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APA Style 6th Ed. - Title Page, Running Head, Abstract, and Section Headings

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VIDEO CONTENTS 0:00 About this Video 0:53 Margins, Font, Line Spacing 5:45 Title Page 7:11 Running Head 11:43 Abstract 13:46 Title 14:32 Section Headings 18:21 Closing Remarks This video will show you how to set up your paper using the latest version of APA Style for Microsoft Word 2016 on Windows. The steps are very similar on older versions of Word for Windows, if not the same. On Word for Mac, I believe the steps are the same, but the interface is different. For how to make a Reference List: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Yv--VVS9Zw For how to use In-Text Citations and Quotations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FrJeRrLYe0 For how to create a Running Head on Google Docs: https://youtu.be/lx6JBKWRf04 For more information about APA Style, pick up the latest version of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, or browse through the resources at the Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL): http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/section/2/10/
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Text Comments (114)
Kaybhoo24 (2 days ago)
Thank you! This helps a lot.
Buzzy Anderson (3 days ago)
This is great! Thank you!
Marie m (5 days ago)
Thank you!!! My paper is due super soon and I was kind of freaking about formatting
God's Child (19 days ago)
Not fond of APA when typing up a paper. It's almost like writing a novel. 😩
Patrick Taillon (26 days ago)
Thank you for illustrating this. Extremely helpful!
Sanjuanita Rios (26 days ago)
you absolutely rock!!! this was easy to follow and you explained each step soo well!! def makes going back to college after 17yrs a little less stressful!! THANK YOU!!!!
Miriam Stover (1 month ago)
I'm a little lost. On the running head: SHORT VERSION OF TITLE..... is it suppose to say that when you turn in the paper does the title actually link in that spot??
veronica murray (1 month ago)
thank you awesome video. super helpful. be blessed
madushani weerakoon (1 month ago)
Thankcyou so much for sharing.
Tisha Brown (1 month ago)
🙏 thank you I hate this apa thing
Bibi Marti (2 months ago)
Very helpful! Thank you. Easy to understand and great pacing.
Millie Sweet (2 months ago)
DCC_Matrix (2 months ago)
Sarah Martin (2 months ago)
Jerry Goglas (2 months ago)
Excellent. Best video on Youtube!
Mary Wysong (2 months ago)
Thank you so much. Very easy to do and walk through steps.
Usha Ojageer (2 months ago)
Very Helpful indeed!!
lgtelRN (2 months ago)
Thank you for the video! I shared with my grad school buddies and we all loved it 👍 Very clear instructions
Rio Acosta gomez (2 months ago)
This was so helpful thank you! I'm working on my Ph. D. and this was definitely needed!
Faishal 96 (3 months ago)
Jeez, you make it so hard and complicated.
Chinwe Okafor (3 months ago)
So educative. Thanks so much
Maggie Bloom (3 months ago)
I'm pretty comfortable formatting APA papers but I always refer to this video to do a final check before submitting. I also love that you've given time stamps for specific content, I really appreciate that!
Heidi Marie Kjølstad (3 months ago)
This is great, but what about level 3 headings? They are driving me mad, because they occur at the beginnings of paragraphs and have a period, just like a sentence. This becomes an issue when building a table of contents, because level 3 headings are not automatically recognized. Please help! I tried using field codes, but I couldn't figure out how to make them not appear in the document.
ClandestineGirl16X (3 months ago)
I can't thank you enough!!!!!!!!!!!!
Moya Allen (3 months ago)
This is very helpful. Thank you for taking the time to do this.
CyberLA (3 months ago)
Great tutorial! Blows the other videos out of the water (completely useless!). Thank you Samuel!
Marcos Fernandez (3 months ago)
very helpful
kym brad (3 months ago)
THANK YOU!!!!!! You are an absolute lifesaver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
César Humberto Rios (4 months ago)
Nobody explains how to set up the styles for numbering subheadings without showing the number in first level. If you have Chapter I, Chapter II and so on, you will need to number your subheadings: 1.1 1.2... for Chapter I; and 2.1 2.2... for Chapter II, but you don't wanna show 1. Chapter I nor 2. Chapter II. I've been looking for how to do that, and nobody on the internet explains it. Is it just me who has that problem?
Farron Miller (4 months ago)
Thank you!! Very well described. This helped me a lot!!! Now I know tips to make this an easier process.
Keishaun Edwards (4 months ago)
Thanks, Mr. Forlenza!
Leslie Anderson (4 months ago)
This is great. Instead of the section break for the running head, you can also "edit your header" in Word and SELECT the option "Different First Page". Truly a gift!
Garren Taylor (4 months ago)
No need for a section break to make the first page different. Click into the header and check the box at the top called "Different First Page" You described the abstract as a brief overview of what is to come. You wrote an introduction and not an abstract. An abstract lists one or two main points about the paper and then talks about the research that went into writing the paper. It should not be an overview of the paper. More of a behind the scenes look at what went into writing the paper. Save the intro for the body of text.
