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I Bought My Dad A Car... This is His Reaction!!!

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Text Comments (20620)
salman abid (13 hours ago)
best son in the world i must say .. God bless you guys
Digluu CSGO (13 hours ago)
Extremely respectable action man, keep up being so nice! I really I could do the same thing for my dad.
G-MONEY (13 hours ago)
It's my dreams to buy my mom house and I will no matter what I want to feel those feelings
Terrence Netshiongolwe (14 hours ago)
Daisyy Beauty (14 hours ago)
You have a good heart when it comes to your parents that is very nice of you.
barbc38 (15 hours ago)
Que buen hijo. Congratulations! Many more blessings to you and your family.
Awww... I was crying tooo... Awwww he literally saying what all.the wayyy hahahah
Missy D (2 days ago)
What a wonderful son. I'm not crying!! You're crying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hannah Reddyhough (2 days ago)
I cried watching this. Family is everything.
Russel Tagorda (3 days ago)
Whaaattt?? Whaaatt?? Whaaatt?? Whaaat?? But dung i dont care! Ur dad is so handsome!🤗🤗 what a beautiful family.
Ana Maria Paler (3 days ago)
That's why you are blessed Christian. You are amazing. God bless you more kiddow!! 😍
zouk61 61 (3 days ago)
And the word of the day is ...??🤔🤔
killerwolf 507 (3 days ago)
What, what, what...
Xxx Man (3 days ago)
jaswant singh (4 days ago)
u r so good heart .
Rajeesh Td (4 days ago)
I love the emotional situation .. ihave ever seened. Love it. 😘😍😍😍
RAWAT (4 days ago)
Today is not sunday today is ur dad day.
Mekan Soyunov (4 days ago)
great job
Brian Teo (4 days ago)
2018 anyone??
Florence Lungu (5 days ago)
Children who makes eir parents hpy wil be blessed .
nico saricoz (5 days ago)
It was my dream surprising him like that but my dream not come true my dad past away😓😓😓
Anak Mbojo (6 days ago)
as long as I watch YouTube this time I want to subscribe to someone's channel ... I am very touched and I really want to like you
Paul Mukhiya (6 days ago)
What a son...
Vyeshia Tomlin (6 days ago)
That’s my dads birthday as well. I pray to be able to do the same thing one day.. 💙
jericho kom (7 days ago)
What? It's a car for you.. What? A car. What? That's your car. What? Is it for me.?what what what.. God bless you.. Classic response from Dad... Family comes first..... I enjoy classic WHAT!
Tsireledzo Marcia (7 days ago)
I connect may I also buy my dad car
Ronnie John (7 days ago)
Life 3D (7 days ago)
God bless you
Allan Canonigo (7 days ago)
God bless you, your dad raise you well
Ag Gr (7 days ago)
god bless u more
Sherbaz Khan (8 days ago)
Joy's Front Porch (9 days ago)
Now, I want one!
katalina Aniseto (9 days ago)
One of my favorite surprise videos on YouTube ever. It's hard to find a real touching, emotionally video like this. Tears coming down. Great job you did 💯😭💓
G M (9 days ago)
Abdi qani Ismail (9 days ago)
this makes me cry cause i nevr had that chance to buy beautiful thing to my dad he died 4 /5 /2015
h1_xeRTy (9 days ago)
Kamohelo Bopape (9 days ago)
So emotional
Trek80 Trek80 (9 days ago)
Fuck you made me move !!!
Charles Woodsome (10 days ago)
What a good kid
Chase PH Duterter (10 days ago)
Niraj Lama (10 days ago)
Old man is wearing a panerai watch . That better be a fake panerai.
Clint Whatley (10 days ago)
Cicy11viewer (10 days ago)
WoW q chulo éste vídeo. Lo he visto varias veces. Qué vídeo tan entrañable. Tu padre tan tierno q no se lo creía, oír la risa de tu mamá, verte a tí emocionarte...q bonito vídeo. Bueno que Dios os bendiga muchísimo!
Biem MERS (11 days ago)
semoga rezekinya melimpah....
Cameron Milligan (11 days ago)
Christian definitely gets his looks from his dad! Man. Good looking dad
Bob Sebring (11 days ago)
Your a good young man
Leo Padz (11 days ago)
My heart melted..respect man
Hisham Mmansour (12 days ago)
zuber sayyed (12 days ago)
Tears rolled down from my eyes Really awesome video I miss you dad
Ali Mahamed (12 days ago)
This film make me cry because I remember my dad he was killed when I was 1 year old now I grow up with no father but my 💓mom she's with me am only usa 2 year, I camed 2016 I love so much all dad's I love so much God bless you bro. Keep them your parents the way they take care you when you were young.
