan Kaul Tingloo (11 hours ago)
Technology is all about how the person utilizes it!
Calamity 04 (12 hours ago)
I'm not stoping
Vannessa Vermilion (13 hours ago)
Why was this recommended to me...? .....Oh wait its probably because I'm always on my phone....
I'm addicted to phone can someone give me some tip for this :(
Vannessa Vermilion (12 hours ago)
But I could give you _some_ tips
Vannessa Vermilion oh ok
Vannessa Vermilion (13 hours ago)
I'm sorry I need help myself
Phones let you communicate all of the the world and without them soooooooo many people would die because think about it how the fuk are cops or hospitals meant to know if theres an emergancy without phones
bozidarstrk (16 hours ago)
lol...if you have problem...take online session...
bozidarstrk (16 hours ago)
lol...if you have problem...take online corse
bozidarstrk (16 hours ago)
lol...if you hawe a problem take online course...
frogastronaut666 .-, (17 hours ago)
I have the money I use...also books used to be deemed evil...the info in a book could have been proved wrong years ago and the book doesn't change
frogastronaut666 .-, (17 hours ago)
I can look up anything from history
frogastronaut666 .-, (17 hours ago)
The iPhone sucks
frogastronaut666 .-, (17 hours ago)
Old people use phones to
fyx (17 hours ago)
I like the way this is posted on *youtube*
Sheena Mawufemor (17 hours ago)
if we has no phones how are we going to watch all these😏🙃💔
Debbie c (19 hours ago)
This is a good true video. I have severe anxiety since I started using my phone. Before that I use to read books, and have peace of mind. Now I'm addicted to this to the point that I get paranoid if I don't check my social media or have ridiculous fear of losing my phone or battery dying. I feel like I'm a prisoner to this life. This leads me to a downward spiral of noise generating in my head wherein my memory is affected, I cannot concentrate on getting my errands done and as weird as it may sound, it is ruining the quality of my life.
giant locs (19 hours ago)
I can't take it anymore !!! I get rid of my phone and some how end up with it again. This needs to stop it had tooken total control of me
Little T-rex (19 hours ago)
The really bad thing is that we know all these points, and yet, do it anyway. Oh,,,,, I manage it 🤔
sachin sontakke (20 hours ago)
then why you posted your facebook n instagram names at the last
Konrad Dziuba (21 hours ago)
People nade that video bcz they are scared of technology, and scared of the unknown, its normal, human, but i think that is just some kind of oldman crap talking " this is new" , "there wasn't something like that never before",duuuuh that's why u are scared, but u don't have to, everything is good without our generation don't sorry about that, and if WE will destroy OUR world u will be probably dead already do IT should't have matter to you, peace. Me
nineteen october (21 hours ago)
What can i say.. im a GAMER..😎😎😎
Ziomara M-V (23 hours ago)
I cut all social media out of my life. Now my family and friends think I have some sort of mental illness or that I am in a abusive relationship hiding something. The irony of it lol. I'm free from everything that used to pull me down. Social media free since May 2018 and counting
Arkina Monbo (1 day ago)
One day, someone will see this comment
salina chhetri (1 day ago)
It's very true
Raj Parmar (1 day ago)
Bro I am a student of software engineering tell me be a computer developer is wrong or right tell me ????????????
Gursahil Singh (1 day ago)
Sir I can't stop using phone can any one help me plz
Harsh Kudav (1 day ago)
Is that how you inspire us by giving your social media handles down below fuck ya !
Paralox World (1 day ago)
Royal Partner (1 day ago)
Sai. Nazeerah (1 day ago)
I always wanted to try avoiding getting my hands on my phone but, as a fan of a celebrity or celebrities, it is quite bothering to not know an update about them for less than a dayㅠㅠ
Kashap Raina (1 day ago)
One week...hahh....i had shut down my phone for three months...i had to activate it bcoz my mother's phone broke down...since she had to contact with our relatives...
Mihir Kumar Pradhan (1 day ago)
This video is just awesome
Gs Singh (1 day ago)
Gs Singh (1 day ago)
ban kardo
Prestige Awesome (1 day ago)
I bet that 70% of people are watching this on a PHONE this is so hypocritical
Andy Yip (1 day ago)
that is so true, everyone just feels like living in a reality show, wake up people!
I started to use my phone less (i tried) and I didn‘t know what to do else or what I did before I had a phone. This is so sad and really showed me, how addicted I am.
akshay kumar (1 day ago)
If people doesn't use mobiles, ur videos r also doesn't watch any body... Tht tym this videos r useless.....
Gil Meregildo (1 day ago)
It depends on how ull use ur phone dah!
neha kumari (1 day ago)
I used only whatsapp and youtube Nothing else I'm from India
Connie-chan (1 day ago)
This is the most hypocritical thing ever.
Viraj Gotarane (1 day ago)
I would like to share this video at least to 100K People. This video would probably bring change in someone's life. SHARE IT PLEASE!
Good message for so many junked people
pooja s (1 day ago)
I can still survive happily without social media's😃 I remember... one of my vacation that i spent without my cellphone.. & for a month i just enjoyed everything which a cell phone can't give😊 that will be nostalgic❤
Lisa Michael (1 day ago)
Watching this on my phone at 1am wow
gaurav baghla (1 day ago)
6.4k addicted bastards 😝
azizi i (1 day ago)
learn many things on internet as well..including this😎
Lely Larasati (1 day ago)
Great video! Thank you..