Tom and Dana Laird (12 days ago)
YES!! I was just going to add this as my comment until I saw yours. I would never use a section break. The easiest and correct way to ensure the first page has the Running head is to check off "Different First Page" option in the header menu. MS Word has a lot of great (widely unknown) features for APA Style. I used to teach APA to struggling adult learners who were nearly on the verge of dropping out or on the University's warning list. I loved it and all my students - every one of them made it to graduation. Its been a few years now so I am taking a moment to brush up on some skills but I am finding it is like riding a bike! I'm back on!! LOL
Muhammad Javed Aslam (4 months ago)
Thanks, Samuel Forlenza, you make my work easier. I am writing my thesis following APA 6th Edition. you this video make me understand a lot of the APA method.
Sofia Nunes (4 months ago)
THANK YOU SO MUCHHHH! Could you please make a video on how to APA reference (journals, websites, blogs, books etc) with all the rules that must be followed every time!!!
Samuel Forlenza (4 months ago)
I do have another video that covers journal articles, books, and book chapters, since those are the most commonly cited sources in papers. I suggest the Purdue OWL for websites and other miscellaneous items.
victoria brown (5 months ago)
Thank You very much this video was so helpful I hope I get to do an APA paper again
徳田千智 (5 months ago)
Thank you! I love you!
Ryan Morris (5 months ago)
Somebody buy this guy a beer.
Gedow10 (6 months ago)
Thank you, That was very helpful
caitlin (6 months ago)
You have no idea how helpful this video is! Thank you so much
Jenný Jensdóttir (6 months ago)
Please give us one with how the tables should look like! Awesome work!
Sarah Burke (7 months ago)
I keep coming back to this as the last step of my papers because I cannot remember how to correctly do the running head from paper to paper. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Yours is the last voice of reason before I submit my papers! : )
Audra Richards (7 months ago)
What a great video! Twenty-four years out of school and heading back is already challenging. Now I'm confident that I can do this.
Tiffini Edmonds (7 months ago)
I just want to thank you so very much for this video. It really helped me A LOT! Those headers were giving me so much trouble.
Geidy Hidalgo (7 months ago)
thank you
PJGdba (7 months ago)
Great - you help me find a few problems I got wrong on last week's assignment.
Cynnic (8 months ago)
Thank you!! :)
Ahd Ayadi (8 months ago)
@Samuel Forlenza: this is urgent please? Does the table of contents come before or after the abstract in a dissertation??
Ahd Ayadi (7 months ago)
@Samuel Forlenza right! Okay ^^ Thanks a lot for your help Samuel! I Really appreciate it!
Samuel Forlenza (7 months ago)
Yeah go with your institution because that will be the format you need to follow in order for them to accept it.
Ahd Ayadi (8 months ago)
@Samuel Forlenza Thanks for the answer ^^ I'm actually torn between what my graduate school requires and what my supervisor (who's a teacher at another institution) demands. So I guess I'll have to show her samples from my institution, right?
Samuel Forlenza (8 months ago)
That will vary from institution to institution. Your Graduate School should be able to provide an answer.
Ahd Ayadi (8 months ago)
MA dissertation*
Bonnie Abbott (8 months ago)
Exactly what I needed, thanks!
CaptainBalla (9 months ago)
There's a "Different First Page" Option you can check under Head and Footer Design
Colin Marshall (4 months ago)
THANK YOU. This is the only way I've found to work the headers in the web version of Word.
Haley Sheriff (9 months ago)
For the header, you can go under options while editing the header and you can click the box for "different from first page" and that saves some headache.
Laís Guimarães (9 months ago)
que homem! qué hombre! what a man! much love from brazil, samuel <3
acciopaws (9 months ago)
dude thank you for saving my life
Ella Elliott (9 months ago)
Thank you very much. The Running Head was driving me crazy.
Jorge Vasquez (9 months ago)
Thank you! this video prevented me from dropping out
Maureen Horton (9 months ago)
Thank you so much. I have never used APA I always used MLA, this was very helpful. APA is annoying.
Lisa Bowers (9 months ago)
Thank you for the time stamps in the description box! This video helped me immensely.
X k (9 months ago)
you're the hero I needed.
richard perez (10 months ago)
Needed that. Very helpful, now to try to perfect this annoying APA. Thank You.
OMG!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. This was definitely the easiest and BEST explanation that I've found on how to to this.
Andy Driska (10 months ago)
Thanks as always Sam.
Jill Iroz Webb (10 months ago)
Thank you, Sam! Very helpful!!
Anielka Valeska (10 months ago)
Thank you :D
Carmen Lorena Villa (10 months ago)
Thank you for explaining it so clearly. This will help me with my paper.
