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Maroon 5 - Sugar

10207730 ratings | 2964727047 views
Buy Sugar on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/M5V Sign up for updates: http://smarturl.it/Maroon5.News Catch Maroon 5 on tour all year long at www.maroon5.com Music video by Maroon 5 performing Sugar. (C) 2015 Interscope Records
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Text Comments (332555)
Angèle Truchot (8 minutes ago)
This video make me cry every time 😩
Aleka Dela Cruz (37 minutes ago)
Thats a big production and lots of extras haha
Luis Hämmerle (1 hour ago)
ゆやだぽ (1 hour ago)
오징어어72 (1 hour ago)
바나나 (1 hour ago)
오징어어72 조욤
XY Z (1 hour ago)
1:20 I'm a boy but that girl's got better shoulders and biceps than me....
Papa:Never go anywhere uninvited Adam:Hold my beer✌️✌️✌️
I will postpone my marriage to Christmas....🎅🎅🎅🎅
This song is really sweet.........but diabetic can hear it.....LoL😂😂
Imani Z (2 hours ago)
高云洁 (2 hours ago)
Kaylum-coy O’Brien (3 hours ago)
Cool Gate (3 hours ago)
梅志琼 (3 hours ago)
If he can come my wedding,I will crazy.
In 3:24 is that lebron james🤣
ELITA Silva Costa (4 hours ago)
Hi, I'm Brazilian, and I really enjoyed the sugar clip.
Kan៚ Love (4 hours ago)
Odoyle Gaming (4 hours ago)
1:20 look how big is her arm LOL
Genius Girl (4 hours ago)
I remember my mom showing me this in the fourth grade.
THE MAN (5 hours ago)
They're crash 7 or 8 wedding in the video Or maybe more ?
Balram Kevat (5 hours ago)
I love dis sound
Balram Kevat (5 hours ago)
Ꭺмαzιиgdυllαh (5 hours ago)
3:20 Bride: WTF!?
Kevin Karlsen (5 hours ago)
I think the video that was made for the song was excellent
Лимон Чик (5 hours ago)
Кто отыскивает российский комент
김주형 (5 hours ago)
is my favorite song
Bikash Shrestha (5 hours ago)
Who else here on 2019? 🙄🙄
Débora Hadassa (5 hours ago)
Débora Hadassa (5 hours ago)
Ruby Manus (6 hours ago)
I would love to hear you sing and record Baby (The Wedding Song)written by Michael Bell from Memphis, my husband.
Brayan Delacruz (6 hours ago)
like quien lo siguen escuchando este 2019 y aun les gusta la musica como la primera ves en que salio <3 xd
Prison Breakx (6 hours ago)
I love this
Gonzalo Avila (6 hours ago)
To Mach
hampo channel (7 hours ago)
I need all of your help to support my YouTube channel, I beg you for your help
Theresa Richard (7 hours ago)
Cao Su Trường (7 hours ago)
Music short films box (7 hours ago)
2039...any one :'(
Laurence Congzon (7 hours ago)
Love it still watching in 2019
Lisa cyr (7 hours ago)
nguyen phuoc loc (7 hours ago)
I cannot count how many times I have watched this video.
Diego Navarrete (8 hours ago)
Diego Navarrete (8 hours ago)
sos los mejores good
chopi play (8 hours ago)
Yo amo esta cancion😂😂
Noah Espinza (8 hours ago)
I love you
Wolverine (8 hours ago)
This song is even better than the song can't stop the feeling LOL get rape Justin Timberlake
25/5/2019 ai con nghe team việt nam điểm danh cái
Juliane Monteiro (9 hours ago)
Legal 😋
franfy samchez (11 hours ago)
Like si hablas español 😋😋😋
Rodrigo Rodrigues jr. (11 hours ago)
Um dos melhores vídeos do YouTube.
