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RiceGum - Its EveryNight Sis feat. Alissa Violet (Official Music Video)

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MY NEW SONG GOD CHURCH - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKnoOdDLy4o iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/its-every-night-sis-feat-alissa-violet-single/id1246985139 SPOTIFY- https://open.spotify.com/track/ Edited by TeaWap contact: [email protected] Go subscribe to ALISSA- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK1cdF6-oYMrrfPkGfXwTmQ Filmed by @gioespino
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Text Comments (597559)
Reshad Playz (16 minutes ago)
Fuuuuuuuccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkk uuuu
2live2die (41 minutes ago)
I might be Asian but I don’t like you 😜
popularmmos popularmmos (57 minutes ago)
Im jake pauls cousin he didnt cheat irt was a prank
kira (1 hour ago)
i literally forgot ricegum existed and this popped up in my recommendations
Simone Sigamoney (1 hour ago)
omg mems
Yad Eno (1 hour ago)
Sophia Eloise (1 hour ago)
You all look like clowns and still do
Also 0.75 speed if you're learning the song
Random Videos (1 hour ago)
i’m here listing in 2019.... who else 😔✋
Dyceee (3 hours ago)
Lets be honest 2017 was the shit rice alissa banks jake logan made our year now youtube is boring smh
Lorraine Bowen (3 hours ago)
2017 was the best year for youtube
Lorraine Bowen (3 hours ago)
nothing will beat the diss tracks between Jake Paul, Logan Paul and Alissa violet
Jean charles (3 hours ago)
This is low-key fire
Zeko The legend (4 hours ago)
I just hate you and I love jake and Logan
PiggieLover 123 (4 hours ago)
Wow this is the worst vid I’ve ever watched hope u die
King Kaiden (4 hours ago)
I miss the drama
Min Suga (5 hours ago)
2017 was a good year lads
Annette Lara (6 hours ago)
That rice gum sis al
Veloxy Cozmiczz (6 hours ago)
why am i here
Aynariez (6 hours ago)
RiceGum: cus im very rich bro Pewdiepie:hold my pie
Richelle brooks (7 hours ago)
i hate me
Richelle brooks (7 hours ago)
2019 youtube is boring all of a sudden
2cool4u m8 (6 hours ago)
Richelle brooks youtube have been boring for years
YasWolf Talks (8 hours ago)
This song is a way of torture deemed too brutal for serial killers
Mariam Issa (8 hours ago)
Mariam Issa (8 hours ago)
U know what ? the people that don't know his disney show are dumb
I watched this from the 100th video bullying ricegum
PhantomX (8 hours ago)
Who’s else here and wishes he can post daily again😢
Rayyan Kherchouche (9 hours ago)
Fuck Pauls
Duju (9 hours ago)
Really be missing these days..
jennie’s chanel bag (10 hours ago)
I miss the diss tracks than 40 minute videos
Chance Ducre (10 hours ago)
by the way they call him rice cause hes from china and hes fat off of rice
Gpalms (10 hours ago)
*drops a who else is here in 2019 comment for the clout*
Abbas Naqvi (10 hours ago)
No body knows you Disney show 😂😂😂😛
CoRE Pyroz (11 hours ago)
Im going to go commit 360 neck-spin now
Exalted (11 hours ago)
https://youtu.be/15SOm1qTlc8 18+
Jasleen Mercado lopez (12 hours ago)
*Alyssa dancin* Me: stop please
Lemme Spill (12 hours ago)
This is my favorite out of all of them tbh
lazar ttv (12 hours ago)
Is danny gonzales in the back round
mateo ! (13 hours ago)
damn i miss this yt drama and diss tracks
Maryann Gretler (14 hours ago)
Alissa is a hoe period
Tye McCatty (15 hours ago)
Why did Ksi-Sidemen-Ricegum-Jake Paul-Logan Paul beef just the best. I like Australian fortnite YouTubers but I won’t some good drama
SaathvikPoluri TV (15 hours ago)
Who else misses diss track season?
Peeptentacion (15 hours ago)
we all knew 2014 - 2017 was some lit years
Leonel Ramirez (15 hours ago)
Shut up you are stupid Jake Paul's better than you
RICO (15 hours ago)
Crazy how we called YouTube trash back when RiceGum, iDubbbz, Leafy, & Scarce were the biggest at the time. Shit was entertaining as fuck.