Stephanie Rivera (10 months ago)
THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS. APA is the most annoying part of college, honestly.
God's Child (19 days ago)
I agree totally!
cryptid boyfriend (10 months ago)
im struggling through this fucking paper right now i dont know what a fucking heading is but thanks for the vid
Sonia Martinez (10 months ago)
Kristina Alonzo (10 months ago)
When I am doing the header you said to click on breaks. Mine is grayed out and does not let me. What do I do now? How can I fix this?
Samuel Forlenza (10 months ago)
In all likelihood, you either didn't use a Next Page Section Break (and either pressed the return key a bunch or used a Page Break) or are clicking on the header in the first page instead of the second page.
NpFran (11 months ago)
Thank you so much for this video. I use PERRLA to write my APA papers, however if you manually change anything in it the format is thrown off, so your video helped me reformat everything!!! You helped me beyond measure!!
Somethin Aint Right Here (11 months ago)
what software are you using to make this video?
Samuel Forlenza (11 months ago)
Snagit by TechSmith
FRED MUKAVI (11 months ago)
Thanks alot its really nice.your guide is awesome.from KENYA
Sherry Allen (11 months ago)
This is so AWESOME! Thanks for taking the time to be so detailed.
Christine Sanborn (1 year ago)
does Microsoft APA format store all of your bibliography information for my graduate program?
Samuel Forlenza (11 months ago)
Microsoft Word does not, but there are other programs that do (like EndNote).
LADANA SPELLMAN (1 year ago)
Its been 4 years since I've been in school, and I knew the gist of APA 6th edition, but this has already been a blessing to me. Thank you for your time in putting together this video.
Kelli Oldfather (1 year ago)
Thank you for taking the time to make this! Great resource!
Li Ojeda (1 year ago)
Thank you so much!!!
Santiago Pérez (1 year ago)
Could you please make a video on APA tables and figures? Your videos are the most clear that I know.
Samuel Forlenza (1 year ago)
That's a good idea. If I have some time next month I'll see what I can do.
Jacqueline Renee (1 year ago)
You could have just checked the "different first-page" box for the running head and it would have been way easier - other than that great video!
Kenisha Johnson (1 year ago)
Thank you!
Tina Jordan (1 year ago)
Thank you very much very helpful for my students
Jim Collins (1 year ago)
does the title page need to be centered vertically too?
Samuel Forlenza (1 year ago)
You can keep the title in the upper-half of the page.
Dan H (1 year ago)
Thanks bud.
Brit Gran (1 year ago)
Thank you so much! Very helpful!!!
Aleisha Strom (1 year ago)
Cheers! This was really helpful. I have never used APA before and I feel a LOT better about moving forward with my paper. Thank you!
Juanito C (1 year ago)
Great video very helpful, I was completely lost before watching this video. Thanks!!!
Hi Samuel, when you try to delete the running head, how do you delete individual letters from left to right?
Samuel Forlenza (1 year ago)
If I'm understanding your question correctly, my keyboard has both a Backspace key (which deletes from right to left) and a Delete key (which deletes from left to right). Small keyboards might not have both.
CeceTheDreamer (1 year ago)
This video just saved my life. Thank you, sir!
Jake Kearns (1 year ago)
really helpful, thanks heaps mate.
SimplyS73 (1 year ago)
Thank you very much for this detailed video. It has been years since I wrote a paper and could not, for the life of me, figure out how to take 'Running head' out of the header for all the subsequent pages following the title page. Great help. Thanks again.
collin kreis (1 year ago)
This makes me want to drop out
Sherry MacWriter (10 months ago)
Collin Kreis just contact me at [email protected] I will help you learn how to format your paper not only in APA but also in any other style of your interest .
Val Beacham (1 year ago)
You can do this!!!! Take it one step at a time. There is a software that I am using called PERRLA and it makes it a lot easier. I know that they have a 30 day free trial so you might want to try it. DO NOT GIVE UP!!!!
PlasticFan (1 year ago)
this is super good for fulfilling that min, page requirement lol
TheBowlingfanatic (1 year ago)
It's honestly not that bad once you do it a few times. Just have to go through the steps until you get it down.
noah simpkins (1 year ago)
Hey good looks on this guide dude
Chase Parr (1 year ago)
great video man.
Jonathan Turcios (1 year ago)
Great video. I was going to ask. As for references at the end of APA style format. Is it a necessity? Although I assume it does help you write down where you got your resources from is it an option?
Samuel Forlenza (1 year ago)
If you are using other sources for information in your paper, then yes, references are necessary. You need to let your readers know which parts of your paper are not your original thoughts, ideas, etc., and you do that by using in-text citations and then having a complete reference list at the end. You don't want to take credit for someone else's work or present another person's ideas as your own (which is plagiarism). Now, if you're not including any outside sources, then there would be nothing to cite or reference, so a reference list would not be needed.

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