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SLAVE GIRLS ON THE MOON (2014) Official Trailer

32 ratings | 7787 views
When her colleague is accidentally shot into the year 8888 and sent to a prison on the Moon, scientist Chloe Trustcott must travel to the future and get arrested herself to plan a prison-break in order to save her. Written-Produced-Directed by Joshua Kennedy.
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Text Comments (5)
monstersinthecity (1 year ago)
Lol reminds me of old Sci fi from the 60s
Carla Anderson (3 years ago)
thousands of kick ass
Belinda Alvelo (4 years ago)
"Then I'll wupe yo ass" lol
Helen Carr (4 years ago)
I actually want to see this.
oceanhunterjg (4 years ago)
Looks spectacular!

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