Fucc (16 hours ago)
Really miss 2017 YouTube lol a lot of diss tracks and shit lowkey miss it😤
Katie Ruff (16 hours ago)
This thame ass hell
Flex Tape (16 hours ago)
This is the forgotten song of 2017
X Wolvez X (16 hours ago)
Alyssa go suck a dick
X Wolvez X (16 hours ago)
i have heard of his show dumb ass bitch . your a dick and Alyssa is a cock sucker
Wonton Brothers (16 hours ago)
every time ricegum makes a diss track it looks like his arms are having a competition to see how much they can move
Hyper Prime (17 hours ago)
Rice hella fell off now.
Ursula Saunders (17 hours ago)
Why is Alissa screaming during her verse???
Gacha_skyler .-. polko (17 hours ago)
2 years later i Can hear Alyssa moaning with beat..
Ethan (18 hours ago)
best 6th grade ever
Jayden Bechet (18 hours ago)
le roc (18 hours ago)
2017 was so good, man im really gonna miss alissa in the clouthouse. She was such a great soul NO ONE can talk bad about her. In my opinion shes the most perfect girl ever
Froze_Bardown27 (18 hours ago)
Hinda Cabaas (18 hours ago)
This is the best diss track ever
Alex Holden (19 hours ago)
4 floors not even close learn to count lol
Brian Chikwendu (19 hours ago)
Who was driving his car when him and Alissa were walking near it
E.D Games (19 hours ago)
2017 ohhhh what a summer
ismael rivera (20 hours ago)
Miss these day 😢
lilkiller 24 (20 hours ago)
Ricegum could be James Charles brother
NitroPvPYT (20 hours ago)
RiceGum should drop a new banger song.
Void Bryan (20 hours ago)
Im watching this because i watched all his videos i mean all of them 😂
Gacha Liv (21 hours ago)
*why is it day?*
Kashif Hasmati (22 hours ago)
My Indian brothers would love if you guys check the captions in hindi! It's ridiculous😂😂
Jessica Escobedo (22 hours ago)
ElonMuskPlays1 (23 hours ago)
The society has been ruined
Jessica Jones (23 hours ago)
Why you hating on Jake Paul
Raana Golz (23 hours ago)
If you guys miss afrogum plz check out my content and tell me what you think I’m trying to go for that 2016 rice content plz help me go viral 🙏
LøstSünfløwër0 8 (23 hours ago)
This is the worst song ever I’m not hating tho it just doesn’t have a flow
Elona Laja (1 day ago)
ricegum jake paul has a machion
VelocitySZN (1 day ago)
YouTube is a bit boring diss tracks need to come back
Michael Hardy (1 day ago)
Allen Bugbro (1 day ago)
It's funny he does not have more subs the Logan's song
James Kelley (1 day ago)
I want rice to start making diss tracks again
mp5mile z (1 day ago)
rice 4 ever🍚
keke’s life (1 day ago)
I watched the show ALOT
Jnaziah Mccall (1 day ago)
This is when ok sis began 😓😢
兰陵王 (1 day ago)
Emily Rocco (1 day ago)
It’s crazy that you said Gabbie Hanna stole other people’s content....literally as you make a song called “It’s EveryNight Sis”....as Jake Paul has a song called “It’s Everyday Bro”.
LowFatMilkDuds (1 day ago)
Kay at the end looks like he has no idea what’s going on
Trang Nguyen (1 day ago)
Rice god
Duolingo Bird (1 day ago)
Let’s be honest, 2017 was the best year of YouTube
Robert Kuta (1 day ago)
Miss this days,Youtube is so boring now days---> logan paul VS jake paul etc
Xenon Mystic (1 day ago)
I came from watching Logan Paul’s diss track on jake I’m such a loner
Enya Basson (1 day ago)
I am not gonna lei but alissa vilot can't sing
red esh (1 day ago)
Im here cause am bored but i think this is cool
LP727 (1 day ago)
It’s really been 2 years already
Shubham Arya (1 day ago)
Remember fidget spinners?
Reality (1 day ago)
i really can say all these lyrics to this song cause of how much i’d play it when it came out
deana (1 day ago)
it's been 2 years?????????????????? no.....
Nigreefa (1 day ago)
Ngl 2017 YouTube sucked
King Goble (1 day ago)
He’s had 10 million since the beginning of time great job 🍚
Just Dazze (1 day ago)
Alissa is the type of girl to bully me in elementary
She bullied u
Is faze Banks with u dumass
LuxioMoon (1 day ago)
Eww wtf is this 😒 I rather kill myself than listen to this crap.
QF W (1 day ago)
傻逼狗东西 滚吧 gucci gang都比这个狗屎歌曲强

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