John connor (1 day ago)
Technology is making people more stupider and dumb. Technology is destroying people spiritually. I wish we lived back in the 80s and the 90s.
Seth Vega (1 day ago)
I work for 12 hours a day for half a week and my phone is off all the time I'm working...does that count?🤔
prateek sharma (1 day ago)
Woaahhhh great...!! Telling us not to use technology and in the end online sessions wow..."slow_claps"
Telling to get of our phones. Literally makes a video using youtube.
Levy L (1 day ago)
Just kys
Levy L (1 day ago)
Eman Pari (1 day ago)
I only use what'sapp and youtube nothing else!
michael manzo (1 day ago)
We are great consumers but poor producers , what an amazing line
mas bro (1 day ago)
This is sick.. i'm not addicted to socmed, dont ruin my mind.
Cilla Reji (1 day ago)
It’s 2018 already And it’s not like this
'IN -THE- NET' ! R U ?.....
Nav Atwal (2 days ago)
I can't use my phone more than an hour a day ....even I don't have time...thank god 🙏😊
Andrew Catalo (2 days ago)
Ironic isn’t it? You use YouTube to spread this ignorant advice to people, which is part of the technology you discredit.
ws279 xL7 (2 days ago)
Oh wow! Where is the lie??? This is 100% truth
Maddy Lufkin (2 days ago)
for this reason whenever i go to my friend house he never give his half of attention to me...
Maddy Lufkin (2 days ago)
i strongly agreed
Aishitha Prakash (2 days ago)
As a teenager I must live without getting distracted by social media, but I do! I'll try my Best!!!!..........
Buurblox Production (2 days ago)
Veena Medur (2 days ago)
I accept these challenge
rajni rawat (2 days ago)
They tell people not to use social media too much and at last they give their social media link.
R. Be Beautiful (2 days ago)
I was addicted to all this app.. It became my life support system.. By now I totally changed.. I use only YouTube occasionally. N now I use a very ordinary cell phone there is no touch screen.. N m happy..
prínçé vënü (2 days ago)
I'm not social network user too but play more games in my tablet.i have normal phone just to communicate....
Jerry Tom (2 days ago)
I use Twitter n Facebook just for learn ENGLISH,so i think it ok.
Gorjicegirl (2 days ago)
Oh and you cant tell me what to do so f off
Gorjicegirl (2 days ago)
I dont use social media i dont care what other people think unless i see them i lot then i care a little bit but i just use youtube most of the time to help my bordum
Micie Bocete (2 days ago)
using my phone to watch this 🙈🧐🤔
Bella Bella (2 days ago)
DarkPandaLord (2 days ago)
You know what would really be eye opening? A video showing more problems then just phones. There are many problems we currently have, like our god awful "education" system, global warming, pollution, war, religion, racism, sexism, and so many more. Why are we just looking at addictions to technology? Seriously!
Party Life (2 days ago)
CLICKBAIT!!! This is a great video but you just showed us why we should quit social media not us rethinking our whole life why didn’t you tittle this “why we should quit social media”.
Austin Austin (2 days ago)
the world is shit anyways...and these people are hypocrites they probably happy about they YouTube views and hoping for more attention
Austin Austin (2 days ago)
the world is shit anyways...and these people are hypocrites they probably happy about they YouTube views and hoping for more attention
Padishar Creel (2 days ago)
I left FB years ago...and never look back LOL
Kit Kat (2 days ago)
Just throw your phones and play dota on desktop, it will give you a great benefits like, get smarter 😊
LG GamingLeaf (2 days ago)
Technology Is Bad! *Uploads to YouTube*
rare. raxn (2 days ago)
People are only gonna realize the truth for a split second and go right back to how they were living...😂
Arnold Lohmann (2 days ago)
Some parts about this video is true, but at the same time it feels very biased. Maybe it is because here in this small South African town where I live, you won't see people ignore one another, spending the entire day on Facebook or so. You won't see anyone checking their phones every 15 minutes. You won't see people get ruled by this technology - yes, we use it a lot, but it doesn't rule us. Perhaps it is time that we realise that technology is what we make of it, that we ourselves define the nature of its impact on our lives. We just need to balance and limit these things in our lives, that's all
Eric Garrison (2 days ago)
We re doomed..and i dont giv a shit.. We deserve it. We are cancer to our selves and the world
Are You Alone? (2 days ago)
It's too late now. I'm sorry but... I believe it's impossible to live without technology now. I watch Youtube sometimes, yes. But only when really bored. My phone is not something I use often. It's mostly to just get a quick call or text to somebody. I don't feel any anxiety over it not being on me or it ever dying. Youtube is the only social media I have because I just really don't bother or find it intresting. My phone is mostly home at my desk just laying there. But, that's just me. It's just me having a good relationship with my phone. I notice how much other people use their phone. But, It's too late now. I can't influence anyone, I'm sorry.
God Himself (2 days ago)
I can quite all social media exept for pornhub
God Himself (2 days ago)
Without phones ur channel would die as 70% of ppl that watches YouTube are using mobiles
Arjun haragaller (2 days ago)
Thts too funny that u r telling us to support ur group or page in FB, insta .. Better u avoid that or try new, first.. Thank you
jungshuk (2 days ago)
Social media: 👎 YouTube:👍

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