Danny G (11 hours ago)
I can't believe ppl are actually still commenting
like 2019
The Random Unicorns (12 hours ago)
They are very lucky
Valeria Carrillo (12 hours ago)
Los amo 😊😊😊😊
Manecruz Roblox (12 hours ago)
Just finished school, I miss my crush since she's leaving... 💔
Musica passione (13 hours ago)
Lucifer in persona
Lecteur public (13 hours ago)
C'est plein de bonheur ce clip... §Bien joué les mecs
nada nour (13 hours ago)
Emma Gauntt (13 hours ago)
Wooooooo omg i want to meet u in real life im a huge fan ur at voice im going there when im 11 im 8 my birthday is augest 28
The Spah (13 hours ago)
Who’s listening to this in 2019?
Daniel Jones (13 hours ago)
Sugar? Yes please, death via diabetes
Giovanna Luiza (13 hours ago)
Depois dessa To até pensando em casar
Meliodas Trist (13 hours ago)
Uma pergunta a parte do casamento eles não sabiam ou sabiam se eles sabiam eles são atores ótimos 👍
Kylee Brandt (14 hours ago)
I want 2.9 billion likes
xxxl lllx (14 hours ago)
Best music EVER!!!!!!!
Alex Rodriguez (14 hours ago)
🚘🚖🚡🚡🚖🚖🚖 🚂🚤 🚀🚤 🚀🛸 🚀🛸 🚀🛸✈️🛫🛬🛸🚀🛰 🚀🛸🚀🛸🚀🛸🚀🛸 🛬🛬🛬🛬🛬🛬🛬🛬🛬
Wayman Alicja (14 hours ago)
That first woman is my mum ;)
Romildo Lopes (15 hours ago)
Não me canso de assistir esse clip!
I Love You Maroon 5 i love you
-Vlad- (15 hours ago)
Кавооо??? 2,9 миллиардов? Аааав! 2019?😂👍💪
Alexey Padron (15 hours ago)
Marco Abruzzi (16 hours ago)
I never listened to this motherfucker and he got 10M likes
Michael Baker (16 hours ago)
Deyrdre almeida (17 hours ago)
só eu que achava uma péssima encenação dos atores "surpresos"??
Bella Orourke (17 hours ago)
Half the dads had no idea who Adam was lol
Tạ Duy Ngạn (17 hours ago)
3:22 (wtf) :))
Sthefany Modesto (17 hours ago)
Y love music♡★
Anh Ky (18 hours ago)
Big Fan From Vietnamese ❤️
esteban pardo (18 hours ago)
Dhan Adrian (18 hours ago)
rania Ab (18 hours ago)
cool man!
[TS] GreYY (19 hours ago)
Come on man, 3 Billion!!!
alexthecool1029 (19 hours ago)
SUCRIBE MARO 5 (it's part of the joke to miss spell it)
Aditya Nemmani (19 hours ago)
10 millions of likes for those people who disliked this song..
Ricka MasterUi (19 hours ago)
If they are all mui in this video xD
EnderBoy_VN (19 hours ago)
3:20 Did she say:"What the f*ck"? :v
TVいちか (19 hours ago)
Make a good odd!
Stella de Rooij (19 hours ago)
Stop asking or telling what year it is.We have our own calendar.
BLINK BLINK (19 hours ago)
I love this song
Nir Turgeman (19 hours ago)
Ed Sheeran, what are you doing here? 4:45
mcnoey (19 hours ago)
omg...if may married as like they
Tuan Tuan (19 hours ago)
24/5 i am listening 🤗🤗
절희네 (19 hours ago)
진짜 최고의 선물이다!
Western Wrangler (20 hours ago)
Literally 3 billion views
malak mokaddem (21 hours ago)
Offff like if you watiching this in 2019 .-.
姓名 (21 hours ago)
Marli Fassheber (21 hours ago)
No meu aniversário podia ser assim
Marli Fassheber (21 hours ago)

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