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Teenage Girl Attacked In Jail Cell.flv

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OMG, Pigs. Pretty intelligent guys If you could scale things from shit to fucking shit. This would rate as pure utter fucking shit..
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This stuff happens all too often by cops who are out of control -- and when the "Black Lives Matter" crowd begins shooting cops in the street - they wonder why they get very little white support. BTW this DA should be prosecuted for his lying BS!
steven hynes (5 years ago)
fucking dog cunts. try that shit in aus and see how long that pig stays breathing. we protect protect our own
MountainD18 (6 years ago)
At the last couple of seconds, it looks like an attack. I mean would you really attack an inmate just for tossing one thing out of the cell? Looks like disciplinary action needs to be taken if you ask me.

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