Felipe Jorge (12 days ago)
Beautiful, my friend. Nice video. :)
sunanda trivedi (12 days ago)
Well done young man.. Hope every child does this for their parents. Bless you
Cindrella Lome (12 days ago)
Aweeee 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 This made me cry 😭
Krystal Cee Cee (12 days ago)
Good job that's my dream too
Luqman Haqim (12 days ago)
This kind of Youtuber that we want.good job bro👍🏻
Tini Bubbles (13 days ago)
Godbless you son
Saba Habte (13 days ago)
God bless you man
epet t (13 days ago)
I really miss my dad, he died on 01/01 2014 :')
Digluu CSGO (13 hours ago)
rip bro 😔
ZMG GFO (4 days ago)
Sorry for your loss😢😥
epet t (4 days ago)
Brian Teo hye😊
Brian Teo (4 days ago)
Hi bro
ANDRÉ RODRIGUES (13 days ago)
Meus parabéns belíssimo vídeo para uma bela homenagem
AKHILESH JK (13 days ago)
Speechless.. Only tears of joy
Abhishek Arya (13 days ago)
Fathers are Fathers, Only a Father/Mother may take place after God. He deserves the whole world.
Muhammad ALi (13 days ago)
For cryying goto 6:57
Hajar Yousuf (13 days ago)
Emostional very nice...
Hajar Yousuf (13 days ago)
Emostional very nice...
Sãhïl Media (14 days ago)
You have been conducting a pretty cool job
Phine Code (14 days ago)
You’re incredibly beautiful inside and out 😭
BE A MAN (14 days ago)
Am from GHANA African leaving in DUBAI, no what" God bless you Man, am just Crying, and I wish I have a Dad for such thing, God bless you and your family
Linda Kihneman (14 days ago)
awww that was the sweetest ! I cried so touching!
Syed Jaffery (14 days ago)
Hard working dad. He deserves this from his son. Awesome job bro. May God bless you.
Orlando Jr Bangayan (14 days ago)
Waooowww I'm getting jealous guys.! I cry why?! i did not do this to my late father. Thanks guys I'm happy fir you and your Dad.
Tina Ah Lin (14 days ago)
And to this day, every time his dad hops into that Cadillac, he's like "whaaattt" lmao
bros_me23 (14 days ago)
.. 2 years Later and the “Whaaat” Never gets old.
Shurat Kurbonov (14 days ago)
This is one of great works!!!
Valarie Ballog (14 days ago)
This is so beautiful God bless you
(14 days ago)
Porsche ❤️❤️❤️❤️✨✨
GAMMER BOY (14 days ago)
Awsome Bro...Its Impressive ..U r Father is Happy that is a Good thing .Actually You make a Smile on Your Daddy's Face
Hiran Ranawaka (15 days ago)
You made me cry christian. A real son.
Dondra Dick (15 days ago)
Can’t stop crying! Well done!
Sandy Orencia (15 days ago)
You are a good.son, a good brother, a good friend above all a great father to your kids and awesome husband. Share your blessings to a less fortunate people like me. My wish for this Christmas 2018 is to have a delicious food to eat on Christmas eve and New Years eve and to buy Christmas presence to my 4 kids and my wife. Once again continue to help people for God will multiply a million times fold. God Bless You and entire families! Chona T. Orencia Banco de Oro Acct # 001760234441 Bank # or Swift Code: BNORPHMM
melvin flores (15 days ago)
you must have done something good to your son for him to love you that much..im jealous becouse my dad denied me of his love and everything....loved him before but not anymore.he doesnt deserve me.
Mersiha Koca (15 days ago)
Everything for good parents and that is also my parole I also trying to be good dother to my best best parent their happiness is my happiness🤗😍😀
Mehmet Yilmaz (15 days ago)
Suraj Roy (15 days ago)
Love that moment bro I appreciate it 😅
Qlassicrepresent (15 days ago)
So you’ve made about 85 000$ from this video 👍🏻
munasar nur (15 days ago)
you are realy an inspiration like u
todtiger (15 days ago)
We share birthdays. Great video mate
Jennifer Reyes (16 days ago)
😊😊😘 he appriciate it.. it's really nice to have a good son like you.. More bless to come. Sir.
Say Bo Gum Mcfadden (16 days ago)
I'll do the same like this to my Tatay if I will be successful someday?and GOD knows everythings happened.....Good Job Guy's ❤❤❤
diablo 1970 (16 days ago)
The reaction of the father is very priceless... how i wish i could do the same thing to my dad... 😢😢😢😢😢
Kim Verbruggen (16 days ago)
One word. “RESPECT” bro. Really nice video. That’s some real father and son love. 💪🏽👍🏽
Uviwe Tokota (16 days ago)
"What" "What" "What"
Nurtas Makhmut (17 days ago)
I wish to every son to make his dad happy ✨
wew tae (17 days ago)
Pebi Edrio (17 days ago)
Drag Plix (17 days ago)
Man this made me cry... ❤️❤️ Such a good Video Man!! God Bless ya..
stevani tacazily (17 days ago)
My god i so sad
Alex Adamson (17 days ago)
Thank you for making ur dad so much happy😭😭😭😭😭
Bang Shift Productions (17 days ago)
My birthday is April 21st... This is crazy
Ami Lee (17 days ago)
Saifullah Khan (17 days ago)
But their phone is more pricey than the car,? I think

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